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Call numberTitlePublisher
AG241 .W35 1791The wonders of the little world : or, A general history of man. In six books. Displaying the various faculties, capacities, powers and defects of the human body and mind, ... Together with accounts of the invention of arts, the advancement of science ... The whole collected from the writings of the most approved historians, philosophers and physicians, of all ages and countries ... / by Nathaniel Wanley.London : Published by C. Taylor, T. Thornton, and E. Jeffery, 1791.
B1231 .A3 1684Hobbs's Tripos, in three discourses : the first, Humane nature, or the fundamental elements of policy, being a discovery of the faculties, acts and passions of the soul of man, from their original causes, according to such philosophical principles as are not commonly known, or asserted the second, De corpore politico, or the elements of law, moral and politick, with discourses upon several heads, as of the law of nature, oaths and covenants several kinds of governments, with the changes and revolutions of them the third, Of liberty and necessity, wherein all controversie, concerning predestination, election, free-will, grace, merits, reprobation, is fully decided and cleared / by Tho. Hobbs of Malmsbury.London : Printed for Matt. Gilliflower, Henry Rogers, booksellers in Westminster Hall, and Tho. Fox next the Fleece Tavern in Fleetstreet, and at the Angel in Westminster-Hall, MDLXXXIV [1684]
BJ1520 .F9 1648The holy state. / by Thomas Fuller ...Cambridge : Printed by R.D. for John Williams ..., 1648.
BR120.C6 D4 1594Io. Baptistae Crispi Gallipolitani de ethnicis philosophis caute legendis disputationum ex propriis cuiusque principiis quinarius primus. : Ad Odoardum Farnesium S.R.E. Cardinalem Amplissimum.Romae, : In aedibus Aloysij Zannetti., M D XCIIII.
BS1556.N39 O2 1733Observations upon the prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John.London, Printed by J. Darby and T. Browne, 1733.
BX8712 .D4 1794The wisdom of angels concerning divine love and divine wisdom : in five parts / transalted [sic] from the original Latin of the Hon. Emanuel Swedenborg.Printed at Boston : By Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews ..., 1794.
BX9869.S28 P43 2009Evolutionary theist : an intellectual biography of Minot Judson Savage, 1841-1918 / W. Creighton Peden.Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars, 2009.
CR4509 .M5 1826The history of chivalry, or, Knighthood and its times / by Charles Mills.Philadelphia : H.C. Carey and I. Lea, 1826.
CS421.A2 D8The baronage of England or, An historical account of the lives and most memorable actions of our English nobility. Deduced from publick records, antient historians, and other authorities, by William Dugdale.London, Printed by T. Newcomb, 1675-1676.
D11 .D4Deacon's synchronological chart, pictorial and descriptive, of universal history : with maps of the world's great empires, and a complete geological diagram of the earth / drawn by Edward Hull.London : C.W. Deacon, [between 1895 and 1897]
D157 .M65 1826The history of the crusades for the recovery and possession of the Holy land / by Charles Mills.Philadelphia : Carey and Lea, 1826.
D158 .F9 1651The historie of the holy warre by Thomas Fuller ...[Cambridge] Printed by Thomas Buck, one of the Printers to the Universitie: and are to be sold by Philemon Stephens, at the signe of the gilded-Lion in Pauls Churchyard, 1651.
D158 .M25 1686The history of the Holy War, being an account of the expeditions of the kings of England and France ... for the conquest of Jerusalem and the rest of the Holy Land ... Done into English by Dr. Nalson.London, Printed by R.H. for Arthur Jones, 1686.
DA28 .F8 1684Anglorum speculum, or, The worthies of England, in church and state : alphabetically digested into several shires and counties therein contained wherein are illustrated the lives and characters of the most eminent persons since the Conquest to this present age also an account of the commodities and trade of each respective county, and the most flourishing cities and towns therin.London : Printed for John Wright ... Thomas Passinger ... William Thackary, 1684.
DA130 .S73 1623The history of Great Britaine : under the conquests of ye Romans, Saxons, Danes and Normans : their originals, manners, habits, warres, coines, and seales, with the successions, lines, acts, and issues of the English monarchs, from Iulius Caesar, to our most, gratious soueraigne King Iames / by Iohn Speed.Imprinted at London : Anno cum privilegio 1623, are to be sold by George Humble at the Whit horse in Popes-head Alley, [1623]
DA345 .H38 1636The life and raigne of King Edward the Sixt : with the beginning of the raigne of Queene Elizabeth / both written by Sr. Iohn Hayward ...London : Printed for Iohn Partridge, 1636.
