Organizing for Digitization: A Survey

TitleOrganizing for Digitization: A Survey
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsBoock, M, Vondracek, R
Journalportal: Libraries & the Academy
Date Publishedapr
Type of ArticleArticle
ISSN1531-2542||1530-7131 (Online)
KeywordsEbsco, {GoogleScholar}
AbstractThe article studies how academic libraries organized the digitization of information sources to met the existing demand for information innovation. A survey was conducted on two library organizations in the {U.S.}, the Association of Research Libraries, which is composed of 123 research libraries and the Greater Western Library Alliance, with 31 academic and research library members. Result of the survey shows that of the 40 participating libraries, 95 percent are involved in library digitization, while 84 percent special collections library departments are involved in digitization. In assessing library digitization effort, seventy-six libraries have created new position, while fifty percent of the respondents created new units to deal with the digitization process.