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Call numberTitlePublisher
AZ186 .C65 2011ebCollaborative research in the digital humanities [electronic resource] / [edited] by Marilyn Deegan and Willard McCarty.Farnham, Surrey, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate Pub., c2011.
BSocrates' Daimonic Art [Electronic book] : Love for Wisdom in Four Platonic Dialogues / Elizabeth S. Belfiore.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
B105.C45 G38 2011Philosophy for Young Children [electronic resource] : A Practical Guide.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
B105 .R25 P46 2012Perception, Realism, and the Problem of Reference [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
B430.K66 2011Aristotle's Moral Realism Reconsidered [electronic resource] : Phenomenological Ethics.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
B701 .Z7 C43 2012Proclus [electronic resource] : an Introduction.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
B808.5A brief history of analytic philosophy [electronic resource] : from Russell to Rawls / by Stephen P. Schwartz.Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
B821 .N66 2012Beyond humanism : the flourishing of life, self and other / Bart Nooteboom.Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
B833 .H75 2012ebReasons as defaults [electronic resource] / John F. Horty.New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.
B945.C274 S74 2012Stanley Cavell and the education of grownups / edited by Naoko Saito and Paul Standish.New York : Fordham University Press, c2012.
B945.D364 D36 2012ebDanto and his critics [electronic resource] / edited by Mark Rollins.Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.
B945.D6251 .E46 2012Essays on Reference, Language, and Mind [electronic resource].Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2012.
B3305.M74 B59 2012Criticism of Earth [electronic resource] : On Marx, Engels and Theology.Leiden : BRILL, 2012.
B3376.W563T732158 2011Beyond The Tractatus Wars [electronic resource] : The New Wittgenstein Debate.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
B5704.G354P45 2011Philosophy, Ethics and a Common Humanity [electronic resource] : Essays in Honour of Raimond Gaita.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
B5704.S554 C36 2012ebPeter Singer and Christian ethics [electronic resource] : beyond polarization / Charles Camosy.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
B5802.G46 P38 2012Genocide in Jewish Thought [Electronic book]. / David Patterson.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BC141 .H36 2012A Philosophical Guide to Chance [electronic resource] : Physical Probability.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BD176 .C63 2012ebWhat to believe now [electronic resource] : applying epistemology to contemporary issues / David Coady.Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.
BD331 .C387 2012ebCategories of being [electronic resource] : essays on metaphysics and logic / edited by Leila Haaparanta and Heikki J. Koskinen.Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2012.
BD421.G64 2011A Brief History of the Soul [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
BF76.7 .B447 2012ebAPA style simplified [electronic resource] : writing in psychology, education, nursing, and sociology / Bernard C. Beins.Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.
BF241.V5673 2011Visual Methods in Psychology [electronic resource] : Using and Interpreting Images in Qualitative Research.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
BF353 .W46 2012The Environmental Psychology of Prisons and Jails [electronic resource] : Creating Humane Spaces in Secure Settings.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BF371 .K14 2012Foundations of Human Memory [electronic resource].Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2012.
BF408 .K73 2011The Creative Capital of Cities [electronic resource] : Interactive Knowledge Creation and the Urbanization Economies of Innovation.Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
BF411 .M857 2011The Collective Imagination [electronic resource] : the Creative Spirit of Free Societies.Farnham : Ashgate Pub., 2012.
BF575.A86V36 2011John Bowlby - From Psychoanalysis to Ethology [electronic resource] : Unravelling the Roots of Attachment Theory.Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
BF637.S8 F5915 2011ebThe business of being the best [electronic resource] : inside the world of go-getters and game changers / Molly Fletcher with Justin Spizman.San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2012.
BF671 .C625 2012The complex mind : an interdisciplinary approach / edited by David McFarland, Keith Stenning and Maggie McGonigle-Chalmers.Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
BF697 .H554 2012The Self Illusion [electronic resource].New York : Constable & Robinson, 2012.
BF697.5.S65R68 2011Routledge Handbook of Identity Studies [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
BF723.S25 T47 2011ebThriving in childhood and adolescence [electronic resource] : the role of self-regulation processes / Richard M. Lerner ... [et al.], editors.San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2011.
BJ47 .D38 2012Believing and Acting [electronic resource] : The Pragmatic Turn in Comparative Religion and Ethics.Oxford : OUP Oxford, 2012.
