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The Family (Chia)

124 minutes
PN1997 .C4331 1983

This story is taken from one of the famous novels written by well-known novelist Pa Chin. The story takes place between 1916 and 1920. It is all about a bureaucrat and landlord family in a big city. The head of the family, Old Man Kao, is a feudal-minded bigot. He insists that Chueh-hsin, his eldest grandson, marry a girl named Jul-chueh instead of cousin Mei whom Chueh-hsin loves. He forbids his two other grandsons Chueh-min and Chueh-hui to take part in the patriotic movement then on the upsurge. He intends to give away Ming-feng, a house-maid who Chush-hui loves, to an old man as a concubine. Ming-feng is thus forced to kill herself in a pond. He also makes arrangements for Chueh-min to be engaged to a girl although the young man is over head and ears in love with cousin Chin. Encouraged by Chueh-hui, Chueh-min runs away from home. Old man Kao's two younger sons are at loggerheads with each other over the family property. Old man Kao gets so furious that he dies ... Chueh-hui comes to see that in order to be free and happy, he must strive to smash this feudal society.

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