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2010 Accessions


Accession 2010:084 (Received 2010-12-03)

Williams, Gerald, Collection (MSS)
3.8 cubic feet; 4 archives boxes and 1 6x8 index card box

This addition to the Gerald Williams Collection is made up of materials amassed by Williams in the course of writing the book "The U.S. Forest Service in the Pacific Northwest: A History." In addition to various drafts of the book manuscript, this transfer also consists of various textual and audio-visual materials that document the Forest Service that include annual reports, correspondence, DVDs, newspaper clippings, oral history transcripts, photographs, postcards, publications, sound recordings, and videotapes. Other topics reflected in these materials include the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), forest fire research, the Aircraft Warning Service, and the U.S. Army Spruce Production Division. Numbering 410 images in total (150 prints/postcards, 250 slides, and 10 negatives), the photographs document Forest Service history, National Forest lands, views from a 1895 camping trip in the Mount Jefferson area, CCC camps, vehicles from the first transcontinental automobile race in 1905, forest fire research, and the Pentagon building in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on 9/11 in 2001. Some of these images are in digital form saved on cds (14 in all). Films in this transfer pertain to historic logging practices, CCC history, the Superior National Forest, an ecosystem management short course, fire suppression, and women in the Forest Service, and the 50th anniversary of Timberline Lodge. The sound recordings on cassette tape (17) and cd (1) contain oral history interviews, a reading of Norman Maclean's memoir "USFS 1919", a speech by Gifford Pinchot in 1940, and a biography of Gifford Pinchot.

See also accession 2010:022

Other items in the Williams Collection


Accession 2010:083 (Received 2010-12-02)

"How OSU Grew Nuclear Science" Oral History Collection (OH 16)New Collection
0.15 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of transcripts, biographical information, and signed releases reflecting oral history interviews with faculty and alumni of the OSU Nuclear Engineering and the Radiation Health Physics Graduate Program. This project, officially known as the "How OSU Grew Nuclear Science" oral history project, was organized by OSU History Department faculty and graduate students in conjuction with the 50th anniversary of nuclear science and education at OSU in 2009. Among the subjects covered in these interviews include: the TRIGA reactor at OSU, Professor of Radiological Physics Dale Trout, research at OSU on samples of lunar rock, Radiation Center business management, contamination control, and the experience of women students/employees in nuclear engineering. The 11 interviewed for this project consist of the following: Wes Frey, Roman Schmitt, Don Reed, Camille Lodwick, Todd Palmer, Wanda Munn, Thomas Van Witbeck, Shirley Campbell, Gordon Little, Grant McCallum, and Stephen Shepard. Also included in this transfer is a historical timeline documenting major events and developments for the OSU Radiation Center, the TRIGA Reactor, and the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics.



Accession 2010:082 (Received 2010-11-30)

Forestry, College of. (RG 139)
0.10 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession is made up of annual reports generated by the Nursery Technology Cooperative (NTC) and the Coordinated Research on Alternative Forestry Treatments and Systems (CRAFTS). Both of these cooperative programs were managed by the OSU College of Forestry and published studies on seedling research and vegetation management. Also included in this transfer is the Fall 2010 edition of the College of Forestry magazine "Focus."

See also accession 2010:005

Other RG 139 records


Accession 2010:081 (Received 2010-11-16)

Intercollegiate Athletics (RG 7)
0.25 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession consists of programs for OSU football and men's basketball games. The basketball games documented in these programs cover the 1986/ 1987 season, while the football games reflect the years 1987 and 1991.

See also accession 2010:077


Accession 2010:080 (Received 2010-11-15)

Brown, Lawrence L., Collection (MSS)New Collection
0.15 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of materials collected by alumnus Lawrence L. Brown that document his student experience at Oregon State College and which includes a button, dance cards, decals, newspaper clippings, photographs, publications, receipts, and student id cards. In addition to a commencement program, the publications in this transfer include annuals and a memory book reflecting Brown's membership in the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity and participation in alumni reunions. The book published for the 50th reunion of the class of 1952 includes a biographical entry for Brown. Numbering 40 prints in total, the photographs include group shots of Brown with his fellow fraternity brothers, portrait shots of Brown and wife Frances, and at dances and other student social events. Raised in Portland, Oregon, Lawrence Brown studied geology at Oregon State College. After graduating with an undergraduate degree in 1952, Brown worked for the Bureau of Mines in Albany until retiring in 1988.


Accession 2010:079 (Received 2010-11-02)

Food Science and Technology Photographs (P 142)
0.05 cubic foot; 1 file folder

This accession is made up of 27 photographic negatives depicting the construction of Wiegand Hall and includes one shot of Food Science and Technology Department faculty Ernest Wiegand and Borgstrom.

Other P 142 photographs


Accession 2010:078 (Received 2010-11-01)

University Housing and Dining Services (RG 145)
0.25 cubic foot; 1 archives box; 12x17 and 16x20 oversize boxes

This accession is made up of materials generated and collected by University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) and includes certificates, constitutions, correspondence, flyers, handbooks, meeting minutes, photographs, posters, a quarterly report, and a scrapbook. The minutes in this transfer reflect meetings of the Residence Hall Association, the Intercooperative Council, and the Cooperative House Directors. The correspondence mostly pertains to event planning for an 80th birthday party celebration for former UHDS Director Edward Bryan. The certificates reflect honors and awards received by Callahan and Halsell Halls. Numbering 17 prints in all, the images consist of portrait shots of mostly unidentified students, group shots of Callahan Hall residents in "crazy pictures," and UHDS staff. Primarily made up of photographs, the undated scrapbook documents various events in residence halls such as "Planet Earth," the "Mistletoe Ball," and a fashion show.

See also accession 2010:044

Other RG 145 records


Accession 2010:077 (Received 2010-10-22)

Voices of OSU Oral History Collection (OH 9)
0.04 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of oral history interviews with emeriti OSU Library faculty Rodney Waldron and Miriam Minnick. In the interviews, both Waldron and Minnick reflect upon their work for the Library (Waldron as Library Director and Minnick as a Librarian in interlibrary loan and reference). Other topics include the move into the current library building (built in 1963), OSU Library Director Willliam Carlson, articles in the "Messenger" newsletter, and library instructional films. Minnick worked on campus from 1957 to 1977 and Waldron from 1954 to 1984. Coordinated through the OSU Archives, these interviews were conducted by student intern and alumna Rachel Wilson in 2004. These recordings were transferred from the original audio cassette tapes to cd in 2009. There are two sets of 3 cds.

See also accession 2010:033


Registrar's Office (RG 53)
0.10 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of requests to restrict the publication of personal information in the campus directory that were sent by OSU students and staff to the Registrar's Office. These records contain sensitive information and access to subject to review by the Reference Archivist.

See also accessions - 2010:011; 2010:055; 2010:040; and 2010:036



University Archives (RG 220)
0.55 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession consists of materials generated by the University Archives that include correspondence, flyers, staff meeting minutes, a policies/procedures notebook, reports, and sound recordings. Primarily documenting administrative activities within the OSU Library, collection development, and outreach, these records pertain to the development of the "Fighters on the Farm Front" exhibit, collaboration on oral history projects with Anthropology Department classes, an internship project, the compilation of the "Corvallis 150" list, the Library Preservation Committee, the Institutional Repositories Task Force, the OSU Library strategic planning process, and the campus history walking tour. The internship project entailed the collection of information about films produced as a part of the "Oregon at Work" series that are described as a part of the Extension and Experiment Station Communications (P 120) film collection. In addition to reference materials and survey forms inventorying the contents of the films, there are also two cassette sound recordings of interviews with Tom Doggett, Shirley Howard, and Richard Potter about KOAC-TV (the station which helped develop the "Oregon at Work" films.


Intercollegiate Athletics (RG 7)
0.20 cubic foot; 1 12x17 oversize and 1 document box

This accession consists of the weekly news publications "Beaver Line" and "Beaver Sports" generated by the OSU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Corvallis Gazette-Times. A game program for the October 24, 1998 football game with Univ. of Washington and a media guide for the 2010 baseball team are also part of this transfer, as well as a 2009/2010 student athlete planner calendar notebook.

See also accession 2010:081


Accession 2010:075 (Received 2010-10-14)

Facilities Services (RG 193)
0.40 cubic foot; 1 archives and 1 20x24 oversize box; 4 map folders

This accession consists of architectural drawings/plans, reports, and an aerial photograph collected by the OSU Office of Facilities Services. The two reports in this transfer pertain to square footage of building space on campus and the OSU Campus Historic Preservation Plan. Housed at OC 83.03, OC 83.06, and AC, the drawings document construction and renovation projects related to the following structures/sites: the Veterinary Hospital building, the Family Study Center, and Coleman Field. The two drawings generated as part of campus-wide planning reflect sign location and a study of exterior lighting and site furniture.The aerial view (at OC 83.10) depicts campus and a segment of Corvallis (ca. 1997).



Accession 2010:074 (Received 2010-10-13)

University Theatre (RG 180)
9.5 cubic feet; 9 archives boxes and 3 oversize boxes

This accession consists of materials generated by the University Theatre Department that primarily document the staging of theatrical productions and includes account ledgers, an award ribbon, correspondence, event programs, flyers, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, photographs, posters, and a scrapbook. The bulk of this transfer is made up of director prompt notebooks reflecting the process of producing plays. Among the activities illustrated in these notebooks are: actor auditioning, stage direction organization, the notation of scripts, publicity, and obtaining of permission to present. Information about the individual productions are also organized into play files that contain programs, newspaper clippings, and photographs. The correspondence and meeting minutes document department administrative processes and budgeting. Numbering a total of 520 images (400 prints, 70 negatives, and 50 slides), the photographs depict various plays, actors, and Theatre staff.

