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Call numberTitlePublisher
AM141 .H56 1948Fungicidal treatment of textiles, leather and other materials / by W.R. Hindson and K.N. Mortensen.Maribyrnong, Vic. : Commonwealth of Australia, Dept. of Supply and Development, Defence Research Laboratories, 1948.
B3279.H48 .S384 2014Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
B3279.H49 G5875 2013Heidegger on Concepts, Freedom and Normativity [electronic resource] / Sacha Golob.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
BF204 .H36 2015The handbook of humanistic psychology [electronic resource] : theory, research, and practice / edited by Kirk J. Schneider, J. Fraser Pierson, James F.T. Bugental.Thousand Oaks : SAGE Publications, 2015.
BF441 .R395 2014Reflective Thinking in Educational Settings [electronic resource] : A Cultural Framework.New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
BL42 .G66 2013Global Perspectives on Spirituality and Education [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
BL1900.L35Decoding Dao [electronic resource] : Reading the Dao De Jing (Tao Te Ching) and the Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu).Wiley-Blackwell 2013.
BL2445Religio Duplex [electronic resource] : How the Enlightenment Reinvented Egyptian Religion.Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
BQ5115.J3 L58 2001Living images : Japanese Buddhist icons in context / edited by Robert H. Sharf, Elizabeth Horton Sharf.Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, c2001.
BR115.G59 G56 2014Global Religious Movements Across Borders [electronic resource] : Sacred Service.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2014.
BX342.9.H8 S76 2014The Russian Orthodox Church and Human Rights [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
BX385.A1 I447 2014John Moschos' Spiritual Meadow [electronic resource] : Authority and Autonomy at the End of the Antique World.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2014.
BX2350Making Nothing Happen [electronic resource] : Five Poets Explore Faith and Spirituality.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2014.
CB161 .K384 2014Exits to the Posthuman Future [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
D16.2 .T43 2014Teaching Recent Global History [electronic resource] : Dialogues Among Historians, Social Studies Teachers and StudentsHoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
D1055 .M43 2013The Meanings of Europe [electronic resource] : Changes and Exchanges of a Contested Concept.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
DJK26.5 .Z37 2014Ideologies of Eastness in Central and Eastern Europe [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
DK4395.S29 .P384 2014Poland in the Modern World [electronic resource] : Beyond Martyrdom.Wiley-Blackwell 2014.
DS126 .C5316 2014Britain's Moment in Palestine [electronic resource] : Retrospect and Perspectives, 1917-1948.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
DS640.M34 C55 2014Indonesia-Malaysia Relations [electronic resource] : Cultural Heritage, Politics and Labour Migration.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
E98.S46 W43 2013Social Issues in Contemporary Native America [electronic resource] : Reflections from Turtle Island.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2014.
E175 .H66 2014Historians across Borders [electronic resource] : Writing American History in a Global Age.University of California Press 2014.
E184.S75 G37 2013Latino and Latina leaders of the 21st century : ordinary beginnings, extraordinary outcomes / by Kay (Kayla) S. Garcia.Moorpark, Calif. : Floricanto, c2013.
E184.S75 R697 2013ebLatinos in the legislative process [electronic resource] : interests and influence / Stella Rouse, University of Maryland.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
E467.1.R7 M66 2014William S. Rosecrans and the Union Victory [electronic resource] : A Civil War Biography.Jefferson : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 2014.
F593 .O94 1900zMy trip across the plains, March 31, 1853-October 28, 1853 / by Benjamin Franklin Owen.[S.l. : s.n., 19--]
F1921 .D87 2014Haiti [electronic resource] : Essays on the Politics and Economics of Underdevelopment, 1804-2013Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
F1923.T69Memoir of Toussaint Louverture [electronic resource].Oxford University Press, USA 2014.
F2830 .F75 2013Democratic education as a curricular problem [electronic resource] : historical consciousness and the moralizing limits of the present / Daniel S. Friedrich.New York : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
GC89 .M87 2014Quaternary Sea-Level Changes [electronic resource] : a Global Perspective.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
GT3040 .P99 2014The Gift and its Paradoxes [electronic resource] : Beyond Mauss.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2014.
