Benton Hall

OSU Archives Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the University Archives?

We are located on the 3rd floor of the Valley Library.

What's in the Archives?

The Archives' collections contain the "official" historical records of OSU dating back to its establishment as Oregon's land-grant institution in 1868. Included are institutional records from more than 200 offices and departments; about 200,000 photographs of campus, faculty, students, research and academic programs, athletics, and many other subjects related to OSU, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest; publications such as the Beaver yearbook and the Daily Barometer campus newspaper; scrapbooks; motion picture films; and memorabilia.

Who can use the Archives?

Anyone—students, faculty, staff, alumni—anyone who is willing to abide by the Reference Room Policies.

So what are these rules?

Because the materials in the Archives are unique, there are several basic guidelines for doing research in the Archives. We use pencils for taking notes (yes, we provide the pencils); we use cotton gloves (also provided) when handling photographs; there is no food or drink allowed in the Reference Room; and all researchers fill out a Researcher Registration Form when they come into the Archives. Detailed information can be found on our Reference Room Policies page.

What can the Archives be used for?

For class projects or papers, genealogical research, or to learn more about campus buildings, OSU traditions, student organizations, faculty, or alumni&mdashlin short, almost anything related to OSU, Corvallis, or Oregon.

When are you open?

Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm.

Do I have to make an appointment?


Is there someone who can help me find what I need?

Yes. An OSU Archives' staff person is available at all times in the Reference Room and can be reached by calling 737-2165. This person will assist you in determining which materials will be of use to you and will retrieve the boxes from the shelves (yes, most of the materials in the Archives are stored in boxes).

Can I get copies?

Yes. The Archives staff will make photocopies for you and we can also scan photographs or have photographic reproductions made. Please visit our Duplication Services page.

How do I cite references to the University Archives materials?

Please visit our How to Cite Materials from the OSU Archives page.

Where can I find out more?

Check out our web site, call us at 737-2165, or stop in for a visit!

What's the oldest building on the OSU campus?

(Hint: See the top of this page.)

Benton Hall was constructed in 1889 and is the oldest building on our campus. It is named in honor of the people of Benton County who raised the funds to buy the land and construct the building.


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