BJ59 .H44 2012Ethics in technology : a philosophical study / Topi Heikkero.Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2012.
BJ59.P63 2011Ethics, Technology, and Engineering [electronic resource] : An Introduction.Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
BJ1280 .M58 2012ebA short history of Jewish ethics [electronic resource] : conduct and character in the context of covenant / Alan L. Mittleman.Chichester, UK Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, c2012.
BJ1476 .A45 2011Ancient Forgiveness [electronic book] : Classical, Judaic, and Christian / Edited by Charles L. Griswold, David Konstan.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2011.
BJ1518Aristotle and the virtues [electronic resource] Howard J. Curzer .New York : Oxford University Press 2012.
BL51 .K45 2012Fifty Key Thinkers on Religion [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
BL65.M43 H57 2012Historical and Religious Memory in the Ancient World [electronic resource].Oxford University Press USA 2012.
BL65.P7R458 2011Religious Actors in the Public Sphere [electronic resource] : Means, Objectives, and Effects.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
BL240.3 .B62 2012The Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
BL256 .T55 2012Cyborg Selves [electronic resource] : a Theological Anthropology of the Posthuman.Farnham : Ashgate Pub., 2012.
BL410 .B87 2011Towards a Jewish-Christian-Muslim theology [electronic resource] / David B. Burrell.Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2011.;Electronic reproduction. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley InterScience, 2011. Mode of access: World Wide Web. System requirements: Web browser. Title from title screen (viewed on June 7, 2011). Access may be restricted to users at subscribing institutions.
BL503 .S76 2012Prophecy in the Ancient Near East [electronic resource] : a Philological and Sociological Comparison.Leiden : BRILL, 2012.
BL600 .U53 2011Understanding Religious Ritual [electronic resource] : Theoretical approaches and innovations.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
BL783.C66 2011A Companion to Greek Mythology [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
BL1285.892.A28 G67 2012A living theology of Krishna Bhakti : essential teachings of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada / Tamal Krishna Goswami edited with introduction and conclusion by Graham M. Schweig.New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.
BL2400 .W459 2012The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to African Religions [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
BM506.S73 R67513 2012The Mishnaic Sotah Ritual [electronic resource] : Temple, Gender and Midrash.Leiden : BRILL, 2012.
BP63.I68 C76 2012The Nativist Prophets of Early Islamic Iran [electronic resource] : Rural Revolt and Local Zoroastrianism.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BP63.N35S55 2011Islamic Revival in Nepal [electronic resource] : Religion and a New Nation.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
BP80 .M3255 W34 2012A Quietist Jihadi [electronic resource] : The Ideology and Influence of Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BP145 .J3 1970Manabi-i fiqh.[Tihran] Intishar [1349/1970]
BP161.2 .R53 2011Muslims [electronic resource] : Their Religious Beliefs and Practices.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
BP166.14.F85 L38 2012Radical Islam and the Revival of Medieval Theology [Electronic book]. / Daniel Lav.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BP173.5 .A3519 1968Isam va gharb / nivishtah-i Khurshid Ahmad tarjumah-i Ghulam Riza Saidi.Qum, Iran : Dar al-Tabligh-i Islami : ba hamkari-i Shirkat-i Sihami Intishar, 1347 [1968]
BP182 .F32 2011Fault Lines in Global Jihad [electronic resource] : Organizational, Strategic, and Ideological Fissures.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
BP188 .S575 2012ebThe good Muslim [electronic resource] : reflections on classical Islamic law and theology / Mona Siddiqui.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BP190.5.S3 Z368 1969880-02 Karnamah-i Islam / Abd al-Husayn Zarrinkub.880-03 Tihran : Shirkat-i Sahami-i Intishar, 1348[1969 or 1970]
BQBuddhist Funeral Cultures of Southeast Asia and China [Electronic book]. / Edited by Paul Williams, Patrice Ladwig.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BQ999.A37 Y36 2012Vision and violence [electronic resource] : Lama Zhang and the politics of charisma in twelfth-century Tibet / by Carl S. Yamamoto.Leiden : Brill, 2012.
BQ4570.P755Zen meditation in psychotherapy [electronic resource] : techniques for clinical practice / C. Alexander Simpkins and Annellen Simpkins.Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2012.
