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Call numberTitlePublisher
BF151 .B58 2010An interdisciplinary theory of activity / by Andy Blunden.Leiden Boston : Brill, 2010.
BF408 .J56 2010Where good ideas come from : the natural history of innovation / Steven Johnson.New York : Riverhead Books, c2010.
BF722 .H68 2009Childhood, well-being, and a therapeutic ethos / editors, Richard House and Del Loewenthal.London : Karnac Books 2009.
BV178 .B48 2009Ritual making women : shaping rites for changing lives / Jan Berry.London Oakville, Conn. : Equinox Pub., 2009.
D506 .B9 no.370Struggle, 1914-1920, by John Evelyn Wrench.[London] I. Nicholson & Watson, ltd., 1935.
D506 .B9 no.377Strasse 50 : eine erzahlung aus Norwegen / von Heinrich Zerkaulen.Berlin : Die Wehrmacht, 1941.
D506 .B9 no.387Calling all nations / by T.O. Beachcroft.Middlesex, England : British Broadcasting Corp., [1942]
D506 .B9 no.401Die Wahrheit uber den 20. Juli. Herausgeber: Eugen Budde und Peter Lutsches.[Dusseldorf, H. Raven, c1952]
D506 .B9 no.403America's navy in World War II / by Gilbert Cant.Washington [D.C.] : The Infantry Journal, 1944, c1943.
D506 .B9 no.411Das gesicht des krieges. 31. ausgabe des "Deutschen kamera-almanachs." Hrsg. von Karl Weiss mit einem geleitwort von H. Kurzbein.Berlin, Roth [1941]
D506 .B9 no.41450 facts about public social services in Britain.[New York : British Information Services, 1943]
D506 .B9 no.435Britain against Germany : a record in pictures.New York, N.Y. : British Information Services, 1945.
D506 .B9 no.436Britain's fighting forces ...New York, N.Y., British Information Services, 1945.
D506 .B9 no.437British commanders.New York, N.Y., British information Services, 1945.
D506 .B9 no.43950 facts about Britain's war effort.New York : British Information Services, Information Division, 1944.
D506 .B9 no.440First blows, Britain's fight against Japan.New York, N.Y., British information Services, 1945.
D506 .B9 no.441Flying bombs.New York, N.Y., British information Services, 1944.
D506 .B9 no.442Miracle harbor.New York, N.Y., British Information Services, 1945.
D506 .B9 no.444R.A.F.New York : British Information Services, 1943.
D506 .B9 no.446Targets in Germany: R.A.F. attacks and achievements ...New York Washington [etc.] British Information Services, 1944.
D506 .B9 no.447Victory in Burma.New York, N.Y., British Information Services, 1945.
D506 .B9 no.467The Home Guard of Britain.New York : British Information Services, [between 1941 and 1945]
D506 .B9 no.472India's right to freedom.[New York City : British Information Services, 1943]
D506 .B9 no.488Caen to Wilhelmshaven : with the Polish First Armoured Division : story in Polish, English and French / text by Leopold Lorentz drawings by Jadwiga Walker.Edinburgh : Erroll Pub. Co., [1945?]
D506 .B9 no.489Marching into the dawn : editorials from Trench and camp, the soldiers' own newspaper.[S.l. : s.n., 1919?]
D506 .B9 no.512Second battle of the Philippines : official story of the Navy's victorious fight to protect Gen. MacArthur's invasion forces and supply lines / prepared by the editors of SEE Magazine with the cooperation of the Navy Department's Office of Public Relations.New York, NY : Whittlesey House, 1945.
D506 .B9 no.531Ours to hold it high : the history of the 77th Infantry Division in World War II / by men who were there.Washington, D.C. : Infantry Journal Press, c1947.
D506 .B9 no.571Collier's new photographic history of the world's war, including sketches, drawings and paintings made by artists at the front. Photographs by the official photographers accompanying each army, collected and arranged by Franics J. Reynolds and C.W. Taylor.New York, N.Y., P.F. Collier & Son, 1918.
