Infodoodads–Building a New Blog Community

TitleInfodoodads–Building a New Blog Community
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsRempel, HGascho, Gronemyer, K
JournalComputers in Libraries
Date Publishedapr
Type of ArticlePreprint
Keywordsblogs, Electronic publishing, librarians
AbstractThe article focuses on the development by a group of librarians of the blog infodoodads. Besides being librarians, a common element that already tied Michael Baird, Laurie Bridges, Kate Gronemyer, Margaret Mellinger, Jane Nichols and Hannah Gascho Rempel together was their desire to learn more about technology, especially free web-based technology. Once they settled on the larger framework for their blog, they had to work through some of the specifics of their topic selection. They thought that by not narrowing their focus to just library sites, they could create a larger community, so they emphasized the new technologies over the librarian aspect of their backgrounds. They also tried to determine what the purpose of writing this blog would be for them, the writers.