BR65.A9 C59 2012A companion to Augustine [electronic resource] / edited by Mark Vessey with the assistance of Shelley Reid.Chichester, West Sussex Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.;Electronic reproduction. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley InterScience, 2012. Mode of access: World Wide Web. System requirements: Web browser. Title from title screen (viewed on Apr. 24, 2012). Access may be restricted to users at subscribing institutions.
BR65 .A9 K375 2012Grace and the Will According to Augustine [electronic resource].Leiden : BRILL, 2012.
BR65.D66 S73 2012Apophasis and pseudonymity in Dionysius the Areopagite [electronic resource] : 'no longer I' / Charles M. Stang.Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012.
BR118The hallowing of logic [electronic resource] : the trinitarian method of Richard Baxter's Methodus theologiae / by Simon J.G. Burton.Leiden : BRILL, 2012.
BR118.F718 2011The future of Christian theology [electronic resource] / David F. Ford.Oxford Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2011.
BR121.3.J33 2011The World's Christians [electronic resource] : Who they are, Where they are, and How they got there.Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
BR128.B8 D68 2011Buddhist and Christian? [electronic resource] : An Exploration of Dual Belonging.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
BR305.3 .D58 2012ebContesting the Reformation [electronic resource] / C. Scott Dixon.Malden, MA : J. Wiley, 2012.
BR307 .P6 2012ebFrom priest's whore to pastor's wife [electronic resource] : clerical marriage and the process of reform in the early German Reformation / Marjorie Elizabeth Plummer.Farnham, Surrey, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2012.
BR333.5.J8 M38 2011Luther's theology of the cross [electronic resource] : Martin Luther's theological breakthrough / Alister E. McGrath.Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2011.;Electronic reproduction. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley InterScience, 2011. Mode of access: World Wide Web. System requirements: Web browser. Title from title screen (viewed on June 7, 2011). Access may be restricted to users at subscribing institutions.
BR759 .C458 2012Church Growth in Britain [electronic resource] : 1980 to the Present.Farnham : Ashgate Pub., 2012.
BR856 .E736 2012Complicity in the Holocaust [electronic resource] : Churches and Universities in Nazi Germany.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BR905 .K66 2012Calvinists and Catholics during Holland's Golden Age [electronic resource] : Heretics and Idolaters.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BR1640 .H88 2012A Short History of Global Evangelicalism [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BR1720 .P42 H44 2012The Passion of Perpetua and Felicity [electronic resource].Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2012.
BS186 .N66 2010The King James Bible [electronic resource] : A Short History from Tyndale to Today.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2011.
BS521.86.S84 2012Exploring Postcolonial Biblical Criticism [electronic resource] : History, Method, Practice.Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
BS580 .H4 Y68 2012Hezekiah in History and Tradition [electronic resource].Leiden : BRILL, 2012.
BS1136 .T49 2012Textual Criticism and Dead Sea Scrolls Studies in Honour of Julio Trebolle Barrera [electronic resource] : Florilegium Complutense.Leiden : BRILL, 2012.
BS1455 .I38 2012Interpreting Proverbs 11 [electronic resource] : a Contribution to Christian-Buddhist Dialogue.Leiden : BRILL, 2012.
BT26 .V36 2012An Introduction to Medieval Theology [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BT701.3 .B76 2012The Physical Nature of Christian Life [electronic resource] : Neuroscience, Psychology, and the Church.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BT708.U67 2011Early Christian Dress [electronic resource] : Gender, Virtue, and Authority.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
BV598 .S67 2011ebA reader in ecclesiology [electronic resource] / Bryan Stone.Farnham, Surrey, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2011.
BV652.25 .P467 2012The Ecclesial Canopy [electronic resource] : Faith, Hope, Charity.Farnham : Ashgate Pub., 2012.
BX1531.B7 T56 2012ebPurgatory and piety in Brittany 1480-1720 [electronic resource] / Elizabeth C. Tingle.Farnham, Surrey, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2012.
BX2203 .A43 2011ebThe theology of Louis-Marie Chauvet [electronic resource] / Glenn P. Ambrose.Farnham, Surrey, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2011.
BX2820 .G45 2012ebThe Making of Medieval Antifraternalism [electronic resource] : Polemic, Violence, Deviance, and Remembrance / G. Geltner.Oxford : OUP Oxford, 2012.
BX3715 .G39 2012Jesuit Civil Wars [electronic resource] : Theology, Politics and Government under Tirso Gonzalez (1687-1705).Farnham : Ashgate Pub., 2012.
