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Call numberTitlePublisher
B105.P4Understanding Peace [electronic resource] : a Comprehensive Introduction.London : Routledge, 2013.
B132.Y6 Y64 2013Yoga traveling : bodily practice in transcultural perspective / Beatrix Hauser, editor.Cham New York : Springer, c2013.
B945 .R284 C66 2014A Companion to Rawls [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
B2430.L484 B67 2013Emmanuel Levinas and the Limits to Ethics [electronic resource] : A Critique and a Re-Appropriation.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
B4249.I374 .D53 2013Dialectics of the Ideal [electronic resource] : Evald Ilyenkov and Creative Soviet Marxism.Brill 2013.
BF39 .S55 2013Measurement Theory in Action [electronic resource] : Case Studies and Exercises, Second Edition.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
BF311Computational Modeling in Cognition [electronic resource] : Principles and Practice.Thousand Oaks : SAGE Publications, 2010.
BF431Essentials of Processing Assessment [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
BF723.I5 O94 2013The Oxford Handbook of the Development of Imagination [electronic resource].Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2013.
BJ1500.C63 C66 2013Consequentialism and environmental ethics [electronic resource] / edited by Avram Hiller, Ramona Ilea, and Leonard Kahn.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
BL216The Blackwell companion to the problem of evil [electronic resource] / edited by Justin P. McBrayer and Daniel Howard-Snyder.Chichester : Wiley-Blackwell, 2014.
BL458 .W56377 2013Women and Religion in the Atlantic Age, 1550-1900 [electronic resource].Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
BP133.7.M35 A23 2014Mary in the Qur'an [electronic resource] : A Literary Reading / Hosn Abboud.London : Routledge, 2014.
BP161.3 .S78 2014Studying Islam in Practice [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
BQ7457 .D63 2014Reason and Experience in Tibetan Buddhism [electronic resource] : Mabja Jangchub Tsondru and the Traditions of the Middle Way.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
BS471 .D55 2014 ebDigital Humanities in biblical, early Jewish and early Christian studies [electronic resource] / edited by Claire Clivaz, Andrew Gregory, David Hamidovic in collaboration with Sara Schulthess.Leiden : Brill, 2013.
BT127.3 .F37 2013Scripture, metaphysics, and poetry [electronic resource] : Austin Farrer's The glass of vision, with critical commentary / edited by Robert MacSwain.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
CC165Archaeology in Practice [electronic resource] : A Student Guide to Archaeological Analyses.Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
D231 .P65 2014The politics of female households [electronic resource] : ladies-in-waiting across early modern Europe / edited by Nadine Akkerman and Birgit Houben.Leiden Boston : Brill, 2014.
D843.L616 2013Remembering the Cold War [electronic resource] : Global Contest and National Stories.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
DF531 .P7713 2013Pseudo-Kodinos and the Constantinopolitan Court [electronic resource] : Offices and Ceremonies.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
DS135.Y4 .A75 2013Jewish-Muslim relations and migration from Yemen to Palestine in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries [electronic resource] / by Ari Ariel Brill.Brill 2013.
DS339 .O85 2014The Other in South Asian Religion, Literature and Film [electronic resource] : Perspectives on Otherism and Otherness / edited by Diana Dimitrova.New York : Routledge, 2014.
DS734.97.N47 .C384 2013Chinese Studies in the Netherlands [electronic resource] : Past, Present and Future.Brill 2013.
DS740.5.A34 A34 2013China's Diplomacy in Eastern and Southern Africa [electronic resource].Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
DT322.A36 C67 2014Reviving the Islamic Caliphate in Early Modern Morocco [electronic resource].Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
E184.A1 C573 2013Combined destinies : whites sharing grief about racism / Ann Todd Jealous and Caroline T. Haskell foreword by Julian Bond and Pam Horowitz.Washington, D.C. : Potomac Books, c2013.
E185.615 .L278 2013Dog Whistle Politics : How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class [electronic resource].Oxford University Press, USA 2013.
