Multimedia Collection

Watersheds and Salmon Collection

60 minutes
QL638 .S2 W38 2003 DVD

These four programs provide the viewer with a rich perspective on the contemporary salmon crisis in the Pacific Northwest, and on the efforts taken to restore these creatures, which are so important to the Northwest economy, environment, and culture.

Life Cycle of the Salmon (5 min) depicts the fierce poetry of the salmon's life: growing up in one environment and being pulled mysteriously to an unknown destiny; experiencing fantastic voyages in the ocean; struggling against all odds to return home to the place of birth; spawning extravagantly and then dying. This concise video captures that story with images that reveal the salmon's world, often from their underwater point of view.

Governor Kitzhaber Interview (9 min). Former Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber was a champion for salmon and watershed restoration during the critical period when an absence of leadership could have spelled their complete demise. This interview finds Kitzhaber reflecting on the importance of salmon, his approach to environmental policy, and his belief that individual Oregonians will make the difference in restoration.

The Return of the Salmon (33 min). Recipient of two national awards and widely broadcast on public television, this video provides the historic background on the contemporary salmon crisis and details the efforts of individuals and watershed organizations in restoring the fish. Rare historic images and pithy interviews have made this program for many a favorite introduction to the topic.

Salmon: Why Bother? (12 min) Six concerned Oregonians with varying perspectives answer the title question candidly and personally. Their thoughtful comments affirm the deep connection that many people feel to the place of salmon in the Northwest and our place with them.

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