Now online—The Valley Library’s most popular videos!

Based on circulation of the library DVD collection, we have added online access to some of the most popular videos in the OSU community.  These videos can be used in classes or for individual study.


Ancient Drugs - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3228824

The Dark Ages - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3274696

The Armenian Genocide – Educator’s Edition -  http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3225982

Once Upon a Time: Baghdad During the Abbasid Dynasty - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3221944

From Arabic to Latin: The Assimilation of Arab Knowledge - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3221947

1421: The Year China Discovered America? - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3228082

Trade Secrets: A Moyers Report - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3223030

The Persuaders - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3228009

In Debt We Trust: America Before the Bubble Burst - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3270977

The Great Health Care Debate - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3269245

The Slanted Screen: Asian Men in Film and Television - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3227016

Gabriel Garcia Marquez: La Magia de lo Real - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3220847

Negroes with Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3231627


=====The following titles are components of the "Essentials of Faith" series=======


Essentials of Faith: Christianity - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3225356

Essentials of Faith: Judaism - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3225357

Essentials of Faith: Islam - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3225358

Essentials of Faith: Hinduism - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3225359

Essentials of Faith: Buddhism - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3225360

Essentials of Faith: Humanism - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3225361

Essentials of Faith: Paganism - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3225362

=====The following titles are components of the "From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians" series=======


From Jesus to Christ, Part 1 - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3227773

From Jesus to Christ, Part 2 - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3227774

From Jesus to Christ, Part 3 - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3227970

From Jesus to Christ, Part 4 - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3227971

=====The following titles are components of the "China from the Inside" series=======

China from the Inside: Power and the People - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3229999

China from the Inside: Women of the Country - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3230000

China from the Inside: Shifting Nature - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3230001

China from the Inside: Freedom and Justice - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3230002


=====The following titles are components of the "The Oregon Trail" series=======

Beginnings - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3230878

Across the Plains - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3230879

Through the Rockies - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3230880

The Final Steps - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3230881


=====The following titles are components of the "Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery-A Film by Ken Burns" series=======


Lewis and Clark: Part 1 - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3230031

Lewis and Clark: Part 2 - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3230032


=====The following titles are components of the "Broadway: The American Musical" series=======


Give My Regards to Broadway (1893–1927) - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3228068

Syncopated City (1919–1933) - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3228069

I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' (1930–1942) - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3231964

Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' (1943–1960) - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3231965

Tradition (1957–1979) - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3228070

Putting It Together (1980–2004) - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3228071


=====The following titles are components of the "Do You Speak American?" series=======


Do You Speak American? Up North - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3229922

Do You Speak American? Down South - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3229923

Do You Speak American? Out West - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3229924

=====The following titles are components of the "The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory" series=======


The Elegant Universe: Einstein's Dream - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3227856

The Elegant Universe: String's the Thing - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3227891

The Elegant Universe: Welcome to the 11th Dimension - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3231913

=====The following titles are components of the "The Secret Life of the Brain" series=======


The Baby's Brain: Wider Than the Sky - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3230051

The Child's Brain: Syllable from Sound - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3230052

The Teenage Brain: A World of Their Own - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3230053

The Adult Brain: To Think by Feeling - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3230054

The Aging Brain: Through Many Lives - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3230366


=====The following titles are components of the "Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge" series=======


Disease Warriors - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3228099

Rise of the Superbugs - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3228041

Delivering the Goods - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3227780

Deadly Messengers - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3227781

Back to the Basics - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3228042

How Safe Are We? - http://oasis.oregonstate.edu/record=b3228100

Posted - January 22, 2014