E332.2Thomas Jefferson's Ethics and the Politics of Human Progress [electronic resource] : The Morality of a Slaveholder.New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
E886 .B45 2014Bill Clinton [electronic resource] : Building a Bridge to the New Millennium.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
F358.2.M88 W26 2014Between Islam and the American Dream [electronic resource] : An Immigrant Muslim Community in Post-9/11 America.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
GA201 .B69 2013The Cartographic State [electronic resource] : Maps, Territory, and the Origins of Sovereignty.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
GE180 .M47 2013Framing Environmental Disaster [electronic resource] : Environmental Advocacy and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
GN370First Migrants [electronic resource] : Ancient Migration in Global Perspective.Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
GN778.32.J6The dawn of the bronze age [electronic resource] : the pattern of settlement in the lower Jordan valley and the desert fringes of Samaria during the late chalcolithic period and early bronze age I / Shay Bar.Boston : Brill, 2013.
GV706.4 .S687 2013Sports and Identity [electronic resource] : New Agendas in Communication.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
GV706.5 .S6967 2013Sport, Animals, and Society [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
GV1590 .W4Anatomical and mechanical lectures upon dancing. Wherein rules and institutions for that art are laid down and demonstrated. As they were read at the Academy in Chancery lane. By John Weaver ...London, Printed for J. Brotherton [etc.] 1721.
HA32 .W48 2014Analyzing Quantitative Data [electronic resource] : an Introduction for Social Researchers.Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
HB615 .Z4834 2013Emerging Business Ventures under Market Socialism [electronic resource] : Entrepreneurship in China.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
HB3711 .Y68 2013Real Business Cycle Models in Economics [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HC415.15 .R66 2014The Economic Development Process in the Middle East and North Africa [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
HC427.9 .M141413 2014Chinese Economists on Economic Reform - Collected Works of Ma Hong [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
HC427.92 .Y77913 2014Chinese Economists on Economic Reform - Collected Works of Yu Guangyuan [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
HC427.95 .W328 2014The China Model and Global Political Economy [electronic resource] : Comparison, Impact, and Interaction.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HD30.29 .P763 2013Creative Problem Solving for Managers [electronic resource] : Developing Skills for Decision Making and Innovation.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
HD41 .S549 2013Competitiveness in the Real Economy [electronic resource] : Value Aggregation, Economics and Management in the Provision of Goods and Services.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
HD60 .B334 2013The Balanced Company [electronic resource] : Organizing for the 21st Century.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
HD69.S8Power Relationships [electronic resource] : 26 Irrefutable Laws for Building Extraordinary Relationships.Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
HD6971 .C57 2013Human Nature [electronic resource] : a Guide to Managing Workplace Relations.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
HD7255 .D54 2013Disability and Equity at Work [electronic resource].Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2013.
HF5381 .Y3745 2013The Career Coaching Handbook [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
HF5389.3.E85 B67 2013Turkey and the European Union [electronic resource] : Facing New Challenges and Opportunities.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
HF5415.1255 .J678 2013The 'Made in Germany' Champion Brands [electronic resource] : Nation Branding, Innovation and World Export Leadership.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
HF5415.5 .H384 2013Delivering Effective Social Customer Service [electronic resource] : How to Redefine the Way You Manage Customer Experience and Your Corporate Reputation.Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
HF5549.5.M5 D568 2014Diversity Ideologies in Organizations [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HG3903Saving the City [electronic resource] : The Great Financial Crisis of 1914.Oxford : OUP Oxford, 2013.
HJ2373 .M44 2013Making the Modern American Fiscal State [electronic resource] : Law, Politics, and the Rise of Progressive Taxation, 1877-1929.New York : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
HM24 .T384 2014The Killing Fields of Inequality [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
HM477.C55 Q54 2014Globalized Knowledge Flows and Chinese Social Theory [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
HM753Identity [electronic resource] : Sociological Perspectives.Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
HM851 .H69 2013State Power 2.0 [electronic resource] : Authoritarian Entrenchment and Political Engagement Worldwide.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
HM851 .P345 2013The distraction addiction : getting the information you need and the communication you want without enraging your family, annoying your colleagues, and destroying your soul / Alex Soojung-Kim Pang.New York : Little, Brown, 2013.