Inventory of contents available as a PDF file

Other RG 180 records


Accession 2010:073 (Received 2010-10-04)

Memorial Union (RG 99)
0.20 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession consists of annual reports documenting Memorial Union offices, activities, and administration.


Accession 2010:072 (Received 2010-10-04)

Macpherson Family History (MSS)New Collection
0.05 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of the book "The Macpherson Family Through Four Generations" written by alumnus Hector Macpherson Jr. Beginning with accounts of the Macpherson family from their roots in early 19th century Scotland, the history details the life of Canadian-born Hector Macpherson Senior before and after he came to Corvallis in 1911 to fill a faculty position at OAC. The life of Hector Jr. is also described in the book, which includes sections about his service in World War II after graduation from OSC in 1940 and his involvement on the state Land Conservation and Development Commission in the 1990s. Passages relating to Corvallis and OAC include Hector Jr's descriptions of childhood (born in 1918) growing up in town and helping on his father's farm. The career of Hector Sr. as professor of economics and sociology at OAC is also detailed here along with his co-sponsoring of an initiative petition in 1932 seeking to radically reorganize the structure of higher education in Oregon. This bill, also known as the Zorn-Macpherson School Moving Bill, failed. Hector Jr. also writes about his own experience as a state representative and development of Oregon' current land planning structure with Senate Bill 100 in 1973. Other family members described in this history include wife Kitty (Brownell Smith), sister Miriam (Holman), and mother Margaret (Dupee).


Accession 2010:071 (Received 2010-10-04)

Student Media (RG 239)
0.50 cubic foot; 1 archives and 1 16x20 oversize box

This accession consists of materials generated by the Office of Student Media and includes alumni lists, budgetary information, certificates, correspondence, manuals, meeting minutes, a photograph, and end-of-term reports. Over half of this transfer is made up of records from the University Student Media Committee while two of the manuals were prepared for use by Journalism Department staff. The certificates document honors and awards given to the "The Beaver Yearbook" by National Scholastic Press Association, National School Yearbook Association, and other organizations. One of the certificates is a charter document establishing the Portland professional chapter of the Sigma Delta Chi Honorary Society.The photograph depicts an unidentified student holding a copy of the "Daily Barometer" newspaper in front of the Memorial Union in 1972.

Full finding aid available online in PDF format.

See also accession 2010:041


Accession 2010:070 (Received 2010-10-01)

English Language Institute (RG 234)
0.40 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession is made up of two photograph albums containing images of English Language Institute students and staff at various events on campus, including end of the term parties, ceramic workshops at the OSU Craft Center, demostrations of the Indoor Climbing Center, parties at the Memorial Union bowling lanes/gameroom, and staffing of informational booths about ELI. There are also images of an outing to Newport, Oregon.

Other RG 234 records

See also accession 2010:003


Accession 2010:069 (Received 2010-10-01)

Student Health Services (RG 23)
0.15 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of policy/procedure statements, minutes from the Reach-Out/Promotions Committee, and a reference guide used by Student Health Services staff to dispense information over the phone. The guidelines and procedures outlined in the statements were used by Student Health Services staff in the application of medical treatments, handling of equipment, and the management of patient information. Many of these statements contain handwritten notations of policy revisions and updates. The reference guide, "Pediatric Telephone Advice," also contains notations made by staff.


Accession 2010:068 (Received 2010-09-29)

Patton and Bigham Family Alumni Collection (MSS)New Collection
0.50 cubic foot; 2 document and 1 23x31 oversize box

This accession consists of materials collected by alumni Harry Clifford Patton, his daughter Shirley Elizabeth, and Jacob Wiemer Bigham Jr. (Shirley's husband) that reflect their student experiences at Oregon State. Made up of buttons, a cap, dance cards, patches, pendants, yearbooks, and what appear to be a pair of ear muffs, about half of these items were accumulated by Patton, who graduated in 1918 with a degree in forestry. Patton is documented in the three yearbooks (1915; 1916; 1918) and the pendants and buttons he collected represent both his student years at OAC and return to attend the 1957 Rose Bowl football game and the 1961 Homecoming activities on campus. Shirley and Jacob collected the patches, dance cards, and earmuffs (dating from 1936 to 1941) during their years as students at OSC.


Accession 2010:067 (Received 2010-09-28)

Griffis, George P., Collection (MSS)New Collection
0.25 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession consists of a scrapbook and a portfolio assembled by alumnus George P. Griffis that document his career with the "Oregonian" newspaper, organizational involvement, and position with the Pacific National Advertising Agency. The scrapbook contains a series of newspaper articles by Griffis publicizing Oregon cities in his capacity as promotion manager with the "Oregonian." There are also clippings in the scrapbook reporting about Griffis' role in promoting Oregon through these articles. Griffis put together the portfolio as a part of an assignment on prior learning experience for the Marylhurst Education Center. Made up primarily of newspaper clippings, articles, and correspondence, the portfolio also contains narrative essays where Griffis describes his educational background and work history with detailed examples of skills and lessons he learned. The portfolio also documents Griffis' military service in World War II and training in radio communications.

George P. Griffis studied engineering and business at Oregon State College from 1926 to 1929. As a student, Griffis worked for the campus "Barometer" newspaper as the national advertising manager and went on to continue this line of work in the position of promotion manager for "The Oregonian" newspaper from 1929 until 1951. In 1951, Griffis left "The Oregonian" to work for the Pacific National Advertising Agency in a position he held until 1963. After the Pacific National Ad Agency, Griffis formed his own advertising firm.


Accession 2010:066 (Received 2010-09-28)

Extension Service (RG 111)
15.4 cubic feet; 15 archives boxes, 1 23x31 oversize box, and 1 map folder

This accession is made up of materials generated and collected by the Lane County Extension Service that include an account ledger, annual reports, certificates, correspondence, event programs, meeting minutes, newsletters, newspaper clippings, photograph albums, photographs, scrapbooks, song lyrics, sound recordings, and a cloth banner. These records primarily document programs coordinated through the Lane County Extension Service, but also activities by 4-H, the Oregon Food and Nutrition Education Program, and various home extension units throughout the county. In addition to annual reports, materials reflecting administration also include minutes from Lane County Extension Homemaker’s Advisory Committee/Council, the Oregon Home Economics Extension Council, and the Lane County Agricultural Council. Numbering about 5800 images in all (1500 prints, 2500 negatives, and 1800 slides), the photographs depict Lane County Extension Service programs and staff, 4-H events, tours of local agricultural operations, the Extension building, awards/recognition events, the 75th anniversary celebration, annual Extension Achievement Days, conferences, and presentations on home weatherization. The scrapbooks were assembled by the Lane County Extension Service and Home Extension Units in Florence and Hayden Bridge. The sound recordings are two cassette tapes that were produced for an instructional slide show on home insulation. The banner is embroidered with an image of a fireplace and the words "Lane County Extension Home Advisory Committee."

Inventory of contents available as a PDF file

Other RG 111 records


Accession 2010:065 (Received 2010-09-21)

OSU Pride Center (RG 236)
0.10 cubic foot; 1 document and 1 12x17 oversize box

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by students and staff at the OSU Pride Center and is made up of event programs, flyers, newsletters, newspaper clippings, posters, photographs, and ticket stubs. These materials primarily document events organized by the Pride Center and the OSU Rainbow Continuum such as the Lavender Graduation ceremony, Queer Pride Week, Queer Health Awareness Month, and regular social gatherings at the center. Among the posters are photocopies of images (once taped up as a part of a display) reflecting historical moments in gay/lesbian activism. There is also a paper copy of an essay by alumnus Thomas Kraemer on gay activism at OSU. Numbering 14 prints in all, the photographs are all portrait shots of Pride Center students and staff.

Other RG 236 records

See also accession 2010:048


Accession 2010:064 (Received 2010-09-16)

4-H Moving Images Collection (P 146)
0.01 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of a DVD containing film footage and a slide show documenting a reunion celebration in Jacksonville, Oregon of participants in the 4-H Oregon Centennial Wagon Trek of 1959. The reunion events (which occurred on June 12-14th, 2009) recorded on the DVD include a parade, presentations/speeches by some of the participants, a picnic gathering, and footage of the original 1959 trek. Highlights of the reunion include the display of one of the wagons featured in the 1959 journey, remarks by 4-H Agent Glenn Klein, and letters from trek participants who were not be able to attend. The DVD runs a total of 1 hour and 26 minutes and was produced by Dan Barrett.

The 1959 wagon trek was organized by the Jackson County 4-H Empire Builders Club and Extension Agents Glenn Klein and Marilou Garner Perris. The trek took 13 days to complete and covered 225 miles from Jacksonville, Oregon, to Corvallis, where the trek participants joined the 4-H summer school on the Oregon State campus.



Accession 2010:063 (Received 2010-09-15)

Internatioanl Research and Development (RG 211)
0.10 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession consists of five reports documenting projects for the Women in International Development program, administered at OSU by the Office of the Office of International Research and Development. The reports consist of the following: "Proceedings of the Colloquium on Rwanda Women in Aquaculture"; "An Approach To Integrate Gender Variable in Rwanda Pond Dynamics and Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program"; "Rwanda Women in Aquaculture: Context, Contributions and Constraints";
"FAO/ESHW Consultancy for Curriculum Development: Women in Agriculture-Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University, India"; and "Socio-Economic Analysis of Agro-Based Women's Income Generating Activities for Women Farmers in Malawi."

