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Call numberTitlePublisher
BD255 .I566 2013Interdisciplinarity : reconfigurations of the social and natural sciences / edited by Andrew Barry and Georgina Born.Abingdon, Oxon New York, NY : Routledge, 2013.
HD2075.6 .N38 1988The agricultural sector in Bangladesh : a data-base / by Robert E. Navin and Ibrahim Khalil.Dhaka : USAID/Bangladesh, 1988.
HD9764.C23 B77 1985A comparison of the lumber manufacturing efficiency of seven sawmills operating in the B.C. interior / by G.R. Middleton and B.D. Munro.Ottawa, Canada Vancouver, Canada : Forintek Canada, 1985.
HD9764.N72 A15 1989The 1990s, the final decade : boom or bust for wood products? / by William Dean, senior editor.Eugene, Or. : Random Lengths Publications, c1989.
HD9766.J32 N65 1981Long range timber demand supply : prospects in Japan & some problems Timber price movements in Japan since World War II & its theoretical causes.Danchi-Nai, Ibaraki, Japan : Division of Forest Management, Forestry & Forest Products Research Institute, [1981]
HD9769.P53 B6 1945Brazilian Araucaria (Parana pine) : (Araucaria angustifolia (Bert.) O. Kuntze) / by W.D. Brush.Washington, D.C. : Forest Service, 1945-
HD9773.A2 J88 1983Value analysis in the furniture industry.New York : United Nations, 1983.
HD9940.A2 G44 2008The fashion designer survival guide : start and run your own fashion business / Mary Gehlhar [foreword by Diane von Furstenberg].New York : Kaplan, c2008.
HF1411 .T7117 1985Trade policies for a better future : proposals for action.Geneva : GATT, [1985]
HQ1236 .F66 2011Women and politics : the pursuit of equality / Lynne E. Ford.Australia Boston, MA : Wadsworth Cengage Learning, c2011.
HV640.5.C5 E47 1956Employment services and vocational assistance of Chinese refugees in Taiwan.[Taipei, Free China Relief Association, 1956?]
HV640.5.C5 E93 1957The evacuation of overseas Chinese from North Vietnam and the relief work.[Taipei : Free China Relief Association, 1957?]
HV640.5.C5 F35 1965FCRA relief work in Hongkong and Macao.[Taipei, Taiwan : Free China Relief Association, 1965?]
HV640.5.C5 F37 1956FCRA relief work in Kinmen & Matsu.Taipei, Taiwan : Free China Relief Association, [1956?]
HV640.5.C5 O97Our support of the anti-communist escapees fleeing to freedom.Taipei, Taiwan : Free China Relief Association, [195?]
HV640.5.C5 R47 1956Resettlement of war disabled refugees.Taipei : Free China Relief Association, [1956?]
K349 .C49 2013Introduction to feminist legal theory / Martha Chamallas.New York : Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, c2013.
KF540 .F38 2006Fathers' rights activism and law reform in comparative perspective / edited by Richard Collier and Sally Sheldon.Oxford Portland, OR : Hart, c2006.
PN56.E45 H44 2004Museum of words : the poetics of ekphrasis from Homer to Ashbery / James A.W. Heffernan.Chicago, Ill. London : University of Chicago Press, 2004.
PN183 .P7 2010The present state of scholarship in the history of rhetoric : a twenty-first century guide / edited by Lynee Lewis Gaillet with Winifred Bryan Horner.Columbia : University of Missouri Press, c2010.
PN4900.A7 G77 2011Republic of words : the Atlantic monthly and its writers, 1857-1925 / Susan Goodman.Hanover [N.H.] : University Press of New England, c2011.
PS3552.O914 Z477 2013She's not there : a life in two genders / Jennifer Finney Boylan.New York : Broadway Paperbacks, c2013.
Q181 .T87 2009Designing effective science instruction : what works in science classrooms / Anne Tweed.Arlington, Va. : NSTA Press, NSTA Press, National Science Teachers Association/McREL, c2009.
Q183.3.A1 S3526 2008Science as inquiry in the secondary setting / edited by Julie Luft, Randy L. Bell, and Julie Gess-Newsome.Arlington, Va. : NSTA Press, c2008.
Q325.5 .M338 2013Machine learning : theory and applications / edited by Venu Govindaraju, C. R. Rao.Oxford, England Boston, Massachusetts : Elsevier, 2013.
QH205 .M6Microscopy from the very beginning / by Friedrich K. Mollring.Oberkochen, West Germany : C. Zeiss, [1967?]
QL737.C25 C675 2010Conservation of fishers (Martes pennanti) in south-central British Columbia, western Washington, western Oregon, and California.Denver, Colorado : USDI Bureau of Land Management, 2010-2012.
QR360 .V561 v.89 no.219th International Papillomavirus Conference : Florianopolis, Brazil 1-7 September 2001 / guest editors, Luisa Lina Villa, Gustavo Amestoy, Eduardo Franco.Amsterdam Boston : Elsevier, 2002.
SD430 .M32 1987Timber --a material for the future : lectures given at the 1987 Marcus Wallenberg Symposium in Soderhamn, Sweden, on June 15, 1988.Falun, Sweden : Marcus Wallenberg Foundation, 1988.
SH35.O7 U6Lake survey Mount Hood National Forest / by Charles J. Campbell.Portland, Or. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Forest Service, [1940]
SK601 .U6Manual of improvements for public camps.[S.l. : U.S. Forest Service? 19--]
TA419 .S7847Nails and spikes in hickory / by E. George Stern.Asheville, N.C. : Hickory Task Force in cooperation with USDA Forest Service, Southeastern Forest Experiment Station, 1964.
