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Quality or Else series

174 minutes
HD62.15 .Q35 1991 Pt.1-3

"In the modern environment, 99.9% [quality] is only good enough to drive you out of business" - Lloyd Dobyns

So begins this incisive, three-program series that delves deeply into Quality - what it means; strategies for achieving it; examples of its successful implementation; and the profound, far-reaching economic and political implications for businesses and industries struggling to compete in this new "Age of Quality." Created by the award-winning team that produced "If Japan Can ... Why Can't We?", QUALITY ... OR ELSE takes viewers around the world and examines the mindset needed to both meet and exceed ever-improving worldwide standards of excellence. A dynamic array of international experts in quality management and economics affirm and drive home this point: For ultimate survival and a positive bottom line, quality is not merely desirable, it is compulsory.
Produced and directed by Clare Crawford-Mason
Written and reported by Lloyd Dobyns
Distributed by Films Incorporated

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