HN49 .C6 L54 2014Ecovillages [electronic resource] : Lessons for Sustainable Community.Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
HN49.C6 T346 2013Regional Resilience, Economy and Society [electronic resource] : Globalising Rural Places.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
HN730.S6 S55 2014Social Inequality in Japan [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HQ784.P5 H346 2013Children as Citizens [electronic resource] : Engaging with the child's voice in educational settings.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
HQ1391.U5 S36 2013Gender, Race, and Office Holding in the United States [electronic resource] : Representation at the Intersections.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
HQ1765.5 .K527 2014The Korean Women's Movement and the State [electronic resource] : Bargaining for Change.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
HT395.C552 .S384 2014New Media, Development and Globalization [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
HV40 .D824 2014Sociological Social Work [electronic resource].Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
HV1421 .R384 2013Transforming Youth Serving Organizations to Support Healthy Youth Development [electronic resource] : New Directions for Youth Development, Number 139.Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
HV6018 .M67 2011The Mismeasure of Crime [electronic resource].Thousand Oaks : SAGE Publications, 2010.
HV6432 .H3776 2013A Citizen's Guide to Terrorism and Counterterrorism [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
HV7435 .C66 2014Controlling Small Arms [electronic resource] : Consolidation, innovation and relevance in research and policy.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
HX110.5.A6 .A813 2013Marx and Latin America [electronic resource].Brill 2013.
HX288.G7 .R67 2013Revolutionary Marxism of Antonio Gramsci [electronic resource].Brill 2013.
JA71 .C563 2013The Politics of Compassion [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
JC596Unpopular privacy [electronic resource] : what must we hide? / Anita L. Allen.New York, N.Y. : Oxford University Press, c2011.
JF60 .P677 2013The Politics of Public Sector Performance [electronic resource] : Pockets of Effectiveness in Developing Countries.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
JN2203.A58 K45 2014Multinational Federalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina [electronic resource].Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
JN2997Party and Society [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
JQ36 .D47 2014Democracy or Alternative Political Systems in Asia [electronic resource] : After the Strongmen.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
JZ1242 .A8 2014A History of International Thought [electronic resource] : From the Origins of the Modern State to Academic International Relations.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
JZ1305 .A24 2014Rethinking Power, Institutions and Ideas in World Politics [electronic resource] : Whose IR?Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
K346 .N434 2011Law's Relations [electronic resource] : a Relational Theory of Self, Autonomy, and Law.Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2012.
K720 .P755 2013Property and Sovereignty [electronic resource] : Legal and Cultural Perspectives.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
K721.5Property Law and Social Morality [electronic resource].New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
K3570 .L5 2014Health Technologies and International Intellectual Property Law [electronic resource] : A precautionary approach.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
K3712 .L45 2014Intellectual Property, Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Property Protection [electronic resource] : Cultural Signifiers in the Caribbean and the Americas.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
K3876 .I577 2013ebThe intellectual property and food project : from rewarding innovation and creation to feeding the world / by Charles Lawson and Jay Sanderson.Farnham, Surrey, UK, England : Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2013.
KD7519.P48 F47 2013Should A Doctor Tell? [electronic resource] : The Evolution of Medical Confidentiality in Britain.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
KF479Children's Rights Under and the Law [electronic resource].Oxford University Press, USA 2011.
KF1080Little Book of Venture Capital Investing [electronic resource] : Empowering Economic Growth and Investment Portfolios.Wiley & Sons Canada, Limited, John, 2013
KJC2045 .O74 2013The Organizational Contract [electronic resource] : From Exchange to Long-Term Network Cooperation in European Contract Law.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
KPB540.3 .A35 2013Adjudicating Family Law in Muslim Courts [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
KZ3410International law-making [electronic resource] : essays in honour of Jan Klabbers / [edited by] Rain Liivoja, Jarna Petman.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
KZ6471 .M66 2012Humanitarian Law in Action within Africa [electronic resource].Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2012.
LA2090.R95 K56 2014From Classrooms to Conflict in Rwanda [electronic resource].New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
LB1044.87Interactive open educational resources [electronic resource] : a guide to finding, choosing, and using what's out there...[S.l.] : John Wiley & Sons Inc, 2013
LB1051 .M348 2013Educational Neuroscience [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
LB2331 .B36 2013Academic Life and Labour in the New University [electronic resource] : Hope and Other Choices.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
LB2341 .B42 2014The Resource Handbook for Academic Deans [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
LB2822.75Leaders of Their Own Learning [electronic resource] : Transforming Schools Through Student-Engaged Assessment.Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
LC3965 .M58 2014What Really Works in Special and Inclusive Education [electronic resource] : Using evidence-based teaching strategies.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
ML3790 .A64 2014Popular Music in a Digital Music Economy [electronic resource] : Problems and Practices for an Emerging Service Industry.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
ML3798 .R53 2014Ethnomusicology [electronic resource] : A Very Short Introduction.Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2013.
