Multimedia Collection

Issues of Diversity
(Multicultural Counseling series)

44 minutes
BF637 .C6 M8321 1994

This is the second in a series of multicultural counseling training videos. This video broadens the definition of multicultural counseling by addressing such issues as gender identity, religious identity, language and culture, and disabilities in the counseling interaction. The purpose of this video is to create a stimulus for counselors to increase their understanding of multicultural issues in counseling.

This video is unique in two important ways. First, all of the counselor and client dyads in the video represent different multicultural combinations in the types of cultural differences represented as well as how they are able to communicate across those differences. Secondly, the viewer is able to hear some of the self-talk of both the counselor and client in order to heighten awareness of the internal process that occurs in and affects all counseling interactions. Based on the Triad Model by Pedersen (1988), this notion of self-talk is vital to our comprehension of our own work as counselors and the feelings, thoughts, and assumptions that influence it. In addition, understanding clients' self-talk is central to making affective and appropriate multicultural interventions.

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