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Call numberTitlePublisher
A 101.2:C 28/3 XCatfish 2010. Part III, Changes in catfish health and production practices in the United States, 2002-09.Fort Collins, CO : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Veterinary Services, National Animal Health Monitoring System, [2011]
A 101.47:C 43 XHighlights of health and management practices on breeder chicken farms in the United States, 2010.Fort Collins, CO : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Veterinary Services, Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health, [2011]
A 101.47:P 86/3 XHighlights of structure of the U.S. poultry industry, 2010.Fort Collins, CO : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Veterinary Services, Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health, [2011]
B765.T54 O94 2012The Oxford handbook of Aquinas / edited by Brian Davies and Eleonore Stump.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.
B1131 .C67 2011Regimens of the mind : Boyle, Locke, and the early modern cultura animi tradition / Sorana Corneanu.Chicago London : The University of Chicago Press, 2011.
B2137 .K46 2012Rousseau in drag : deconstructing gender / Rosanne Terese Kennedy.New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
B3279.H49 V283 2012Heidegger and the romantics : the literary invention of meaning / Pol Vandevelde.New York : Routledge, 2012.
B4373.P453 K56 2012Reasonableness of faith : a study of Kierkegaard's Philosophical fragments / Tony Kim.New York : Peter Lang, c2012.
BF173.F85 A4 2012The letters of Sigmund Freud and Otto Rank : inside psychoanalysis / edited by E. James Lieberman and Robert Kramer letters translated by Gregory C. Richter..Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, c2012.
BF201 .C68 2012Harmony, perspective and triadic cognition / Norman D. Cook.New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BF295 .M36 2007Motor learning and control : concepts and applications / Richard A. Magill.Boston : McGraw-Hill, c2007.
BF321 .A832 2011The neuroscience of attention : attentional control and selection / edited by George R. Mangun.New York : Oxford University Press, c2011.
BF357 .M546 2011Mimesis and science : empirical research on imitation and the mimetic theory of culture and religion / edited by Scott R. Garrels.East Lansing : Michigan State University Press, c2011.
BF683 .P7 v.55Cognition in education / edited by Jose P. Mestre, Brian H. Ross.San Diego, CA : Elsevier/Academic Press, c2011.
BJ1476 .A45 2012Ancient forgiveness : classical, Judaic, and Christian / edited by Charles L. Griswold, David Konstan.New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BL1215.M87 B43 2012Sonic liturgy : ritual and music in Hindu tradition / Guy L. Beck.Columbia : University of South Carolina Press, c2012.
BL1283.855.P33 2011Tantric Mantras [electronic resource] : Studies on Mantrasastra.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
BT50 .A835 2011Rationality and religious commitment / Robert Audi.New York : Oxford University Press, c2011.
BX1784 .C42 2011Catholicism and Interreligious Dialogue [electronic resource].Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2011.
D767 .H344 2012Admiral Nimitz : the commander of the Pacific Ocean theater / Brayton Harris.New York City : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
D805.G3 R43213 2012My stripes were earned in hell : a French resistance fighter's memoir of survival in a Nazi prison camp / Jean-Pierre Renouard translated by Mimi Horne.Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2012.
