Library Policies

  • The library has 5 study rooms that are ADA accessible; all study rooms are ADA compliant. You may reserve online or at the Circulation desk.

    • Room 1862 has a dry erase wall, lightweight table, and chairs on casters.
    • Room 2521 has a lightweight table, chairs on casters, a height adjustable table, and a whiteboard 36” from the floor.
    • Room 2525 has a lightweight table, chairs on casters, and a whiteboard 36” from the floor.
    • Room 5563 has a lightweight table, chairs on casters, and a whiteboard with the base 34” from the floor.
    • Room 6832 has an ADA compliant table, monitor, light chairs, and a whiteboard with the base 34” from the floor.
  • OSU Libraries welcomes licensed services animals in the library per federal guidelines, but other animals are not allowed per OSU Oregon Administrative Rules and other federal guidelines.

  • You will receive an answer to your appeal within one week.

    A notice of overdue items is sent to the email address on your library record as a courtesy reminder. Non-receipt of an overdue notice does not exempt you from fines or charges.

    It is your responsibility to be sure that a current email address is in your official OSU record. You may appeal library fines or charges online.

    If you are not a student or employee, ask staff at Circulation to confirm that your email address is current in the library's record.

    You may appeal library fines or charges for lost or damaged materials if you believe the charges have been mistakenly assessed or that extenuating circumstances warrant reduction or cancellation of the Library charges billed through the Business Office. Appeals should be made within 30 calendar days of the original billing. You will receive a response by email within one week.

    The initial decision may be appealed to the Circulation Unit Supervisor within one week of receipt. The Unit Supervisor's decision may be appealed to the Department Head within two weeks of the Unit Supervisor's decision. The Department Head will make a decision in writing within two weeks of receipt of the appeal. The Department Head's decision may be appealed to the University Librarian within two weeks of the Department Head's decision. The University Librarian will make a decision in writing within two weeks of receipt of the appeal.

    For members of the university community, appeals to the University Librarian shall be considered as steps in the University´s grievance procedure and may be continued through the remaining levels.

    For other borrowers, appeals to the University Librarian shall constitute the end of the available appeals within the University.

  • The bicycle policies at OSU Libraries are defined by Oregon State University in Bicycle Regulations.

  • OSU Libraries makes desktop and laptop computers available to students, faculty, staff with a valid ONID account to provide access to library collections and other information resources for the purpose of supporting and facilitating learning, research, and teaching. OSU Libraries also provides a limited number of computers that may be used by students, faculty, staff, and by guests without valid ONID accounts.

    In accordance with the OSU Libraries’ policy regarding the issuance of Library Cards, all patrons under the age of 16 are required to have parental/guardian consent before using the computers located in OSU Libraries. Patrons under the age of 16 will be required to obtain a Library Card or Computer Use Card by submitting a completed application, including parent or guardian signature. More information and applications for cards can be found at osulibrary.oregonstate.edu/borrowing.

    Academic Emphasis

    Priority use of OSU Libraries computers is for research and library resource access. Course-related work and university research have preference at all times. If the number of workstations is insufficient to meet demand, non-priority activities will be restricted. These include, but are not limited to, any of the following that are unrelated to coursework or research:

    • Game playing
    • Reading/sending personal email
    • Web surfing
    • Movie watching
    • Chat, instant messaging, social networking

    Time Limit

    When others are waiting to use a computer, sessions are limited to 60 minutes.

    Misuse of Computers

    Computers must be used in compliance with state and federal laws and with OSU's policy, "Acceptable Use of University Resources". Those who violate state or federal laws or the "Acceptable Use of Computing Resources" may be subject to criminal or disciplinary proceedings.

