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Building Oregon

Building Oregon is supported in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library Services Technology Act, administered by the Oregon State Library.

OSU Libraries is in the process of building a web-based tool, optimized for use in a mobile environment that takes the University of Oregon’s Building Oregon: Architecture of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest collection, and makes it accessible to users in the mobile landscape, leveraging the tools and capabilities that the mobile environment provide. Building Oregon is a traditional digital collection of approximately 20,000 images representing approximately 5,000 cultural properties from nearly 500 sites. Development of a mobile website has tremendous potential to educate and inspire tourists, educators, architecture buffs, Oregon citizens, students, and historians. The nature of the mobile tools allows us to leverage mapping technologies, providing the opportunity for someone to search on their location and pull up related collection information, to use the tool to create a tour of local architecture or access the collection as a standalone research experience. Once the mobile tool has been created, OSU Libraries will release the framework on open source code repositories, like GitHub, for other libraries with digital collections to use to mount their own digital collections or repurpose existing digital collections in a mobile environment.

For more information, contact:

Evviva Weinraub
Director, Emerging Technologies & Services
(541) 737-2458
The primary technology architect and planner for the OSU Libraries

Trey Terrell
Programmer Analyst
(541) 737-1096