Multimedia Collection

The Global Marketplace
(Quality or Else series)

58 minutes
HD62.15 .Q35 1991 Pt.1

In the 1950s, the world began to "shrink". Advanced transportation and communication have since rendered geographic distance irrelevant, and customers now have choices that stretch around the globe. The issue is no longer where was a product made, but how well was it made, and more quality at less cost is the critical factor. This program explores the shift from regional to international marketplaces, the use of new technologies, and the new management philosophies behind the Quality Revolution. It explains why, in the new world economic order, national boundaries are meaningless; successful businesses must use quality management techniques to achieve revolutionary improvement, and a customer needs-driven orientation is imperative.
Produced and directed by Clare Crawford-Mason
Written and reported by Lloyd Dobyns
Distributed by Films Incorporated

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