D 101.60/2:1950Tailored training in Army courses / Jean L. Dyer, Richard L. Wampler, Paul N. Blankenbeckler.[Arlington, Va.] : U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, [2011]
D 101.60/2:1952Measuring noncommissioned officer knowledge and experience to enable tailored training / Peter S. Schaefer, Paul N. Blankenbeckler, Christopher J. Brogdon.[Arlington, Va.] : U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, [2011]
D 101.60/2:1953Measuring officer knowledge and experience to enable tailored training / Peter S. Schaefer, Paul N. Blackenbeckler, John J. Lipinski.[Arlington, Va.] : U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, [2011]
D 101.60/4:1278A developmental model of cross-cultural competence at the tactical level / Michael J. McCloskey ... [et al.].Arlington, Va. : U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, [2010]
D 101.60/4:1295Army officer job analysis : identifying performance requirements to inform officer selection and assignment / Cheryl Paullin ... [et al.].Arlington, Va. : U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, [2011]
D 101.60/4:1296Tier one performance screen initial operational test and evaluation : 2010 annual report / Deirdre J. Knapp (ed.), Tonia S. Heffner (ed.).[Arlington, Va.] : U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, [2011]
D 101.60/4:1297Designing adaptive instructional environments : insights from empirical evidence / Paula J. Durlach, Jessica M. Ray.[Arlington, Va.] : U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, [2011]
D 101.60/4:1298Criterion-related validity of non-cognitive screening measures among soldiers with enlistment waivers / Matthew S. Fleisher, Dan J. Putka, Douglas J. Dressel.[Arlington, Va.] : U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, [2011]
D 101.60/4:1299Training capabilities of wearable and desktop simulator interfaces / Grant S. Taylor, John S. Barnett.[Arlington, Va.] : U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, [2011]
D 101.60/5:2011-06/Host-nation operations [electronic resource] : Soldier Training on Governance (HOST-G) training tools and job aids / Trevor M. Conrad ... [et al.].Alexandria, Va. : U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, [2011]
D 101.60/6:70Select for success : a toolset for enhancing soldier accessioning / Tonia S. Heffner, Roy C. Campbell, Fritz Drasgow.Arlington, VA : U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, [2011]
DA562Eminent Victorians on American Democracy [electronic resource].Oxford : OUP Oxford, 2011.
DK258 .R68 2012Alix and Nicky : the passion of the last tsar and tsarina / Virginia Rounding.New York : St. Martin's Press, 2012.
DK268.5 .D38 2011Showcasing the Great Experiment [electronic resource] : Cultural Diplomacy and Western Visitors to the Soviet Union, 1921-1941.Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2011.
E59.F53 W55 2011Of cannibals and kings : primal anthropology in the Americas / Neil L. Whitehead.University Park, Pa. : Pennsylvania State University Press, c2011.
F876 .O74 2008The Oregon encyclopedia [electronic resource].[Portland, Or.] : Portland State University, 2008-
G73Teaching Geographic Information Science and Technology in Higher Education [electronic resource].Chicester : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
GE105 .G563 2012Global Environmental Issues [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
GT3021.C6 B46 2011Golden-silk smoke : a history of tobacco in China, 1550-2010 / Carol Benedict.Berkeley : University of California Press, c2011.
GV721.6 .W46 2011Tarnished rings : the International Olympic Committee and the Salt Lake City bid scandal / Stephen Wenn, Robert Barney, Scott Martyn.Syracuse, N.Y. : Syracuse University Press, 2011.
H62 .R44719 2012Research beyond borders : multidisciplinary reflections / edited by Lise-Helene Smith and Anjana Narayan.Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2012.
HB501 .D4 2011Cliques and capitalism : a modern networked theory of the firm / Deborah E. De Lange.New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
HB884.5 .M25 1991A global population policy to advance human development in the 21st century / by Robert S. McNamara.New York : Rafael M. Salas Memorial Lecture, United Nations, [1991]
HC412.S59444 2010South-South Globalization [electronic resource] : Challenges and Opportunities for Development.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
HD31 .H253 2012What Matters Now [electronic resource] : How to Win in a World of Relentless Change, Ferocious Competition, and Unstoppable Innovation.Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
HD31 .M437 2012Management and Organization Theory [electronic resource] : a Jossey-Bass Reader.Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
HD62.6 .R68 2012The Non Nonprofit [electronic resource] : For-Profit Thinking for Nonprofit Success.Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
HD69.P75 C384 2011Second Order Project Management [electronic resource].Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2012.
HD4905 .C66 2012Commitment to work and job satisfaction : studies of work orientations / edited by Bengt Furaker, Kristina Hakansson, and Jan Ch. Karlsson.New York : Routledge, 2012.
HD7125 .S327 2012The Predictable Surprise [electronic resource] : the Unraveling of the U.S. Retirement System.Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2012.
HD9560.5 .P236 2011Vultures' picnic : a Greg Palast investigation / by Greg Palast.New York : Dutton, c2011.