BX4705.M72517 R63 2012ebThe career of Cardinal Giovanni Morone (1509-1580) [electronic resource] : between council and Inquisition / Adam Patrick Robinson.Farnham, Surrey, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2012.
BX5199.B355 C48 2012ebThe church and humanity [electronic resource] : the life and work of George Bell, 1883-1958 / edited by Andrew Chandler.Farnham, Surrey, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2012.
BX7260 .E3 C54 2012The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards in the Theology of Andrew Fuller [electronic resource].Leiden : BRILL, 2012.
CC79.5.H85 S634 2011Social Bioarchaeology [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
CC135 .B353 2012ebThe historic urban landscape [electronic resource] : managing heritage in an urban century / by Francesco Bandarin and Ron van Oers.Chichester [England] : Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.
CC135.C534 2011A Companion to Cultural Resource Management [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
CE35 .C28 2012Calendrical Variations in Second Temple Judaism [electronic resource] : New Perspectives on the 'Date of the Last Supper' Debate.Leiden : BRILL, 2012.
CR4755.F7 S34 2012Templar Families [Electronic book] : Landowning Families and the Order of the Temple in France, c.1120-1307 / Jochen Schenk.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
D421 .R37 2007Regional studies reader : excerpts from the World in transition series updated for 2007 / editors, Christopher L. Brown ... [et al.] project director, Julia Johnson White.Atlanta, Ga. : Southern Center for International Studies, c2007.
D769.87.A4 M3 1972Men of the tundra : Alaska eskimos at war / by Muktuk Marston, with an introd. by Ernest Gruening and an epilogue by C.F. Necrason.New York : October House, c1972.
D799.U6 C358 2012War is not just for heroes : World War II dispatches and letters of U.S. Marine Corps combat correspondent Claude R. "Red" Canup / edited by Linda M. Canup Keaton-Lima foreword by Keith Oliver.Columbia : University of South Carolina Press, c2012.
D804.G3 T96 2012Genocide and the geographical imagination : life and death in Germany, China, and Cambodia / James A. Tyner.Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2012.
D842 .R28 2012Race, ethnicity, and the Cold War : a global perspective / edited by Philip E. Muehlenbeck.Nashville : Vanderbilt University Press, c2012.
D842 .R45 2012Religion and the Cold War : a global perspective / edited by Philip E. Muehlenbeck.Nashville : Vanderbilt University Press, c2012.
D1056.2.M87 M39 2012Europe's Encounter with Islam [electronic resource] : The Secular and the Postsecular.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2012.
DA125.A1 M39 2012Ethnic Minority Migrants in Britain and France [Electronic book] : Integration Trade-Offs / Rahsaan Maxwell.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
DA125.N4P56 2011Narrative Projections of a Black British History [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
DA315 .H44 2011ebA short history of early modern England [electronic resource] : British literature in context / Peter C. Herman.Malden, Mass. : Wiley-Blackwell, 2011.
DD76 .S33 2012The Shaping of German Identity [electronic resource] : Authority and Crisis, 1245-1414.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
DE59 .C558 2012Classical Archaeology [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
DF77 .B626 2012The Complete Archaeology of Greece [electronic resource] : From Hunter-Gatherers to the 20th Century A.D.Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
DG443.W57 2011The Two Latin Cultures and the Foundation of Renaissance Humanism in Medieval Italy [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2011.
DH569.C7 V26 2012Belgium and the Congo, 1885-1980 [Electronic book]. / Guy Vanthemsche.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
DJK28.G4 D45 2012The Lost German East [electronic resource] : Forced Migration and the Politics of Memory, 1945-1970.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
DK32 .S688 2012Soviet and Post-Soviet Identities [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
DP98 .A5413 2012A History of Early Al-Andalus [electronic resource] : The Akhbar Majmu'a.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
DS80.95 .N35 2005Lebanon [electronic resource] : The Politics of a Penetrated Society.London : RoutledgeCurzon, 2005.
DS95.O75 2011The Origins of Syrian Nationhood [electronic resource] : Histories, Pioneers and Identity.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
DS109 .P68 2011Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the Holy Land, 1187-1291 [electronic resource].Farnham : Ashgate Pub., 2012.
