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Andrea Wirth

Associate Professor | Science Librarian

Phone: (541) 737-9903
Mailing Address: 121 The Valley Library , Oregon State University , Corvallis, OR 97331-4501
Primary Duties:

Science Librarian; Scholarly Communication, Collection Development

Subjects: CEOAS: Environmental Sciences, Geography, Geology/Geophysics, Marine Resource Management, Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry, Physics of Oceans and Atmospheres, College of Science: Biochemistry & Biophysics, Chemistry, General Science, Integrative Biology (Biology and Zoology), Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics, Statistics, Interdisciplinary/Graduate School: Water Resources Science and Policy

Brief CV

MS, University of North Texas, Library Science BA/BS, Oregon State University, Geology
Research and Professional Interests:
Collection development; digital libraries; scholarly communication


Selected Publications:

Peer reviewed publications noted with an asterisk (*)

Nichols, J. & Wirth, A.A. “Shared Advocacy Through Data – Looking Beyond the High Cost of Journals.”  In K. Strauch (Ed.), Charleston Conference Proceedings 2011. http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1197&context=charleston

 Wirth, A.A, Avery, B., Walsh, K., & Rempel, M. Statewide Spatial Data Clearinghouses: an Oregon case study. Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship 70. http://www.istl.org/12-summer/refereed4.html

* Wirth, A.A. (2011). Improving Open Access Week Events Through Existing Partnerships. Collaborative Librarianship 3(4) 197-204. http://collaborativelibrarianship.org/index.php/jocl/article/view/150 

Bobal, A. & Wirth, A.A. (2011). It’s raining cats and citation analyses: New uses and audiences for the results of evidence-based collection evaluation.  In K. Strauch (Ed.), Charleston Conference Proceedings 2009.

Wirth, A.A. (2011). Open Access Opportunities in the Geosciences: “Green OA”. In J.B. Foote (Ed.), Proceedings of the Geoscience Information Society. Navigating the Geoscience Information Landscape: Pathways to Success, 40, 96-101. http://hdl.handle.net/1957/22736

*Wirth, A.A & Mellinger, M. (2011). Five years later:  Predicting student use of journals in a new Water Resources Graduate Program, Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship 64. http://www.istl.org/11-winter/refereed1.html.

 *Wirth, A.A., & Chadwell, F.A. (2010). Rights Well: An Authors' Rights Workshop for Librarians. portal: Libraries and the Academy 10(3), 337-354. http://hdl.handle.net/1957/17099

 *Wirth, A.A., Kelly, M., & Webster, J. (2010). Assessing Library Scholarship:  Experience at a Land Grant University. College & Research Libraries, 71(6), 510 -524.  http://crl.acrl.org/content/71/6/510.short

 Wirth, A.A. (2009). Digital Watersheds: One Library's Approach to Expanding Access to Water Resources Information. In L. Johnston (Ed.), Proceedings of the Geoscience Information Society.  Libraries in Transformation: Exploring Topics of Changing Practices and New Technologies, 39, 17-23. http://hdl.handle.net/1957/13168.

 Wirth, A.A. (2009). ticTOCs: A new service for 'keeping current'. Collection Management, 34(3), 229-233. http://hdl.handle.net/1957/11984

 Boock, M. & Wirth A.A. (2008). Middle East Water Collection Launch. The Messenger, 23(1), 11. http://hdl.handle.net/1957/9155

Selected Presentations:

(Most presentations and posters are freely available online through ScholarsArchive@OSU http://bit.ly/hwKkGU)

Kristick, L., Stoddart, R. & Wirth, A." What is Unique About Unique? An Assessment to Uncover and Value Distinct Collections Within the Main Library Collection." Presentation at the Acquisitions Institute at Timberline Lodge. May 2013. Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Wirth, A. Oh the Possibilities!  Repurposing a Citation Study. Shotgun presentation at the Charleston Conference. Nov 2012. Charleston, SC.

Nichols, J. & Wirth, A.A. “Shared Advocacy Through Data – Looking Beyond the High Cost of Journals.”  Presentation at the Charleston Conference. November 2011. Charleston, SC.

Gilman, I.,  Vyhnanek, K., & Wirth, A.A. “Sustaining Success: Defining Outcome Measures for Scholarly Communication Initiatives”.  Presentation at the 2011 Joint Conference of the Washington and Oregon Association of College & Research Libraries. October 2011. Eatonville, WA.

Vondracek, R. & Wirth A.A. "Communities, Natural Resources, and Land Use Planning: Bringing It All Together with Oregon Explorer." Poster presented at the American Library Association Annual Conference, June 2011. New Orleans, LA.

Wirth A.A. & Mellinger, M. "Using local citation data to develop a locally relevant water resources information guide.” Poster presented at The Oregon Water Conference.  May 2011. Corvallis, OR.

Wirth A.A., Rempel, M., Walsh, K. & Avery, B. "Oregon Spatial Data Library: A public resource." Paper presented at Forests for the Future: Sustaining Society and the Environment.  XXIII IUFRO World Congress, August 2010. Seoul, South Korea.

Wirth A.A.  [Invited].  “OSU Libraries Open Access Policy.” ALCTS Scholarly Communication Interest Group Panel. June 2010,  Washington DC.

Bobal, A. & Wirth, A.A. “It’s raining cats and citation analyses: New uses and audiences for the results of evidence-based collection evaluation.”  Paper presented at the Charleston Conference. November 2009. Charleston, SC.

Wirth, A.A. “Digital Watersheds: One Library's Approach to Expanding Access to Water Resources Information.” Paper presented at the Geoscience Information Society annual conference. October 2008. Houston, TX.

Wirth, A.A. & Rempel , H.G. “Del.icio.us: A simple extension to science subject research guides”. Poster presented for One Part Inspiration: Creative Trends that Further Science Learning, ALA/Science and Technology Section. June 2008. Anaheim, CA.

Mellinger, M. & Wirth, A.A. “H 2.0: water meets web." Presented at the Natural Resources Information Council meeting. August 2008. Eugene, OR.

Vondracek, R. & Wirth A.A. “Oregon Explorer: Bringing natural resources decision-making information to you and your patrons.” Poster presented at the Joint Oregon Library Association and Washington Library Association Conference. April 2008. Vancouver, WA.

Wirth, A.A. & Salwasser, J. “Oregon Explorer: Natural resources information for current and future decision-makers.” Presented in the Innovations in Outreach Education session at the 7th Biennial Conference on University Education in Natural Resources. March 2008.  Corvallis, OR.

Wirth, A.A. “Oregon Explorer Project Demonstration.” Presented at the Natural Resources Information Council. August 2007. Las Vegas, NV. 

Wirth, A. A., Avery, B. E., Walsh, K., & Rempel, M.. (2012). Statewide Spatial Data Clearinghouses: an Oregon Case Study. Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship, 70. doi:10.5062/F4RB72J1


Professional Associations and Committees:
~American Library Association (ALA) ALA ALCTS CMS Secretary [Elected] (2011-2014) ALA ALCTS CMDS Education Committee (chair 2009-2011, member 2007-2009) ALA ACRL STS Government Information Committee (member 2009-present) ALA RUSA CODES Liaison With Users Committe (member 2007-2009) ~Geoscience Information Society (GSIS) ~Oregon Library Association (OLA)
University Service:
~Commencement Volunteer, 2012, 2014 ~Senator for OSULP to the OSU Faculty Senate (2014-2016) ~Alternative Transportation Advisory Committee (2012-2013) ~Academic Requirements Committee (member, 2008-2011) ~Institute for Water and Watersheds Committee (member, 2007-2011)