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call numbertitlepublisher
am7 .n377 2010narratives of community : museums and ethnicity / edited by olivia guntarik.edinburgh : museumsetc, 2010.
b829.5 .j86 2011transversal rationality and intercultural texts : essays in phenomenology and comparative philosophy / hwa yol jung.athens : ohio university press, c2011.
b841 .v53 1955a vida fora da de janeiro, brasil : centro redentor, 1955.
b2567.5.e5 m8713 2011dissertation on predestination and grace / g.w. leibniz translated, edited, and with an introduction by michael j. murray additional contributions by george haven : yale university press, c2011.
bf175.5.s44 j87 2011jungian and dialogical self perspectives / edited by raya a. jones, masayoshi morioka.houndmills, basingstoke, hampshire new york : palgrave macmillan, 2011.
bf636.7.g76 o94 2010the oxford handbook of group counseling / edited by robert k. york : oxford university press, c2010.
bf698.4 .n49 2012new perspectives on faking in personality assessment / edited by matthias ziegler, carolyn maccann, richard d. york : oxford university press, c2012.
bl325.h46 p33 2010superheroes and superegos : analyzing the minds behind the masks / sharon packer.santa barbara : praeger/abc-clio, c2010.
bl1213.52 .h55 2011dharma : its early history in law, religion, and narrative / alf york : oxford university press, c2011.
bl1237.46 .p56 2011woman and goddess in hinduism : reinterpretations and re-envisionings / tracy pintchman, rita d. york : palgrave macmillan, 2011.
cb478 .c66 1969plenary sessions of the conference on transforming conceptions of modern science : september 10-14, 1969, villa serbelloni, bellagio, italy.[cambridge, mass.?] : american academy of arts and sciences, c1969.
d511 .n347 2011dance of the furies : europe and the outbreak of world war i / michael s. neiberg.cambridge, mass. : belknap press of harvard university press, 2011.
d804.45.g47 w65 2011getting history right : east and west german collective memories of the holocaust and war / mark a. wolfgram.lewisburg : bucknell university press lanham, md. : rowman & littlefield pub. group, c2011.
dd257.2 .p53 1969the trial of the generals and its consequences / by john platts-mills [responsible for the contents: lorenz knorr].[frankfurt am main? : s.n., 1969?]
f1419.n4 g38 2011black in latin america / henry louis gates, york : new york university press, c2011.
g108.7 .w48 1977a geographical code for the identification, storage and analysis of ecological data / stephen p. wetmore, gerald h. townsend.nairobi : ministry of tourism & wildlife, kenya rangeland ecological monitoring unit, 1977.
gn635.s58 e94 2011everyday life in southeast asia / edited by kathleen m. adams and kathleen a. gillogly.bloomington : indiana university press, c2011.
gn799.w66 .e487 2011gentlemen and amazons : the myth of matriarchal prehistory, 1861-1900 / cynthia eller.berkeley : university of california press, c2011.
gv865.r587 r6 2011lucky me : my sixty-five years in baseball / eddie robinson with c. paul rogers iii foreword by tom grieve introduction by bobby brown.dallas : southern methodist university press, 2011.
h62 .l645 2012longitudinal data analysis : a practical guide for researchers in aging, health, and social sciences / edited by jason t. newsom, richard n. jones, scott m. york : routledge, c2012.
hb846.5 .k35 2011why democracy needs public goods / angela kallhoff.lanham, md. : lexington books, c2011.
hc106.84 .r45 2011aftershock : the next economy and america's future / robert b. york : vintage books, c2011.
hc850.z65 a47 1997a natural resources monitoring and evaluation system for somalia : can remote sensing play a role? / by charles amuyunzu for iucn--the world conservation union, eastern africa regional office.nairobi, kenya : the office, [1997]
hc850.z65 d83 1997workshop to develop a strategic framework for natural resources management and production systems under the 2nd ec rehabilitation programme for somalia / by jonathan dudding and iucn--the world conservation union, eastern africa regional office.nairobi, kenya : the office, [1997]
hc850.z65 i94 1997strategic framework for sustainable natural resources management in somalia / by iucn--the world conservation union, eastern africa regional office with contributions from dennis herlocker and robert douthwaite.nairobi, kenya : the office, [1997]
hd30.3 .d57 2011displaying competence in organizations : discourse perspectives / edited by katja pelsmaekers ... [et al.].houndmills, basingstoke, hampshire new york, ny : palgrave macmillan, 2011.
