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Call numberTitlePublisher
B1173.E5 W3 1640Of the advancement and proficience of learning, or, The partitions of sciences, IX bookes / written in Latin by ... Lord Francis Bacon ... interpreted by Gilbert Wats.Oxford : Printed by Leon. Lichfield ... for Rob. Young & Ed. Forrest, 1640.
B2430.M3764 F68 2013Tracing expression in Merleau-Ponty : aesthetics, philosophy of biology, and ontology / Veronique M. Foti.Evanston, Ill. : Northwestern University Press, c2013.
B2948 .H31724 2013Hegel and Deleuze : together again for the first time / edited by Karen Houle and Jim Vernon.Evanston, Ill. : Northwestern University Press, c2013.
BD541 .P48 2012Turning points in natural theology from Bacon to Darwin : the way of the argument from design / Stuart Peterfreund.New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
BF870 .F77 1869The practical phrenologist and recorder and delineator of the character and talents of [blank], as marked by [blank] : a compendium of phreno-organic science / by O.S. Fowler.Boston : O.S. Fowler, [1869]
BF1714.A6 I36 1551Albohazen Haly filii Abenragel libri de iudiciis astrorum / summa cura & diligenti studio de extrema barbarie uindicati, ac Latinitati donati, per Antonium Stupam Rhoetum Praegalliensem. Additus est huic authori index capitum singularum octo partium, seu librorum, quo lector facilius inueniat quaestionem sibi oblatam.Basileae : Ex Officina Henrichi Petri., M.D. LI. [1551]
BJ1011 .O55 1948Ethics for the atomic age.Boston, Meador Pub. Co. [1948]
BR100 .D3 1947Theology and the atomic age.London, Latimer House [1947]
BS185 1999 .N47The Holy Bible : containing all the books of the Old and New Testaments.North Hatfield, Mass. : Pennyroyal Caxton Press, 1999.
BS2649 .A93 1543Commentarij in omnes diui Pauli epistolas / ex lucubrationibus S. Augustini ... per Venerabilem Bedam presbyterum selecti addito elencho locorum prope omnium, quorum in Nouo Testamento sit mentio aliarumque rerum, [et] vocum, quae vsui esse scriptuarum studiosis possint.Venetijs : Sub signo Sancti Bernardini, 1543.
E98.R3 S54 2008Native Americans and the Christian right : the gendered politics of unlikely alliances / Andrea Smith.Durham : Duke University Press, 2008.
GE195 .M33 2013Conserving Oregon's environment : breakthroughs that made history / Michael McCloskey.Portland, Or. : Inkwater Press, 2013.
HD6300 .G66 2013Immigrant women workers in the neoliberal age / edited by Nilda Flores-Gonzalez ... [et al.]Urbana : Univversity of Illinois Press, 2013
HD9750.5 .P52 1983Planning and improvement of softwood timber yard operations.High Wycombe, Bucks. : Timber Research and Development Association, [1983]
HD9761 .H3A classification of the UK market for sawn hardwood / by O.P. Hansom.High Wycombe, Bucks. : Timber Research and Development Association, 1980.
HD9761.5 .D63 1983Documentation and progress control of orders in a timber company.High Wycombe : Timber Research and Development Association, c1983.
HF5415.13 .K64 2012Marketing management / Philip Kotler, Kevin Lane Keller.Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall, c2012.
HF6146.N7 F38 1890The Faultless Starch library.Kansas City [Mo.] : Published by the Faultless Starch Co., [189-?-192?]
JZ5584 .H37 1957Death stands at attention : a protest against the H-bomb tests / by Harold Davies.[London : Housmans, 1957]
Kindle eBookHigh heat [electronic resource] : a Jack Reacher novella / Lee Child.New York : Random House Pub. Group, 2013.
LC191 .S38 2012Is everyone really equal? : an introduction to key concepts in social justice education / Ozlem Sensoy and Robin DiAngelo.New York : Teachers College Press, c2012.
LC3969 .P65 2013The moral debate on special education / Bernardo E. Pohl.New York : Peter Lang, c2013.
ML160 .B9Handbuch der Musikwissenschaft hrsg. von Ernst Bucken, in Verbindung mit Heinrich Besseler [et al.]New York, Musurgia [1949?]
N66 .T49 2012Theory in contemporary art since 1985 / edited by Zoya Kocur and Simon Leung.Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.