Other RG 211 records


Accession 2010:062 (Received 2010-09-08)

Shideler, Fred, Papers (MSS)
5 cubic feet; 5 archives boxes

This accession is an addition to the Fred Shideler Papers made up of a biographical essay, certificates, correspondence, event programs, greeting cards, newspaper clippings, a photograph album, photographs, postcards, printing blocks, publications, receipts, speeches, student papers, and a thesis. In addition to documenting Shideler's career as a professor of Journalism at OSU, these materials also reflect Shideler's family life, interaction with fellow journalists, correspondence with his parents, presentations given, position with the Office of War Information during World War II, job as administrative assistant to the Oregon governor, graduate student work, and post at the University of Oregon School of Journalism. The files are roughly arranged in chronological order. Among the materials pertaining to OSU include items collected at the 1965 Rose Bowl game and family Christmas cards from other OSU faculty such as Francois Gilfillian, Curtis Mumford, and Kerry Eggers. The photograph album mostly contains images of Shideler's children and students/staff on campus. Numbering about 600 images in total (400 prints and 200 negatives), the photographs primarily depict Shideler and his family on vacation and at holiday gatherings. There are also portrait shots and views of Shideler at various events on campus. Fred M. Shideler worked for the OSU Journalism Department and Information Services from 1929 until 1970. He also received a MA in education from Oregon State in 1941.

Inventory of contents available as a PDF file

More Fred Shideler Papers



Accession 2010:061 (Received 2010-09-07)

Hansen, N. John, Scrapbook (MSS)New Collection
0.20 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession consists of a scrapbook assembled by Alumnus and Extension Agent N. John Hansen that documents his involvement in the National Association of County Agricultural Agents (NACAA) as well as that of other Oregon Extension agents. Containing photographs, newspaper clippings, and an essay on the history of the Bull Association of the Oregon County Agents Association, the scrapbook is largely made up of group shots of Oregon Extension agents at annual NACAA meetings. Images of tours that Hansen helped to organize (1990-2001) of local farms and the Oregon Gardens are also found in this scrapbook. There is also information about Hansen's leadership role in the NACAA and fellow Oregon agents Mel Hagood and Roger Fletcher.

After graduating with a degree in agricultural economics from OSC in 1941, N. John Hansen began a 31-year association with the Extension Service by serving as an Extension Agent in Linn and Polk Counties. Active in the National Association of County Agricultural Agents, Hansen served in the post of both vice president and president of the organization. Hansen has worked as an advocate for the 4-H helping to develop the Oregon 4-H Center and establishing an endowment for the Polk County 4-H Leaders Association.


Crop and Soil Science (RG 95)
0.10 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession is made up of 239 photographic slides documenting Oregon Foundation Potato Seed Program research projects at the Hyslop Field Research Lab and elsewhere. These images depict a variety of activities including: planting, weeding, harvest, in-vitro tuber production, and inspection.

See also accession-2010:008


Accession 2010:060 (Received 2010-09-03)

OSU Holocaust Memorial Program (RG 241)New Record Group
0.25 cubic foot; 1 document and 1 16x20 oversize box

This accession is made up of 11 DVD recordings of lectures presented for the OSU Holocaust Memorial Program. In addition to testimonials from survivors of the Holocaust, the presentations on these DVDs pertain to a variety of topics, including: cinema about the Holocaust, coverage of the Holocaust in the "New York Times," the impact of the Holocaust upon contemporary German identity, historians' view of the Holocaust, and the genocide of Jews and Roma in World War II Croatia. The presenters consist of the following: Lawrence Baron, George Wittenstein, Claudia Koonz, Laurel Leff, Alexander Korb, Christopher Browning, Michael Marrus, Rolf Schuette, Rudi/Laureen Nusbaum, and Murray Brown. Included in this transfer is a watercolor artwork by Dwight Helm depicting the concentration/POW camp in Horsbruck, Germany in 1945.

The OSU Holocaust Memorial Program began in 1986 and has been an annual observance featuring presentations about the Holocaust and topics that highlight "the broader issue of genocide and mass murder." It is been jointly coordinated by OSU, the City of Corvallis, and the Corvallis 509-J School District.


Accession 2010:059 (Received 2010-09-02)

Library (RG 009)
1.4 cubic feet; 2 archives and 1 16x20 oversize box

This accession consists of correspondence, essays, a poster, publications, reports, statistical data, studies, and transparencies generated and collected by Library administrators and staff. Primarily made up of reports and studies, these materials document biennial reporting by the head Librarian, Catalog department activities, accreditation reviews, library district planning, and the development of an instructional computer program. The essays and published volume were all written by Librarian William Carlson and pertain to the history of the OSU Library, the libraries within the larger Oregon State System of Higher Education group, and personal musings on books, libraries, and history. The transparencies depict site and floor plans for the proposed addition to the Library that was completed in 1999, while the poster displays card catalogue filing rules.

Other RG 9 records


Library Moving Images Collection (P 83)
0.30 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of 8 VHS videotapes documenting events at the OSU Library that include the dedication of the renovated and expanded Valley Library building, the groundbreaking of the Valley Library, a Friends of OSU Libraries Distinguished Achievement Award Ceremony, and a Powerpoint slide show presentation on the history of the OSU Library. The slide show contains no sound and consists of a series of images that includes views of the construction of the Valley Library. Also included in this transfer is a short film produced for the Library Campaign.

Other P 83 Films/Videotapes/DVDs


Accession 2010:058 (Received 2010-08-25)

Music Department (RG 148)
0.70 cubic foot; 1 document and 1 20x24 oversize box

This accession consists of three photographs and a ceramic sculpture documenting the OSU Symphonic Band's tour of Costa Rica (1995) and Taiwan (1987). Two of the images are group shots of the band members who went on the tours. They are posed with their instruments and in concert dress.The other photograph is a framed print of a Costa Rica rainforest landscape presented to University Bands Director James Douglass as a gift by the Escuela de Musica Sinfonica de Perez Zeledon. The sculpture is in the form of a horse in full riding gear given to Douglass from the Taiwan Minister of Education Huan Lee. It stands about 11 inches high and 10 inches in length.

See also accession 2010:037

Other RG 148 records


Accession 2010:057 (Received 2010-08-20)

Urban League of Portland (MSS)
0.05 cubic foot; 1 file folder

This addition to the Urban League of Portland Records is made up of certificates, correspondence, and newspaper clippings collected by Faye LyDay that document her community involvement and honors received as a result of her extensive volunteer work. Active locally on issues of child care, foster homes for children, housing, and equal opportunity employment, LyDay served as a board member for the Urban League. Her service in other organizations included: Acting Coordinator for the Social Environment Dept. of the Model Cities Program, President of the Multnomah County Aid to Dependent Children Association, appointment to the Governor's (McCall) Health Planning Committee, and membership in the Community Advisory Committee to the Multnomah County Public Welfare Commission. Among the many honors received by LyDay was the Oregon Journal's Women of Accomplishments Award in 1972.

Born in Muskogee, Oklahoma, LyDay came to Portland in 1948 and studied at Portland State College with an interest in nursing. In addition to being a single mom and activist, LyDay worked for the Model Cities Program and later as a personnel analyst for the City of Portland. She died in 2001.

See also accession 2010:009

Other Urban League of Portland records


Accession 2010:056 (Received 2010-08-20)

Oceanic and Atmopsheric Sciences Moving Images Collection (P 203)New Collection
ca. 1970-1978
1.4 cubic feet; 2 archives boxes

This accession is made up of films and videotapes produced and collected by the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences (COAS) for instructional use by teaching faculty. Numbering 6 reels and 27 VHS videotapes in total, most of the videotapes are part of the series "Rudiments of Meteorology" which feature lectures by Meteorology Professor Fred Decker on topics such as cloud formation, precipitation, weather reporting, tornadoes, jet streams, and polar weather. One videotape contains footage taken from satellite images of a squall line developing in the Central U.S. in May 1978. The films on reel consist of the following: "Introduction to Oil and Gas Operations Offshore", "Indian Ocean Expedition","The Hidden Frontier", "The Well of Life", and "Oregon Sea Trails" (2 copies).



Accession 2010:055 (Received 2010-08-20)

Registrar's Office (RG 53)
0.08 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of ten reels of microfilmed student academic records for students attending the OSU Cascades Campus in Bend. The records are arranged in numeric order by OSU student id number.

Also see accessions 2010:040 and 2010:036


Accession 2010:054 (Received 2010-08-19)

President's Office (RG 13)
2.8 cubic Feet; 3 archives boxes

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by the President's Office that primarily document the NCAA division I athletics certification process. In addition to self-study reports, these records include correspondence, handbooks, meeting minutes, organizational charts, and policy/procedure statements. The minutes reflect meetings of the Athletic Advisory Committee, the Postsecondary Quality Education Commission (State of Oregon) and the Oregon State Board of Higher Education. These records were originally organized into groupings by "operating principle" and this series order has been retained and is reflected in the inventory. Contains confidential information-access subject to review by Reference Archivist.