hd31 .s657 2011enduring success : what we can learn from the history of outstanding corporations / christian stadler.stanford, calif. : stanford business books, c2011.
hd108.3 .p38 2010generations on the land : a conservation legacy / joe nick patoski with support from sand county station : texas a&m university press, 2010.
hd990 .p35 1997contested lands in southern and eastern africa : a literature survey / robin palmer.oxford, uk : oxfam uk herndon, va : stylus pub. [distributor], 1997 (1998 printing)
hd2117 .w37 1994planning with pastoralists : pra and more : a review of methods focused on africa / by ann waters-bayer and wolfgang bayer.eschborn : deutsche gesellschaft fur technische zusammenarbeit (gtz), 1994.
hd9698.a2 p6 1973i have been to the village / by dan q. posin.ann arbor, mich. : edward brothers, 1973.
hd9769.f843 s589 1997wood-based energy dynamics in somalia / by edward n. kairu ... [et al.] for iucn--the world conservation union, eastern africa regional office.nairobi, kenya : the office, [1997]
hf1746 .p373 2011the north american idea : a vision of a continental future / robert a. pastor.oxford new york : oxford university press, usa, c2011.
hf5813.r9 w47 2011i shop in moscow : advertising and the creation of consumer culture in late tsarist russia / sally west.dekalb : northern illinois university press, c2011.
hj2305 .a66 2011tax politics in eastern europe : globalization, regional integration, and the democratic compromise / hilary appel.ann arbor : university of michigan press, c2011.
hm435 .p6413 2011great minds : encounters with social theory / gianfranco poggi and giuseppe sciortino.stanford, california : stanford social sciences, [2011], 2011.
hq76.3.c6 v58 2011the libertine's friend : homosexuality and masculinity in late imperial china / giovanni vitiello.chicago : university of chicago press, 2011.
hq77.9 .t71587 2012transgender migrations : the bodies, borders, and politics of transition / edited by trystan t. york : routledge, 2012.
hq536 .s665 2011social class and changing families in an unequal america / edited by marcia j. carlson and paula england.stanford, california : stanford university press, 2011.
hq1061 .g8633 2011agewise : fighting the new ageism in america / margaret morganroth gullette.chicago london : university of chicago press, c2011.
ht361 .g57 2011global urbanization / edited by eugenie l. birch and susan m. wachter.philadelphia : university of pennsylvania press, c2011.
hv2430 .e83 2010ethical considerations in educating children who are deaf or hard of hearing / kathee mangan christensen, editor.washington, dc : gallaudet university press, 2010.
hv2561.w17 v38 2010deaf in dc : a memoir / madan vasishta.washington, dc : gallaudet university press, 2010.
hv4915 .k64 2011the costs and benefits of animal experiments / andrew knight.houndmills, basingstoke new york, n.y. : palgrave macmillan, 2011.
hv9069 .c75 2011crime, anti-social behaviour and schools / edited by carol hayden, denise york, ny : palgrave macmillan 2011.
ja74.5 .m38 2011appeals to interest : language, contestation, and the shaping of political agency / dean park, pa. : pennsylvania state university press, c2011.
jk275 .b53 2011american politics today / william t. bianco, david t. york : w.w. norton, c2011.
jk276 .k37 2011the politics of power : a critical introduction to american government / ira katznelson, mark kesselman, alan york : w. w. norton & co., c2011.
kmk3466 .m49 2011the israeli supreme court and the human rights revolution : courts as agenda setters / assaf meydani.cambridge new york : cambridge university press, 2011.
knq68 .m35 2011making law work : chinese laws in context[s.l.] : cornell university east asia program, 2011
lb2343.3 .f76 2009the new global student / maya york : three rivers press, c2009.
lb2369 .t82 2010student's guide to writing college papers / kate l. turabian.chicago london : the university of chicago press, 2010.
lb2825 .s45 2011money, mandates, and local control in american public education / bryan shelly.ann arbor : university of michigan press, 2011.
lc191 .c775 2011cultural studies, education, and youth : beyond schools / [edited by] benjamin frymer, matt carlin, john broughton.lanham, md. : lexington books, c2011.
lc238.3.c46 h33 2011the city as campus : urbanism and higher education in chicago / sharon haar.minneapolis : university of minnesota press, c2011.
