Workshops: "Rethinking Library Resources" and "Data-Driven Deselection for Monographs: Achieving a Sustainable Print Collection"

Rick Lugg of Sustainable Collection Services will visit the OSU Libraries & Press on Wednesday, December 5th, to present two workshops focused on library collections. The first session, “Rethinking Library Resources,” will take place in the Willamette rooms on the 3rd floor of the Valley Library, 10:00 – 11:30 am and is open to all interested OSU faculty, students, and staff. The presentation may also be viewed online at http://live.oregonstate.edu/workshop. The first workshop will cover three topics: the changing value of local print collections; alternatives to local print collections; and managing down local collections responsibly.

 The second session, “Data-Driven Deselection for Monographs: Achieving a Sustainable Print Collection,” will also take place in the Willamette rooms, 1:30 – 3:00 pm. This presentation, primarily aimed at library staff, will focus on several cases studies and examine processes and tools that can support data-driven deselection.

 Lugg’s presentations will serve as a catalyst for campus discussions of library collections and space. As the need for more individual and collaborative study space grows on campus, administrators look for ways to better use library space. Lugg notes: “Library shelves are increasingly full, and more books are being published than ever. Yet surprisingly few are being used.” For more information about Sustainable Collection Services, please link to http://sustainablecollections.com/.

 Please mark your calendars to attend!

Posted - November 26, 2012