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... and the Earth did not Swallow Him

99 minutes
E184 .M5 A731 1997

Brilliantly adapted from Tomás Rivera's acclaimed novel ... y no se lo tragó la tierra, this is a haunting and powerful film about a young Mexican-American boy's coming of age amid the poverty and adversity he and his family face as migrant farm workers in the 1950s.

Twelve-year-old Marcos hides under a house, recalling the fragmented, painful memories of the family's transient life the year before. A series of moving and simultaneously disturbing episodes unfold into a poignant story of inner strength and human values vs. blind faith.

After seeing innocent workers die in the fields, his family nearly killed by heat exhaustion, and the atrocities committed by the couple in whose care he is entrusted, Marcos has little faith left in the superstitions which rule his family's life -- and is willing to make a deal with the devil to change his destiny.

Beautifully photographed with a genuine feel for the period, ... and the earth did not swallow him vividly portrays a forgotten part of American history and the troubles, injustices and tribulations of the people who lived through it. With its superb acting, rich characterization and intuitive direction, this is a poetic, deeply touching tale of human fortitude: a triumph of the human spirit that will inspire generations to come.

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