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Call numberTitlePublisher
B105.P53 T75 2012The memory of place : a phenomenology of the uncanny / Dylan Trigg.Athens : Ohio University Press, c2012.
B944.P72 P725 2012Pragmatism and diversity : Dewey in the context of late twentieth century debates / edited by Stefan Neubert, Kersten Reich, and Judith M. Green.New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
B2798 .S84 2011Inspirations from Kant : essays / Leslie Stevenson.New York : Oxford University Press, 2011.
B2799.E8 W26 2012Kant, Schopenhauer and morality : recovering the categorical imperative / Mark Thomas Walker.Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
B3148 .C635 2012A Companion to Schopenhauer [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
BF321 .P67 2011Attention in a social world / Michael I. Posner.New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2011.
BF713 .T487 2011Developmental Psychology in Historical Perspective [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
BJ1451 .S67 2012Relative justice : cultural diversity, free will, and moral responsibility / Tamler Sommers.Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2012.
BJ1475 .O95 2011The moral dimensions of empathy : limits and applications in ethical theory and practice / Julinna C. Oxley.Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
BL238 .B74 2012Fundamentalism : prophecy and protest in the age of globalization / Torkel Brekke.New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BV3678.5 .K564 2011Food for the flames : idols and missionaries in central Polynesia / David Shaw King photography by Brian Carlson foreword by David Attenborough.San Francisco : Beak Press, c2011.
BX4705.G8 A3 2012ebThe prison narratives of Jeanne Guyon [electronic resource] / [translated by] Ronney Mourad and Dianne Guenin-Lelle.New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.
CD973.D3 D54 2011A different kind of Web : new connections between archives and our users / edited by Kate Theimer.Chicago : Society of American Archivists, c2011.
CD977 .I22 2011I, digital : personal collections in the digital era / edited by Christopher A. Lee.Chicago : Society of American Archivists, 2011.
CD3021 .W36 2011Waldo Gifford Leland and the origins of the American archival profession / edited with an introduction by Peter J. Wosh.Chicago : Society of American Archivists, c2011.
D24 .H54 2012Historical disasters in context : science, religion, and politics / edited by Andrea Janku, Gerrit Jasper Schenk, and Franz Mauelshagen.New York : Routledge, 2012.
D748 .C67 2012Roosevelt's lost alliances : how personal politics helped start the Cold War / Frank Costigliola.Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2012.
D756.5.M35 C37 2012The Santa Marija convoy : faith and endurance in wartime Malta, 1940-1942 / Dennis A. Castillo.Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2012.
DC611.P964 P4536 2011Peiresc's History of Provence : antiquarianism and the discovery of a Medieval Mediterrranean / Peter N. Miller.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, c2011.
DP302.B46 C37213 2011The selected essays of Julio Caro Baroja / edited and with an introduction by Jesus Azcona translated by Robert Forstag.Reno : Center for Basque Studies, University of Nevada, c2011.
DP302.B53 W37 2011War, exile, justice, and everyday life, 1936-1946 / edited by Sandra Ott.Reno : Center for Basque Studies, University of Nevada, c2011.
DS326 .P68 2011The Persian Gulf : tradition and transformation / by Lawrence G. Potter.New York : Foreign Policy Association, c2011.
E183 .F55 2011Fairness and Freedom [electronic resource] : a History of Two Open Societies.Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2012.
E278.R63 M39 2011Treason on trial in revolutionary Pennsylvania : the case of John Roberts, miller / David W. Maxey.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 2011.
E846 .C59 2012A Companion to Lyndon B. Johnson [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
GB1227.E58 C73 2011Finding the river : an environmental history of the Elwha / Jeff Crane.Corvallis : Oregon State University Press, c2011.
GC1556 .S26 1973Santa Barbara Channel region revisited : 1973 annual meeting AAPG, SEPM, SEG.[S.l. : s.n., 1973?]
GE140 .E266 2011The economics of land degradation : toward an integrated global assessment / Ephraim Nkonya ... [et al.].Frankfurt am Main : Lang, 2011.
