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Instructor's Guide to Placing Material on Course Reserve

Request Form

A separate form should be submitted for each class. Incomplete or incorrect applications may significantly delay the processing of reserve requests.

Circulation Periods

Items placed on reserve can be circulated for 3 hours or 2 days.

It is recommended that at least 2 copies of required materials be made available to reserves for classes with 20 or more students.

Upon request, any items placed on reserve may be restricted to In Library Use Only status. Please note any items you wish to be In Library Use Only in the comments field provided on the reserve request form.

Processing Time

Requests are processed on a first come, first served basis.

Library staff will do their best to process all reserve requests in a timely manner. Please allow up to 1 week for reserve materials to be processed.

If the requested item is checked out, it will be recalled and the due date will be changed to 1 week from the processing date. As soon as the item is returned, it will be processed for reserves and you will be notified by e-mail. For missing items, library staff will search 3 times for the item in question, after which the item will be marked as missing and you will be notified.

E-mail notification will be sent to the instructor when each item is placed on reserve.

Photocopied Materials

All copyrighted materials placed on reserve must conform to copyright law. A signature is required to show compliance with this law. For further information, please visit the OSU Copyright Center.

To make course reserves listings simpler and more user-friendly to students, all photocopied materials are combined into course reading packets. Up to 5 identical copies of the reading packets are allowed on reserve at one time. Please submit the same number of copies of each article so that each reading packet is complete (i.e., 1 copy of each article = 1 packet, 2 copies of each article = 2 packets, etc.)

The library will supply binders for photocopied materials not submitted in binders.

Video Reservation Requests

Library owned videos may be placed on reserve for multiple classes at a time. If you are planning to use the video on a specific date, make an advanced reservation to ensure the item's availability.

Video reservations for classroom use can be made using the online Course Reserve Request Form or in person at the circulation desk. When using the online form, note in the comments field the date and times you need the video. Requested videos will be placed on reserve for student viewing and held for you on the requested dates for in-classroom viewing. As with other reserve items, please allow one week for processing time.

Current Reserve Items

Students can ask for reserve items at the circulation desk by call number. Your confirmation e-mail will include VR call numbers for all items on reserve for the course.

To view a current listing of your reserve items, please visit the course reserves main page and search by course number or instructor's name.

Instructors may elect to add or remove items from reserve at any time; however, items can only remain on reserve for consecutive terms. Personal items on reserve for spring term which will not be used again until fall term will be sent back to the instructor and may be placed back on reserve at the start of fall term.

All reserve items not specifically requested for the following term are removed from reserves at the end of the term. Personal copies are returned to instructors via campus mail or may be picked up from the circulation desk any time before they are mailed out. If you would like to extend a course reserve listing into the following term, please contact the course reserves before the end of the current term.