Presentation on the future of Digital Publishing at OSU

Please save the afternoon of Friday, January 17, 2014 to meet Dr. Korey Jackson, the new Gray Chair for Innovative Library Services at OSU Libraries and Press.

 Korey will give a presentation on the future of Digital Publishing at OSU at 1:30 pm in the Willamette Rooms on the third floor of The Valley Library. His talk will be followed by a reception in the staff lounge.

All are most welcome to attend!

 Innovating and Slipstreaming: The Future of Digital Publishing at OSU

 Innovation is a tricky thing, a delicate balance between making something new and making something compatible…or at least something that makes sense to potential users.  This talk will explore the balance of innovation as it relates to digital publishing at OSU. What publishing innovations are possible? What innovations are actually good ideas? And what areas invite collaboration with external partners?

 As a way of answering these questions, Korey will also address a close metaphorical counterpart to innovation: the slipstream. Slipstreams are those spaces directly behind a pack leader where resistance is at its lowest and forward motion is at its most efficient. It’s not a perfect metaphor, but it can help us to see what’s possible when we adopt early, implement, and improve the innovations of others.

 Specific topics include: PressBooks (a WordPress-based platform for digital book publication) and development of APIs (application programming interfaces) for books, mobile development and mobile-first publishing, and the range of inter-institutional and inter-organizational publishing collaborations available to OSU Libraries and Press.

Posted - January 07, 2014