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Broken Limbs: Apples, Agriculture, and the New American Farmer

57 min
SB363 .B76 2004 DVD

The future looks grim in "The Apple Capital of the World." Filmmaker Guy Evans sets out on a journey to discover why his own father is losing his livelihood as an apple grower in this pastoral valley in Washington state. His father is not alone. Apple growers by the thousands are going out of business. What went wrong in this natural Garden of Eden?

Along the way, Evans witnesses small farmers forced off their land as they struggle to compete against the Goliaths that populate today's global economy, against rising production costs, against price-depressing retailers and bargain-shopping consumers.

But then he happens upon an entirely new breed of farmer, practitioners of a sustainable agriculture. These New American Farmers define a path of renewal that could hold the answer for Evans' father and for farmers across America.

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