GN564.A53 S39 2011An ethnography of feeding, perception, and place in the Peruvian Andes (where hungry spirits bring illness and wellbeing) / Marieka Sax with a foreword by Peter Gose.Lewiston, N.Y. : Edwin Mellen Press, c2011.
GV706.4 .B44 2011Behavioral sport psychology : evidence-based approaches to performance enhancement / James K. Luiselli, Derek D. Reed, editors.New York : Springer, c2011.
GV706.4 .P638 2012Professional practice in sport psychology : a review / edited by Sheldon Hanton and Stephen D. Mellalieu.Abingdon, Oxon New York : Routledge, c2012.
GV706.7 .S655 2012Sport, violence and society / Kevin Young.London New York : Routledge, 2012.
GV955.5.N37 E26 2012The economics of the National Football League : the state of the art / Kevin G. Quinn, editor.New York [NY] : Springer, 2012.
HB172.5 .G623 2012The stock-flow consistent approach : selected writings of Wynne Godley / edited by Marc Lavoie and Gennaro Zezza.Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
HB235.E18 C66 2011Commodity prices and markets / edited by Takatoshi Ito and Andrew K. Rose.Chicago London : The University of Chicago Press, 2011.
HB3717 2008 .L43 2012Learning from the global financial crisis : creatively, reliably, and sustainably / edited by Paul Shrivastava and Matt Statler.Stanford, California : Stanford Business Books, an imprint of Stanford University Press, 2012.
HC79.E5 E2778 2011The economics of climate change : adaptations past and present / edited by Gary D. Libecap and Richard H. Steckel.Chicago London : The University of Chicago Press, 2011.
HC120.E5 M23 1991The politics of pollution / Doug Macdonald.Toronto : McClelland & Stewart, c1991.
HD30.2 .F574 2012Knowledge Automation [electronic resource] : How to Implement Decision Management in Business Processes.Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
HD76 .M444 2012The megarhetorics of global development / edited by Rebecca Dingo & J. Blake Scott.Pittsburgh, Pa. : University of Pittsburgh Press, c2012.
HD78 .U544 2011Understanding long-run economic growth : geography, institutions, and the knowledge economy / edited by Dora L. Costa and Naomi R. Lamoreaux.Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2011.
HD2073 .B57 2011The political economy of agricultural policy reform in India : fertilizers and electricity for irrigation / Regina Birner, Surupa Gupta, and Neeru Sharma.Washington, D.C. : International Food Policy Research Institute, c2011.
HD2899 .I5155 2012India : acquiring its way to a global footprint / edited by Suseela Yesudian.Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
HD9000.4 .S34 2011Safeguarding food security in volatile global markets / edited by Adam Prakash.Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2011.
HD9755 .O67 no.1The rush to LIFO : is it always good for wood products companies? / by Douglas B. McCulley and Robert E. Shirley.[Corvallis, Or. : Oregon State University, School of Business, 1974?]
HD9755 .O67 no.2Accounting and financial management in the forest products industries : a guide to the published literature / by Robert E. Shirley and Steven D. Nielson.Corvalis, Or. : School of Business, Oregon State University, 1975.
HD9755 .O67 no.2 suppl.Accounting and financial management in the forest products industries : a supplement to the second monograph, a guide to the published literature, June 1975 / by Robert E. Shirley and Steven D. Nielson.[Corvalis, Ore. : School of Business, Oregon State University], 1977.
HD9755 .O67 no.3A decision framework for trading lumber futures / by Hal K. Kingslien and Robert O. McMahon.Corvallis : Oregon State University, School of Business, 1975.
HD9755 .O67 no.4Capital gains tax treatment in the forest products industries : a partial analysis of section 631 (a) of the Internal revenue code : two papers / by James O. Estes and Thomas R. Johnson, and Robert M. Wynhausen.Corvallis : Oregon State University, School of Business, 1976.
HD9755 .O67 no.5Measurement difficulties in the log conversion process / by G. Robert Brian ... [et al.].[Corvallis, Or.] : School of Business, Oregon State Universiy, 1977.