DA410 .D86 1681A short view of the late troubles in England : briefly setting forth, their rise, growth, and tragical conclusion : as also, some parallel thereof with the barons-wars in the time of King Henry III : but chiefly with that in France, called the Holy league, in the reign of Henry III and Henry IV, late kings of that realm : to which is added a perfect narrative of the treaty at Uxbridge in an. 1644 / by Sir William Dugdale.Oxford : Printed at the Theater for M. Pitt, London, 1681.
DA687.S25 D84 1716The history of St. Paul's cathedral in London, from its foundation. Extracted out of original charters, records, leiger-books, and other manuscripts. Beautified with sundry prospects of the old fabrick, which was destroyed by the fire of that city, 1666. As also with the figures of the tombs and monuments therein, which were all defaced in the late rebellion. Whereunto is added, a continuation thereof, setting forth what was done in the structure of the new church, to the year 1685. Likewise, An historical account of the northern cathedrals, and chief collegiate churches in the province of York. By Sir William Dugdale knt ...London, Printed by G. James, for J. Bowyer, 1716.
DA855 .T48 1791Prospects and observations on a tour in England and Scotland: natural, oeconomical, and literary. By Thomas Newte, esq. [pseud].London, Printed for G.G.J. and J. Robinson, 1791.
DC101.5.A2 N6 1827The History of the battle of Agincourt, and of the expedition of Henry the Fifth into France to which is added, the roll of the men at arms, in the English army. By Nicholas Harris Nicolas, esq.London, Johnson 1827.
DC150 .B833 1790Reflections on the revolution in France, and on the proceedings in certain societies in London relative to that event. In a letter intended to have been sent to a gentleman in Paris. By the Right Honourable Edmund Burke.London, J. Dodsley, 1790.
DH186.5 .M8 1868History of the United Netherlands: from the death of William the Silent to the twelve years' truce--1609.New York, Harper & Brothers, 1868-1869
DK22 .W42 1723The present state of Russia ... Being an account of the government of that country, both civil and ecclesiastical of the Czar's forces by sea and land, the regulation of his finances, the several methods he made use of to civilize his people and improve the country, his transactions with several eastern princes, and what happened most remarkable at his court, particularly in relation to the late czarewitz, from the year 1714, to 1720 ... Translated from the High-Dutch ...London, W. Taylor [etc.] 1723.
DL116 .S8 1629De regno Daniae et Norwegiae insulisq[ue] adjacentibus: juxta ac de Holsatia Dvcatv sleswicensi, et finitimis provincijs, tractatus variji.Lvgdvni Batavorvm, ex officina Elzeviriana, 1629.
DS7 .B42 1788Travels from St. Petersburgh in Russia, to various parts of Asia. Illustrated with maps. By John Bell.Edinburgh, Printed for W. Creech, 1788.
DT188 .S5 1738Travels, or Observations relating to several parts of Barbary and the Levant. By Thomas Shaw...Oxford, Printed at the Theatre, 1738.
F229 .S745 1855The life of Captain John Smith : the founder of Virginia / by W. Gilmore Simms.Boston : J. Philbrick, 1855, c1846.
F1934 .A6 1973Area handbook for the Dominican Republic / coauthors, Thomas E. Weil [and others].Washington : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1973.
HB251 .F74 2012Plutocrats : the rise of the new global super-rich and the fall of everyone else / Chrystia Freeland.New York : Penguin Press, 2012.
HB3722 .R45 2009This time is different : eight centuries of financial folly / Carmen M. Reinhart, Kenneth S. Rogoff.Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2009.
HB3722 .S659 2009Too big to fail : the inside story of how Wall Street and Washington fought to save the financial system from crisis--and themselves / Andrew Ross Sorkin.New York : Viking, 2009.
HB3743 .K78 2012End this depression now! / Paul Krugman.New York : W.W. Norton & Co., c2012.
HD9000.5 .F5954 2011Food movements unite! : strategies to transform our food systems / edited by Eric Holt-Gimenez.Oakland, CA : Food First Books, c2011.
HM881 .S6243 2009Social movement to address climate change : local steps for global action / edited by Danielle Endres, Leah Sprain, and Tarla Rai Peterson.Amherst, N.Y. : Cambria Press, c2009.
HN90.E4 H39 2012Twilight of the elites : America after meritocracy / Christopher Hayes.New York : Crown Publishers, c2012.
HQ1236.5.U5 P56 2010Women and the Democratic Party : the evolution of Emily's List / Jamie Pamelia Pimlott.Amherst, NY : Cambria Press, c2010.