MT1 .G818 2013Hear, Listen, Play! [electronic resource] : How to Free Your Students' Aural, Improvisation, and Performance Skills.Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2013.
N72.G55 H39 2013For Creative Geographies [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
N85 .L325 2013Spiritual Art and Art Education [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
NA1473.6.D39 S25 2013Demystifying Doha [electronic resource] : On Architecture and Urbanism in an Emerging CityFarnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
NK4147 .G55 2013Persian Pottery in the First Global Age [electronic resource] : The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.Brill 2013.
P302.84 .B37 2014Analysing Power in Language [electronic resource] : a practical guide.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
PA6675 .B75 2013Brill's Companion to Seneca [electronic resource] : Philosopher and Dramatist.Brill 2013.
PL2886.O1684 Z558 2011A subversive voice in China : the fictional world of Mo Yan / Shelley W. Chan.Amherst, N.Y, : Cambria Press, c2011.
PN1111Poetry [electronic resource].Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2013.
PN3032 .O86 2014Theatre for Women's Participation in Sustainable Development [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
PQ4159.V46 J68 2013The Venetian Origins of the Commedia dell'Arte [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
PR428.G43 G37 2014Friendship and Queer Theory in the Renaissance [electronic resource] : Gender and Sexuality in Early Modern England.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2014.
PR478.M34 P67 2014Post-World War II Masculinities in British and American Literature and Culture [electronic resource] : Towards Comparative Masculinity Studies.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
PR3396 .P75 2013The Poetry of Erasmus Darwin [electronic resource] : Enlightened Spaces, Romantic Times.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
PR3757.W2 Z647 2013Place-making for the Imagination [electronic resource] : Horace Walpole and Strawberry Hill.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
PR4611.A73 J37 2013Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass [electronic resource] : A Publishing HistoryFarnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
PR5892.R4 S66 2013William Wordsworth and the Theology of Poverty [electronic resource].Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
PR6068.U757 Z766 2013Salman Rushdie in the Cultural Marketplace [electronic resource].Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013.
PS121 .H39 2012A Journey Through American Literature [electronic resource].Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2012.
PZ7.B7386 Div 2012The diviners / Libba Bray.New York : Little, Brown, 2012.
PZ7.S1273 Ar 2012Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe / Benjamin Alire Saenz.New York : Simon & Schuster BFYR, c2012.
Q1Last Alchemist in Paris [electronic resource] : And other curious tales from chemistry.Oxford University Press, USA, 2013.
QA1Nonlinear Physical Systems [electronic resource] : Spectral Analysis, Stability and Bifurcations.Wiley-ISTE, 2013.
QA76.73.M53 .M384 2013Mastering VBA for Microsoft Office 2013 [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
QA276 .P224 2013Growth Curve Modeling [electronic resource] : Theory and Applications.Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
QA278.2 .D38 2013Quantile Regression [electronic resource] : Theory and Applications.Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
QC173.4.S94 M36 2014Surface physics : theoretical models and experimental methods / M.V. Mamonova, V.V. Prudnikov and I.A. Prudnikova.Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2014.
QD256.5 .P35 2014Keynotes in Organic Chemistry [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
QK861 .P525 2013Plant Chemical Biology [electronic resource].Wiley 2013.
QL60.4 .M85 2012Engineering solutions for sea lion research : a marine science and engineering curriculum : grades 6-12 / Lisa Mulcahy, Markus Horning, William Hanshumaker.[Oregon] : Oregon Sea Grant, [2012?]
QL638.S2 F553 2012The salmon trail / activities developed by Heather Fledderjohan and Zach Sheets adapted by Heather Fledderjohan.[Oregon] : Oregon Sea Grant, [2012?]
QL678.55 .F56 2011Multimedia identification guide to North Atlantic seabirds : storm-petrels and Bulwer's petrel / Bob Flood & Ashley Fisher.[Isles of Scilly] : Pelagic Birds & Birding Multimedia Guides, 2011.