D506 .B9 no.582Der Krieg 1914/19 in Wort und Bild / unter Mitwirkung von Generalleutnant z.d. Baron A.v. Ardenne ... [et al.].Berlin : Bong, 1918-1919.
D506 .B9 no.584Liberacion.[Washington, D.C. : G.P.O., c1944]
D506 .B9 no.586Bei fa hua shi / Liang Desuo bian ji Chen Binghong Ying wen shuo ming Huang Ying deng she ying.Shanghai : Liang you tu shu yin shua gong si, [1928]
D506 .B9 no.609Canada's battle in Normandy : the Canadian Army's share in the operations 6 June-1 September 1944 / by C.P. Stacey with a foreword by C. Foulkes.Ottawa : Printed by the King's Printer, 1946.
DS37.7 .H3513 2007The Arabs : a short history / Heinz Halm translated by Allison Brown and Thomas Lampert.Princeton, N.J. : Markus Wiener Publishers, c2007.
DT1 .D55 2001Documents from the African past / edited by Robert O. Collins.Princeton, NJ : Markus Wiener Publishers, c2001.
DT658.26 .A94 2010The trouble with the Congo : local violence and the failure of international peacebuilding / Severine Autesserre.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.
DT665.K58 N49 2009The land beyond the mists : essays on identity and authority in precolonial Congo and Rwanda / David Newbury foreword by Jan Vansina.Athens : Ohio University Press, c2009.
E78.C64 F57 2010Shadow tribe : the making of Columbia River Indian identity / Andrew H. Fisher.Seattle : Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest in association with University of Washington Press, c2010.
F1419.N4 R68 2003The African experience in Spanish America / Leslie B. Rout, Jr. with a new introduction and bibliographical update by Miriam Jimenez Roman and Juan Flores.Princeton, NJ : Markus Wiener Publishers, c2003.
GC41 .S4 1969Proceedings of the First USCG National Data Buoy Systems Scientific Advisory Meeting : U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, Connecticut, 12, 13, 14 May 1969.Washington : National Data Buoy Development Project, 1969.
GE180 .F57 2010Security and the environment : securitisation theory and US environmental security policy / Rita Floyd.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.
GN34.3.P45 P49 2009Photography, anthropology, and history : expanding the frame / edited by Christopher Morton and Elizabeth Edwards.Farnham, Surrey Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2009.
GN479.5 .W67 2003Societies of peace : matriarchies past, present and future : selected papers, first World Congress on Matriarchal Studies, 2003, second World Congress on Matriarchal Studies, 2005 / edited by Heide Goettner-Abendroth.Toronto : Inanna Publications and Education, c2009.
HA29 .P348 2010Statistical persuasion : how to collect, analyze, and present data-- accurately, honestly, and persuasively / Robert W. Pearson.Los Angeles : Sage, c2010.
HD58.7 .S33 2010Organizational culture and leadership / Edgar H. Schein.San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2010.
HD2741 .A65 2010Corporations in evolving diversity : cognition, governance, and institutions / by Masahiko Aoki.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.
HD7091 .M16 2010The decline of the traditional pension : a comparative study of threats to retirement security / George A. (Sandy) Mackenzie.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.
HM753 .K34 2010Hybrid identities and adolescent girls : being 'half'' in Japan / Laurel D. Kamada.Bristol, UK Buffalo, NY : Multilingual Matters, c2010.
HQ29 .A33 2010Shameless propositions : women's sexuality and theoretical authority / Alice Adams.Madison : Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, c2010.
HQ76.25 .L36 2010Coming out, coming home : helping families adjust to a gay or lesbian child / Michael C. LaSala.New York : Columbia University Press, c2010.
HQ755.85 .R515 2010The ethics of parenthood / Norvin Richards.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.
HQ1061 .D84 1981Vital living after 50 / by Diane Duerr-Levine with Fee Foster illustrated by William Hamilton.San Francisco, CA : Institute for Health Management, c1981.
HQ1121 .C63815 2010Contesting archives : finding women in the sources / edited by Nupur Chaudhuri, Sherry J. Katz, and Mary Elizabeth Perry foreword by Antoinette Burton.Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c2010.