N6490 .D358 2011Defining contemporary art : 25 years in 200 pivotal artworks / [authors, Daniel Birnbaum ... et al.].London New York : Phaidon, 2011.
NA7205 .C27 1994The visual dictionary of American domestic architecture / by Rachel Carley illustrations by Ray Skibinski and Ed Lam.New York : Henry Holt and Co., c1994.
ND1146 .K43 1970The mysterious box: nuclear science and art.[Oak Ridge? Tenn.] U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, Division of Technical Information, 1970.
PA3855.E5 J33 1923The fables of Aesop : selected, told anew and their history traced / by Joseph Jacobs done into pictures by Richard Heighway.London : Macmillan, 1923.
PQ1713 .A1 1664Les oeuvres diverses du sieur de Balzac : augmentees en cette edition de plusieurs pieces nouvelles.Amsterdam : Chez Daniel Elzevier, 1664.
PQ4567 .A2 1580Orlando furioso di M. Lodovico Ariosto, tutto ricorretto, & di nuove figure adornato. Con le annotationi, gli avertimenti, & le dichiarationi di Ieronimo Ruscelli. La vita dell'autore descritta dal Signor Giovan Battista Pigna ... La dichiaratione di tutte le istorie, & favole toccate nel presente libro, fatte da M. Nicolo Eugenico.In Venetia, appresso gli heredi di Vincenzo Valgrisi, 1580.
PR3763.W2 D5 1800zDivine and moral songs for children / by Rev. Isaac Watts.New York : American Tract Society, 150 Nassau-street, [18--]
PR6015.U23 G7 1926Green Mansions : a romance of the tropical forest / by W.H. Hudson illustrated by Keith Hendeson.London : Duckworth, 1926.
PR6031.A727 H4 1925Hell's highroad / by Ernest Pascal ... illustrated with scenes from the photoplay supervised by Cecil B. DeMille, starring Leatrice Joy, a Producers Distributing Corp. Release, directed by Rupert Julian.New York : Grosset and Dunlap, c1925.
PS3543.A6546 H6 1950The house that stood still.[New York] Greenberg [1950]
PS3552.R72 L8 1950Lullabies for an atomic age. Foreword by Dr. Shakespeare W. Bluefin [pseud.].North Hollywood, Calif., Camas Press, 1950.
PS3562.E8876 B38 1996Batterers / Denise Levertov.[West Burke, Vt.] : Janus Press, 1996.
Q181 .C75 2013Critical analysis of science textbooks : evaluating instructional effectiveness / Myint Swe Khine, editor.Dordrecht New York : Springer, 2013.
Q181 .S35 2013Science education for diversity : theory and practice / [edited by] Nasser Mansour, Rupert Wegerif.Dordrecht New York : Springer, c2013.
QA76.9.N38 L628 2013LMF lexical markup framework / edited by Gil Francopoulo.London : ISTE Ltd Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, 2013.
QA278 .T3 2013Using multivariate statistics / Barbara G. Tabachnick, Linda S. Fidell.Boston : Pearson Education, c2013.
QA323 .T7524 2013Local function spaces, heat and Navier-Stokes equations / Hans Triebel.Zurich, Switzerland : European Mathematical Society, c2013.
QA360 .I543 2013Infinitesimal geometry of quasiconformal and bi-Lipschitz mappings in the plane / Bogdan Bojarski ... [et al.].Zurich, Switzerland : European Mathematical Society, c2013.
QA802 .G55 2013Lazare and Sadi Carnot : a scientific and filial relationship / Charles Coulston Gillispie, Raffaele Pisano.Dordrecht New York : Springer, [2013]
QC123 .A88 1784A treatise on the rectilinear motion and rotation of bodies with a description of original experiments relative to the subject. By G. Atwood ...Cambridge [Eng.] Printed for J. & J. Merrill [etc., etc.] 1784.
QC772 .G28 1950Concise encyclopedia of atomic energy.New York, Philosophical Library [1950]
QC778 .C38 1946Atomic dollars / by Dyson Carter.Winnipeg, Canada : Frontier Books, 1946.
QC792 .M3 1946How atomic energy will affect your life and future / by Joseph McCabe.Girard, Kan. : Haldeman-Julius Publications, 1946.
QH545.N83 C56 2013Nuclear war and environmental catastrophe / Noam Chomsky and Laray Polk.New York : Seven Stories Press, c2013.