Other RG 13 Records


Accession 2010:053 (Received 2010-08-18)

Kappa Omicron Nu Honorary Society-OSU Chapter Records (MSS)
4.2 cubic feet; 4 archives boxes and 1 14x18 oversize box

This addition to the Omicron Nu Honorary Society records is made up of an account ledger, constitutions/bylaws, correspondence, a guestbook, handbooks, meeting minutes, membership cards, newspaper clippings, photographs, publications, reports, and scrapbooks. Reflecting the administration of the Lambda Chapter of the Omicron Nu (and from 1990 on-Kappa Omicron Nu) Honorary Society, these materials document the chapter's annual initiation ceremonies, membership management, awards distribution, participation in national conclave meetings, accounting activity, and the sponsorship of a forum on student rights. In addition to documenting Omicron Nu, this transfer also includes records generated by the Oregon Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. Numbering about 198 images in total (150 prints and 48 slides) the photographs depict initiation ceremonies, attendance at national conclave meetings, portrait shots of members, and informal social events.

Omicron Nu, an honor society for scholarship, research, and study within the field of Home Economics, was established in 1912 at Michigan State University. The Lambda Chapter at Oregon State was founded in 1919. In 1990, a consolidation of Omicron Nu and another national home economics honor society, Kappa Omicron Phi, formed the new organization Kappa Omicron Nu (KON). In spite of the new name, the fundamental mission of KON and the OSU Lambda chapter did not change. Currently, membership in KON is open to students enrolled in the College of Health and Human Sciences performing at the top 10% of their major.

Inventory of contents available as a PDF file


Accession 2010:052 (Received 2010-08-16)

Brown, F. Ross, Papers (MSS)New Collection
0.30 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession contains materials generated and collected by alumnus F. Ross Brown that document his student experience at Oregon Agricultural College and involvement in the National Wildlife Federation. Made up of a certificate, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, a photograph album, publications, and a ration booklet holder from World War II, the items in this transfer reflecting Brown's association with the university consist of programs for alumni reunions, Christmas cards, and photographs. Numbering 44 photographic prints in total, the images consist of portrait shots of Brown's college friends at OAC, campus views, farmsteads, the 1911 OAC Horticultural Fair, and Ross' involvement in organizations such as the Oregon Wildlife Federation. The photographs in the album also contain shots of campus, as well as views of farms and towns in various Oregon locales including: the Hood River Valley, Roseburg, Heppner, Corvallis, Riddle, Ashland, and Camas (Wa.). There are also a few shots in the album of Brown himself.

Born in Nebraska, Franklin Ross Brown graduated with a degree in agriculture from Oregon Agricultural College in 1910. Active in the Oregon Wildlife Federation (OWF), Brown served as President of the OWF and Vice President of the National Wildlife Federation. Brown married Ella Foster in 1911 and together they raised five children: Duane Foster, Donna, Veryl, Meridee, and Curwin Norris. He died in 1964.


Jefferys, Donald Goman, Papers (MSS)New Collection
0.40 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession contains material collected by Alumnus Donald Goman Jefferys that document his student experience at Oregon State College, his turkey farm business in Albany, and interest in news events. The transfer is made up of accounting ledgers, correspondence, event programs, newspapers, notes, a photograph, and tax records. Jefferys' presence on campus is reflected in programs for ROTC band concerts, where he played horn and occasionally served as student conductor. A newspaper clipping and a program reflecting Edward Goman's participation in the OSC ROTC Band (a cousin of Jefferys) was also found among these items. The photograph is a portrait of Ronald Badger.The newspapers include copies of the "OSC Barometer," "The Oregonian," "The Albany Democrat-Herald," and the "News of the World" from London. Among the headlines featured in these papers include: the death of Will Rogers in a plane crash, the moon landing in 1969, and the crash of the "Hindenberg" airship. One of the newspapers, "Current Events," contains quizzes and crossword puzzles completed by Jefferys.

Donald G. Jefferys studied business and music at Oregon State College from 1938 to 1940. At OSC, he played in the ROTC Band and belonged to the Kappa Kappa Psi Honorary Society. In addition to his poultry business in Albany, JMJ Turkey Farms, Jefferys worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad for 30 years, retiring in 1983. He married Meridee Brown in 1942 and they had two children, Cathleah and Ross.


Accession 2010:051 (Received 2010-08-16)

University Advancement (RG 210)
1.3 cubic feet; 2 archives boxes

This accession consists of materials generated by the Office of University Advancement that document the organization of receptions, dinners, dedication ceremonies, and other special events for OSU alumni, faculty/staff, students, international visitors, program volunteers, and organizations such as the Council of Regents. Among the events described in these records include: football games, annual commencements, convocation presentations, receptions for new hires at OSU, holiday gatherings, and alumni reunions. In addition to worksheets tracking event catering and other costs, this transfer also contains correspondence, event programs, flyers, guest lists, invitations, meeting minutes, photographs, schedules, and scripts.


Accession 2010:050 (Received 2010-07-19)

Campus Club Alumni Collection (MSS)
0.03 cubic foot; 1 file folder

This accession is made up of an addition to the Campus Club Alumni Collection of a photograph album containing images of Campus Club/Avery Lodge residents and events. Spanning the years 1962 to 1966, these images are primarily group shots taken at house dances and other social occasions. This album also includes newspaper clippings describing news about club residents and an itinerary for the 1966 Campus Club beach trip. The two people that are identified in the photos are student Ivan Harold Zimmerman and Mrs. Thornton (house mother?).

See also accession 2010:028

Full finding aid available online in PDF format.

EAD finding aid available in NWDA finding aids database

Accession 2010:049 (Received 2010-08-05)

Armstrong, Mary Louise Papers (MSS)New Collection
0.02 cubic foot; 2 file folders

This accession is made up of photographs and newspaper clippings documenting the student experience and career of alumna Mary Louise Armstrong. Numbering 11 prints in all, the images that reflect Armstrong's years on campus consist of group shots relating to her involvement in the Mortar Board and the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority. The other images pertain to her employment as a Regional Home Economist with the National Livestock and Meat Board as well as the Purina company. The clippings contain details about Armstrong's public talks on "meat cookery" as a home economist where she spoke on the selection of cuts and preparation of meat dishes.


Accession 2010:048 (Received 2010-07-22)

OSU Pride Center (RG 236)
0.02 cubic foot; 1 file folder

This accession consists of a documentary film on DVD produced by alumni Philip Mason and directed by Sam Lienen about the creation of the Queer Resource Center (QRC) at OSU (now the Pride Center). Running 34 minutes, the film contains recollections from various OSU alumni and faculty involved in the founding of the QRC, including Christian Matheis, Ellen Wygant (Dishman), Robin Ryan, Linda Paschke, Melanie Spraggins, and Larry Roper. The DVD also includes footage of the 2001 ASOSU Student Fees Committee hearing on funding for the Queer Resource Center.

Other RG 236 Records


Accession 2010:047 (Received 2010-07-15)

Recreational Sports Department (RG 240)New Record Group
14 cubic feet; 14 archives boxes

This accession consists of materials generated by the Department of Recreational Sports and is made up of constitutions, correspondence, a guestbook, handbooks, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, a photographic album, photographs, reports, a scrapbook, sound recordings, and video recordings. In addition to the administration of OSU sports clubs, these records document the construction of the Stevens Natatorium, outdoor recreational programs, the Indoor Climbing Center, additions to the Dixon Recreation Center building, facility use surveys, and special programs such as camps and training workshops. Numbering about 9000 images in all (2500 prints, 2000 negatives, and 4500 slides), the photographs mostly depict a variety of indoor activities at the Dixon Rec. Center and outdoor trips organized by the Outdoor Recreation Program. There are also images of events and workshops sponsored by the Recreational Sports Department. The photograph album relates to the construction and grand opening ceremony of the Stevens Natatorium. Documenting the opening of the Indoor Climbing Center, Footsteps program trips, lectures on legal liabilities, and an outing on the McKenzie River, the video recordings consist of 12 VHS videotapes and 2 digital video cassettes. The 2 cassette tape sound recordings pertain to the Indoor Climbing Center and the Outdoor Rec. Program.

Inventory of contents available as a PDF file



Accession 2010:046 (Received 2010-07-15)

Library Photographs (P 83)
ca. 2000
0.25 cubic foot; 1 23x31 oversize box

This accession is made up of 5 photographic images mounted on foamcore for display that depict OSU Library staff involvement in various projects such as the Oregon Link Project, the Jumpstart project, and the Kids Need Libraries Project. Among the Library staff featured in these images include: David Johnson, Karyle Butcher, Cindy Skinner, Jill Holaday, Mariol Wogaman, Laurel Kristick, Carrie Ottow, Stephen Moseley, Richard Griffin, and Bonnie Avery.


Accession 2010:045 (Received 2010-07-09)

Agricultural Sciences, College of. (RG 158)
0.30 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession is made up of reports collected by the College of Agricultural Sciences that contain information about student enrollment and new faculty hires from several U.S. universities (incl. OSU) with academic programs in agriculture, renewable natural resources, and forestry. Compiled through the Food and Agricultural Education Information System (FAEIS), these reports include statistics broken down by race/ethnicity, gender, and geographic region. The date span coverage represented in these reports goes from 1987 to 1998.

Other RG 158 Records


Accession 2010:044 (Received 2010-06-30)

University Housing and Dining (RG 145)
ca. 1900-2009
17 cubic feet; 8 archives boxes, 1 document box, and 10 oversize boxes

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by the Office of University Housing and Dining Services which includes an account ledger, annual reports, articles of incorporation, brochures, certificates, constitutions, correspondence, flyers, guestbooks, handbooks, housing contracts (blank), meeting minutes, newsletters, newspaper clippings, photograph albums, photographs, and scrapbooks. Documenting various aspects of the management of student housing and cooperative living groups, these materials pertain to residence hall advisor training, policy development, residence hall renovation projects, event planning, publicity, and student social life in campus housing. Making up the bulk of this transfer, the scrapbooks and photograph albums were primarily assembled by residents of the cooperative houses Azalea House, Heckart Lodge, Oxford House, and Reed Lodge. In addition to portrait and group shots of residents, the scrapbooks and albums contain documentation reflecting everyday life in the houses, special rituals such as "passing the candle," collaborative events with other co-ops, and news stories about residents. The photographs not found in albums or scrapbooks number about 650 images in total (500 prints and 150 negatives) and mostly depict resident social activities (both on and off-campus) and group shots.