HD9755 .O67 no.6Capital budgeting practices in the forest products industry / by Jack C. Bailes, James F. Nielsen and Steve Wendell.[Corvallis, Ore.] : School of Business, Oregon State University, 1978.
HD9755 .O67 no.7A reporting and control system for wood products futures trading activities / by William A. Pass, Gregg L. McKee, Jr., and Robert E. Shirley.Corvallis, Or. : Oregon State University, School of Business, 1978.
HD9755 .O67 no.8Selected issues of financial accounting and reporting for timber / David A. Dietzler and Charles A. Neyhart, Jr.Corvallis : Oregon State University, School of Business, c1978.
HD9755 .O67 no.9Pool log transfer system / by Gary R. Norton and Dennis T. Pixton.Corvallis : School of Business, Oregon State University, 1979.
HD9755 .O67 no.10Fundamentals of financing major timber acquisitions / Bruce P. Nolop and George E. Williamson.[Corvallis] : School of Business, Oregon State University, c1980.
HD9755 .O67 no.11LIFO inventories in the forest products industry / by Thomas R. Johnson, Arthur Andersen & Co.[Corvallis [Or.] : School of Business, Oregon State University, 1980.
HD9755 .O67 no.12Accounting treatment for wood products futures trading activities / William A. Pass, Gregg L. McKee.Corvallis, Or. : Oregon State University, School of Business, 1980.
HE582 .B56 2012The Blackwell Companion to Maritime Economics [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
HF5415.12.C8 M67 2012Marketing without advertising : brand preference and consumer choice in Cuba / Emilio Morales and Joseph L. Scarpaci.New York : Routledge, 2012.
HG925 .M6598 2011The monetary policy of the ECB, 2011.Frankfurt am Main : European Central Bank, c2011.
HG4027.7 B76 2012Building a Small Business that Warren Buffett Would Love [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
HG4529.5 .D384 2012Behavioral investment management : an efficient alternative to modern portfolio theory / Greg B. Davies, Arnaud de Servigny.New York : McGraw-Hill, c2012.
HG4636 .N49 2012ebNew perspectives on asset price bubbles [electronic resource] : theory, evidence and policy / edited by Douglas D. Evanoff, George G. Kaufman and A.G. Malliaris.New York : Oxford University Press, 2012.
HG4638 .T458 2012Bloomberg Visual Guide to Candlestick Charting [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
HM841 .M54 2011Migrating music / edited by Jason Toynbee and Byron Dueck.Abingdon, Oxon New York : Routledge, 2011.
HM1166 .P67 2012The positive side of interpersonal communication / edited by Thomas J. Socha, Margaret Jane Pitts.New York : Peter Lang, c2012.
HQ23 .B56 2012Straight : the surprisingly short history of heterosexuality / Hanne Blank.Boston : Beacon Press, c2012.
HQ784.P5 B56 2012The crucible of consent : American child rearing and the forging of liberal society / James E. Block.Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2012.
HQ999.F7 G47 2012Bastards : politics, family, and law in early modern France / Matthew Gerber.New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.
HQ1225 .L412 2010The Eternal woman : the timeless meaning of the feminine / Gertrud von le Fort translated by Marie Cecilia Buehrle forward to the new edition by Alice von Hildebrand.San Francisco : Ignatius Press, c2010.
HQ1725.5 .D68 2011The shackles of modernity : women, property, and the transition from the Ottoman Empire to the Greek state (1750-1850) / by Evdoxios Doxiadis.Cambridge, Mass. : Dept. of the Classics, Harvard University : Distributed by Harvard University Press, 2011.
HQ1816.5 .D39 2012Gender and power in Sierra Leone : women chiefs of the last two centuries / Lynda Day.New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
HV7432 .C66 2011Controlling crime : strategies and tradeoffs / edited by Philip J. Cook, Jens Ludwig, and Justin McCrary.Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2011, 2011.
K3611 .I5 N44 2012Self-Determination, Dignity and End-of-Life Care [electronic resource] : Regulating Advance Directives in International and Comparative Perspective.Leiden : BRILL, 2012.
