library/mobile: Tips on Designing and Developing Mobile Web Sites

Titlelibrary/mobile: Tips on Designing and Developing Mobile Web Sites
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsGriggs, K, Bridges, LM, Rempel, HGascho
Journal{Code4Lib} Journal
Keywords{CELL} phones, {INFORMATION} resources, {INTERNET} in education, {LIBRARIES}, {LIBRARY} Technology Reports (Periodical), {SMARTPHONES}, {WEB} design, {WEB} portals, {WEB} site development
AbstractThe article discusses issues related to building mobile web sites. It has been suggested to consider context and goals of the mobile visitor while developing a mobile application. Mobile applications can support learning by increasing accessibility to the resources libraries offer. Due to limitations such as small screen size and limited screen resolution, mobile developers need to move beyond shrinking content to fit small screens. It has been suggested that if libraries want to offer mobile version of their sites they should develop applications that work on both smart phones and Web-enabled phones. The journal {"Library} Technology Report" presents information on the functionality of major university libraries' mobile Web sites.