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The Mosque in Morgantown

76 min
NA5235 .M67 M677 2009 DVD

Working in Pakistan after September 11, 2001, former Wall Street Journal reporter Asra Nomani faced a double shock: a surprise pregnancy and abandonment by the Pakistani man she thought would be her husband, then the murder of her dear friend Daniel Pearl at the hands of Muslim extremists. Still reeling, and with a son to raise, she returned to her hometown in West Virginia to find that the mosque had been taken over by men she saw as extremists.

This documentary chronicles what happens when she decides to fight back — angering even the mosque's moderates. As the film unfolds, it tells a story of competing paths to social change, American identity and the nature of religion itself.

Featuring: Asra Nomani, Ihtishaam Oazi, Christine Arja.

Distributed by PBS Home Video.

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