KF352 .W48 2012Law in American history [electronic resource] : from the Colonial years through the Civil War / g. Edward White.Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2012.
KF4541The Revolutionary Constitution [electronic resource].Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2011.
KF4600 .R93 2011Federalism and the tug of war within / Erin Ryan.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, c2011.
Kindle eBookKaplan 101 new GRE verbal practice questions [electronic resource].New York : Kaplan Pub., c2011.
Kindle eBookCracking the new GRE [electronic resource] / [by Doug Pierce] the staff of the Princeton Review.New York : Random House, c2011.
Kindle eBookReal marriage [electronic resource] : the truth about sex, friendship, and life together / Mark and Grace Driscoll.Nashville, Tenn. : Thomas Nelson, c2012.
Kindle eBookThe state of determination [electronic resource] / Aaron J. Nicholson.Eugene, Or. : Resource Publications, c2012.
Kindle eBook11/22/63 [electronic resource] : a novel / Stephen King.New York : Scribner, 2011.
KKW125 .T485 2012Lords' rights and peasant stories : writing and the formation of tradition in the later Middle Ages / Simon Teuscher translated by Philip Grace.Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, c2012.
KNC572 .P488 2012A Selective Approach to Establishing a Human Rights Mechanism in Southeast Asia [electronic resource] : the Case for a Southeast Asian Court of Human Rights.Leiden : BRILL, 2012.
KTL42.R58 B76 2012Saving Nelson Mandela [electronic resource] : the Rivonia Trial and the Fate of South Africa.Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2012.
LB885.P47 A3 2012Educational philosophy and politics : the selected works of Michael A. Peters / Michael A. Peters.Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon New York : Routlede, 2012.
LB2341 .T86 2012Turnaround leadership : deans of color as change agents / Edited by Olga M. Welch.New York : PETER LANG, [2012]
LC65 .S865 2012Surviving economic crises through education / edited by David R. Cole.New York : P. Lang, c2012.
LC149 .L511 2011Literacy promises / co-editors, Timothy Morrison, Linda Martin, Merry Boggs, Susan Szabo Leslie Haas, editorial assistant.Louisville, KY : Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers, c2011.
LC197 .K65 2012Feminisms and educational research / Wendy Kohli and Nicholas C. Burbules.Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2012.
LC212.83.G7 S28 2011Approaches to gender and spoken classroom discourse / Helen Sauntson.Basingstoke, Hampshire New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
LC311 .T435 2012Teaching with reverence : reviving an ancient virtue for today's schools / [edited by] A.G. Rud and Jim Garrison.New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
LC1024.G7 M66 2012Knowledge transfer in higher education : collaboration in the arts and humanities / Lisa Mooney Smith.Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
LC2717 .P75 2012Culturally relevant teaching : hip-hop pedagogy in urban schools / Darius D. Prier.New York : Peter Lang, c2012.
LD2523.I33 C66 2012A community of scholars : impressions of the Institute for Advanced Study / with photographs by Serge J-F. Levy.Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2012.
M1.M69 G76 1982Grosse Messe [sound recording] : c-moll, KV 427 / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, p1982.
M1.R38 B65 1983Bolero [sound recording] Alborada del gracioso Rapsodie espagnole La valse / Ravel.London, England : London, p1983.
M1.2.B23 S95 H.657-662, 1986Symphonies for strings, Wq 182 [sound recording] = Die Sinfonien fur Streicher = Symphonies pour Orchestre a cordes / Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.Hamburg : Archiv Produktion, p1980.
M1.2.G68 R64 1984Romeo et Juliette [sound recording] / Gounod.[France?] : EMI, p1984.
M3.M9 A42 1985Sonatas for fortepiano and violin [sound recording] : Late Viennese sonatas / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.Los Angeles, Calif. : Nonesuch, p1985.
M3.1.C37 B6 1990Concerto pour hautbois Esprit rude/esprit doux A mirror on which to dwell Penthode [sound recording] / Elliott Carter.[France] : Erato, p1990.