HQ1121 .G576 2010Globalizing feminisms, 1789-1945 / edited by Karen Offen.London New York : Routledge, 2010.
HQ1180 .W6878 2008Women's studies on the edge / edited by Joan Wallach Scott.Durham : Duke University Press, 2008.
HQ1236 .H45 2010Women and politics in a global world / Sarah L. Henderson, Alana S. Jeydel.New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.
HQ1692 .M668 2010The seduction of modern Spain : the female body and the Francoist body politic / Aurora G. Morcillo.Lewisburg : Bucknell University Press, c2010.
HQ1726.5 .W6595 2009Women and war in the Middle East : transnational perspectives / edited by Nadje Sadig Al-Ali and Nicola Pratt.London : Zed, c2009.
HT917.R43 C36 2001The agony of Asar : a thesis on slavery by the former slave, Jacobus Elisa Johannes Capitein, 1717-1747 / translated with commentary by Grant Parker.Princeton : Markus Wiener, c2001.
HT1381 .S53 2004Slavery on the frontiers of Islam / Paul E. Lovejoy, editor.Princeton : Markus Wiener Publishers, c2004.
HV6541.G7 I53 2002Infanticide : historical perspectives on child murder and concealment, 1550-2000 / edited by Mark Jackson.Aldershot, Hants, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2002.
KJC5132 .F857 2010Fundamental rights and private law in the European Union / edited by Gert Bruggemeier, Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi, Giovanni Comande.Cambridge [England] New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.
KMJ3532 .Z43 2010Claims against Iraqi oil and gas : legal considerations and lessons learned / Rex J. Zedalis.New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.
LB2343.4 .L43 2007Learning communities and student affairs : partnering for powerful learning / Barbara Leigh Smith ... [et al.].Olympia, WA : Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education, Evergreen State College, 2007.
LB2369 .T8 2010Student's guide to writing college papers / Kate L. Turabian.Chicago London : The University of Chicago Press, 2010.
ML200.8.B8 L48 2010This life of sounds : Evenings for new music in Buffalo / Renee Levine Packer.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.
N72.F45 S35 2009A decade of negative thinking : essays on art, politics, and daily life / Mira Schor.Durham, [NC] : Duke University Press, 2009.
NX180.P67 W67 2009Word & image in colonial and postcolonial literatures and cultures / edited by Michael Meyer.Amsterdam : Rodopi, 2009
PF3065 .S38 2009Cinema for German conversation / Jeanne Schueller.Newburyport, MA : Focus/R. Pullins, c2009.
PQ283 .R535 2010Coiffures : hair in nineteenth-century French literature and culture / Carol Rifelj.Newark : University of Delaware Press, c2010.
PR830.T3 D37 2009The darker sex : tales of the supernatural and macabre by Victorian women writers / edited by Mike Ashley.London Chester Springs, PA : Peter Owen Chester Springs, PA : Distributed in the USA by Dufour Editions, 2009.
PT2685.I465 L3 1986Lasst mir die Nacht : Gedichte und Texte / Wolfgang Windhausen mit Illustrationen nach Radierungen, Zeichnungen und Linolschitten des Autors.Gottingen : Verlag Konrad Pachnicke, c1986.
Q125 .C59 2005A people's history of science : miners, midwives, and "low mechanicks" / Clifford D. Conner.New York : Nation Books, 2005.
QA564 .S294 2010Complex multiplication / Reinhard Schertz.Cambridge, UK New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.
QK99.A1 S39 2001Plants of the gods : their sacred, healing, and hallucinogenic powers / Richard Evans Schultes, Albert Hofmann, Christian Ratsch.Rochester, Vt. : Healing Arts Press, 2001.
QL737.C23 T475 2010Tigers of the world : the science, politics, and conservation of Panthera tigris.Boston : Elsevier/Academic Press, 2010.
QL876 .E96 2010The evolution of primary sexual characters in animals / edited by Janet L. Leonard, Alex Cordoba-Aguilar.New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.