  • Policy on Disclosure of Patron Records

    The Oregon State University Libraries follow Oregon state law, which exempts libraries from public disclosure of “the records of a library, including circulation records, showing use of specific library material by a named person or consisting of the name of a library patron together with the address or telephone number, or both, of the patron.” (ORS 192.502, 22)


    OSU Libraries treat patron information as strictly confidential to the extent permitted by law. It is generally for the use of library staff only; it can, of course, be divulged to the patron. Unless required by law, patron information is not to be given to non-library individuals, including parents, friends, professors, university administrators, police, FBI, university security staff, or the CIA. The university librarian is responsible for compliance with legal obligations and court orders.

    Permission to Release Student Education Records

    Students may allow the release of their library information to specific persons by completing a Permission to Release Student Education Records form. OSU Libraries will maintain this disclosure authorization with the records of the above student, as long as the specific records disclosed are maintained by OSU according to its Records Retention Schedule. The release will expire one year from the date of signing unless an earlier date is specified.

    Questions? Contact Lori Hilterbrand at 541-737-3627 or by email.

  • Checkout periods for course reserves are 3 hours, 1 day, or 2 days at the instructor’s discretion. Hourly circulating items can be checked out overnight if they are checked out within 3 hours of the library’s closing time, and will be due back at opening the following day.

    Course reserves are first come, first serve, and can't be recalled or requested. If more copies of a title aren't available, patrons wishing to use the same material more than once in a day must wait 15 minutes between checkouts to allow others access.

  • Food and drink is allowed everywhere in the library except where posted and in the Special Collections & Archives Research Center. Patrons are encouraged to pick up after themselves and to recycle.
    • Contacts: Faye Chadwell (7-7300) | Security (7-3010)
    • Notify your supervisor and unit head of this incident.
    • Use this form to report any security-related incident that occurs in your Library unit (e.g. verbal abuse, destruction of library materials, disruptive and/or disturbed patrons, theft, obscene phone calls, sexual offenses, etc.).
    • If security is called, ask the officer to file a report; ask for the case number, and report it below.

    Please be as detailed and specific as possible.

    • The security of your belongings is not guaranteed, even if you place them in a locker. Please keep valuables with you.
    • Please leave the locker as clean as or cleaner than you found it. Damage charges will apply if necessary.
    • Please visit the Circulation desk to check out library materials before placing them in a locker.
    • To ensure compliance with these policies, library staff will inspect lockers once a term. For this reason, please do not use personal locks.
  • Items lost in the library may be reclaimed at the Circulation desk.     

    Unclaimed items valued at more than $100, or items containing personal information, are collected by Security each week.  These items include phones, wallets, laptops, passports, driver’s licenses, and USBs.  Check at Circulation first (541-737-7254 or valley.circ@oregonstate.edu), then contact Security at 541-737-3010 to inquire about your item.     

    All unclaimed keys (personal and OSU) are sent to the key shop.  You may contact them at 541-737-3565.

    Unclaimed OSU IDs are taken to the ID center in the MU.  You may contact them at 541-737-2493.

    Other unclaimed items (such as water bottles, notebooks, shoes, and umbrellas) are removed to campus recycling weekly.  Check with the Circulation desk first (541) 737-7254 or valley.circ@oregonstate.edu) and then you may contact http://surplus.oregonstate.edu/lost-and-found.

  • OSU Libraries & Press is pleased to make available conference rooms, general meeting rooms, and classroom space to the OSU community in support of academic success, intellectual freedom, and free speech. These rooms are exclusively for university activities and are available to university faculty, staff, and students to schedule, per Oregon Administrative Rules (576-005-0015).These rooms may also be scheduled by SEIU and the Coalition of Graduate Employees for meetings between the organization and their OSU members.

    The primary purpose of the rotunda of The Valley Library is to provide a space for students to study. It is used for Library and Press functions and occasionally for university functions.

    Every attempt is made to respect the primary purpose of the rotunda – namely, being a study space for students – so that limits the number of functions hosted especially during mid-terms, dead week, and finals.

    Please contact the Don Frier at (541) 737-4633 or at don.frier@oregonstate.edu if you have questions about the use of the rotunda.