QK41 .S17 1710Botanologia, the English herbal : or, history of plants : containing I. Their names, Greek, Latine and English : II. Their species, or various kinds : III. Their descriptions : IV. Their places of growth : V. Their times of flowering and seeding : VI. Their qualities or properties : VII. Their specifications : VIII. Their preparations, Galenick and chymick : IX Their virtues and uses : X.A complete florilegium, of all the choice flowers cultivated by our florists, interspersed through the whole work, in their proper places : where you have their culture, choice, increase, and way of management, as well for profit as delectation : adorned with exquisite icons or figures, of the most considerable species, representing to the life, the true forms of those several plants : the whole in an alphabetical order / by William Salmon ...London : Printed by L. Dawkes, for H. Rhodes ... and J. Taylor ..., 1710.
QL694.A1 G5Birds of the South Pacific / by E. Thomas Gilliard prepared with the cooperation of the National Audubon Society all photographs by the author.Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, c1956.
QP357.5 .M35 2013Computational neuroscience : a first course / Hanspeter A. Mallot.Cham New York : Springer, c2013.
QP801.V5 C45 1922Ten little lessons on vitamins / by Eugene Christian.Westfield, Mass. : Vitamin Research Association, 1922.
QP981.F55 H37The case against fluoridation / by Lee Hardy.Las Cruces, N.M. : Hardy, [1976?]
RA776 .E44Back to nature. A brief preachment on right living, with remarks on diet, exercise, baths and recreation ...Quincy, Ill., Buffalo, N.Y., Published by the Egg-O-See cereal Co. [192-?]
RA776 .I58 2013An integrated view of health and well-being : bridging Indian and Western knowledge / [edited by] Antonio Morandi, A. N. Narayanan Nambi.Dordrecht : New York : Springer c2013.
RM216 .C57 1916Little lessons in scientific eating.New York, Corrective Eating Society [c1916]
RM666.C266 R63 1979Using marijuana in the reduction of nausea associated with chemotherapy / by Roger A. Roffman with forewords by Frederick R. Applebaum and Lawrence M. Halpern.[Seattle, Wash. : Murray, c1979]
TA660.J64 S56 1980A review of analytical and empirical models used to predict the strength and stiffness characteristics of timber joints with dowel type connectors / by I. Smith.Hughenden Valley, High Wycombe, Bucks : Timber Research and Development Association, 1980.
TA660.S5 T5 1965The Edge disturbance and the free corner displacement of laminated timber hypar shells bounded by straight generators / by L.O. Keresztesy.High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire : TRADA, 1965.
TA682.44 .C65 1981Comparative testing of wood based formwork linings.High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England : Timber Research and Development Association, c1981.
TE228.37 .Z48 2013Studies on urban vehicular ad-hoc networks / Hongzi Zhu, Minglu Li.New York, NY : Springer, c2013.
TH1069 .K48 1981An investigation of the fire resisting doorset in practice / by S.M. Kettle.Hughenden Valley, High Wycombe, Bucks. : Timber Research and Development Association, 1981.
TJ265 .Q47 2013Practical approach to exergy and thermoeconomic analyses of industrial processes / Enrique Querol, Borja Gonzalez-Regueral, Jose Luis Perez-Benedito.London New York : Springer, c2013.
TJ1486.5 .F67 1978Planer moulders : their performance and productivity / by R.J. Foster, K.R. King, R.J. Plumridge.High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England : Timber Research and Development Association, c1978.
TJ1486.5 .P58 1979Band resaws : their performance and productivity / by R.J. Plumridge.High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England : Timber Research and Development Association, 1979.
TP996.W6 K56 1979Wood residue : a technical appraisal of its production, disposal and use.High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England : Timber Research and Development Association, 1979.
TS835 .S543 1983Introduction to the use of limit systems for the dimensions of timber products / by C.M. Shields.High Wycombe : Timber Research and Development Association, 1983.
TX819.H4 E9 1961A modern herbal. With illustrations by Rick Barton.San Francisco, Porpoise Bookshop, 1961.
U53.C568 C69 2011Grey eminence : Fox Conner and the art of mentorship / by Edward Cox foreword by David H. Huntoon, Jr.Stillwater, Okla. : New Forums, c2011.
Z233.A43 L569 1582Lettere di XIII hvomini illvstri : alle qvali oltra tutte l'altre fin qua stampate, di nuouo no sono state aggiunte molte / da Tomaso Porcacchi.Venetia : Appresso, C. de Franceschini, 1582.