JK1161 .B45 2011Filibustering in the U.S. Senate / Lauren C. Bell.Amherst, N.Y. : Cambria Press, c2011.
KD834 .S85 1776Lectures on the constitution and laws of England: with a commentary on Magna charta, and illustrations of many of the English statutes. By the late Francis Stoughton Sullivan.London: Printed for E. and C. Dilly [etc.] M, DCC, LXXVI.
Kindle eBookEnder's shadow [electronic resource] / Orson Scott Card.New York : Tom Doherty Associates Book, 1999.
Kindle eBookChildren of the mind [electronic resource] / Orson Scott Card.New York : Tor, 1996.
MT1 .B665 2000The ways children learn music : an introduction and practical guide to music learning theory / Eric Bluestine.Chicago, IL : GIA Publications, c2000.
MT22 .M43 1994Dalcroze eurhythmics in today's music classroom / Virginia Hoge Mead.New York : Schott, c1994.
P57.U7 S73 2006Standards for foreign language learning in the 21st century : including Arabic, Chinese, classical languages, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Scandinavian languages, and Spanish.[Alexandria, VA : National Standards in Foreign Language Education Project, c2006]
PA6393 .A2 1608Q. Horatius Flaccus, cum erudito Laevini Torrentii commentario.Antverpiae : Ex officina Plantiniana, Apud. Ioannem Moretum., M. DC. VIII.
PA6452 .A2 1634Titi Livii historiarum libri, ex recensione Heinsiana.Lugduni Batavorum, Ex officina Elzeviriana, 1634.
PE1620 .J6 1785A dictionary of the English language : in which the words are deduced from their originals, and illustrated in their different significations by examples from the best writers ... / by Samuel Johnson ...London : Printed for J.F. and C. Rivington, L. Davis, T. Payne and Son, T. Longman, B. Law [and 21 others in London], 1785.
PM848 .B3 1924Dictionary of the intertribal Indian language, commonly called Chinook, by Laura B. Downey Bartlett.Tacoma, Wash., Smith-Digby Co., 1924.
PR553 .J7 1781The lives of the most eminent English poets with critical observations on their works.London, Printed for C. Bathurst [etc.] 1781.
PR3521 .M7 1832The works of Samuel Johnson : with an essay on his life and genius / by Arthur Murphy.New York : George Dearborn, publisher : Sold by Collins and Hannay, New York, Carter, Hendee and Co., Boston and John Grigg, Philadelphia, 1832.
PR3533 .B6 1811The life of Samuel Johnson, comprehending an account of his studies and numerous works in chronological order a series of his epistolary correspondence and conversations with many eminent persons and various original pieces of his composition never before published ...London, Printed for T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1811.
PR4484 .C55 2012Coleridge and Kantian ideas in England, 1796-1817 : Coleridge's responses to German philosophy / Monika Class.London New York : Bloomsbury, 2012.
PT9877.21.A45 H6713 2012Autumn killing / Mons Kallentoft translated by Neil Smith.London : Hodder & Stoughton, 2012.
Q181 .K66 2013Knowledge spaces : applications in education / Jean-Claude Falmagne...[et al.], editors.Heidelberg New York : Springer, c2013
QA3 .L37 no.2083Monomial ideals, computations and applications / Anna M. Bigatti, Philippe Gimenez, Eduardo Saenz-de-Cabezon, editors.Heidelberg : Springer, c2013.
QA273.67 .L56 2013Limit theorems in probability, statistics and number theory : in honor of Friedrich Gotze / Peter Eichelsbacher...[et al.], editors.Heidelberg New York : Springer, c2013.
QA331.7 .L86 2013An introduction to quasisymmetric Schur functions : Hopf algebras, quasisymmetric functions, and young composition tableaux / Kurt Luoto, Stefan Mykytiuk, Stephanie van Willigenburg.New York, NY : Springer, c2013.
QB351 .N48 1728A treatise of the system of the world. : By Sir Isaac Newton. Translated into English.London : Printed for F. Fayram, 1728.
QC1 .T64 v.127Numerical methods for metamaterial design / Kenneth Diest, editor.Heidelberg : Springer, 2013.
QC353 .N512 1740Optice, sive, De reflexionibus, refractionibus, inflexionibus & coloribus lucis, libri tres / authore Isaaco Newton Latine reddidit Samuel Clarke.Lausannae : Sumpt. M.-M. Bousquet & Sociorum, 1740.