DS118 .W682 2012The Wiley-Blackwell History of Jews and Judaism [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
DS127 .A55 2012ebThe 1967 Arab-Israeli war [electronic resource] : origins and consequences / edited by Wm. Roger Louis and Avi Shlaim.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
DS134.42.O88 B64 2011Life and Loss in the Shadow of the Holocaust [electronic resource] : A Jewish Family's Untold Story.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2011.
DS371.4 .S73 2011Statebuilding in Afghanistan [electronic resource] : Multinational Contributions to Reconstruction.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
DS376.98 .H35 2012Nation, Territory, and Globalization in Pakistan [electronic resource] : Traversing the Margins.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2012.
DS422.C3 N397 2012The Culturalization of Caste in India [electronic resource] : Identity and Inequality in a Multicultural Age.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
DS558 .H88 1968Proposal for an honorable peace in Vietnam / by Dorothy Hutchinson.[Philadelphia, Pa.] : Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, [1968]
DS559.62.S8 V54 1968Viet Nam, a voice from Sweden : an address / by Olof Palme, Stockholm, February 21, 1968.[Toronto : s.n., 1968]
DS649.7.S43 2011Security, Development and Nation-Building in Timor-Leste [electronic resource] : A Cross-sectoral Assessment.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
DS777.8 .M37 2012China and the World since 1945 [electronic resource] : An International History.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
DS779.46.C42 2011Charting China's Future [electronic resource] : Domestic and International Challenges.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
DS822.2 .U57 2012Uncharted waters [electronic resource] : intellectual life in the Edo period : essays in honour of W.J. Boot / edited by Anna Beerens, Mark Teeuwen.Leiden Boston : Brill, 2012.
DS916Aesthetic Constructions of Korean Nationalism [electronic resource] : Spectacle, Politics and History.Taylor & Francis 2011.
DT21.5 .R45 2012Warfare in African History [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
DT72.S9 Z34 1927880-02 al-Suriyun fi Misr : ism li-kitab yahtawi ala tarajum wa-rusum afrad al-usr al-Suriyah fi al-diyar al-Misriyah / talif Ilyas Zakhkhura.880-03 Misr : al-Matbaah al-Arabiyah, 1927.
DT97 .A213 1982880-02 al-Magharibah fi Misr fi al-asr al-Uthmani, 1517-1798 : dirasah fi tathir al-jaliyah al-Maghribiyah min khilala wathaiq al-mahakim al-shariyah al-Misriyah / Abd al-Rahim Abd al-Rahman Abd al-Rahim.880-04 Tunis : al-Majallah al-Tarikhiyah al-Maghribiyah al-Jazair : Diwan al-Matbuat al-Jamiiyah, 1982.
DT102.A2 .Z35 1947880-02 Alam al-jaysh wa-al-bahriyah fi Misr athna al-qarn al-tasi ashar / [talif] Abd al-Rahman Zaki.880-03 [Cairo] : Matbat al-Risalah, 1947-
DT102.A5 .A35x 1893880-03 Tarikh hayat al-maghfur la-hu Ali Mubarak Basha / istakhrajaha Muhammad Bak Durri al-hakim min kitab al-Khitat al-tawfiqiyah al-matbu fi sanat 1306 H.880-04 Misr : al-Matbaah al-Tibbiyah al-Durriyah, 1311[1894 i.e1893].
DT104 .S226 1930880-02 Tarikh al-asr al-hadith : Misr : min Muhammad Ali ila al-yawm / talif Muhammad Sabri.880-04 [al-Qahirah] : Misr Sharkah Musahamah Misriyah, 1930.
DT170 .C65 2012Staying Roman [Electronic book] : Conquest and Identity in Africa and the Mediterranean, 439-700 / Jonathan Conant.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
DT194 .J822Histoire de l'Afrique du Nord : Tunisie, Algerie, Maroc / Charles Andre Julien.Paris : Payot, 1964.
DT233 .V35 2012A History of Modern Libya [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
DT317 .B76 2012Crossing the Strait [electronic resource] : Morocco, Gibraltar and Great Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries / James A.O.C. Brown.Leiden : BRILL, 2012.
DT476 .P68 2012Power and Landscape in Atlantic West Africa [electronic resource] : Archaeological Perspectives.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
DU191 .R49 2012A History of Tasmania [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2011.
E98.T77 S57 2012ebHippies, Indians, and the fight for red power [electronic resource] / Sherry L. Smith.New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.