Inventory of contents available as a PDF file

Other RG 145 Records


Accession 2010:043 (Received 2010-06-25)

College Student Services Administration
(RG 233)
1 cubic foot; 1 archives box and 2 16x20 oversize boxes

This accession consists of reference materials collected and organized by the College Student Services Adminstration program (CSSA) that are made up of information about legal cases impacting colleges/universities, surveys and assessment tools, and student papers from OSU student development theory classes. Generated by several universities (incl. OSU) and organizations such as the Educational Testing Service, the surveys and assessment materials document a number of areas, such as: graduating senior perspectives, learning styles, student diversity, alumni leadership, commuter students, and institutional goals inventory. The information compiled about legal decisions include correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clippings, press releases, and court documents that address topics such as free speech, due process, trespass, financial aid, and the release of student records. Four framed portraits of CSSA directors (Robert W. Chick, Arthur Tollefson, Jo Anne Trow, J. Roger Penn) were also found in this transfer.

Other RG 233 Records


Accesssion 2010:042 (Received 2010-06-23)

Academy for Lifelong Learning (MSS)
0.25 cubic foot; 1 document box

This addition to the Academy of Lifelong Learning (ALL) records is made up of annual reports, correspondence, course catalogs, flyers, meeting minutes, membership lists, publications, survey materials, treasurer's reports, and two DVDs. The publications consist of local newsletters and event brochures that contain ads for ALL and stories about their classes.The DVDs contain film footage of a panel presentation given in January 2010 by four of the founders of ALL (Jean Peters, Cliff Trow, Emery Castle, Paul Dickey). In addition to describing the historical development of ALL, the speakers also talk about the mission of the organization and its relationship to the OSU Retirement Association.

Other Academy for Lifelong Learning Records


Accession 2010:041 (Received 2010-06-22)

Student Media (RG 239)New Record Group
3 cuic feet; 3 archives boxes

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by the Office of Student Media that document the management of campus publications and broadcast media such as the Beaver Yearbook, the Barometer newspaper, the Prism literary magazine, and KBVR radio/TV stations. This transfer is primarily made up of budgetary information, contracts, correspondence, handbooks, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, reports, photographs, printing blocks, and student papers. About one-third of these materials reflect the work of the Broadcast Media Committee, the Student Publications Committee, and the University Student Media Committee. Aspects of the daily production (typesetting, advertising, news services) of the Barometer and the Beaver are also represented in these materials. Other records in this accession demonstrate the involvement of Student Media directors Irwin Harris and Frank Ragulsky in the professional organizations Pacific Coast Publication Managers and the Western Association of University Publication Managers. Totaling 74 images in all (16 prints and 58 negatives), the photographs depict President Strand at various functions, Richard Mengler, old farm structures, and a birthday party for an unidentified child. The 6 printing blocks include the cover image of the 1949/50 student handbook.

Full finding aid available online in PDF format.

EAD finding aid available in NWDA finding aids database


Accession 2010:040 (Received 2010-06-18)

Registrar's Office (RG 53)
7 cubic feet; 7 archives boxes

This accession consists of student academic records organized roughly in chronological order by student number and spanning the years 1954 to 1957.

See also accession 2010:036


Accession 2010:039 (Received 2010-06-17)

Library (RG 9)
0.03 cubic foot; 1 file folder

This accession is made up of issues of the Oregon Agricultural College Library newsletter "Library News Notes." In addition to updates about new periodical subscriptions, these newsletters also describe various department projects, changes in policy, circulation statistics, acknowledgement of donations to the holdings, and the rental book collection.

Other RG 9 records


Accession 2010:038 (Received 2010-06-14)

Harding School PTA Records (MSS)
0.60 cubic foot; 1 cubic foot

This addition to the Harding School PTA Records is made up of bylaws, a cd, correspondence, event programs, financial reports, flyers, handbooks, meeting minutes, newsletters, photographs, reference materials, and a yearbook. In addition to documenting the closure of the Harding Elementary School in 2002, these materials also reflect general administrative activities such as budgetary management, fundraising, event organization, and volunteer coordination. Also illustrated in these materials is the PTA's collection of information about past students and staff "alumni" of Harding School. Numbering about 250 photographs in all (200 prints and 50 negatives), the images primarily depict Harding School classroom scenes. The cd contains digital images of the 2002 International Potluck at the school. Survey forms in this transfer gauging parent opinion of Harding School on the eve of the closure contain sensitive information. Access is subject to review by reference archivist.


Accession 2010:037 (Received 2010-06-10)

Music Department (RG 148)
0.25 cubic foot; 2 archives boxes and 1 16x20 oversize box

This accession consists of sound recordings, posters, flyers, informational brochures, and concert programs documenting performances by OSU Music Department choirs and orchestras. On four cds, the sound recordings feature the four following 2009-2010 concerts: "The Five Changes" (OSU Wind Ensemble); "Russian Power" (The Corvallis-OSU Symphony Orchestra); "Blessings and Curses (OSU Chamber Choir); and "Carmina Burana" (Corvallis Repertory Singers, Corvallis-OSU Symphony Orchestra, and the combined choirs of OSU).

See also accession 2010:058

Other RG 148 records


Accession 2010:036 (Received 2010-06-18)

Registrar's Office (RG 53)
107 cubic feet; 107 archives boxes

This accession consists of student academic records organized roughly in chronological order by student number and spanning the years 1954 to 1961.

See also accession 2010:040


Accession 2010:035 (Received 2010-06-08)

Bouquet, Arthur G. B., Collection (MSS)
0.20 cubic foot; 1 12x17 oversize box

This addition to the Arthur G. B. Bouquet Collection consists of a scrapbook assembled by Horticulture Professor Bouquet that reflects his travels in England in 1951. Made up of postcards, newspaper clippings, and photographs, the scrapbook also contains notations by Bouquet describing the significance of some of the locales he visited to his childhood growing up in Britain, places where he stayed/drank tea on his trip, and the impact of bombing during World War II upon the landscape. Among the places documented in the images include: Kew Gardens, inner city London, Windsor Castle, the coastal town of Broadstairs, and the Wye Valley.

Other Materials in the Bouquet Collection


Horner Museum Records (RG 199)
0.08 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of materials documenting the Horner Museum and includes correspondence, flyers, meeting minutes, and newsletters, and a daily desk log. Reflecting the adminstration of the museum and event/tour publicity, these materials also include circular letters by museum director Lucy Skjelstad about the closing of the Horner in 1993. The log contains entries entered by the museum director, staff, and volunteers that record daily incoming donations to the museum, management of the gift shop, office supply needs, artifact description, and tours organized by the museum. The meeting minutes documented in these records were generated by the Citizens for Horner Museum.


Weniger, Willibald, Papers (MSS)
0.05 cubic foot; 1 document box

This addition to the Willibald Weniger Papers consists of information compiled by Weniger's wife Myrtle Elizabeth about early Oregon pioneer George Gay and his homestead in the Wheatland area near Salem. In addition to copies of deed records, notes, and typed exerpts from book chapters, these materials include correspondence with libraries and archives about historical resources documenting Gay's journey to Oregon and settlement here. Born in England in 1810, George Gay came to the west coast in 1833 and trapped beaver in Oregon and California for the Hudson's Bay Company. He was among one of the party who voted for the organization of a provisional government at Champoeg in 1843. He died on his farm in 1882.

Other Materials in the Weniger Papers


Accession 2010:034 (Received 2010-06-03)

Edwards, Floyd M. and Lilly Nordgren Collection (MSS)New Collection
0.15 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of dance cards, notes on livestock management, and publications collected by alumni Floyd M. Edwards and Lilly Nordgren Edwards that reflect their student experiences at OSC. In addition to relating to the Oregon State creed and campus songs/yells, the publications include a commencement program that documents Lilly's undergraduate election to the Phi Theta Kappa national honorary society.

Both Floyd and Lilly Nordgren Edwards attended Oregon State College as graduate students. Having received an undergraduate degree in business in 1924, Lilly returned to OSC to study education and psychology during the 1929/30 and 1930/31school years. Floyd started classes in 1930 and received a masters' degree in agriculture in 1931.They married in 1932.



Accession 2010:033 (Received 2010-05-19)

Voices of OSU Oral History Collection (OH 9)
0.15 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of transcripts and sound recordings of oral history interviews with eight OSU faculty/alumna conducted by graduate students as a part of the "OSU life histories project" for Sociology 418/518. This transfer also includes oral history agreement and release forms. Some of the recordings exist only as the original digital files residing on Library server space. These will later be available via streaming files on the web.

The people documented in these interviews consist of the following:

C. Warren Hovland (Religious Studies)
Richard Morita (Microbiology)
Carol Mencken-Schaudt (Alum; Olympic Athlete in Women's Basketball)
Clara Pratt (Human Development and Family Sciences)
Emery Castle (Agricultural and Resource Economics)
Miriam Orzech (SMILE Program)
Wil Gamble (Biochemistry)
Phyllis Lee (Office of Multicultural Affairs)

Full finding aid available online in PDF format.

EAD finding aid available in NWDA finding aids database.