  • The library seeks to preserve a non-partisan environment for members of its university community. The spaces included in this policy are the interior of the Valley Library, the exterior walls, all entrance areas and the plaza in the front of the building.

    Toward that end, the library will:

    • Limit displays and posting of notices to those relating to instructional programs, university events or specific services and resources of Information Services.
    • Designate bulletin board space for posting notices and advertisements of student and community events in the Java II coffee shop area located on the 1st floor.
    • Not allow posters, signs, or flyers to be distributed or affixed to the building without authorization (chalk drawings included).
    • Require that all displays be constructed and located according to fire and safety codes.

    Responsibilities: the Associate University Librarian for Learning and Engagement will authorize displays.

    Adopted by LAMP
    January 4, 2000
    Revised January 2007

    • Rooms are in high demand, so renewal is based on availability.
    • The security of your belongings is not guaranteed, even in a locked room. The library is not responsible for personal belongings left in a research room.
    • For safety, electrical appliances are not allowed in the room.
    • Please check out all library materials that will be kept in the room.
    • Keep doors clear of any covering. Please don’t put anything on the wall that creates a hole or leaves residue. Damage charges will apply if necessary.
    • To ensure compliance with these policies, rooms will be inspected once a term. If violations are severe, you may be asked to give up the room.
  • OSU Libraries supports OSU’s policy on smoking, OAR Chapter 576, Division 040. Information on OSU’s policy can be found at http://oregonstate.edu/smokefree.

  • Reservations

    • Advance reservations are limited to one per person per day, and may be made up to 28 days in advance.
    • Advance reservations are not required, but are strongly recommended.
    • Individuals may check out a key card for immediate use of a room at the Circulation Desk, if any rooms are available and have not been reserved by other patrons.  Immediate use check-outs are not advance reservations; they do not count against the daily limit for advance reservations.
    • If the key card for a reserved room is not picked up within 15 minutes of the reservation’s start time, the reservation will be canceled and the room will be made available to patrons for immediate use check-outs.
    • Information about room reservations is confidential. Library staff will not share this information with anyone but the person who made the reservation.
    • Patrons who occupy a study room beyond their reserved time will incur late fees, and will be asked to leave the room.
    • The Library may ask any occupant to leave a study room if complaints are received.
    • Failure to leave a study room when requested by library staff, regardless of reason, may result in loss of the privilege to use study rooms, a referral to the Student Conduct office, or a referral to campus Public Safety.


    The Valley Library has a limited number of rooms that serve a large OSU population.  Between the hours of 7:00 am and midnight, the Valley Library will extend a room’s check-out period (i.e. renew the room) only when availability allows it.


    • The safety of your belongings is not guaranteed, even if you lock your room. Please keep valuable materials with you. Items left in rooms will be placed in the lost and found.
    • Be respectful of others – the rooms are not sound-proof, so keep noise levels low. Please leave the room as clean or cleaner than you found it. Damage charges will be applied if necessary.
    • To comply with safety and ADA regulations, we can’t allow blocking or covering of windows or doors, or the use of small appliances, such as warming plates, heaters, coffee makers and etc.
  • A textbook is defined as:

    “An edition of a book specifically intended for use of students who are enrolled in a course of study or preparing for an examination on a subject or in an academic discipline… sometimes published in conjunction with a workbook, lab manual, and/or teacher’s manual.”

    — Joan M. Reitz, ODLIS – Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science, (11/19/07)

    Like most academic libraries, the OSU Libraries is not able to purchase textbooks. Library funds are limited, and thus, the Libraries’ priority is books and other materials that supplement and enhance coursework and research.

    Since not all books required for a course are textbooks, and in some instances a textbook provides the only or best coverage of a subject, or is a significant or historical study of the subject, exceptions can be made. Contact a librarian if you have a question about a specific textbook or required book.

    Faculty members are encouraged to place a personal copy of a course textbook on reserve.