HD9715.A2Becoming a Construction Manager [electronic resource].Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
HF5415.157 .A33 2012Good products, bad products : essential elements to achieving superior quality / James L. Adams.New York : McGraw-Hill, c2012.
HF5827.9 .A25 2012Swift viewing : the popular life of subliminal influence / Charles R. Acland.Durham [N.C.] : Duke University Press, 2012.
HG4028.V3 A94 2012Valuing an entrepreneurial enterprise / David B. Audretsch and Albert N. Link.New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.
HG4529.5The Complete Guide to Portfolio Construction and Management [electronic resource].New York : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.
HG6024.A3 C48535 2011Competitive strategy : options and games / Benoit Chevalier-Roignant, Lenos Trigeorgis.Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2011.
HG9986 .B53 1990Blasting damage and other structural cracking : a guide for adjusters and engineers / prepared by Property Claim Services and Engineering and Safety Service of American Insurance Services Group.New York : American Insurance Services Group, Inc., 1990.
HM585.B56 2011Bruno Latour [electronic resource] : Hybrid Thoughts in a Hybrid World.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
HM741.N68 2008Relationship Economics [electronic resource] : Transform Your Most Valuable Business Contacts Into Personal and Professional Success.Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2008.
HM1106 .J43 2011Affinographs : a dynamic method for assessment of individuals, couples, families, and households / Davor Jedlicka.New York : Springer, c2011.
HQ77.8.L63 L63 2012A strange sort of being : the transgender life of Lucy Ann/Joseph Israel Lobdell, 1829-1912 / Bambi L. Lobdell.Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., c2012.
HQ247.A5 K68 2012Occupying power : sex workers and servicemen in postwar Japan / Sarah Kovner.Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2012], 2012.
HQ759 .P485 2012Philosophical inquiries into pregnancy, childbirth, and mothering : maternal subjects / edited by Sheila Lintott and Maureen Sander-Staudt.New York : Routledge, 2012.
HQ767.15 .S383 2012Understanding abortion : from mixed feelings to rational thought / Stephen D. Schwarz with Kiki Latimer.Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2012.
HQ799.R95 S66 2012Stuck : Rwandan youth and the struggle for adulthood / Marc Sommers.Athens : University of Georgia Press [Washington, D.C.] : published in association with the United States Institute of Peace, c2012.
HQ799.7 .F69 2012Their highest vocation : social justice and the Millennial generation / Helen Fox.New York : Peter Lang, c2012.
HQ1075 .M373 2011Masculinity lessons : rethinking men's and women's studies / edited by James V. Catano and Daniel A. Novak.Baltimore, Md. : John Hopkins University Press, c2011.
HQ1181.U5 F47 2012Feminist solidarity at the crossroads : intersectional women's studies for transracial alliance / edited by Kim Marie Vaz and Gary L. Lemons.New York : Routledge, 2012.
HQ1613 .S53 2011Citoyennes : women and the ideal of citizenship in eighteenth-century France / Annie K. Smart.Newark : University of Delaware Press Lanham, Md. : Co-published with Rowman & Littlefield Pub. Group, c2011.
HT123 .B245 2012In the watches of the night : life in the nocturnal city, 1820-1930 / Peter C. Baldwin.Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2012.
HT168.N5 G73 2012The greatest grid : the master plan of Manhattan, 1811-2011 / edited by Hilary Ballon.New York : Columbia University Press, c2012.
HV2583 .R36 2011The people who spell : the last students from the Mexican National School for the Deaf / Claire L. Ramsey.Washington, DC : Gallaudet University Press, 2011.