Accession 2010:032 (Received 2010-05-19)

Dankleff, Richard E., Collection (MSS)New Collection
0.03 cubic foot; 1 file folder

This accession consists of a cd sound recording featuring poems recited by Emeritus Professor of English Richard E. Dankleff. Originally recorded on a cassette tape in the late 1980s, the cd runs 62 minutes and contains 48 literary works. Most of the poems were written by Dankleff and published in the books "Popcorn Girl" and "Off Watch." Some of works on this cd have been termed by Dankleff as his "merchant marine poems." There are also selections by William Butler Yeats and William Shakespeare. A complete listing of the poems is included with the cd.

Born and raised in Nebraska, Richard E. Dankleff served in the U.S. Merchant Marines and the U.S. Army (from 1943 to 1952) before going to college to study literature. With six years of college-level teaching experience and a doctorate in English from the University of Chicago, Dankleff came to OSU in 1963 to serve as an instructor in the English Department. One of Dankleff's regular offerings was a seminar course on William Yeats. In addition to three collections of his poetry, (Popcorn Girl, Westerns, Off Watch), Dankleff published poems and articles for various magazines such as The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Kenyon Review, and Mademoiselle. Retiring from OSU in 1987, Dankleff died in 2010.



Accession 2010:031 (Received 2010-05-12)

University Honors College (RG 238)
0.05 cubic foot; 1 document box and 1 14x18 oversize box

This accession is made up of 19 copies of the Univeristy Honors College newsletters "Honors Link" and "Chronicle."

Other RG 238 Records


Accession 2010:030 (Received 2010-05-11)

Finance and Administration (RG 131)
0.40 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by an administrative assistant for the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Made up of correspondence, manuals, meeting minutes, and reports, these records primarily document the following committees: the Finance and Administration Diversity Initiative Work Group, the Community Network Advisory Committee, the Business Centers Steering Committee, a Business Manager's work group, and the University Fees Policy and Procedure Workgroup. There are also materials pertaining to the College of Engineering wave energy initiative and the remodel of the 5th floor of the Kerr Administration building.

A cd found among these records containing documents that reflect the work of the Association of Office Professionals (AOP) Scholarship Committee has been placed into the manuscript collection for AOP.


Budgets and Planning (RG 125)
5.4 cubic feet; 6 archives boxes

This accession consists of records generated by the Office of Budgets and Planning that reflect the administration of chart of accounts activity and is made up of activity code requests, correspondence, and lists of account numbers.

See also accession 2010:023


Accession 2010:029 (Received 2010-04-27)

Silver, Edward, Military Service Collection (MSS)New Collection
0.20 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession consists of materials documenting the military service of alumnus Edward Silver and is made up of patches, rank insignia, pilot wings, a pilot flight log, drivers' licenses for travel in Saudi Arabia, an identification card/booklet, an engraved plate, a cloth ascot for a flight suit, and a biographical essay on Silver by his wife Donna. Numbering 40 in all, the patches were generated to be worn on a flight suit and represent various Air Force squadrons and training units such as the Combat Crew Training Wing and the Air Force Fighter Weapons School.

Born in Iowa and raised in Junction City, Oregon, Edward D. Silver received an undergraduate degree in engineering in 1957. As a student he participated in the Navy ROTC program at OSC. After graduation, Silver joined the U.S. Air Force and went on to serve as a pilot instructor at Vance Air Force Base and in Saudi Arabia. Silver also served as a Lieutenant Colonel for the 391st Tactical Fighter Squadron. In 1968, Silver was declared to be missing in action in North Vietnam.

Full finding aid available online in PDF format.

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Accession 2010:028 (Received 2010-04-23)

McDole, Robert E., Papers (MSS)New Collection
1.2 cubic feet; 2 archives boxes

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by alumnus Robert McDole that reflects his student experience at Oregon State College, career as an Extension soils specialist, publication of research, and involvement in professional organizations. The transfer is made up of books, a curriculum vita, newsletters, notes, publications, and theses. Publications in this transfer featuring McDole's research include extension bulletins, article reprints, and a book on Idaho soils. Conference programs from American Association for the Advancement of Science meetings also reflect McDole's research as well as his participation in the profession. Other than notes, the documentation reflecting McDole's course work is made up of exams, lab reports, study guides, and term papers. In addition to instruction in soils, the classes represented in these materials include geology, horticulture, journalism, and photography.The newsletters were generated for alumni of the OSU Soils Department.The graduate theses reflect McDole's master's and doctoral work at the University of Idaho.

Born in Eugene and raised primarily in Ontario, Oregon, Robert E. McDole graduated with an undergraduate degree in soils from OSC in 1952. For the next 13 years (1952-1965), McDole worked as a soil scientist on soil and range surveys in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. In 1964, McDole began an association with the University of Idaho that resulted in two graduate degrees in soils science (MS 1968; Ph.D 1969) and employment as a research fellow and Extension Soil Specialist. The specialist position entailed responsibility for all Extension Soils programs in Idaho, including soil fertility, soil surveys, soil conservation, soil management, and youth programs. He also served as chair of the Soils Science Division of the Department of Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences at the University from 1986 until retirement in 1990. The University of Idaho also has archival materials from McDole described in the library as the Robert E. McDole Collection.

Full finding aid available online in PDF format.

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Campus Club Alumni Collection (MSS)New Collection
0.35 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession consists of materials collected by alumnus Robert McDole that document the organization of reunions of former residents of the Campus Club housing cooperative. Made up of books, correspondence, essays, lists of the former "alumni" of Campus Club, newsletters, newspaper clippings, photographs, and publications, much of this transfer contains biographical information in the form of letters from former residents who provide updated details of their lives since graduation. The two books were written by Campus Club alumni Robert Whittaker and William Maxwell.

Opening in the fall of 1940, the Campus Club cooperative served as a residence for men attending OSU until the Spring of 1966. The 20 members of the Campus Club that remained from the 1965/66 school year were moved into the newly constructed Avery Lodge cooperative residence that fall term of 1966. Reunions of former residents of Campus Club first began in 1987.

Full finding aid available online in PDF format.

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Accession 2010:027 (Received 2010-04-21)

Holmes, Roland G., Photographs (P 283)New Collection
0.05 cubic foot; 1 file folder

This accession is made up of postcards and prints collected by Roland Holmes
that depict scenic landscapes in Oregon and Washington.Totaling 66 postcards and prints in all, about one-third of these images document scenes of the Columbia Gorge including various waterfalls, the Vista House, viewpoints from the old highway, and Beacon Rock. Other landscapes represented in these images include: Mount Hood, the Oregon Coast, Mount Rainier, Silver Creek Falls, and the Three Sisters Mountains. There are also shots of Seattle and Portland among these landscape views. These images also exist in digital form as TIF files on a cd included in this transfer. Accompanying the cd is a list describing the content of each photo as well as the file name and bit rate at which they were scanned.

Roland Gail Holmes received these images from his father Sylvester (also known as Jake). Sylvester in turn received them from a member of his wife's family, Fred Stump. Stump lived in Oregon when he collected these images.

Full finding aid available online in PDF format.

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Accession 2010:026 (Received 2010-05-16)

Hendricks, Jerry, Papers (MSS)New Collection
ca. 1965-2008
12.3 cubic feet; 13 archives boxes

This accession is made up of materials reflecting the research of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology Professor Jerry Hendricks. Primarily consisting of data from research projects and the protocols for conducting those projects, these materials also contain article reprints, correspondence, photographs, and reference materials. Using Rainbow Trout and Zebrafish as models, the research in these records focus upon dietary cancer prevention agents and in particular, the mechanisms whereby chlorophylls (specifically chlorophyliin) and indoles inhibit the carcinogens Aflatoxin B1 and Dibenzo(a,1,)pyrene (DBP). Originally housed in three-ring binder notebooks, the data has been removed from the binders, placed into file folders, and arranged roughly in chronological order by year. Most of these projects are designated by an alpha-numeric identification system. An inventory listing these numbers and the corresponding titles of the research projects has been prepared for this transfer. Numbering about 600 images in all (500 prints and 100 negatives), the photographs mostly depict research specimens examined by Hendricks and other OSU researchers. There are also images of an unidentified researcher (probably OSU researcher Russell O. Sinnhuber) and fish experiments at the Food Toxicology and Nutrition Laboratory. Published in a number of scientific journals, the article reprints reflect the research illustrated in these records by Hendricks as well as OSU colleague George Bailey.

Earning undergraduate and doctoral degrees in fishery biology, Jerry Hendricks came to OSU in 1975 to work as a research associate in the Department of Food Science. Trained as a histopathologist, Hendricks worked collaboratively at OSU with Biochemist George Bailey in studies using rainbow trout as a model to research cancer. In particular, Hendricks focused upon the identification of natural inhibitors to carcinogenesis. For his research, Hendricks won the Prince Hitachi Prize for Comparative Oncology in 2001.

Full finding aid available online in PDF format.

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Accession 2010:025 (Received 2010-04-15)

NAACP-Corvallis Chapter (MSS)New Collection
0.45 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession is made up of materials generated by the Corvallis Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).
Made up primarily of annual reports and correspondence collected and bound into 5 volumes organized by year, these records also contain agreements, newspaper clippings, press releases, petition signature lists, and resolutions. The correspondence mostly documents exchanges between chapter President Calvin O. L. Henry and others, including regional and national NAACP directors. Among the topics covered in these letters include condemnation of "whites-only" policies of local clubs, affirmative action employment policies of local businesses, federal civil rights legislation, and reactions to the building of a Hewlett-Packard production facility in Corvallis. References to OSU in these records include complaints by students of harrassment/discrimination, the chapter's interaction with the OSU Black Student Union, and the involvement of several staff/faculty as active members of the organization.