R133 .N38 reel 75-9Die acute Phosphor-Vergiftung [microform] mit besonderer Rucksicht auf Pathologie und Physiologie experimentell, bearb. von Ph. Munk und E. Leyden.Berlin, Hirschwald, 1865.
R133 .N38 reel 75-9An essay on blindness [microform] : in a letter to a person of distinction ... interspersed with several anecdotes of Sanderson, Milton, and others with copper-plates elucidating Dr. Sanderson's method of working geometrical problems / translated from the French of M. Diderot ...London : Printed for Richard Dymott, MDCCLXXIII [1773]
R133 .N38 reel 75-9Medical commentaries [microform]. Part I. Containing a plain and direct answer to Professor Monro jun. interspersed with remarks on the structure, functions, and diseases of several parts of the human body ...London, S. Baker and G. Leigh [etc.] 1777.
R133 .N38 reel 75-9Nuovi documenti per la storia delle malattie veneree in Italia dalla fine del quattrocento alla meta del cinque-cento / per Corradi A.Milano : Rechiedei, 1884.;Microfilm. Bethesda, Md. : National Library of Medicine, [198-?].
R133 .N38 reel 75-9Observations on the duties and offices of a physician [microform] : and on the method of prosecuting enquiries in philosophy.London : Printed for W. Strahan and T. Cadell, (Successor to Mr. Millar) ..., MDCCLXX [1770]
R133 .N38 reel 75-9On the uncertainty of the signs of murder [microform] : in the case of bastard children.London, Callow, 1818.
R133 .N38 reel 75-9Opuscoli scientifici [microform] / di Felice Fontana ...Napoli : Presso La Nuova Societa' Letteraria e Tipografica ..., 1787.
R133 .N38 reel 75-9A treatise on the diseases of the heart and great vessels [microform] : comprising a new view of the physiology of the heart's action.London, Kidd, 1832.
R133 .N38 reel 75-9Uber offentliche Irrenpflege und die Nothwendigkeit ihrer Verbesserung / von Franz Richarz.Bonn 1844.;Microfilm. Bethesda, Md. : National Library of Medicine, [198-?]. 1 reel.
R133 .N38 reel 82-48The chirurgical candidate or, Reflections on education [microform], indispensable to complete, naval, military, and other surgeons ...London, Highley, 1808.
R133 .N38 reel 82-48The method of treating gunshot wounds [microform] / by John Ranby ...London : Printed for John and Paul Knapton ..., 1744.
R133 .N38 reel 82-48Observations on the diseases of the army, in camp and garrison [microform] : in three parts with an appendix ... / by John Pringle, M.D. ...London : Printed for A. Millar D. Wilson and T. Durham and T. Payne, MDCCLIII [1753]
R133 .N38 reel 82-48Observations on the epidemical diseases in Minorca [microform] : From the year 1744 to 1749. To which is prefixed, a short account of the climate, productions, inhabitants, and endemial distempers of that island ...London, D. Wilson, 1751.
R133 .N38 reel 82-48Oeconomical and medical observations [microform] ... From the year 1758 to the year 1763, inclusive. Tending to the improvement of military hospitals, and to the cure of camp diseases ... To which is subjoined, an appendix, containing a curious account of the climate and diseases in Africa ... in a letter from Mr. Boone ...London, T. Becket and P. A. de Hondt, 1764.
R133 .N38 reel 82-48An outline of the history and cure of fever, endemic and contagious [microform] : more expressly the contagious fever of jails, ships, and hospitals : the concentrated endemic, vulgarly the yellow fever of the West Indies : to which is added, An explanation of the principles of military discipline and economy : with a scheme of medical arrangement for armies / by Robert Jackson, M.D.Edinburgh : Printed for Mundell & Son, and for T.N. Longman, and Murray & Highly, London, 1798.
R133 .N38 reel 82-48A systematic view of the formation, discipline, and economy of armies [microform] / by Robert Jackson.London : John Stockdale, 1804 ([London] : C. Roworth)
R133 .N38 reel 83-28Essays on hypochondriasis, and other nervous affections [microform].London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1821.