QL737.C4 G487 2011Whale watching in Australian & New Zealand waters / Peter Gill & Cecilia Burke colour illustrations by Pieter Folkens.Auckland [N.Z.] Sydney : New Holland, 2011.
R726.8 C483 2012Dignity Therapy [electronic resource].Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2011.
RA566 .N49 2012ebNew directions in conservation medicine [electronic resource] : applied cases of ecological health / edited by A. Alonso Aguirre, Richard S. Ostfeld, and Peter Daszak.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2012.
RC280.C6 C65 2012Colorectal Cancer [electronic resource].Oxford University Press, USA 2012.
RC521 .D4532 2014Dementia and Memory [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
RC629 .F384 2013Metabolic Syndrome and Neurological Disorders [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
RT85Nursing Law and Ethics [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
SB13 .S641 no.117880-01 Taizhong Qu nong ye gai liang chang 101 nian du ke ji ji hua yan jiu cheng guo fa biao hui lun wen ji / Zhao Jiahong zhu bian Xing zheng yuan nong ye wei yuan hui Taizhong Qu nong ye gai liang chang bian yin.880-04 Zhanghua Xian Dacun Xiang : Xing zheng yuan nong ye wei yuan hui Taozhong qu nong ye gai liang chang, Minguo 102 [2013]
SD421.34.A8 E75 2013Gender and Wildfire [electronic resource] : Landscapes of Uncertainty.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
SF981 .V384 2013Veterinary Technician's Large Animal Daily Reference Guide [electronic resource].Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.
SH344.8.B93 D69 2013You're excluded! : an activity exploring technology changes in the trawl industry / Jamie Doyle and Kaety Hildenbrand.[Oregon] : Oregon Sea Grant, [2013?]
SH380.9 .M55 2012Red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) : care sheet / [Tim Miller-Morgan].[Oregon] : Oregon Sea Grant, Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine, [2012]
SH380.94.P33 M55 2012Signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) : care sheet / [Tim Miller-Morgan].[Oregon] : Oregon Sea Grant, Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine, [2012]
TA345.5 .A98AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 Essentials [electronic resource] : Autodesk Official Press / Eric Chappell.Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
TA347 .F5 B46 2014Nonlinear Finite Elements for Continua and Structures [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
TA445.5 .C67 2103ebCorrosion of Steel in Concrete [electronic resource] : Prevention, Diagnosis, Repair.Weinheim : Wiley, 2013.
TA705 .B75 2013Geotechnical engineering [electronic resource] : unsaturated and saturated soils / Jean-Louis Briaud.Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, 2013.
TD427.A68 I58 2013Invasive mussels legal workshop : legal and regulatory efforts to minimize expansion of invasive mussels through watercraft movements : a co-learning workshop.Corvallis, OR : Oregon Sea Grant, Oregon State University, c2013.
TD430Water on Earth [electronic resource].Wiley-ISTE, 2013.
TE228 .M275 2009Manual for assessing safety hardware, 2009.Washington, DC : American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, [2009]
TE279 .D384 2013Street Design [electronic resource] : The Secret to Great Cities and Towns.Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
TH6021 .B58 2014The Healthy Indoor Environment [electronic resource] : How to assess occupants' wellbeing in buildings.Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2013.
TJ213Zonotopes [electronic resource] : from guaranteed state-estimation to control / Vu Tuan Hieu Le...[et al.].Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
TL574.L5 H59 1985Fluid-dynamic lift : practical information on aerodynamic and hydrodynamic lift / by Sighard F. Hoerner co-author and editor, Henry V. Borst.Alburquerque, N.M. : Hoerner Fluid Dynamics, 1985.
TP156 .P6 M585 2014Monitoring Polymerization Reactions [electronic resource] : From Fundamentals to Applications.Wiley, 2013.
TP244.C1 C37 2010Carbon dioxide as chemical feedstock / edited by Michele Aresta.Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, c2010.
TS875 .S76 2014Introduction to Wood and Natural Fiber Composites [electronic resource].Hoboken : Wiley, 2013.
U393 .C545 2014American Arsenal [electronic resource] : a Century of Waging War.Oxford University Press, USA, 2013.
Z291.3 .B67 2013Books in the Catholic World during the Early Modern Period [electronic resource].Brill 2013.