Established in 1971, the Corvallis Chapter of the NAACP has made it's primary mission as the improvement of the "political, educational, social, and economic status of minority groups within the Corvallis area." In 2010, the Corvallis/Albany chapter hosted the annual conference of western NAACP branches (Alaska, Oregon, Washington).

Full finding aid available online in PDF format.

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Accession 2010:024 (Received 2010-04-15)

Cook, Thomas, Papers (MSS)New Collection
12.6 cubic feet; 13 archives boxes

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by Professor emeritus Thomas Cook that reflect his career with the OSU Department of Horticulture as an instructor, researcher, student, and consultant. The materials in this transfer include: article reprints, certificates, conference papers, correspondence, course materials, curriculum vita, employment records, notes, photographs, publications, reports, research data, speeches, and a thesis. Cook's consultant work is documented in photographs, studies, and correspondence with country clubs, companies, colleges, municipal park departments, individual property owners, and school districts. These projects pertain to the development and maintenance of golf courses, athletic fields, and lawn areas. Materials reflecting Cook's instruction of horticultural classes are made up of exam blanks, course outlines, syllabi, course packets/guides, and teacher evaluation forms. The research data mostly relates to studies of various fertilizers and herbicides tested on bentgrass and bluegrass varieties. Cook's research is also reflected elsewhere among these materials in papers/speeches delivered at meetings and published articles and Extension circulars. Totaling about 400 images in all (60 prints and 340 slides), the photographs depict research and consultancy project activity.

Born and raised in Washington State, Thomas W. Cook came to OSU in 1977 to assume a post in the Horticulture Department as assistant professor. In addition to the instruction of coursework in turf and landscape management, Cook also served as the statewide Turf Extension Specialist. Cook's part-time appointment in Extension involved the publication of research for distribution in bulletins and outreach activities such as consultation on turfgrass projects, organization of workshops, and coordination of the annual Field Day. Cook's research efforts centered on golf course turf problems and general lawn management with particular foci on turfgrass fertility and pest management. He is credited with developing grass mixes needing less water and chemicals as well as encouraging the use of native plants in landscaping around the edges of golf course fairways. In 2006, Cook received the Distinguished Service Award by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA). Cook retired in 2008.

Full finding aid available online in PDF format.

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Accession 2010:023 (Received 2010-04-13)

Budgets and Planning (RG 125)
0.90 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession consists of statistical information compiled by the Office of Budgets and Planning. Described as program reviews and organized by year, these statistics include enrollment numbers broken down by student major, total number of student hours, tenured status of faculty by college, instructional expenditures by program, and number of graduate degrees awarded. Also found in this transfer are meeting minutes, correspondence, statistics, and studies generated by the Central Oregon Campus Planning Team (COCPT). This committee assisted in the development of the OSU Cascades campus in Bend.

See also accession 2010:030


Accession 2010:022 (Received 2010-04-02)

Williams, Gerald, Collection (MSS)
4.3 cubic feet; 5 archives boxes, 1 index card box, 1 5x7 glass plate neg. box

This addition to the Gerald Williams Collection is made up of correspondence, books, magazines, a photograph album, photographs, publications, reports, and a sign. Totaling about 208 images in all (200 prints/postcards and 8 glass plate negatives), about half of these are postcard views depicting various Native American peoples, art, and architecture throughout the U.S. In addition to portrait shots of Native Americans, there are depictions of structures and art that include petroglyphs, cliff dwellings, totem poles, tepees, Celilo Falls, and historical markers/monuments.The other half of the photographs mostly document landscapes in various national parks and natural scenic areas in Oregon, Washington, and California. Diamond Lake, Mount Shasta, the McKenzie River area, and the Oregon coast. The publications and other printed materials in this transfer contain articles and information on Gifford Pinchot, national park histories, the Civilian Conservation Corps, Oregon history, the Mazamas Hiking Club, and the U.S. Forest Service. The photograph album contains images of unidentified men camping in the vicinity of Estacada (Oregon) and appear to be surveying forested areas near Mount Hood.

Inventory of contents available as a PDF file

Other Items in the Williams Collection


Accession 2010:021 (Received 2010-03-31)

Howland, James C., Papers (MSS)New Collection
ca. 1860-2008
4.5 cubic feet; 3 archives and 4 oversize boxes

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by alumnus James C. Howland that document his student experience at Oregon State College, career with CH2M Hill, community involvement, family life, and military service in World War II. Among the materials included in this transfer are certificates, class notes, correspondence, meeting minutes, notes, posters, reports, photographs, posters, publications, scrapbooks, student papers, sketch notebooks, a videotape, and drafting tools. Containing photos, newspaper clippings, event programs, greeting cards, correspondence, drawings, and certificates, the scrapbooks pertain to the Howlands' 50th wedding anniversary, artwork by Howland, CH2M Hill, the Howland family, military service, and awards/honors received. The materials reflecting Howland' community involvement pertain to the Corvallis Riverfront Commission and class reunion planning for OSU alumni of 1938. Totaling about 174 images in all (154 slides and 20 prints), the photographs depict Oregon bridges and Howland in the military service. The VHS videotape is a recording of a presentation given by Howland about CH2M Hill. The posters document student dances at OSC.

Graduating with a undergraduate degree in engineering from OSC in 1938, James C. Howland did graduate work at M.I.T. and served in World War II before returning to Corvallis in 1946. With fellow OSC alumni Holly Cornell and Burke Hayes, as well as OSC Professor Fred Merryfield, Howland co-founded the engineering firm of CH2M Hill in 1946. At the company, Howland acted as general manager and chairman of the board for many years. James married Ruth Meisenhelder in 1941 and their union produced four children: Mark, Joyce, Eric, and Peter. Active in a number of community projects and OSU alumni reunion planning, Howland also pursued art, specializing in silk-screen printing. He died in 2008.

Inventory of contents available as a PDF file


Accession 2010:020 (Received 2010-03-30)

Hironaka, Melvin C., Papers (MSS)New Collection
0.50 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession is made up of class notes taken by alumnus Melvin Hironaka as a student at Oregon State College. Mostly reflecting coursework in civil engineering, the notes document classes such as Engineering Drawing (CE 111-113), Fluid Mechanics (CE 313), Topographic Survey (CE 223-4), Structural Analysis (CE 381-2), and Plane Surveying (CE 221-2).

Melvin C. Hironaka received an undergraduate degree in engineering from OSU in 1960. He later went on to earn a MS in engineering from the University of Southern California.

Full finding aid available online in PDF format.

EAD finding aid available in NWDA finding aids database

Accession 2010:019 (Received 2010-03-30)

Schell, Herb, Photographs (P 282)New Collection
0.03 cubic foot; 1 file folder

This accession consists of 33 photographic prints collected by alumnus Herbert Schell that document his student experience at Oregon State College. Primarily made up of group shots of Schell with fellow students at dances, parties, dinners, and with his Kappa Sigma Fraternity brothers, these images also include shots of "George" a pet dog at the fraternity. The only person identified in these photographs is a woman named Pat Keep.

Born in Spokane, Herbert Adams Schell graduated in 1951 with a BS in engineering.

Full finding aid available online in PDF format.

EAD finding aid available in NWDA finding aids database

Accession 2010:018 (Received 2010-03-26)

Home Economics (P 44)
ca. 1925-1980
0.60 cubic foot; 1 16x20 oversize box and 1 map folder

This accession is made up of 16 photographs mounted on foamcore and matted that were featured in various displays for the Extension Family And Community Development Department. Largely unidentified and undated, the images depict students re-upholstering chairs, examples of sewing equipment, clothes closet space management, a cooking demonstration, housing designs, and tools used in personal finance management. At least one of the images is a copy of a photograph in the OSU Archives documenting a student engaged in a food buying correspondence course. Also included with these images are three exhibit captions that read: "Families Matter", "Tools for a Lifetime of Development", and "Clothing and Textiles."


Extension Publications
0.40 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession is made up of publications printed by the Extension Service relating to various parenting and child development topics that were distributed through the Extension Family and Community Development Office. Two series of these publications (published originally as the HE and SP series) are being described as part of the PUB 16-17 collection, while the other set in this transfer released as a part of the "Extension Miscellaneous" series is being added to PUB 6-44a. Among the subjects addressed in these publications include the parenting of school age children, infant development, relationship building, self esteem enhancement, play equipment, coping with divorce, and a recipe for play dough. Notes on the distribution, promotion, and evaluation of these publications from Extension staff were also found in this transfer.


Accession 2010:017 (Received 2010-03-24)

Educational Opportunities Program (RG 230)
0.05 cubic foot; 1 file folder

This accession is made up of annual reports and newsletters generated by the Educational Opportunities Program.

Other RG 230 records


Accession 2010:016 (Received 2010-03-19)

Women's Center (RG 102)
0.80 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by the OSU Women's Center and is made up of annual reports, certificates, conference proceedings, correspondence, event programs, flyers, membership lists, meeting minutes, mission statements, newsletters, newspaper clippings, notes, and photographs. In addition to the Women's Center Advisory Board, these materials document the center's administration of the Women of Achievement Awards and participation in retreats, meetings, and trainings as a part of the Office of Student Involvement. These records also reflect annual Oregon Women in Higher Education Conferences. The proceedings contain papers presented at two OSU Women's Studies symposia held in 1979 and 1981.