I 19.127:2009-3056Water resources of Rapides Parish / by Jason M. Griffith in cooperation with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.[Baton Rouge, La.] : U.S. Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, [2011]
I 19.127:2009-3063Water resources of Ascension Parish / [by Jason M. Griffith and Robert B. Fendick] in cooperation with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.[Baton Rouge, La.] : U.S. Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, [2011]
I 19.127:2009-3064Water resources of St. Tammany Parish / [by Jason M. Griffith] in cooperation with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.Baton Rouge, La. : U.S. Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, [2011]
I 19.127:2009-3086Water resources of Ouachita Parish / [by Dan J. Tomaszewski, John K. Lovelace, and Jason M. Griffith] in cooperation with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.[Baton Rouge, La.] : U.S. Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, [2011]
I 19.127:2011-3087Water resources of Bossier Parish / [by Lawrence B. Prakken and Jason M. Griffith] in cooperation with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.[Reston, Va.] : U.S. Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, [2011]
JA71.G705 2011Dialectics and Contemporary Politics [electronic resource] : Critique and Transformation from Hegel through Post-Marxism.Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
JC573.2.U6 D75 2011American neoconservatism : the politics and culture of a reactionary idealism / Jean-Francois Drolet.New York : Columbia University Press, c2011.
JC596 .B37 2011Surveillance and Identity [electronic resource] : Discourse, Subjectivity and the State.Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2012.
JZ6374.S52 2011The Economics of UN Peacekeeping [electronic resource].Hoboken : Taylor & Francis, 2011.
Kindle eBookThe dread [electronic resource] / Gail Z. Martin.New York, NY : Orbit, c2012.
Kindle eBookThe handmaid's tale [electronic resource] / Margaret Atwood.Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1986.
Kindle eBookExtremely loud & incredibly close [electronic resource] / Jonathan Safran Foer.Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 2011, c2005.
Kindle eBookThe postman [electronic resource] / David Brin.New York : Bantam Books, 1997.
Kindle eBookThe light of other days [electronic resource] / Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter.New York : TOR, [2010]
Kindle eBookTime warrior [electronic resource] : how to defeat procrastination, people-pleasing, self-doubt, over-commitment, broken promises and chaos / Steve Chandler.Anna Maria, FL : Maurice Bassett, c2011.
KNC127 .C37 2012Grounds of judgment : extraterritoriality and imperial power in nineteenth-century China and Japan / Par Kristoffer Cassel.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.
LA230.5.M52 W44 2011Cultivating regionalism : higher education and the making of the American Midwest / Kenneth H. Wheeler.DeKalb : Northern Illinois University Press, c2011.
LA1134.H6 C498 2012A Chinese perspective on teaching and learning / [edited by] Betty C. Eng.New York, NY : Routledge, 2012.
LB1028 .Q357 2010Qualitative research methods in education / edited by Harry Torrance.London Thousand Oaks : SAGE, 2010.
LB1139.25 .D43 2009Planning and administering early childhood programs / Celia A. Decker ... [et al.].Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Merrill/Pearson Education, c2009.
LB2806.15 .W55 2011Curriculum development : a guide to practice / Jon W. Wiles, Joseph C. Bondi.Boston : Pearson, c2011.
LC67.6 .W37 2012Neoliberalism and the global restructuring of knowledge and education / Steven C. Ward.New York : Routledge, 2012.
LC191.4 .A763 2012Art and social justice education : culture as commons / edited by Therese Quinn, John Ploof, and Lisa Hochtritt.New York : Routledge, 2012.
LC196 .K44 2012Educating for diversity and social justice / Amanda Keddie.New York : Routledge, 2012.
LC212.93.A8 M37 2012Gender, race, and the politics of role modelling : the influence of male teachers / Wayne Martino and Goli Rezai-Rashti.New York : Routledge, 2012.
LC1011 .M75 2012Education and its discontents : teaching, the humanities, and the importance of a liberal education in the age of mass information / Mark Moss.Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2012.
LC2699 .E48 2012Education in the Black diaspora : perspectives, challenges, and prospects / edited by Kassie Freeman and Ethan Johnson.New York : Routledge, 2012.
LC5131 .T83 2012Urban youth and school pushout : gateways, get-aways, and the GED / Eve Tuck.New York : Routledge, 2012.
LC5800 .B35 2011Harmonizing global education : from Genghis Khan to Facebook / Jon Baggaley.New York : Routledge, 2011.
