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No Sweat

54 min
HD2339 .U6 N6 2006 DVD

An all-American tale about an all-American garment: The T-shirt. NO SWEAT takes a wild ride into the bowels of the Los Angeles garment district. In an industry defined by the "sweatshop" most workers are undocumented, toiling under the radar of labor laws, earning low wages, without breaks or benefits. Enter American Apparel and SweatX, two T-shirt factories in downtown L.A., trying to do it differently. But while SweatX is backed by 2.5 million in venture capital by ice-cream maverick Ben Cohen, (Ben and Jerry's), American Apparel was built from the ground up by eccentric and controversial entrepreneur, Dov Charney. Which one has the stuff to survive in today's globalized workplace?

Distributed by Bal-Maiden Films.

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