Accession 2010:015 (Received 2010-03-19)

Community and Diversity, Office of. (RG 225)
2 cubic feet; 2 archives boxes

This accession consists primarily of materials documenting the work of the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Planning Committee that includes meeting minutes and agendas, correspondence, event programs, flyers, newspaper clippings, notes, publications, reports, sign-in sheets, and tickets. Other records found in this transfer relate to the design and distribution of the multicultural resource guide; outreach activities oriented toward Native Americans, African-Americans, and Asian Americans; and the President's Board of Visitors. There are also materials that reflect event planning (in conjunction with Corvallis Partnerships for Diversity) to bring activists and scholars such as Jane Elliot and Tim Wise to campus for presentations.

Other RG 225 records


Accession 2010:014 (Received 2010-03-17)

OSU Public Health Department (RG 231)
0.15 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of minutes from Public Health Department faculty meetings.

Other RG 231 records


Accession 2010:013 (Received 2010-03-17)

Animal Sciences Department (RG 189)
0.15 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession consists of photographs taken by Department of Animal Husbandry faculty Oran Nelson, E. L. Potter, D. E. Richards, and R. E. Reynolds. Totaling 136 images in all (102 prints and 34 negatives), these photographs document sheep farms throughout Oregon in such locales as Echo, Ontario, Heppner, La Grande, Fossil, and Carlton. There are also shots of the sheep barns on campus and several sheep shearing operations in Wyoming. Among the activities and places reflected in these images include sheep shearing, lambing, grazing ranges, feeding yards, judgment at the State Fair, Foothills Field Day, and the packaging of sheared wool.


Accession 2010:012 (Received 2010-03-16)

Wilkins, Bill, Papers (MSS)
0.15 cubic foot;

This addition to the Bill Wilkins Papers is made up of two autobiographical narratives, two passports, certificates, diplomas, a transcript of a speech delivered to an aerospace education workshop, and a presentation given by Wilkins on the implications of the 1944 U.S.- Mexico water treaty. Wilkins wrote one of the narratives in response to a request for biographical details from a fellow high school classmate who organized reunions. The certificates honor Wilkins' service in the U.S. Air Force, membership in the Omicron Chi Epsilon Honor Society, support of the National Federation of Democratic Women, and service to OSU (25-Year Club.) The diplomas reflect Wilkins' education from high school through graduate school.

More Bill Wilkins Papers


Accession 2010:011 (Received 2010-03-08)

Registrar's Office (RG 53)
1.2 cubic feet; 2 archives boxes

This accession consists of student academic records microfilmed by the Registrar's Office and transferred to the Archives on 119 reels of microfilm. Primarily made up of applications for admission, these records also include correspondence and transcripts from other colleges/universities. These records contain sensitive and confidential information, access is subject to review by Reference Archivist.


Accession 2010:010 (Received 2010-02-25)

Extension and Experiment Station Communications (RG 69)
0.15 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession consists of materials documenting the involvement of OSU Extension and Experiment Station Communications in the Pacific Northwest Cooperative Extension Publication program and the Western Regional Extension Publications cooperative (WREP). Primarily made up of correspondence, this transfer also contains meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, agreements, and brochures. Established in 1949 by Extension Directors at Oregon State University, Washington State University, and the University of Idaho, the Pacific Northwest Cooperative Extension program publishes bulletins and circulars as a joint venture between the three participating universities.

Other RG 69 records


Accession 2010:009 (Received 2010-02-17)

Urban League of Portland (MSS)
6 cubic feet; 6 archives boxes; 1 16x20 and 1 20x24 oversize boxes

This addition to the Urban League of Portland records is made up of account ledgers, bylaws, correspondence, financial statements, grant proposals, handbooks, historical essays, meeting minutes, membership lists, photographs, plaques, reports, scrapbooks, and videotapes. These materials primarily reflect administrative activities of the League such as annual reporting, budget management, strategic planning, organization of programs, publicity, and the documentation of community outreach events. Representing slightly more than half of this transfer, the photographs depict various events organized by the League, League directors and staff, service centers managed by the League, building renovations, holiday parties, volunteer recognitions, youth program activities, career fairs, and Urban League regional conferences. Among the highlights in these photographs include a conference that featured a visit by Coretta Scott King, annual Equal Opportunity Day dinners, "Do the Right Thing" Day activities, and portraits of founder E. Shelton Hill. In total, there are about 5000 images in all (2700 prints, 2200 negatives, and 17 slides). The videotapes contain award presentations at Equal Opportunity Day Dinners and a TV ad spot. The historical essays contain information on the National Urban League and the Portland chapter.

See also accession 2010:057

Inventory of contents available as PDF file

Other Urban League of Portland Records


Accession 2010:008 (Received 2010-02-15)

Crop and Soil Science (RG 95)
0.90 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession is made up of articles, conference papers, doctoral theses, Extension circulars, and reports collected by Crop and Soil Science professors Wheeler Calhoun and Gary Jolliff that document research on meadowfoam "Limnathes species." Primarily reflecting research outside of OSU, these reference materials also include findings published by Calhoun and Jolliff, who both worked on the New Crops Research Project 481 for the Crop and Soil Science Department.


Accession 2010:007 (Received 2010-02-12)

Post Award Administration (RG 26)
17.3 cubic feet; 18 archives boxes

This accession is made up of funded grant proposal records that document research projects funded by non-university sources and include proposals, budgets, correspondence, contract agreements, sub-contracts, final reports, and related documentation.

Other RG 26 records


Accession 2010:006 (Received 2010-01-29)

Air Force-ROTC (RG 58)
1 cubic foot; 1 archives box; 2 16x20 and 1 23x31 oversize boxes

This accession consists of materials generated by Air Force ROTC students and staff that include scrapbooks, a cadet operations plan, plaques, and crests reflecting five of the Air Force cadet squadrons. Made up of photographs and newspaper clippings, the three scrapbooks document Air Force ROTC cadets and staff involved in a variety of events, including: annual service reviews, tours of U.S. Airforce bases throughout the country, attendance at national conclaves, participation in community events such as parades, Joint Service Olympics, dinner nights, formal cadet inspections, invitational drill meets, and award ceremonies. There are also group shots of cadets by squadron. The plaques pertain to the Society of American Military Engineers Distinguished Student Post Award and Captain Eric Ball, former commendant of cadets. The crests were created by ROTC students as a morale-building exercise and are not considered official Air Force designs. Also found in this transfer is a wooden propeller initialed with the letters "AAS" and signed by various cadets.

Other ROTC records


Air Force-ROTC Photographs (P 281)New Collection
0.15 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession consists of photographs documenting Air Force ROTC cadets and staff engaged in various activities. In addition to the loose prints (totaling 55 in all), there is also a photograph album included in this transfer. The images depict group shots of cadets in their squadron units, formal cadet inspections, a football game half-time show featuring the Silver Wings Drill Team and Color Guard, attendance at a national conclave, training exercises, and a wedding ceremony. Assembled by members of the Silver Wings Drill Team and Color Guard, the album contains shots of the team marching in a parade and informally socializing.

Full finding aid available online in PDF format.

EAD finding aid available in NWDA finding aids database.

Accession 2010:005 (Received 2010-01-14)

Forestry, College of. (RG 139)
0.10 cubic foot; 2 file folders

This accession consists of documentation of the planning, publicity, and evaluation of the Women in Forestry Symposium (WFS) that includes correspondence between the symposia organizers in the College of Forestry, flyers, meeting minutes, notes, photographs, and a sign-in sheet. Also reflected in these materials is the "Building Bridges through Communication" symposium, which was envisioned as a follow-up to the WFS meeting in its exploration of the themes of communication between the genders in the forestry field. Made up of 89 images in total (50 prints, 22 negatives, and 17 slides), the photographs depict symposia sessions and conversation between participants during lunch breaks.

Other RG 139 records


Accession 2010:004 (Received 2010-01-08)

University Archives (RG 220)
1993 -2009
0.70 cubic f00t; 1 archives box

This accession consists of materials generated by the University Archives that document the periodic destruction of non-permanent records as a part of the records management role of the Archives. Also reflected in this transfer are department staff meetings, permissions for the publication and use of archival images, exhibit development, tours and presentations by Archives staff, thank-you letters, and the microfilming of student academic records for the Registrar's Office.


Accession 2010:003 (Received 2010-01-06)

English Language Institute (RG 234)
2.8 cubic foot; 2 archives boxes and 1 16x20 and 1 14x18 oversize boxes

This accession consists of materials documenting the English Language Institute (ELI) and includes cds, certificates, correspondence, curriculum materials, handbooks, a manuscript, newsletters, newspaper clippings, photograph albums, photographs, a plaque, posters, publications, reports, and scrapbooks. In addition to reflecting specific ELI programs such as the Pakistan Teacher Education and Professional Development program and Computers in English Language Teaching, these materials also illustrate ELI publicity, office policies/procedures, and an early assessment of ELI by the Association of International Educators (NAFSA). Made up of about 532 images in total (320 prints, 91 slides, and 121 negatives), the loose photographs and those in the albums depict ELI students on outings, host families, ELI staff, holiday parties, the moving of ELI into Snell Hall, and classroom instruction. The cds also contain images as well as a Powerpoint presentation on ELI and informational brochures. The scrapbooks contain photographs, newspaper clippings, and flyers. The publications include several guides for English language and study abroad programs oriented toward Korean, Thai, Japanese, Latin American, and Turkish students which contain advertisements and information about ELI. The manuscript is a draft copy of the book "Business Concepts for English Practice" by ELI staff Barbara Tolley Dowling and Marianne McDougal.

Other RG 234 records

See also accession 2010:070


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