E169.12 .P46 2011ebAmerican mythologies [electronic resource] : semiological sketches / by Manuel Pena.Farnham Burlington, VT : Ashgate Pub., c2011.
E185.97.L79The works of Alain Locke [electronic resource] / edited by Charles Molesworth foreword by Henry Louis Gates Jr.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2012.
E188.M52 2011Colonial America [electronic resource] : A History to 1763.Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
E312 .C68 2012A Companion to George Washington [electronic resource] / edited by Edward G. Lengel.Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
E357 .B53 2012The Weight of Vengeance [electronic resource] : the United States, the British Empire, and the War of 1812.Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2012.
E404 .J65 2012Devotion to the adopted country : U.S. immigrant volunteers in the Mexican War / Tyler V. Johnson.Columbia, Mo. London : University of Missouri Press, c2012.
E807.C563 2011A Companion to Franklin D. Roosevelt [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
E907.O227 2011The Obama Presidency [electronic resource] : Change and Continuity.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
F230 .C87 2012Jefferson's Freeholders and the Politics of Ownership in the Old Dominion [Electronic book]. / Christopher Michael Curtis.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
F1026 .C6868 2011A Concise History of Canada [electronic resource].Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
F1226.C655 2011A Companion to Mexican History and Culture [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
G70 .G53 2012ebGo [electronic resource] : on the geographies of Gunnar Olsson / by Christian Abrahamsson and Martin Gren.Farnham, Surrey, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate Pub. Company, c2012.
G155.A1Emotion in motion [electronic resource] : tourism, affect and transformation / edited by David Picard, Mike Robinson.Farnham, Surrey, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2012.
G155.A1 I589 2012An Introduction to Visual Research Methods in Tourism [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
G600.5 .A72 2010Arctic Observing Network (AON) : 2009 status report and key recommendations : results from the third NSF AON principal investigators (PI) meeting, 30 November - 2 December 2009, Boulder, CO / [compiled and edited by C. Lee ... et al.].[S.l.] : Arctic Observing Network, 2010.
G608 .O33 2012A Fabulous Kingdom [electronic resource] : the Exploration of the Arctic.Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2012.
GB642.W45 2010Cold Region Hazards and Risks [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
GB2803.2 .S58 2012ebTerrestrial hydrometeorology [electronic resource] / W. James Shuttleworth.Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Blackwell, c2012.
GC29.2.U5 H38 2011Come sea us : at the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center.[Corvallis, Or.? : Oregon Sea Grant, Oregon State University, 2011?]
GE40 .B45 2012Sacred Ecology [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2012.
GE45.D37Modeling the Environment [electronic resource] : Techniques and Tools for the 3D Illustration of Dynamic Landscapes.Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
GE45.S73 H45 2012ebStatistics for censored environmental data using Minitab and R [electronic resource] / Dennis R. Helsel.Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2012.
GE300 .S7834 2011ebStructured decision making [electronic resource] : a practical guide to environmental management choices / R. Gregory ... [et al.].Chichester, West Sussex Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Blackwell, 2011.
GF91.I73 R93 2012Where Land Meets Sea [electronic resource] : Coastal Explorations of Landscape, Representation and Spatial Experience.Farnham : Ashgate Pub., 2012.
GN17.3.E85 C66 2012A companion to the anthropology of Europe [electronic resource] / edited by Ullrich Kockel, Mairead Nic Craith, and Jonas Frykman.Chichester, West Sussex, UK Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, c2012.
GN69.8 .C659 2012A companion to forensic anthropology [electronic resource] / edited by Dennis Dirkmaat.Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.;Electronic reproduction. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley InterScience, 2012. Mode of access: World Wide Web. System requirements: Web browser. Title from title screen (viewed on Mar. 27, 2012). Access may be restricted to users at subscribing institutions.
GN298.C65 2011A Companion to the Anthropology of the Body and Embodiment [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
GN357 .R64 2012Heritage from below [electronic resource] / edited by Iain J.M. Robertson.Farnham, Surrey, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2012.
GN380 .I357 2012Indigenous Peoples, Poverty, and Development [Electronic book]. / Edited by Gillette H. Hall, Harry Anthony Patrinos.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
GN547 .O88 2012Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People [electronic resource].Oxford University Press USA 2012.
GN799.A4 J66 2012ebManure matters [electronic resource] : historical, archaeological and ethnographic perspectives / edited by Richard Jones.Farnham, Surrey, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2012.
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