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Lost and Found Policies

Items lost in the library may be reclaimed at the Circulation desk.     

Food & Drink Policy

Food and drink is allowed everywhere in the library except where posted and in the Special Collectio

OSU Libraries & Press Building Space Use

OSU Libraries & Press is pleased to make available conference rooms, general meeting rooms, and classroom space to the OSU community in support of academic success, intellectual freedom, and free speech. These rooms are exclusively for university activities and are available to university faculty, staff, and students to schedule, per Oregon Administrative Rules (576-005-0015).These rooms may also be scheduled by SEIU and the Coalition of Graduate Employees for meetings between the organization and their OSU members.

The primary purpose of the rotunda of The Valley Library is to provide a space for students to study. It is used for Library and Press functions and occasionally for university functions.

Every attempt is made to respect the primary purpose of the rotunda – namely, being a study space for students – so that limits the number of functions hosted especially during mid-terms, dead week, and finals.

Please contact the Don Frier at (541) 737-4633 or at don.frier@oregonstate.edu if you have questions about the use of the rotunda.

ADA Accessible Rooms

The library has 5 study rooms that are ADA accessible; all study rooms are ADA compliant.

Smoke-Free OSU

OSU Libraries supports OSU’s policy on smoking, OAR Chapter 576, Division 040.

Policy on Displays

The library seeks to preserve a non-partisan environment for members of its university community.

Bicycle Policies

The bicycle policies at OSU Libraries are defined by Oregon State University in

  • Animals in the Library

    OSU Libraries welcomes licensed services animals in the library per

  • Incident Report Form

    • Contacts: Faye Chadwell (7-7300) | Security (7-3010)
    • Notify your supervisor and unit head of this incident.
    • Use this form to report any security-related incident that occurs in your Library unit (e.g. verbal abuse, destruction of library materials, disruptive and/or disturbed patrons, theft, obscene phone calls, sexual offenses, etc.).

    Appeal Policies

    You will receive an answer to your appeal within one week.