Students, Staff, and Faculty

The ONID printing system is available at all computers that require an ONID password and login name. All printing done using the ONID printing system will be charged to your ONID account. The University processes bills once a month and will send bill information to your ONID email address. Log in to ONID to look at your ONID bill.

You may also pay for your printing immediately by using your OSU ID Card or a library convenience card. See below for more information.

You must use your OSU identification card or library convenience card at computers that do not require an ONID username and password. You can add money to your card at the OSU Card Cash/Add Value terminal in the Copy Center of the Valley Library. There are instructions on the machine. You may also add money by cash or by charging your OSU account at the OSU ID Center, Kerr Administration, Room B094 (basement); Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

General Public

You can add funds to your library or computer-use card using the OSU Cash Card/Add Value terminal in the Library's Copy Center Copy Center ; by going to the OSU ID Center in the Kerr Administration Building Room B094, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm; or online at If you are not eligible for a library or computer-use card, you can purchase a convenience card from the OSU Cash Card/Add Value terminal in the Copy Center.

Please note: cash/coin payment is not available for printing in the Valley Library.