lc1090 .l279 2010the global classroom : an essential guide to study abroad / jeffrey s. lantis, jessica duplaga.boulder : paradigm publishers, c2010.
lc3993.9 .w56 1992teaching gifted kids in the regular classroom : strategies and techniques every teacher can use to meet the academic needs of the gifted and talented / susan winebrenner edited by pamela espeland.minneapolis, mn : free spirit pub., c1992.
ld4701.r692 f58 1983five-year master plan for computing resources at reed college / drafted by the technological resource committee, reed college.[portland, or.? : reed college, technological resource committee, 1983]
nx456.5.p38 s65 2011enacting others : politics of identity in eleanor antin, nikki s. lee, adrian piper, and anna deavere smith / cherise smith.durham, nc : duke university press, 2011.
pe1404 .b48 2011beyond postprocess / edited by sidney i. dobrin, j.a. rice, michael vastola.logan : utah state university press, 2011.
pe1404 .s838 2011the managerial unconscious in the history of composition studies / donna strickland.carbondale : southern illinois university press, c2011.
pe1408 .h438 1994writing, a college handbook / james a.w. heffernan, john e. york : norton, c1994.
pj7962.a55 b3613 2008girls of riyadh : [a novel] / rajaa alsanea translated by rajaa alsanea and marilyn york : penguin books, 2008, c2007.
pn6013 .b35 2003the bedford anthology of world literature / edited by paul davis ... [et al.].boston : bedford/st. martin's, c2003-c2004.
pn6120.2 .w665 2002worlds of fiction / edited by roberta rubenstein, charles r. larson.upper saddle river, n.j. : prentice hall, c2002.
pq2601.p6 b413 2011the bestiary, or, procession of orpheus / guillaume apollinaire translated, with an essay, by x. j. kennedy woodcuts by raoul dufy.baltimore, md. : johns hopkins university press, 2011.
pr5189.p95 z73 2007the wonderful and surprising history of sweeney todd : the life and times of an urban legend / robert l. new york : continuum, 2007.
pr5343.s3 h55 2010picturing scotland through the waverley novels : walter scott and the origins of the victorian illustrated novel / by richard j. hill.farnham, surrey burlington, vt : ashgate pub., 2010.
pr5345 .l86 2010walter scott and the limits of language / alison lumsden.edinburgh : edinburgh university press, c2010.
pr6052.e5 s56 1990single spies : two plays about guy burgess and anthony blunt &, talking heads : six monologues / by alan york : summit books, 1990.
pr6053.h786 m33 1993mad forest : a play from romania and the skriker : two plays / by caryl new york : nick hern books : fireside theatre, c1993.
pr6053.l292 w4 1978whose life is it anyway? / by brian york : dodd, mead, 1978.
pr6057.r33 c634 1985an unnatural pursuit & other pieces : a playwright's journal / by simon york : st. martin's press, c1985.
pr6068.y76 c7 1973crown matrimonial a full-length city, n.y., nelson doubleday [1973]
ps323.5 .w37 2011the age of auden : postwar poetry and the american scene / aidan wasley.princeton, n.j. : princeton university press, c2011.
ps2388.p6 g66 2006herman melville : between charlemagne and the antemosaic cosmic man : race, class and the crisis of bourgeois ideology in an american renaissance writer / loren york : queequeg publications, 2006.
ps3513.a6333 i4 1986i'm not rappaport / by herb city, n.y. : n. doubleday, c1986.
ps3552.e7193 s63 1986social security : a play in two acts / by andrew city, n.y. : doubleday, c1986.
ps3557.r333 m66 1992monster in a box / spalding york : vintage books, 1992.
ps3557.u82 l37 1994blater life / a. r. city, n.y. : fireside theatre, c1994.
ps3557.u82 s6 1992bthe snow ball / a.r. city. n.y. : fireside theatre, c1992.
ps3558.o69 a6 1992three gloucester plays / by israel city, ny : fireside theatre, [1992]
ps3558.o69 w53 1989the widow's blind date : a play / by israel city, ny : fireside theatre, c1989.
ps3563.a323 f72 1987frankie and johnny in the clair de lune / by terrence city, n.y. : fireside theatre, c1987.
ps3563.a625 o6 1996old wicked songs / by jon york : fireside theatre, c1996.