R133 .N38 reel 83-28A history of the materia medica [microform] : Containing descriptions of all the substances used in medicine their origin, their characters when in perfection, the signs of their decay, their chymical analysis, and an account of their virtues, and of the several preparations from them now used in the shops ...London, T. Longman, C. Hitch and L. Hawes [etc.] 1751.
R133 .N38 reel 83-28Des malformations des doigts et des orteils dans leurs rapports avec l'heredite [microform] / par Alfred Mirabel.Paris : Imprimerie Nouvelle, 1873.;Microfilm. Bethesda, Md. : National Library of Medicine, [198-?]. 1 reel.
R133 .N38 reel 83-28Practical observations on insanity [microform] : in which some suggestions are offered towards an improved mode of treating diseases of the mind, and some rules proposed which it is hoped may lead to a more humane and successful method of cure to which are subjoined, remarks on medical jurisprudence, as connected with diseased intellect.London, Baldwin, 1804.
R133 .N38 reel 83-28Psychische Gesundheit und Irreseyn in ihren Uebergangen [microform] : ein Versuch zur nahern Ergrundung zweifelhafter Seelenzustande, fur Kriminalisten und Gerichstarzte.Berlin, Reimer, 1845.
R133 .N38 reel 83-28Puerperal fever [microform] : an enquiry into its nature and treatment, with an historical retrospect of some of the chief epidemics recorded under that name, and of the principal theories successively entertained respecting it : with notes of personal observations : a graduation thesis / by Sophia Jex-Blake presented to the Medical Faculty of the University of Bern, and accepted by the Faculty on the report of Dr. Peter Muller Bern, Jan. 10th, 1877.Brighton [Sussex] : M. Sickelmore, [1877?];Microfilm. Bethesda, Md. : National Library of Medicine, [198-?]. 1 reel.
R133 .N38 reel 83-31An act for granting to His Majesty a stamp-duty on licences to be taken out by certain persons uttering or vending medicines h [microform] : and certain stamp-duties on all medicines sold under such licences ...London, Charles Eyre and William Strahan, 1783.
R133 .N38 reel 83-31An act for repealing an act, made in the twenty-third year of the reign of His Present Majesty, intituled, An act for granting to His Majesty a stamp-duty on licences to be taken out by certain persons uttering or vending medicines ... [microform] : and for granting other duties in lieu thereof.[London : s.n., 1785]
R133 .N38 reel 83-31An act for the better viewing, searching, and examining, all drugs [microform] : ... in all places where the same shall be exposed to sale ... within the city of London and suburbs thereof ...London, John Baskett [etc.] 1724.
R133 .N38 reel 83-31An alarm to all persons touching their health and lives, or, A discovery of the most shocking, pernicious, and destructive practices made use of by many in this kingdom, who make and sell divers kinds of eatables and drinkables [microform] : whereby many languish in their health and lose their lives, founded on verity and facts / by Jasper Arnaud to which are added remarks on the nature of the destructive ingredients made use of in the above said practices in relation to health, communicated to the author by a learned physician.London : Printed for T. Payne ..., 1740.
R133 .N38 reel 83-31The apothecary's mirror or, The present state of pharmacy exploded [microform] in a letter to J. H. Sequeira, M. D. ... By Discriminator [pseud.] ...London, C. Macrae, 1790.
R133 .N38 reel 83-31Cautions to the heads of families, in three essays [microform] : I. On cyder-wine, prepared in copper vessels ... II. On the poison of lead ... III. On the poison of copper ...Bath, Printed by R. Cruttwell, and sold by C. Dilly, London [etc., etc.] 1790.
R133 .N38 reel 83-31The Censor censur'd or, The antidote examin'd [microform] : Wherein the designs of Dr. Pitt, and the dispensary physicians are detected ...London, The Booksellers of London and Westminster, 1704.
R133 .N38 reel 83-31The darknes of atheism dispelled by the light of nature [microform] : A physico-theologicall treatise ...London, Printed by J. F. for William Lee, 1652.
