OSU Libraries faculty member wins national grant

Dr. Amanda Whitmire, Data Management Specialist with OSU Libraries, has been awarded a National Leadership Grant for Libraries from the Institute of Museum and Library Services in the amount of $155,464. This two-year Demonstration Project, led by OSU in collaboration with the University of Oregon, Purdue University, the Georgia Institute of Technology and Pennsylvania State University, will facilitate a multi-university study of faculty data management plans (DMPs). DMPs provide a window into the detailed individual data management habits, capabilities and needs of faculty and their graduate students. Structured analysis of DMPs can provide insight into the kinds of data researchers are generating, and how they are managing those data in current and future projects. From the library's perspective, this information is fundamental to providing research data support services that are tailored to the needs of the faculty and students we aim to support. The primary outcome of the project will be the development of an analytic rubric to standardize the review of data management plans, providing a means to inform targeted expansion or development of research data services at academic libraries.

Posted - October 03, 2013