QC353 .N558 1718Opticks, or, A treatise of the reflections, inflections and colours of light / by Sir Isaac Newton, knt.London : Printed for W. and J. Innys, printers to the Royal Society, at the Prince's-Arms in St. Paul's Church-Yard, 1718.
QC762 .C27 2013NMR for chemists and biologists / Rodrigo J. Carbajo, Jose L. Neira.Dordrecht New York : Springer, c2013.
QD251.3 .V65 2011Organic chemistry : structure and function / Peter Vollhardt, Neil Schore.New York : W.H. Freeman, c2011.
QE155 .O61 no.13-02Landslide inventory map of the Harbor Hills area, Curry County, Oregon [electronic resource] / by William J. Burns, Serin Duplantis, and Cullen B. Jones.[Portland, Or.] : Oregon Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries, 2013.
QE155 .O61 no.13-06Ground motion, ground deformation, tsunami inundation, coseismic subsidence, and damage potential maps for the 2012 Oregon Resilience Plan for Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquakes [electronic resource] / by Ian P. Madin and William J. Burns.Portland, Or. : State of Oregon, Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries, 2013.
QE155 .O61 no.13-09Earthquake risk study for Oregon's critical energy infrastructure hub [electronic resource] : final report to Oregon Department of Energy and Oregon Public Utility Commission / by Yumei Wang, Steven F. Bartlett, and Scott B. Miles.[Portland, Or.] : Oregon Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries, [2012]
QE155 .O61 no.13-10Channel migration hazard data and maps for the Sandy River, Multnomah and Clackamas counties, Oregon [electronic resource] / by John T. English, Daniel E. Coe, and Robert D Chappell.[Portland, Or.] : Oregon Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries, 2013.
QE155 .O61 no.13-11Channel migration hazard data and maps for the Hood River, Hood River County, Oregon [electronic resource] / by John T. English, Daniel E. Coe, and Robert D. Chappell.[Portland, Or.] : State of Oregon, Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries, 2013.
QE651 .H37 2013Sequence stratigraphy of the lower Miocene Moghra Formation in the Qattara Depression, North Western Desert, Egypt / Safiya M. Hassan.Cham New York : Springer, c2013.
QH601 .C78 v.71Store-operated calcium channels / edited by Murali Prakriya.Waltham, MA : Academic Press, 2013.
QP303 .A23 2013Human motion simulation : predictive dynamics / Karim A. Abdel-Malek, Jasbir Singh Arora.Waltham, MA : Elsevier/Academic Press, c2013
QP501 .B53 no.80Epigenetic mechanisms in development and disease / organized and edited by Paul J. Hurd, Adele Murrell and Ian C. Wood.London Portland Press 2013.
RM217 .N87 2014Nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics in functional foods and personalized nutrition / [edited by] Lynnette R. Ferguson.Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, c2014.
S472.A356 S68 2013Southern African agriculture and climate change : a comprehensive analysis / edited by Sepo Hachigonta ... [et al].Washington, D.C. : International Food Policy Research Institute, 2013.
S494.5.W3 W371 no.39Irrigation in Central Asia in figures : AQUASTAT survey - 2012 / edited by Karen Frenken.Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2013.
SB608.C7 S53 2009Managing insects and diseases of Oregon conifers / D.C. Shaw, P.T. Oester, and G.M. Filip.[Corvallis, Or.] : Oregon State University, Extension Service, [2009]
SD390.7.S56 G75 1918Influence of forests upon the melting of snow in the Cascade Range / by Alfred A. Griffin.Washington : U.S. G.P.O., 1918.
SD391 .P762 1809The profitable planter : a treatise on the theory and practice of planting forest trees, in every description of soil and situation more particularly on elevated sites, barren heaths, rocky soils, &c., including directions for the planting and management of permanent screens with useful hints on shelter and ornament / by W. Pontey.London : Printed for John Harding, 36, St. James's Street, 1809.
SD397.B4 H85 2013Phytosociology of the Beech (Fagus) forests in East Asia / Tukasa Hukusima [and nine others].Berlin : Springer, [2013]
TA167 .L36 2013Man-machine dialogue : design and challenges / Frederic Landragin.London : ISTE John Wiley : Hoboken, NJ, 2013.
TK7895.E42 C66 2013Compilation and synthesis for embedded reconfigurable systems : an aspect-oriented approach / Joao Manuel Paiva Cardoso...[et al.], editors.New York : Springer, c2013.
Z232.C38 K72 1877William Caxton, the first English printer : a biography / by Charles Knight.London : W. Clowes, 1877.