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Change to Survive: A Brand New Ball Game
(Quality or Else series)

58 minutes
HD62.15 .Q35 1991 Pt.2

"The change to quality management is not cosmetic," says Reporter Lloyd Dobyns. "A new coat of paint won't do." The modern world is one in which the only constant is change, and companies that are rooted in the status quo are in for a rude awakening. While it can be a disruptive and often wrenching experience, immediate change is mandated if American companies are to stay competitive in the new global marketplace. This program explores how governments, companies, managers, and workers have made, and continue to implement, drastic changes in order to survive, and how Japanese companies - with more than 40 years of quality management experience - are giving Western businesses a run for their money.
Produced and directed by Clare Crawford-Mason
Written and reported by Lloyd Dobyns
Distributed by Films Incorporated

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