M3.1.F38 M37 1982Suite "Pelleas et Melisande" [sound recording] : op. 80 Pavane, op. 50 Fantaisie pour flute, op. 79 Suite "Masques et bergamasques" : op. 112 / Gabriel Faure.London, England : Argo, [1984?], p1982.
M3.1.H357 S96 1990Symphony no. 3 [sound recording] Fantasy variations on a theme of youth Symphony no. 6 / Howard Hanson.Hollywood, CA : Delos : Distributed in North America by A & M Records, p1990.
M3.1 .H36 1991Symphony no. 4, op. 34 [sound recording] : "Requiem" Serenade for flute, harp and strings, op. 35 Lament for Beowulf : op. 25 Pastorale for oboe, harp and strings, op. 38 Suite from the opera "Merry Mount" : op. 31 / Howard Hanson.Hollywood, CA : Delos : Distributed by A & M Records, p1991.
M3.1.L88 L88 1992Konzert fur Klavier und Orchester = Piano concerto = Concerto pour piano Chain 3 Novelette [sound recording] / Witold Lutoslawski.Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, p1992.
M3.1.P68 C66 1986Concerto pour 2 pianos et orchestre en re mineur Concerto pour piano Aubade [sound recording] / Francis Poulenc.Paris : Erato, p1986.
M3.1.S77 S9 1987Symphonia domestica op. 53 [sound recording] Till Eulenspiegel : symphonic poem, op. 28 2 songs / Richard Strauss.Colchester, England : Chandos, p1987.
M5.G35 C4 1986The classical James Galway [sound recording].New York : RCA Red Seal, [1986]
M21.C25 I5 1984In concert 1984. Volume two [sound recording].Wyastone Leys, Monmouth, Great Britain : Nimbus, [1985], p1984.
M22.B11 T63 1987The toccatas & inventions [sound recording] / Bach.New York, N.Y. : CBS Records Masterworks, p1987.
M22.C46 Z56 19884 Balladen [sound recording] Barcarolle Fantasie / Chopin.Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, p1988.
M22.D28 P74 1980Preludes, book II Images : book II [sound recording] / Claude Debussy.[Baarn, The Netherlands] : Philips, [1987]
M22.R12 A8 198524 preludes Sonata no. 2 [sound recording] / Rachmaninov.London : London, [1985], p1976, p1982.
M22.S25 T7 19843 gymnopedies & other piano works [sound recording] = et d'autres oeuvres de piano / Satie.London : London, p1984.
M22.S275 A6 1988Piano music [sound recording] / Erik Satie.[Barcelona] : Ensayo, [1988?]
M23.H416 P5 1987Piano music [sound recording] / Joseph Haydn.New York, N.Y. : Elektra/Nonesuch, p1987.
M24.L57 A5 1984Annees de pelerinage [sound recording] : Suisse / Liszt.London : London, p1984.
M175.X6 B37 1990Marimba en concert [sound recording].Donneloye, Switzerland : Gallo N.Y. : Dist[ributed] by Qualiton Imports, p1990.
M178 .D4 1985Chamber music [sound recording] / Claude Debussy.London, England : Chandos, p1985.
M207.G47 S44 1988The legendary transcriptions of Percy Grainger [sound recording] / Gershwin.Universal City, Calif. : MCA Classics, p1988.
M218.H45 M8 1988Music of France [sound recording] / Heifetz.New York, N.Y. : RCA Victor, c1988.
M219.C78 S6 1990Sonata for violin and piano Vitebsk, study on a Jewish theme, for piano trio piano quartet [sound recording] / Copland.Ocean, N.J. : Amreco, p1990.
M225.B36 S3 1990Schubert, Schumann, Bruch, Enesco [sound recording].New York, N.Y. : RCA Victor, p1990.
M242.G72 P6 1985Carol Wincenc [sound recording].New York, N.Y. : Nonesuch, p1985.
M249 .V35 1987Presenting Joaquin Valdepenas, clarinet [with] Patricia Parr, piano [sound recording].[Canada] : Musica Viva, p1987.