GV875.P44 R64 2014ebA's bad as it gets : Connie Mack's pathetic Athletics of 1916 / John G. Robertson and Andy Saunders.Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 2014.
H61 .C73 2013Qualitative inquiry and research design : choosing among five approaches / John W. Creswell.Los Angeles : SAGE Publications, c2013.
H62 .C6963 2014Research design : qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches / John W. Creswell.Thousand Oaks : SAGE Publications, c2014.
H62 .R235 2008Redesigning social inquiry : fuzzy sets and beyond / Charles C. Ragin.Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2008.
HA730.P8 C71970 census population & housing, advance census tract tables.Portland, Or., CRAG, 1971.
HB74.P8 .H48 2014Behavioral Economics [electronic resource] : A History.New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
HB523 .A445 2014Distributive Justice [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HB849 .W6 1965Proceedings of the World Population Conference : Belgrade, 30 August - 10 September 1965.New York, N.Y. : United Nations, 1966.
HB3722Protest Inc. [electronic resource] : the Corporatization of Activism.Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
HC59.7 .A7758 2013Alternative Development [electronic resource] : Unravelling Marginalization, Voicing Change.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2014.
HC440.8Poverty Reduction Strategy in Bangladesh [electronic resource] : Rethinking participation in policy making.Policy Press 2014.
HD38.5RFID Security and Privacy [electronic resource].San Rafael : Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2013.
HD45 .S485 2014The Innovator's Field Guide [electronic resource] : Market Tested Methods and Frameworks to Help You Meet Your Innovation Challenges.Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
HD58.6 .B74 2014Negotiating Globally [electronic resource] : How to Negotiate Deals, Resolve Disputes, and Make Decisions Across Cultural Boundaries.Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
HD60 .G7556 2014Social Entrepreneurship [electronic resource] : an Evidence-Based Approach to Creating Social Value.Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
HD60 .S2475 2014From Corporate to Social Media [electronic resource] : Critical Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility in Media and Communication IndustriesHoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HD60.7 .B63 2013Segmentation, Revenue Management and Pricing Analytics [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HD2757.5 .W37 2013Cartels, Markets and Crime [electronic resource] : a Normative Justification for the Criminalisation of Economic Collusion.New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
HD5106 .T55 2014Time and Work, Volume 2 [electronic resource] : How time impacts groups, organizations and methodological choices.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HD6060.3Beware the Masher [electronic resource] : Sexual Harassment in American Public Places, 1880-1930.Jefferson : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 2014.
HD7334.L6 B47 2013Olympic Housing [electronic resource] : a Critical Review of London 2012's Legacy.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2014.
HD9000.9.A1 I55 2013An innovative accounting framework for the food-energy-water nexus : application of the MuSIASEM approach to three case studies / Mario Giampietro ... [et al.].[Rome] : Food and Agriculture Association of the United Nations, c2013.
HD9698.A24 S3 1946bU.N. scientific and technical report on atomic energy control.Washington, D.C. : National Committee on Atomic Information, [1946]
HD9698.A24 S32 194712 proposed Russian amendments to the first report of the U.N. Atomic Energy Commission : submitted to the Security Council February 18, 1947 showing omissions, modifications and additions.Washington : National Committee on Atomic Information, 1947.
HF1531 .S55 2014Constructing European Union trade policy : a global idea of Europe / Gabriel Siles-BruggeHoundsmills, Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.
HF5415.1265 .T384 2014Recommend This! [electronic resource] : Delivering Digital Experiences that People Want to Share.Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
HF5548.37Computer Security Handbook, Set [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
HF5549.5 .T7 G87 2014A practical guide to needs assessment [electronic resource] / Catherine M. Sleezer, Darlene F. Russ-Eft, Kavita Gupta.San Francisco : Wiley, c2014.
