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Creating Winning Social Media Strategies

54 min
HC79 .I55 L5 2009 DVD

Social media technologies are increasingly being used to create more intimate and beneficial relationships between organizations and their customers. Charlene Li shows examples, including how HP encourages online product reviews that it then shares in Facebook, how Southwest keeps customers apprised of its policies through blogs, and how Comcast provides customer support with Twitter.

To get started, she advises that you determine the type of relationship your customers want, whether it be a dialog, customer service, or input into product development. Then, start small, put metrics and communication policies in place, and “prepare to let go” of absolute control of the relationship.

Charlene Li, Founder, Altimeter Group. Director, Mauricio Quijano.

Taped live September 9, 2009 at Stanford University.

Distributed by Kantola Productions.

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