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Requesting from Summit

Requesting from Summit

Starting November 25th, Summit requesting will be unavailable due to an upgrade.

Please submit requests through ILL during this time.

If OSU does not have a book that you need in the library catalog, you may be able to request it through the Summit Catalog.

Summit requests are for books, and a few libraries lend special material like videos, but not for volumes of journals or copies of articles. Books have a loan period of 42 days and special material has a loan period of 6 days. Renewals are not offered for any material requested through Summit.

  1. Find the item you want in the Summit catalog.
  2. Click on "Request Summit Item".
  3. Choose "Oregon State University" as the institution you are associated with. Don't select the institution that holds the item you want.
  4. Fill in your name and ID.
  5. Verify title is correct, indicate if any edition or the specific edition is needed, select your pickup location, indicate if a specific volume is needed (for multi-volume books), add your email, and click continue. Please submit a separate request for each volume of a multi-volume set when you want more than one volume.
  6. If the request can't be filled through Summit, you will receive an email. Try submitting the request through ILL.
  7. If the request is successful, you will receive an email when the item is available for pickup. Off-campus users will have the items shipped to them via FedEx.

Cancelling a Summit Request

If you need to cancel a Summit request, you can login to your Summit account and use the "Cancel Request" button.


(541) 737-4488

121 The Valley Library
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If your home library is Guin at HMSC, call (541) 867-0249 or email hmsc.library@oregonstate.edu

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