M3.1.M33 S9 1989Symphonie No. 6 [sound recording] Kindertotenlieder = Songs on the death of children / Gustav Mahler.Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, p1989.
M3.1.N36 O7 1991Orchestral, chamber, and piano music [sound recording] / Conlon Nancarrow.Ocean, NJ : MusicMasters : Distributed in the USA by BMG Music, p1991.
M7.M58 B3 1988Les corps glorieux [sound recording] Diptyque / Olivier Messiaen.London, England : Unicorn-Kanchana Records, p1988.
M11.M48 M4 1988Meditations sur le mystere de la Sainte Trinite [sound recording] L'Ascension Messe de la Pentecote / Olivier MessiaenLondon : Unicorn-Kanchana Records, p1988.
M21.S47 P4 1986Peter Serkin, piano [sound recording]. --New York, N.Y. : New World Records, p1986.
M22.N35 S88 1988Studies for player piano. Vol. V [sound recording] / Conlon Nancarrow.Mainz : Wergo, p1988.
M25.D289 E8 1987Etudes for piano, books I & II En blanc et noir [sound recording] / Claude Debussy.New York, N.Y. : Elektra Nonesuch, p1987.
M142.E4 J65 1985Magic touch [sound recording] / Stanley Jordan.[Hollywood, Calif.] : Blue Note, p1985.
M177 .B72 1989String quintet no. 2 in G major, op. 11[1] [sound recording] Quintet for clarinet and strings in B minor, op. 115 / Johannes Brahms.Hollywood, Calif. : Delos, p1989.
M178 .S7895 1987A song from the East [sound recording] : Russian and Hungarian music with guitar.New Rochelle, N.Y. : Bridge Records, p1987.
M211.M97 A98 1943Autumn nocturne : piano duet / Josef Myrow arranged by the composer.New York, N.Y. : Advanced Music Corp., c1943.
M222 .R44 1990French baroque miniatures for bassoon [sound recording].[Amsterdam] : Etcetera N[ew] Y[ork] : Dist. by Qualiton Imports, p1990.
M269.M42 P6Pleasant thoughts : solo for Eb alto saxophone / by T.L. Mesang.[Chicago, Ill.] : Chart Music Pub. House, c1954.
M308.V4 T7 1988Trios for violin, clarinet, and piano [sound recording].New York, N.Y. : Leonarda, p1988.
M351 .S6 op.134aErstes Trio fur zwei Violinen und Viola, op. 134a / Otto Siegl.Wien : Doblinger, 1969.
M362 .J48Trio C-moll fur Klarinette, Violine und Viola / Rudolf Jettel.Wien : Verlag Doblinger, [c1972]
M452.C37 A73 1988The works for string quartet [sound recording] / Elliott Carter.[Amsterdam, The Netherlands] : Etcetera N[ew] Y[ork] : Dist. by Qualiton Imports, p1988.
M585 .H26 op.3, no.3, 1997Adagio and allegro from Concerto grosso, op. 3, no. 3 for mallet percussion ensemble / G.F. Handel arranged by Jeffrey Peyton.Springfield, OR : Matrix Pub. Co., c1997.
M785.D92 P64Poeme heroique : opus 33 : 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, field drum / Marcel Dupre.New York, N.Y. : H.W. Gray Co., c1938.
M786.K92 L6 op.13Marche hongroise = Salut a Pesth, op. 13 / Henri Kowalski.Philadelphia : Theo Presser Co., [19--]
M957.A57 C6Concertino : voor fagot en blazersensemble / Jurriaan Andriessen.Amsterdam : Donemus New York : For U.S.A. and Canada, C.F. Peters Corp., [c1962]
M1000.G4 P7 1981Previn conducts Gershwin [sound recording] : Porgy and Bess Second rhapsody Cuban overture / George Gershwin.Hayes, Middlesex, England : EMI, 1981.
M1001 .B68 no.1Sinfonia 1 (1973) / Daniel Bortz.Stockholm : C. Gehrmans Musikforlag, c1974.
M1001 .M34 no. 1, 1984Symphony no. 1 [sound recording] / Mahler.London : London, p1984.