R133 .N38 reel 83-31An enquiry into the designs of the late petition presented to Parliament by the Company of Apothecaries [microform] : With remarks ... whereby the apothecary's present monstrous profits are exposed ... To which is annexed a scheme, tending to prevent the empirical apothecary from practising and the chemist from preparing and vending sophisticated medicines. In a letter to the Company of Apothecaries ...London, M. Cooper, 1748.
R133 .N38 reel 83-31Experiments and observations on the danger of copper and bell-metal in pharmaceutical and chemical preparations ... [micoroform].London, J. W. Galabin [etc.] 1786.;Microfilm. [Bethesda, Md.] : National Library of Medicine, 1983. 1 microfilm reel : negative 35 mm.
RC262 .R45 1973The cancer biopathy. Translated by Andrew White with Mary Higgins and Chester M. Raphael.New York, Farrar, Straus and Giroux [1973]
RS380 .R38 2009Quality by design for biopharmaceuticals : principles and case studies / edited by Anurag S. Rathore and Rohin Mhatre.Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2009.
S105 .E33 no.313Considerations relating to state and federal regulation of fluid milk prices in Oregon / by D.B. DeLoach.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State College, [1943]
S105 .E33 no.314Control of bulb pests / by Joe Schuh, Kenneth W. Gray, Don C. Mote.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State College, [1943]
S105 .E33 no.315Control of brown rot of prunes / by C.E. Owens and S.M. Zeller.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State College, [1943]
S105 .E33 no.316Spraying for the control of the filbert worm and filbert blight in Oregon / by P.W. Miller and B.G. Thompson.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State College, [1943]
S105 .E33 no.317OPA dressed meat ceilings, subsidies to slaughterhouses and comparable live animal values / by E.L. Potter.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State College, [1943]
S105 .E33 no.318Benzoates as aids in kippered fish preservation / by Edward W. Harvey.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State College, [1943]
S105 .E33 no.319Nutritional status of rural youth in Marion County (vitamin C deficiency) / by Gertrude Hoppe and Margaret L. Fincke.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State College, [1943]
S105 .E33 no.320Leaf- and cane-spot of cane fruits / by S.M. Zeller.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State College, [1943]
S105 .E33 no.321The reproductive performance of dairy cattle in Tillamook county and possible relationship to available feed (progress report ) / by I.R. Jones, J.R. Haag.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State College, [1943]
S105 .E33 no.322Spray program for the control of leaf-spot, Syneta beetle, and fruit fly of sour cherry / [prepared by S.C. Jones ... [et al.]].Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State College, [1944]
S105 .E33 no.323Powdery mildew of grape / by C.E. Owens.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State College, [1944]
S105 .E33 no.324Control of weevil in garden and field peas in 1944 / by Don C. Mote, Kenneth W. Gray.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State College, [1944]
S105 .E33 no.325Maximum amount of fertilizers recommended for use in following Food Production Order 5 (FPO 5).Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State College, [1944]
TA417.6 .B84 2008Atomistic modeling of materials failure / Markus J. Buehler.New York London : Springer, 2008.
TJ163.2 .C73 2010A cubic mile of oil : realities and options for averting the looming global energy crisis / Hewitt D. Crane, Edwin M. Kinderman, Ripudaman Malhotra.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.
TK5103.5 .I35 20092009 SID international symposium: digest of technical papers / SID Society for Information Display.Campbell, CA: Society for Information Display 2009.
TK5105.875.I57 V378 2010Internet architecture and innovation / Barbara van Schewick.Cambridge, MA : The MIT Press, c2010.
TP155 .I6 v.9Phase equilibrium in mixtures [by] M.B. King.Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press [1969]
TR858 .D73 2010VFX artistry : a visual tour of how the studios create their magic / Spencer Drate & Judith Salavetz.Amsterdam Boston : Focal Press, c2010.
U21.2 .N82 1970Man the fool (homo insipiens) / by L.J.J. Nye.Fortitude Valley, Brisbane : W.R. Smith & Paterson, 1970.