HM263The PR Masterclass [electronic resource] : How to develop a public relations strategy that works!Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
HM668Unmasking the Social Engineer [electronic resource] : The Human Element of Security.Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
HM851 .D544 2014Digital Russia [electronic resource] : The Language, Culture and Politics of New Media CommunicationHoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HM1111Social Dilemmas : Understanding Human Cooperation [electronic resource].Oxford University Press, USA 2013.
HN90 .V64Corporate Community Involvement [electronic resource] : A Visible Face of CSR in Practice.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2014.
HQ755.8Parental conflict [electronic resource] : outcomes and interventions for children and families / Jenny Reynolds ... [et al.].Chicago, IL : Policy Press, 2014.
HQ1240 .O245 2014Global Perspectives on Gender and Space [electronic resource] : Engaging Feminism and Development.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HT111 .C557 2014ebCityscapes in history [electronic resource] : creating the urban experience / edited by Katrina Gulliver and Helena Toth.Farnham, England : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2014.
HT147.P27 A28 2014Urbicide in Palestine [electronic resource] : Spaces of Oppression and Resilience.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HT168 .L6 S65 2014My Los Angeles [electronic resource] : from urban restructuring to regional urbanization / Edward W. Soja.Berkeley : University of California Press, 2014.
HT169.U48Castles in the sand [electronic resource] : a city planner in Abu Dhabi / Michael Cameron Dempsey.Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 2014.
HT325 .A54 2014The Political Economy of City Branding [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HT690.I65The political and social construction of poverty [electronic resource] : Central and Eastern European countries in transition / Serena Romano.Chicago, IL : Policy Press, 2014.
HV40 .F6724 2014Skills for Using Theory in Social Work [electronic resource] : 32 Lessons for Evidence-Informed Practice.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HV40 .S24 2012ebThe Sage handbook of social work [electronic resource] / edited by Mel Gray, James Midgley and Stephen A. Webb.Los Angeles : Sage, 2012.
HV640.5.P36 T634 2014Israel and the Palestinian Refugee Issue [electronic resource] : The Formulation of Policy, 1948-1956Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HV713 .F76 2013From evidence to outcomes in child welfare : an international reader / edited by Aron Shlonsky, Rami Benbenishty.Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2013.
HV6025 .G7236 2014Crime, Community and Morality [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HV6431 .M4994 2014Terrorism, 2008-2012 [electronic resource] : A Worldwide ChronologyJefferson : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 2014.
HV7419The SAGE Handbook of Punishment and Society [electronic resource].London : SAGE Publications, Limited Oct. 2012 Thousand Oaks : SAGE Publications, Incorporated [Distributor]
HV7431 .M3893 2014Surveillance, Capital and Resistance [electronic resource] : Theorizing the Surveillance Subject.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HV8699.G8 S43 2014Capital Punishment in Twentieth-Century Britain [electronic resource] : Audience, Justice, MemoryHoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
JA85 .S34 2012ebThe SAGE handbook of political communication [electronic resource] / edited by Holli A. Semetko, Margaret Scammell.London : SAGE, 2012.
JA86 .B28 2013Understanding Political Science Research Methods [electronic resource] : the Challenge of Inference.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
JC599.I68 .M49 2014The Anatomy of Human Rights in Israel [electronic resource] : Constitutional Rhetoric and State Practice.New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
JF1001 .O74 2014Electoral Systems and Governance [electronic resource] : How Diversity Can Improve Policy-Making.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
JF1601 .A683 2014Public Service Efficiency [electronic resource] : Reframing the Debate.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
JF2051 .S393 2013The Selection of Political Party Leaders in Contemporary Parliamentary Democracies [electronic resource] : A Comparative Study.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
JK2447 .D836 2014United States Gubernatorial Elections, 1932-1952 [electronic resource] : The Official Results by State and County.Jefferson : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 2014.