M1010 .C5 op.23, E8Concerto, no. 1, Bb minor, for pianoforte and orchestra, op. 23 / by Peter Jljitsch Tschaikowsky foreword by Gerald Abraham.London : E. Eulenburg New York : Edition Eulenburg, [19--]
M1012.S84 H8 1990"Humoresque" [sound recording] : favorite violin encores.New York, N.Y. : CBS Masterworks, [1990], p1983.
M1041 .M85 K320dSymphonie concertante : fur Violine, Viola und Orchester mit Klavierbegleitung / W.A. Mozart. herausgegeben von Hans Sitt.Leipzig : C.F. Peters, [ca. 1930]
M1042.M67 L5Life : per complesso da camera ed orchestra : (1972) / Jan W. Morthenson.Stockholm : Edition Reimers AB, [c1976]
M1045.L5 K6Kontakion : for orchestra / Ingvar Lidholm.Stockholm : Edition Wilhelm Hansen, c1980.
M1045.L73 A6Apparitions 1958/59, fur Orchester / Gyorgy Ligeti.Wien : Universal Edition, c1964.
M1045.M4 G4 1969Gestes sonores.Stockholm, Edition Wilhelm Hansen, 1969.
M1366.E45 T48 1989Things ain't what they used to be / music by Mercer Ellington arranged by Paul Jennings.[S.l.] : Jenson Publications, c1989.
M1366.J36 D68 1986Double vision [sound recording] / Bob James, David Sanborn.[Burbank, Calif.] : Warner Bros. Records, p1986.
M1366.M34 S66 1986Spontaneous inventions [sound recording] / Bobby McFerrin.Hollywood, Calif. : Blue Note, c1986.
M1366 .N47Biscuits 'n' honey / by Sammy Nestico.Winona, MN : H. Leonard Pub. Corp., c1978.
M1366.S65 S6 1987Smithsonian collection of classic jazz [sound recording].Washington, D.C. : Smithsonian Collection of Recordings New York : Manufactured by CBS Records, p1987.
M1503.M58 I6 1953L'Incoronazione di Poppea : opera in tre atti / di Giovan Francesco Busenello [musica di] Claudio Monteverdi elaborazione di Giorgio Federico Ghedini opera completa per canto e pianoforte.Milano : G. Ricordi, c1953.
M1505.R36 O63 1989Opera arias [sound recording].Hayes, Middlesex, England : EMI, p1989.
M1527.L887 C32 1983Cats [sound recording] : selections from the original Broadway cast recording / Andrew Lloyd Webber.Los Angeles, CA : Geffen, p1983.
M1528.B48 S5Sinfonia, for eight voices and orchestra (1968).[London] Universal Edition [c1969]
M1528.R39 E5The emperor of ice cream for 8 voices, piano, percussion, and double bass.New York, C.F. Peters Corp., 1974 [c1963]
M1531.B33 M37 1965Maria : liedercyclus voor soli, koor, fluit en violoncello : 1947 / Henk Badings.Amsterdan, Holland : Donemus, c1965.
M1586 .G119Lingua II, Maledetto : [composition for seven virtuoso speakers] / Kenneth Gaburo.La Jolla, Calif. : Lingua Press, c1976.
M1587.M4 W5A wind has blown : bl kor a cappella / Arne Mellnas.[Sweden? : s.n.], 1973.
M1613.3.C92 A5Ancient voices of children : [a cycle of songs on texts by Garcia Lorca] : soprano, boy soprano, oboe, mandolin, harp, electric piano, percussion / George Crumb.New York : C.F. Peters, c1970.
M1613.3.C92 M2Madrigals. Book II [for] soprano, alto flute (doubling flute in C and piccolo), percussion (1) / [Based on fragments from Federico Garcia Lorca].New York, N.Y. : C. F. Peters Corporation, c1971.
M1613.3.C92 N51Night music I : for soprano/ keyboard/ percussion / by George Crumb.Melville : Belwin Mills, cop. 1967.