M312.B8 R285 1987Trio in B, op. 8 [sound recording] Trio in C, op. 87 / Brahms.New York, NY : RCA Red Seal : Distributed by BMG Music, p1987.
M312.S38 T7 1985Trios for piano, violin, and cello [sound recording] / Franz Schubert.[Baarn, The Netherlands] : Philips [Hanover, West Germany] : Manufactured by PolyGram, p1985.
M320.B37 C66 1990Contrasts [sound recording] / Bartok. Largo Songs / Ives. L'histoire du soldat : suite / Stravinsky.New York, NY : RCA Victor Red Seal, p1990.
M412 .B81 1986The Brahms piano quartets [sound recording].New York : Arabesque Recordings, p1986.
M451.S563 S5 1985String quartet in A minor [sound recording] String quartet in B flat major, op. 4 / Jean Sibelius.Helsinki : Finlandia Records, p1985.
M452.B37 S87 1988Streichquartette [sound recording] = String quartets = Quatuors a cordes / Bela Bartok.Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, p1988.
M452.H39 H. III, 57-62, 1985Six string quartets, op. 54/55 [sound recording] / Joseph Haydn.[Hungary] : Hungaroton, p1985.
M452.S38 D173 1988Quartet no. 9 in G minor, D. 173 (op. posth.) Quartet no. 13 in A minor, D. 804 (op. 29) [sound recording] / Schubert.New York, N.Y. : RCA Victor Red Seal, p1988.
M459.S38 S6Staendchen for tuba quartet / Franz Schubert arr., David LeClair.Crans-Montana, Switzerland : Editions Marc Reift, c1994.
M557.2 .D8Amalgamation : two pieces for saxophone quintet / by Martin Drechsler.[S.l.] : Martin Drechsler, c1982.
M1000.C6 L5 1987Lincoln portrait & other works [sound recording] / Aaron Copland.Cleveland, Ohio : Telarc, p1987.
M1000.D4 B44 1987Beecham conducts Delius [sound recording].Hayes, Middlesex, England : EMI, [1987], p1985.
M1000 .G75 1986Norwegische Tanze, op. 35 Lyrische Suite, op. 54 Symphonische Tanze, op. 64 [sound recording] / Edvard Grieg.Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, p1986.
M1000.K9 O788 1985Orchestral spectaculars [sound recording].Cleveland, Ohio : Telarc, p1985.
M1000.N53 S95 1986Symphony no. 4, op. 29 Helios overture, op.17 [sound recording] / Carl Nielsen.New York : CBS Records, p1986.
M1000.S152 D8 1986Carnaval des animaux [sound recording] Phaeton Le rouet d'Omphale Danse macabre / Saint-Saens.London : London, [1986?]
M1000.S358 C42 1991Chamber concerto IV Souvenir Cycles & gongs Extended clarinet Chamber concerto II [sound recording] / Elliott Schwartz.New York, N.Y. : CRI, p1991.
M1001 .B78 no. 6, 1980Symphonie No. 6 [sound recording] / Anton Bruckner.Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, p1980.
M1001 .C44 op.58, 1988Manfred symphony [sound recording] : op. 58 / Tchaikovsky.New York, N.Y. : London, p1988.
M1001 .C68 no.1Symphony no. 1 [sound recording] / John Corigliano.Germany : Erato, p1991.
M1001.F73 S96 1982Symphonie d-moll [sound recording] / Cesar Franck. Le Rouet d'Omphale op. 31 / Camille Saint-Saens.Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, c1982.
M1001 .H4 H. I, 1-5, 1989Symphonies 1-5 [sound recording] / Haydn.Colchester, England : Chandos, c1989.
M1001.H415 M6 1973"Morning", "Noon" & "Evening" symphonies [sound recording] / Haydn.New York, N.Y. : London Records, [1989], p1973.
M1001 .H78 no.2, 1973Symphony no. 2 Symphony no. 3 : "Liturgique" [sound recording] / Arthur Honegger.Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, [1982?], p1973.