ps3563.a68 p68 1986bpotboilers : three black comedies / by charles york : m. boyars, c1986.
ps3563.a8352 w66 1981bthe woolgatherer : a play in two acts / by william city, n.y. : nelson doubleday, inc., c1981.
ps3563.a94 p69 1997power plays / by elaine may and alan city, n.y. : stage & screen, / c1997.
ps3566.i3815 a7 1982agnes of god / by john pielmeier [photographs by ken howard]garden city, n.y. : nelson doubleday, inc., c1982.
ps3569.h763 w46 1988wenceslas square / by larry city, n.y. : fireside theatre, c1988.
ps3569.i4712 a6 1996etiquette and vitriol : the food chain and other plays / nicky york : theatre communications group, 1996.
ps3569.o68 f4 1990a few good men : a new play / by aaron city, new york : fireside theatre, c1990.
ps3570.e8 s7 1991the speed of darkness / by steve city, n.y. : fireside theatre, c1991.
ps3573.a798 h44 1989the heidi chronicles / by wendy city, n.y. : fireside theatre, c1989.
ps3573.e457 l6 1979loose ends : a play in eight scenes / by michael city, n.y. : nelson doubleday, c1979.
ps3573.e457 s6 1988bspoils of war : a play / by michael city, n.y. : fireside theatre, c1988.
ps3576.i34 g73 1996grace and glorie : a play in two acts / by tom york : fireside theatre, c1996.
pt2642.h58 m63 1916''moral'' a comedy in three acts, tr. by charles recht from the german of ludwig york, a.a. knopf, 1916.
pt2685.o36 z775 2011autobiographical progression in the writings of christa wolf : nachdenken uber christa t. (1968), kindheitsmuster (1976), and ein tag im jahr (2003) / anna nunan with a foreword by caitriona leahy.lewiston, n.y. : edwin mellen press, c2011.
qa76.15 .d5263 1987dictionary of computing : information processing, personal computing, telecommunications, office systems, ibm-specific terms.poughkeepsie, n.y. : ibm, c1987.
qa76.15 .v6 1981vocabulary for data processing, telecommunications, and office systems.poughkeepsie, n.y. : ibm corp., 1981.
qa76.6 .g7 1975principles of systems programming / robert m. york : wiley, [1975]
qa76.73.c15 q55 2004parallel programming in c with mpi and openmp / michael j. quinn.dubuque, iowa : mcgraw-hill, c2004.
qa76.9.d35 p42computer data structures / john l. york : mcgraw-hill, c1977.
qa179 .c667 2010pseudo-reductive groups / brian conrad, ofer gabber, gopal prasad.cambridge new york : cambridge university press, 2010.
qb981 .k15 1968how the world came to be by the proto-minims / karl g., fla. : miami post publishing co., [1968?]
qc173.585 .e73 1954is it possibe to maintain the theory of relativity without a foundation? / by i.l. erdelyi.sao paulo, brasil : i.l. erdelyi, 1954.
qc794.6.r3 m35 2011radioactivity : a history of a mysterious science / marjorie c. york : oxford university press, c2011.
qd96.r34 s87 2011surface enhanced raman spectroscopy : analytical, biophysical and life science applications / edited by sebastian schlucker.weinheim, germany : wiley-vch, c2011.
qd181.i1 i62 2009iodine and inorganic iodides : human health aspects / first draft prepared by john f. risher and l. samuel keith.geneva : world health organization, c2009.
qe511.4 .d376 2011mantle convection for geologists / geoffrey f. davies.cambridge, uk new york : cambridge university press, 2011.
qh75 .b78 2000the wildlands workers' handbook / by james r. brunner.medford, or. : wildlands workers press., 2000.
qh104.5.n4 d36 2011still speaking of nature : further explorations in the natural world / bill danielson.albany : excelsior editions/state university of new york press, c2011.
qh105.n8 b56 2011wild north carolina : discovering the wonders of our state's natural communities / david blevins & michael p. schafale.chapel hill : university of north carolina press, c2011.
qh195.k4 f38 1980an ecological survey of the nguruman forest, kenya / v.c. and c. fayad.[naro moro, kenya?] : v.c. and c. fayad, [1980]
qh195.k4 g57report on an ecological survey of the proposed shimba hills national reserve / by p.e. glover.[nairobi] : kenya national parks, [1968]
qh323.5 .h386 2011mathematics of bioinformatics : theory, practice, and applications / matthew he, sergey petoukhov.hoboken, n.j. : wiley, c2011.