JQ1062.A98 P3746 2014Islam, Politics and Youth in Malaysia [electronic resource] : The Pop-Islamist Reinvention of PASHoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
JV6347 .C65 2014Born Out of Place [electronic resource] : Migrant Mothers and the Politics of International Labor.University of California Press 2014.
JZ4841 .L49 2014Non-Governmental Organizations, Management and Development [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
JZ5538 .C76 1946Crossroads Middletown.[Middletown, Ohio : s.n., 1946?]
JZ5584.E18 P67 2014Post-Conflict Development in East Asia [electronic resource].Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2014.
K2400 .J46 2013Legal Interpretation in International Commercial Arbitration [electronic resource].Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2014.
KF3464.Z9 .C62 2014Change Your Day, Not Your Life [electronic resource] : A Realistic Guide to Sustained Motivation, More Productivity and the Art Of Working Well.Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
KF3605.A328 A2 2014ebThe Affordable Care Act Decision [electronic resource] : Philosophical and Legal Implications / edited by Fritz Allhoff and Mark Hall.New York : Routledge, Taylor and Francis, 2014.
KF4755 .F57 2013Bottlenecks [electronic resource] : A New Theory of Equal Opportunity.Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2013.
KNX1850 .J37 2014Japan's Household Registration System and Citizenship [electronic resource] : Koseki, Identification and DocumentationHoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
KZ1269 .W43 2014The Rise of Tamil Separatism in Sri Lanka [electronic resource] : From Communalism to SecessionHoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
KZ3881.S46 E43 2014The Origins of U.S. Policy in the East China Sea Islands Dispute [electronic resource] : Okinawa's Reversion and the Senkaku Islands.Abingdon : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
KZ4029 .S55 2014State Legitimacy and Failure in International Law [electronic resource].Leiden : BRILL, 2014.
KZ6785EU Peacebuilding in Kosovo and Afghanistan [electronic resource] : Legality and Accountability.Leiden : BRILL, 2014.
KZ7145 .H86 2014Humanity across International Law and Biolaw [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
LB14.7 .R59 2014Encountering Education in the Global [electronic resource] : The selected works of Fazal Rizvi.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
LB1028.3 .D285 2014Tech Tools for Improving Student Literacy [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
LB1047 .B53 2014Playing Outside [electronic resource] : Activities, ideas and inspiration for the early years.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
LB2806.15Popular Culture, Pedagogy and Teacher Education [electronic resource] : International perspectives.London : Routledge, 2014.
LB2806.17 .D384 2014Data-Driven Leadership [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
LB3013.3 .S3537 2014School Bullying [electronic resource] : New Theories in Context.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
LC2771 .K56 2014"Re-Membering" History in Student and Teacher Learning [electronic resource] : An Afrocentric Culturally Informed PraxisHoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
ML410 .B4 N948 2013Beethoven's Theatrical Quartets [electronic resource] : Opp. 59, 74 and 95.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
ML410.S283Arnold Schoenberg's A Survivor from Warsaw in Postwar Europe [electronic resource].Berkeley : University of California Press, 2014.
ML410.T467 .S384 2014The Orchestral Music of Michael Tippett [electronic resource] : Creative Development and the Compositional Process.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
ML3534 .G74 2014Rock Cover Song [electronic resource] : Culture, History, Politics.McFarland 2014.
ML3920 .A173 2014The Study of Music Therapy [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
N72.S6 A7515 2014Art in the Asia-Pacific [electronic resource] : Intimate Publics.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
P91.L384Personalisation in Mass Media Communication [electronic resource] : British online news between public and private/ Daniela Landert.Amsterdam : John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2014.
P94.6 J33 2014Introducing Language and Intercultural Communication [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
P94.65.U6 .S77 2014Postracial Mystique [electronic resource] : Media and Race in the 21st Century.New York : NYU Press, 2014.
P96 .T422 U6358 2014Feeling Mediated [electronic resource] : A History of Media Technology and Emotion in America.New York : NYU Press, 2014.
P121 .A348 2014Multiple determiners and the structure of DPs [electronic resource] / Artemis Alexiadou.John Benjamins Publishing Company 2014.