M1001 .N52 op.7, S25, 1987Symphony no. 1, op. 7, G minor = g-Moll = sol mineur Little suite : A minor = Kleine Suite : a-Moll = Petite suite : la mineur : op. 1 [sound recording] / Carl Nielsen.New York, N.Y. : CBS Masterworks, p1987.
M1001.R33 S96 no.2, 1991Symphony no. 2, op. 27 [sound recording] / Serge Rachmaninoff.New York : Philips, p1991.
M1001 .S537 no. 3, 1984Symphony Nr. 3 C maj op. 52 [sound recording] Suite from "King Kristian II" / Jean Sibelius.Djursholm, Sweden : BIS N[ew] Y[ork] : Dist. by Qualiton Imports Ltd., p1984.
M1001 .S56 op.113, C66, 1986Symphony no. 13 [sound recording] : "Babi Yar" / Shostakovich.London, England : London, The Decca Record Company, Limited, [1986], p1984.
M1001.T33 S95 1986Symphony no. 5, op. 64 [sound recording] The voyevode : op. 78 / Tchaikovsky.New York, N.Y. : CBS Masterworks, p1986.
M1001 .T35 op.13, 1985Symphony no. 1 in G minor op. 13 [sound recording] : Winter daydreams / Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky.London, England : Chandos, p1985.
M1001.W15 S1 1987Symphony no. 1 (in Bb minor = en si bemol) Crown imperial Orb & sceptre [sound recording] / Walton.Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. : Telarc, p1987.
M1002.S56 K85 1986Kullervo [sound recording] : op. 7 / Jean Sibelius.Djursholm, Sweden : Bis, p1986.
M1002.S91 A4, R43, 1986Also sprach Zarathustra [sound recording] Le bourgeois gentilhomme suite Der Rosenkavalier waltzes / Strauss.New York : RCA Red Seal, p1986.
M1003.S52 L45 1985The Lemminkainen suite [sound recording] : op. 22 / Jean Sibelius.[Djursholm, Sweden] : BIS, p1985.
M1003.T45 W37 1984Wassermusik [sound recording] : Hamburger Ebb' und Flut = Water music = Musique sur l'Eau 3 Konzerte = 3 concertos / Georg Philipp Telemann.Hamburg : Archiv Produktion, p1984.
M1004.B47 O93 19825 overtures [sound recording] / Berlioz.London, England : Chandos, p1982.
M1004.M93 O847 1983Overtures [sound recording] / Mozart.Hayes, Middlesex, England : EMI, p1983 ([New York] : BMG Direct)
M1004.R36 U3 1988The birds [sound recording] Ancient airs and dances / Respighi.New York, N.Y. : Omega Record Classics, p1988.
M1004.R688 06 19817 overtures [sound recording] / Rossini.London : London, p1981.
M1004.S86 O93 1985Overtures [sound recording] / Franz von Suppe.London, England : London, p1985.
M1010 .C37 C66 1986Piano concerto Variations for orchestra [sound recording] / Elliott Carter.New York, NY : New World Records, p1986.
M1010 .M939 K.537, P5, 1984Concerto no. 26 for piano [sound recording] = Klavier & orchestra, K. 537 : ("Coronation") Rondo for piano and orchestra, K. 382 : Allegretto grazioso Rondo for piano = Klavier & orchestra, K. 386 : Allegretto / Mozart.New York, N.Y. : CBS Records, c1984.
M1010.S2 A2, R6, 19865 piano concertos [sound recording] / Saint-Saens.[New York] : London London : Decca, [1986]
M1012 .B78 op.26, 1987Concerto no. 1 Scottish fantasy / Bruch. Concerto no. 5 / Vieuxtemps [sound recording].New York, NY : RCA Red Seal, p1987.
M1012 .G65 no. 1, 1987Concerto no. 1 in A minor [sound recording] / Goldmark. Concerto in D / Korngold.[United States] : EMI, p1987.
M1012 .S56 op.47, 1980Violin concerto in D minor, op. 47 / Sibelius. Suite for violin and orchestra in a minor, op. 10 / Sinding [sound recording].Hayes, Middlesex : EMI, [1988?] p1980.
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