M1613.3.C92 N51 1996Night music I : soprano, piano (and celesta), and percussion (two players) / George Crumb.New York : C.F. Peters Corp., c1996.
M1613.3.D25 S6Eight songs for a mad king. Words by Randolph Stow.London New York, Boosey & Hawkes, [1971]
M1619.T4 S66 1980Song recital [sound recording].New York : CBS Records Masterworks, p1980.
M1621.2 .B47Sequenza III, per voce femminile.[London] Universal Edition [1968]
M1621.3.T2 T5Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird : tenor or soprano voice, and oboe or flute or violin, and piano / Louise Talma.New York, NY : C. Fischer, c1984.
M1625.D42 C5Les chansons de Bilitis [musique de scene devant accompagner la recitation de douze poemmes de Pierre Louys. Realisation de la partie de celesta par Arthur Hoeree].Paris, Jobert [1971]
M1625.S26 P5 1990Dreimal sieben Gedichte aus Albert Girauds Pierrot lunaire : fur eine Sprechstimme, Klavier, Flote (auch Piccolo), Klarinette (auch Bass-Klarinette), Geige (auch Bratsche) und Violoncell, op. 21 / Schoenberg Deutsch von Otto Erich Hartleben.Los Angeles : Belmont Music Publishers, c1990.
M2010.L7 R5Requiem, for soprano and mezzo soprano solo, 2 mixed choruses and orchestra (1963/65).Frankfurt, H. Litolff's Verlag New York, C.F. Peters [c1965]
M2010 .M68 K.626, T4, 1986Requiem, K. 626 [sound recording] / Mozart.Cleveland, Ohio : Telarc, p1986.
M2021.H54 O7, S4, 1990Ordo virtutum [sound recording] / Hildegard v. Bingen.Freiburg : Deutsche Harmonia Mundi New York, NY : Distributed by BMG Music, [1990], p1982.
M2150.H54 S9 1989Symphoniae [sound recording] / Hildegard von Bingen [Bearbeitung der Instrumentalmusik von Margriet Tindemans und Benjamin Bagby].Freiburg : Deutsche Harmonia Mundi New York, NY : Distributed by BMG Music, c1989, p1985.
ML2054 .W64 2011Changed for good : a feminist history of the Broadway musical / Stacy Wolf.Oxford New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2011.
MT6 .B4Music in theory and practice / Bruce Benward.Dubuque, Iowa : Wm. C. Brown Co., c1977.
MT6 .K36 1995Listen [sound recording] / [compiled by] Joseph Kerman.New York : Worth Publishers : Sony Music Special Products, p1995.
MT6 .K365 1995Listen [sound recording] / [compiled by] Joseph Kerman.New York, NY : Sony Music Special Products, 1995.
MT6 .K365 2000Listen [sound recording] / Joseph Kerman Gary Tomlinson.Boston New York : Bedford/St. Martin's, [p2000]
MT6 .N677 2003The Norton recordings [sound recording] : to accompany The Norton Scores and The enjoyment of music, shorter version.[New York?] : Sony Music Special Products, 2003.
MT6.5 .N672 1996Norton recorded anthology of western music [sound recording].New York : Sony Music Special Products : W.W. Norton, p1996.
MT85 .P78 2011The inner-impulses and gestures of orchestral conducting : the psycho-physical function of musical leadership / Oleg Proskurnya with forewords by Heather Buchman and Robert Tomaro.Lewiston, N.Y. : Edwin Mellen Press, c2011.
MT259.A44 E87 1995Essential elements for strings : a comprehensive string method, teacher's manual / by Michael Allen, Robert Gillespie, Pamela Tellejohn Hayes arrangements by John Higgins piano arrangements by Bill Boyd.Milwaukee, WI : Hal Leonard, c1995-
MT259 .A53All for strings : comprehensive string method / by Gerald E. Anderson and Robert S. Frost.San Diego : Neil A. Kjos, c1986-
N430 .W46 2011Interpreting Art in Museums and Galleries [electronic resource].London : Taylor and Francis, 2011.
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