P281 .A44 2013The Syntax of Imperatives [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
P291On shell structure [electronic resource] / Richard K. Larson.New York : Routledge/Taylor and Francis, 2014.
P295 .P76 2014Pronouns, Presuppositions, and Hierarchies [electronic resource] : The Work of Eloise Jelinek in Context.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
P302.7 .R84 2013Narrative in English Conversation [electronic resource] : A Corpus Analysis of Storytelling.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
PA273 .W664 2014ebThe textualization of the Greek alphabet [electronic resource] / Roger D. Woodard with a chapter by David A. Scott.New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
PA3110 .L48 2014ebThe many-headed muse [electronic resource] : tradition and innovation in late classical Greek lyric poetry / Pauline A. LeVen.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
PA4025.H8The Homeric Hymns [electronic resource] : a translation, with introduction and notes / Diane J. Rayor.Berkeley : University of California Press, 2014.
PE1137 .B773 2014ebPronunciation and phonetics [electronic resource] : a practical guide for English language teachers / Adam Brown.London : Routledge, 2014.
PJ5329Comparative Lexical Studies in Neo-Mandaic [electronic resource].Leiden : BRILL, 2014.
PK2916 .K58 2014Into the Twilight of Sanskrit Court Poetry [electronic resource] : The Sena Salon of Bengal and Beyond.Berkeley : University of California Press, 2014.
PM5009 .N38 2014The Native Languages of South America [electronic resource] : Origins, Development, Typology.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
PN162Revising and editing for translators [electronic resource] / Brian Mossop.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
PN1995.9.B55 B577 2013The Biopic in Contemporary Film Culture [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
PN2071.S65 H68 2014Arthur Lessac's Embodied Actor Training [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
PN2590.A93 H63 2013Passionate Playgoing in Early Modern England [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
PN6727.E4 A6 2006The contract with God trilogy : life on Dropsie Avenue / Will Eisner.New York : W.W. Norton, c2006.
PR149.S75 G46 2014Gender and Space in British Literature, 1660-1820 [electronic resource].Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2014.
PR428.S65 W37 2014Reading Class through Shakespeare, Donne, and Milton [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
PR4147 .A627 2014Thinking Through Blake [electronic resource] : Essays in Literary Contrariety.McFarland, 2014.
PR4891.L65 Z62 2014The Loudons and the Gardening Press [electronic resource] : a Victorian Cultural Industry.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2014.
PR5204 .A56 2014Ann Radcliffe, Romanticism and the Gothic [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
PR5438 .G67 2011Shelley's Visual Imagination [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2011.
PS3511.I9 Z6475 2014Fitzgerald and Hemingway on Film [electronic resource] : a Critical Study of the Adaptations, 1924-2013.McFarland, 2014.
PS3563.O8844 Z86 2014Howard Frank Mosher and the Classics [electronic resource] : Echoes in the Vermont Writer's Works.McFarland 2014.
PS3603.O4558 Z88 2014ebSpace and place in the Hunger Games [electronic resource] : new readings of the novels / edited by Deidre Anne Evans Garriott, Whitney Elaine Jones and Julie Elizabeth Tyler.Jefferson : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 2014.
Q181 .C66 2014Conceptual profile : a theory of teaching and learning scientific concepts / Eduardo F. Mortimer, Charbel N. El-Hani, editors.Dordrecht : Springer, [2014]
QA76.73 .C154Professional C# 5.0 and .NET 4.5.1 [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
QA76.76.C672 .M384 2014Webcam [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
QA76.76.D47 S64 2014Evolving software systems / Tom Mens, Alexander Serebrenik, Anthony Cleve, editors.Heidelberg New York : Springer, c2014.
QA76.9Data-Driven Security [electronic resource] : Analysis, Visualization and Dashboards.Wiley 2014.