qh365.o8 l48 2011darwin the writer / by george levine.oxford new york : oxford university press, 2011.
qh506 .a44 2011algorithms in computational molecular biology : techniques, approaches, and applications / edited by mourad elloumi, albert y. zomaya.hoboken, n.j. : john wiley & sons, c2011.
qk393 .b86 1990vegetation and land use in the mathews range area, samburu-district, kenya / by gerhard : j. cramer, 1990.
qk395 .c43 1980south-west ethiopia forest inventory project : a glossary of vernacular plant names and a field to the trees / / d.r. chaffey.surbiton, surrey, england : land resources development centre, 1980.
qk402.b55 t55 1980vegetation map of south eastern botswana / by j.r. timberlake.gaborone : range ecology section, division of land utilization, ministry of agriculture, [1980]
qk402.r5 r64 1993a woody vegetation survey of hwange national park / by catherine m.l. rogers.causeway, harare, zimbabwe : dept. of national parks and wild life management, [1993]
qk404 .s66 1990a field guide to the trees and shrubs of the imatong mountains, southern sudan / by hilary sommerlatte and malte sommerlatte.nairobi : deutsche gesellschaft fuer technische, 1990.
qk410.s8 h27 1958ecological classification of the vegetation of the sudan / by m.n. harrison, and j.k. jackson.khartoum : agriculture publications committee, 1958.;photocopy. [s.l. : s.n., 1991] 37 p. 25 x 28 cm.
qk415 .m34 1991trees of somalia : a fieldguide for development workers / desmond mahony.oxford : oxfam in consjunction with the henry doubleday research association, coventry, 1991.
qk938.f6 r29 1958the forest ecology of central darfur, by d. mcc. ramsay.khartoum, agricultural publications committee, 1958.
qk938.f6 s94 1977monitoring tropical forests : a review with special reference to africa / by timothy j. : monitoring and assessment research centre of the scientific committee on the problems of the environment, international council of scientific unions, 1977.
qk938.r34 s96 1979a manual of permanent plot procedures for tropical rainforests / t.j. synnott.[oxford] : university of oxford, [department of forestry], 1979.
ql60 .v54 2001viewing marine mammals in the wild : a workshop to discuss responsible guidelines and regulations for minimizing disturbance : a pre-conference workshop held before the14th biennial conference on the biology of marine mammals, vancouver, british columbia, canada, wednesday, november 28, 2001 / organized by trevor r. spradlin ... [et al.].[vancouver, b.c.? : s.n., 2001?]
ql458.4 .s633 2011spider behaviour : flexibility and versatility / edited by marie elisabeth herberstein.cambridge new york : cambridge university press, 2011.
ql637.9.a5 p76 2010eels : an exploration, from new zealand to the sargasso, of the world's most amazing and mysterious fish / james york : harper, c2010.
ql737.u4 w48 1977a comparison of six aerial censuses of meru national park and bisanadi conservation area / stephen p. wetmore, herman j. dirschl, susan mbugua.nairobi : ministry of tourism & wildlife, kenya rangeland ecological monitoring unit, [1977]
ql737.u62 d57 1978grevy's zebra abundance and distribution in kenya, 1977 / herman j. dirschl, stephen p. wetmore.nairobi : ministry of tourism & wildlife, kenya rangeland ecological monitoring unit, [1978]
ql737.u62 n48 1980densities and distributions of grevy's zebra in four density zones, march 6-8 and may 3-4, 1979 / by m. ngatia & j.g. stelfox.[nairobi] : ministry of tourism & wildlife, kenya rangeland ecological monitoring unit, [1980]
qp519.9.i42 i439 2011immunoassays in agricultural biotechnology / edited by guomin shan.hoboken, new jersey : wiley, 2011.
qp623 .r573 2011rna interference : application to drug discovery and challenges to pharmaceutical development / edited by paul h. johnson.hoboken, n.j. : wiley, c2011.
r127.1.s93 h7 2011huang di nei jing su wen : an annotated translation of huang di's inner classic -- basic questions / paul u. unschuld and hermann tessenow in collaboration with zheng jinsheng.berkeley : university of california press, c2011.