TA420 .C34Action of timber structures subjected to lateral loads : a report of an investigation / by G.E. Troxell and V. Bertero [of] the Institute of Engineering Research, University of California, Berkeley to the Division of ARchitecture, Dept. of Public Works, State of California.Sacramento, Calif. : California Dept. of Public Works, Division of Architecture, [1959]
TA420 .W43 1987Dimensional stability of western lumber products : technical guide / [by Helmuth Resch.].Portland, OR. : Western Wood Products Association, [1987]
TA424 .B671 1986Timber preservation.High Wycombe, Bucks. : Timber Research and Development Association and British Wood Preserving Association, 1986.
TA424 .C65 1980Controlling biological deterioration of wood with volatile chemicals : final report, August 1980 / prepared by Oregon State University Forest Research Laboratory and Department of Botany and Plant Pathology principal investigators, R.D. Graham, M.E. Corden.Palo Alto, Calif. : Electric Power Research Institute, 1980.
TA424 .T5 1964Timber pests and their control.High Wycombe, Bucks. : Timber Research and Development Association London : British Wood Preserving Association, 1981.
TA656 .A73 1987Effects of damage and redundancy on structural performance : proceedings of a session / sponsored by the Structural Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers in conjunction with the ASCE Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey, April 27, 1987 edited by Dan M. Frangopol.New York, N.Y. : The Society, c1987.
TA660.B4 L62 1984Load tables for glued ply-box beams to BS 5268 : BS 5268, Code of practice for the structural use of timber part 2, Permissible stress design, materials and workmanship, 1984.Hughenden Valley, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire : Timber Research and Development Association, 1984.
TA666 .T551 1984Load tables for nailed ply-box beams to BS 5268 : BS5268: Code of practice for the structural use of timber. Part 2: permissible stress design, materials and workmanship: 1984 / TRADA.High Wycombe : TRADA, c1984.
TA710 .S87 1961Experiments with a single layer plywood monkey saddle shell / by Willard Strode and Donald L. Dean.Lawrence : School of Engineering and Architecture, University of Kansas, 1961.
TA730 .T56 1984Timber in excavations / Timber in Temporary Works.High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England : Timber Research and Development Association, 1984.
TA760 .T56 1986Timber bulkheads : proceedings of a session sponsored by the Geotechnical Engineering Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers in conjunction with the ASCE Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey, April 29, 1987 / edited by James Graham.New York, N.Y. : ASCE, c1986.
TA780 .P540 1969Pile foundations: know-how : a series of articles first published in Wood preserving news / American Wood Preservers Institute.Washington, D.C. : The Institute, c1969.
TC556.5.C65 M37 2012Power lines : giant hydroelectric power in the Pacific Northwest, an era and a career / Russell McCormmach.Eugene, Or. : Palimpsest Books, 2012.
TH1611 .E83 1947Evaluation of a steel-frame construction system.Raritan, New Jersey, John B. Pierce Foundation, [c1947]
TH1715 .F85 1963Fundamentals of building insulation / prepared by Insulation Board Institute, Chicago, Illinois.Chicago, Ill. : Insulation Board Institute, c1963.
TH2392 .T71 1985Design specification for metal plate connected wood trusses / Truss Plate Institute, [Technical Advisory Committee].Madison, WI : The Institute, c1985.
TH2393 .S74 1984Span tables for domestic purlins to BS 5268, part 2, 1984 : BS 5268, Code of practice for the structural use of timber, part 2, Permissible stress design, materials and workmanship, 1984.Hughenden Valley, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire : Timber Research and Development Association, 1984.
TH4818.W6 W35 1988Timber frame construction / by R.B. Wainwright and B. Keyworth.Hughenden Valley, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire : TRADA, c1988.
TJ217.6 .T34 2013Passivity-based model predictive control for mobile vehicle motion planning / Adnan Tahirovic, Gianantonio Magnani.London New York : Springer, c2013.
TK7871.95 .I47 2013Photo-excited charge collection spectroscopy : probing the traps in field-effect transistors / Seongil Im, Youn-Gyoung Chang, Jae Hoon Kim.Dordrecht : Springer, [2013]
TN690 .E44 2013Electromigration techniques : theory and practice[S.l.] : Springer, 2013
TP324 .S86 1984Storing, drying and internal handling of wood fuels : proceedings of a conference held by the International Energy Agency (IEA) Forestry Energy Programme Group C on June 22, 1984 in Copenhagen, Denmark / edited by Olav Gislerud and Niels Heding.Copenhagen, Denmark : Danish Institute of Forest Technology, 1984.
TS198.6.P3 S424 1962Specifications and grades for hardwood warehouse, permanent or returnable pallets.Washington, D.C. : National Wooden Pallet & Container Association, c1962.
TS198.6.P3 S426 1962Specifications and grades for warehouse, permanent or returnable pallets of west coast woods.Washington, D.C. : National Wooden Pallet & Container Association, c1962.
TS825 .W48 1978Western Wood species book.Portland, Or. : The Association, 1978.
TS835 .T40 1974Technological options in bark utilization / edited by Jean Mater.Madison, Wis. : Forest Products Research Society, [1974]
TS870 .P57 1981Plywood, its manufacture and uses / Timber Research and Development Association.Hughenden Valley, Buckinghamshire : The Association, c1981.
TS870 .S74 1957A study of some problems involved in gluing refractory Douglas-fir, by R.K. Stensrud.[Seattle, Reichhold Chemicals, Inc., 1957]
TS2301.C8 N3 1967Wooden pallet containers and container systems.Washington : The Association, c1967.