QA76.9.A25 .A384 2014The Browser Hacker's Handbook [electronic resource] / Wade Alcorn, Christian Frichot, Michele Orru.Indianapolis, IN : John Wiley & Sons, c2014.
QA76.9.S88 S97 2014Systems design for remote healthcare / Koushik Maharatna, Silvio Bonfiglio, editors.New York : Springer, c2014.
QA331.7A Primer on the Dirichlet Space [electronic resource] / Omar El-Fallah, Karim Kellay, Javad Mashreghi, Thomas Ransford.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014
QA403 .C44 2014Representation Theory and Harmonic Analysis of Wreath Products of Finite Groups [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
QA639.5An Easy Path to Convex Analysis and Applications [electronic resource].San Rafael : Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2013.
QA640.7 .G46 2013Geometry - intuitive, discrete, and convex : a tribute to Laszlo Fejes Toth / Imre Barany, Karoly J. Boroczky, Gabor Fejes Toth, Janos Pach.Berlin : Springer Budapest : Janos Bolyai Mathematical Society, 2013.
QB465 .H43 2014The Analysis of Starlight [electronic resource] : Two Centuries of Astronomical Spectroscopy.New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
QC176Interatomic Bonding in Solids [electronic resource] : Fundamentals, Simulation, Applications.Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
QC176.83 .C43 2002Complex wave dynamics on thin films / Hsueh-Chia Chang, Evgeny A. Demekhin.Amsterdam New York : Elsevier, 2002.
QC451 .F76 2014Frontiers in optical methods : nano-characterization and coherent control / Ken-ichi Shudo, Ikufumui Katayama, Shin-ya Ohno, editors.Heidelberg : Springer, 2013.
QC680 .T384 2013Foundations of Classical and Quantum Electrodynamics [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
QC760.4.M37 M63 2008Modeling and computations in electromagnetics : a volume dedicated to Jean-Claude Nedelec / Habib Ammari (ed.)Berlin New York : Springer, c2008.
QC773 .D48 1946La conquete de l'energie atomique / par Gerard de Vaucouleurs.Paris : Hermann, 1946.
QC773.3.I4 P43 2013Atomic state : big science in twentieth-century India / Jahnavi Phalkey.Ranikhet : Permanent Black Bangalore : Distributed by Orient Blackswan, c2013.
QD461 .S325 1940Universeele atoom-theorie / L.A. Sanders.'s-Gravenhage : Pax, 1940.
QD478 .W47 2013Solid State Chemistry and its Applications [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
QE369.S65 S645 2014Spectroscopic methods in mineralogy and materials sciences / editors, Grant S. Henderson, Daniel R. Neuville, Robert T. Downs.Chantilly, Virginia : Mineralogical Society of America : [St. Louis, Missouri] : Geochemical Society, c2014.
QE538.8 .K32 2013Earthquakes [electronic resource] : Models, Statistics, Testable Forecasts.Wiley-Blackwell 2013.
QH31.P248 A3 2009What a time I am having : selected letters of Max Perutz / edited by Vivien Perutz.Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. : Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, c2009.
QH105.O7 L47 2012Lesson plan : Salmon River quantitative analysis of benthic diversity / [edited by Erin Baumgartner].[Oregon] : Oregon Sea Grant, Western Oregon University, [2012?]
QH105.O7 M86 2012Estuary food web / [developed and adapted by Carrie Munger].[Oregon] : Oregon Sea Grant, [2012?]
QH212.A25 .K384 2013Fluorescence Microscopy [electronic resource] : from principles to biological applications / edited by Ulrich Kubitscheck.Weinheim : Wiley, c2013.
QH324.2 .B37 2013Basics of bioinformatics : lecture notes of the Graduate Summer School on Bioinformatics of China / Rui Jiang, Xuegong Zhang, Michael Q. Zhang, editors.Heidelberg : Springer Beijing : Tsinghua University Press, [2013]
QK182 .B33 2012Compare/contrast plants at school and plants in the estuary / [developed by Jana Bacon and Alyssa Scott edited and adapted by Amanda Quiroz][Oregon] : Oregon Sea Grant, [2012?]
