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Silicon Valley: A 100 Year Renaissance

90 minutes
HD9696 .A2 S51 1999 pt.1-2

Walter Cronkite is host for this fascinating journey to the cradle of technological civilization. The film visually captures the origins and essence of this hi-tech Shangri-La. Viewers are introduced to the inventors, scientists, company founders, and entrpreneurs whose visions created the Silicon Valley phenomenon and its limitless consequences for the future.

Silicon Valley: A 100 Year Renaissance describes how this mecca of computer technology caused a shift in American society, a transformation similar to the advances that occurred during the Renaissance. The film identifies common links between the two ages of great discovery and invention. Presented in two parts:

  1. Program One: 1890s-1970s. The steady stream of talented young scientists and engineers that emerged from Stanford University quickly formed the nucleus of an electronics industry that transformed American society. In this program, we meet the pioneers, the inventors, and the founders who made innovation the number one product.
  2. Program Two: 1970s-1990s. In the Silicon Valley, the creative counterculture and absence of restrictive business traditions have allowed visionaries and inventors to take big risks that have made the area synonymous with high-tech. This program examines the entrepreneurial spirit, the challenges of funding high-tech startups, and the explosive growth of the internet.

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