r133 .n38 reel 88-52lectures on the materia medica [microform] : containing the natural history of drugs, their virtues and doses: also directions for the study of the materia medica and an appendix on the method of prescribing. published from the manuscript of the latedr. charles alston ... by john hope, edward and charles dilly [etc.] 1770.
r133 .n38 reel 88-52pulveris sympathetici, examen physicum ... [microform].erffurti, ex typogr. johann-georg. hertzen, 1668.
ra427.25 .p8285 2011public health ethics : key concepts and issues in policy and practice / edited by angus dawson.cambridge : cambridge university press, 2011, 2011.
ra448.5.n4 h655 2011private bodies, public texts : race, gender, and a cultural bioethics / karla f.c. holloway.durham [n.c.] : duke university press, 2011.
ra564.85 .w666524 2011women's health and the world's cities / edited by afaf ibrahim meleis, eugenie l. birch, and susan m. wachter.philadelphia : university of pennsylvania press, c2011.
ra790.5 .h69 2011madness in international relations : psychology, security, and the global governance of mental health / alison howell.abingdon, oxon : routledge, 2011.
rb38.2 .p337 2011mosby's diagnostic and laboratory test reference / kathleen deska pagana, timothy j. louis, mo. : elsevier mosby, c2011.
rb115 .s73 2009stedman's pathology & lab medicine words : includes histology.philadelphia : wolters kluwer health/lippincott williams & wilkins, 2009.
rb127 .c54 2011on suffering : pathways to healing & health / beverley m. clarke.hanover, n.h. : dartmouth college press, c2011.
rg950 .d38 2004heart & hands : a midwife's guide to pregnancy & birth / elizabeth davis photographs by suzanne arms illustrations by linda harrison.berkeley, calif. : celestial arts, c2004.
s473.s7 e97 1953agriculture, forests and soils of the jur ironstone country of the bahr el ghazal province, sudan / by v.e.f. eyre, d.m. ramsay and t.n. jewitt.khartoum : agricultural publications committee, 1953.
s494.5.a45 b38 1990the potential role of agroforestry in combating desertification and environmental degradation : with special reference to africa / by michel baumer.wageningen : technical centre for agriculture and rural cooperation, 1990.
s494.5.a45 n35 1980agroforestry species : a crop sheets manual / by p.k.r. nair.nairobi, kenya : international council for research in agroforestry, 1980.
s494.5.a45 t47 1994agroforestry extension manual for kenya / bo tengnas.nairobi : international centre for research in agroforestry, 1994.
s494.5.i5 g85 2011agriculture, food, and water nanotechnologies for the poor : opportunities and constraints / guillaume gruere, clare narrod, and linda abbott.washington, d.c. : international food policy research institute, [2011]
s594 .w28 1979calibration and use of a soil moisture neutron probe in ecological monitoring / e.k. wahome, p. kuchar.nairobi : ministry of tourism & wildlife, kenya rangeland ecological monitoring unit, ground survey section, 1979.
s600.7.c54 f66 2010food security and climate change : challenges to 2050 and beyond / gerald c. nelson ... [et al.].washington, d.c. : international food policy research institute, [2010]
s616.b92 e87 1992the spark has jumped the gap : case study of a project to improve village land-use (patecore) in burkina faso.eschborn : deutsche gesellschaft fur technische zusammenarbeit (gtz), 1992.
s623 .b65 1967reseeding denuded pastoral land in kenya / by a.v. bogdan and d.j. pratt.[nairobi : govt. printer], 1967.
s623 .p76 1979a provisional methodology for soil degradation assessment / food and agriculture organization of the united nations, united nations environment programme, united nations educational, scientific, and cultural organization.rome : fao, 1979.
sb13 .a15 no.886proceedings of the xth international symposium on flower bulbs and herbaceous perennials : lisse, the netherlands, april 20-24, 2008 / convener, j.e. van den ende [editors, j.e. van den ende, a.t. krikke, a.p.m. den nijs] ishs section ornamental plants, ishs working group on flowerbulbs and herbaceous perennials.leuven, belgium : ishs, c2011.
sb13 .a15 no.887proceedings of the iiird international symposium on loquat : antakya, hatay, turkey, may 3-6, 2010 / convener, a. aytekin polat [editors, j. janick, a. aytekin polat] ishs section pome and stone fruits, ishs working group on loquat.leuven, belgium : ishs, c2011.
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