QL139 .W67 2012Adaptations of estuarine organisms / [developed by Chantal Worley edited by Erin Baumgartner].[Oregon] : Oregon Sea Grant, [2012?]
QP141 .M793 2013The Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
QP363.3Computational neuroscience and cognitive modelling [electronic resource] : a student's introduction to methods and procedures / Britt Anderson.Los Angeles : SAGE, 2014.
QP517 .B49 C46 2014Chemistry of Bioconjugates [electronic resource] : Synthesis, Characterization, and Biomedical Applications.Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
QP551 .O384 2013Protein Families [electronic resource] : Relating Protein Sequence, Structure, and Function.Wiley, 2013.
QR201.F62 R63 2014Cryptosporidium as a foodborne pathogen / Lucy J. Robertson.New York : Springer, c2014.
R856 .B47 2013Proceedings of the ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference--2013 : presented at ASME 2013 Summer Bioengineering Conference, June 26-29, 2013, Sunriver, Oregon, USA / sponsored by the Bioengineering Division, ASME.New York, N.Y. : ASME, c2013.
R857.B54 Z48 2013Quantum dots for DNA biosensing / Jun-Jie Zhu, Jing-Jing Li, Hai-Ping Huang, Fang-Fang Cheng.Heidelberg : Springer, [2013]
R857 .S47Biomedical Signals and Systems [electronic resource].San Rafael : Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2013.
RA418 .B675 2013Health Care Systems Around the World [electronic resource] : A Comparative Guide.Thousand Oaks : SAGE Publications, 2013.
RA644.C3 K68 2014Cholera [electronic resource] : a Worldwide History.McFarland, 2014.
RA652.2.M3 .F8 2013Propagation Dynamics on Complex Networks [electronic resource] : Models, Methods and Stability Analysis.Wiley, 2013.
RA777 .E52 2013ebEncyclopedia of school health [electronic resource] / David C. Wiley, Amy C. Cory, editors.Los Angeles, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2013.
RC596Food allergen testing [electronic resource] : molecular, immunochemical and chromatographic techniques / edited by George Siragakis, Dimosthenis Kizis.Chichester, West Sussex, UK : Wiley Blackwell, 2014.
RJ446 .K384 2013Practical Approach to Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
RM111 .L384 2013Medicinal chemistry approaches to personalized medicine [electronic resource] / edited by Karen Lackey and Bruce D. Roth.Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, 2014.
RS192De novo molecular design / edited by Gisbert Schneider.Weinheim, Germany : Wiley-VCH, [2014]
S591 .Z43 2014Coastal Saline Soil Rehabilitation and Utilization Based on Forestry Approaches in China / Jianfeng Zhang.Berlin : Springer, [2014]
S602.5 .I57 v.17Conservation agriculture and sustainable crop intensification : a Zimbabwe case study / Lungowe Sepo Marongwe [and others].Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Plant Production and Protection Division, 2012.
SB288 .B567 2014Biofuel Cropping Systems [electronic resource] : Carbon, Land and Food.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
SD143 .U68 no.193Bark characteristics and fire resistance : a literature survey / Karl W. Spalt and William E. Reifsnyder.[New Orleans, La.] : Southern Forest Experiment Station, Forest Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture in cooperation with School of Forestry, Yale University, 1962.
SD397.B53 R57 1960Specific gravity of the wood of black spruce (Picea mariana Mill. B.S.P.) grown on a Hylocomium-Cornus site type / by J. Risi and E. Zeller.Quebec : Universite Laval, 1960.
SD539 .T73 1972Transport and handling of tropical hardwoods / O.P. Hansom ... [et al.].High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire : Timber Research and Development Association, [1972]
T10.5 .N377 2013Slide Rules [electronic resource] : Design, Build, and Archive Presentations in the Engineering and Technical Fields.Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
T58.5 .M384 2014Concept-Oriented Research and Development in Information Technology [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
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