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Anne-Marie Deitering

Franklin A. McEdward Professor for Undergraduate Learning Initiatives

Phone: (541) 737-4667
Mailling Address: 121 The Valley Library , Oregon State University , Corvallis, OR 97331-4501
Primary Duties:

Design and delivery of services for undergraduates.

Subjects: Writing program, Academic Learning Services, UESP, BEST Bridge programs, FYE, CAMP, EOP, Honors College

Brief CV


M.A. (1994) Syracuse University, American History

M.L.S. (2003) Emporia State University

Research and Professional Interests:
The implications of emerging technologies for student learning, scholarship and knowledge creation. Information Literacy assessment. The intersections between the pedagogies of student engagement and information literacy.
Works In Progress:

Impact of mobile technologies on undergraduates' information behaviors; Instruction Librarianship & reflective practice

Librarian of the Year, 2 011, Oregon Library Association


Selected Publications:

(Invited) Deitering, A.M. (2013). "Building Bridges from the Ivory Tower." in Finding a Public Voice: Using Barbara Fister as a Case Study. Danielle Theiss and Diane Kovacs (Eds.). Chicago : Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association.

Deitering, A.M. and Gronemyer, K. (January 2011). "Beyond Peer-Reviewed Articles: Using Blogs to Enrich Students' Understanding of Scholarly Work." portal: Libraries and the Academy, 11(1), 489-503. Gronemyer, K. and Deitering, A.M. (December 2009). "I don't think it's harder, just that it's different": Librarians' attitudes about instruction in the virtual reference environment." Reference Services Review, 37(4), 421-34. Deitering, A.M. and Jameson, S. (Summer 2008). Step by Step through the Scholarly Conversation: A Collaborative Library/Writing Faculty Project to Embed Information Literacy and Promote Critical Thinking in First Year Composition at Oregon State University. College and Undergraduate Libraries, 15(1/2). Deitering, A.M. (2008). Using Wikipedia to Eavesdrop on the Scholarly Conversation. Case study in Information Literacy Meets Library 2.0. (J.E. Parker and P. Godwin, Editors). Facet Publishing. Deitering A.M. and Bridgewater, R. (Spring 2007). Stop reinventing the wheel: Using wikis for professional knowledge sharing. Journal of Web Librarianship, 1(1).

Selected Presentations:

How Personal Mobile Devices Do and Do Not Change Academic Workflows: Results from a Qualitative Study (with Margaret Mellinger) First Year Experience Conference February 25, 2013 Kickstarting Your Ideas: A Look at Crowdfunding. Online Northwest February 8, 2013 How tablet devices transform student habits and workflows (and how they don’t) (with Margaret Mellinger). 4th International m-libraries conference. September 25, 2012 Old Habits are Hard to Break: Lessons Learned from a Mixed-Methods Study (with Hannah Gascho Rempel and Stefanie Buck). LOEX May 4, 2012 Can We Really Do It All: Challenges We Face As Librarians Who Teach (with Kate Gronemyer). OLA Annual Conference April 26, 2012 Integrating Information Literacy into the First Year Academic Impressions (Webcast) February 7, 2012 Build it, share it, borrow it: Breaking down the barriers to tutorial creation (with Hannah Gascho Rempel). WILU June 2, 2011 Emerging Technologies! Information Literacy! Disruptive Change! Emerging Technology & IL Teaching Workshop, Washington State Community and Technical Colleges July 14, 2010 Do as I Say and as I Do: Instruction Librarianship as Reflective Practice (with Kate Gronemyer) WILU May 26, 2009 Peer Review 2.0: Tomorrow's Scholarship for Today's Students (with Kate Gronemyer) LOEX of the West June 6, 2008 Lonelygirl and the Beast: Alternate Reality Games as Immersive Marketing, Art and Information (with Rachel Bridgewater) Online Northwest February 22, 2008

All Presentations: Presentation materials
Hussong-Christian, U., Rempel, H. Gascho, & Deitering, A. - M.. (2010). The Library as Learning Commons: Rethink, Reuse, Recycle. College & Undergraduate Libraries, 17, 273–286. doi:10.1080/10691316.2010.481951


Professional Associations and Committees:

OLA Executive Board. Vision 2020 Task Force, Chair ACRL-OR, President, 2011-2013 ACRL, Liaison to the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience 2012-2015 ALA

University Service:

Student Research Subcommittee,

USCEE U-Engage Steering Committee OSU Libraries & Press Faculty Association,

President 2012-2013 OSU Faculty Senate Classroom Committee