The Center for Digital Scholarship and Services manages two open access repositories of digital content.


ScholarsArchive@OSU is Oregon State University’s digital repository for research, scholarship, and historical records. OSU Libraries & Press is responsible for collecting, maintaining, preserving, and providing access to the items in ScholarsArchive@OSU..


  • Open Access Policy Implementation
  • Web of Science and ScholarsArchive--In January 2012, the Center for Digital Scholarship and Services began monitoring the Web of Science database for new research articles published by authors affiliated with Oregon State University. The Center contacts authors to deposit the articles into ScholarsArchive@OSU according to the terms of the Open Access Policy.
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  • OregonDigital (a collaboration with the University of Oregon) includes University of Oregon and Oregon State University digital collections that support the teaching and research mission of the two universities. Collections are composed of digitized materials including photographs, sheet music, audiovisual materials, and more.

    Sample collections:


    To establish new collections or add articles to ScholarsArchive@OSU, contact Steve Van Tuyl (Digital Repository Librarian).

    To establish new digital collections of photographs or audiovisual resources in, contact Michael Boock (Digital Projects Librarian)