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Call numberTitlePublisher
B105.M65 M36 2009Relationscapes : movement, art, philosophy / Erin Manning.Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2009.
B491.L8 G76 2009An Aristotelian account of induction : creating something from nothing / Louis Groarke.Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press, c2009.
B512 .O34 2010Epicureanism / Tim O'Keefe.Berkeley : University of California Press, c2010.
B785.V1144 N38 2009In defense of common sense : Lorenzo Valla's humanist critique of scholastic philosophy / Lodi Nauta.Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Press, 2009.
B2430.M284 M33 2010Interpreting excess : Jean-Luc Marion, saturated phenomena, and hermeneutics / Shane Mackinlay.New York : Fordham University Press, 2010.
B3279.H49 G743 2004Translating Heidegger / Miles Groth.Amherst, N.Y. : Humanity Books, 2004.
B3279.H49 M37 2010Martin Heidegger : key concepts / edited by Bret W. Davis.Durham : Acumen, 2010.
BD111 .L66 2010Reality : fundamental topics in metaphysics / Peter Loptson.Ottawa : University of Ottawa Press, c2010.
BD233 .H93 2010Perfection : coming to terms with being human / Michael J. Hyde.Waco, Tex. : Baylor University Press, c2010.
BD436 .H45 2010Love, friendship, and the self : intimacy, identification, and the social nature of persons / Bennett W. Helm.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.
BD638 .H585 2009The time of our lives : a critical history of temporality / David Couzens Hoy.Cambridge, MA : MIT Press, c2009.
BF21 .P73 no.69Primary process thinking : theory, measurement, and research / Robert R. Holt.Lanham, Md. : Jason Aronson, c2009.
BF109.F74 W4713 2009A dark trace : Sigmund Freud on the sense of guilt / Herman Westerink.Leuven : Leuven University Press, c2009.
BF175.5.O33 V47 2009New studies of old villains : a radical reconsideration of the Oedipus complex / Paul Verhaeghe with a foreword by Juliet Mitchell.New York : Other Press, c2009.
BF431 .S565 2009Intelligent testing : integrating psychological theory and clinical practice / edited by James C. Kaufman.Cambridge [England] New York : Cambridge University Press, 2009.
BF447 .H365 2009Judgment and decision making : psychological perspectives / David Hardman.Chichester, UK Malden, MA : BPS Blackwell, 2009.
BF481 .C485 2009Powered by feel : how individuals, teams, and companies excel / James G.S. Clawson & Douglas S. Newburg.Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific Pub. Co., c2009.
BF531 .F69 2008Emotion science : cognitive and neuroscientific approaches to understanding human emotions / Elaine Fox.London : Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.
BF636.7.C76 J86 2010Social justice, multicultural counseling, and practice : beyond a conventional approach / Heesoon Jun.Los Angeles : Sage, c2010.
BF697 .I674 2009Interconnectedness and the individual / Nicole S. Porter, Nancy Bothne, and Leonard Jason.New York : Nova Science Publishers, Inc., c2009.
BJ1012 .P67 2010The good life : options in ethics / Burton F. Porter.Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2010.
BJ1461 .R67 2009Free will and Continental philosophy : the death without meaning / David Edward Rose.London New York : Continuum, c2009.
BL51 .W763 2010Words of life : new theological turns in French phenomenology / edited by Bruce Ellis Benson and Norman Wirzba.New York : Fordham University Press, 2010.
BL65.P6 B33 2010Toying with God : the world of religious games and dolls / Nikki Bado-Fralick and Rebecca Sachs Norris.Waco, Tex. : Baylor University Press, c2010.
BL65.S8 B87 2010Taming the gods : religion and democracy on three continents / Ian Buruma.Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2010.
BL325.F4 L38 2008Goddess spirituality for the 21st century : from Kabbalah to quantum physics / Judith Laura foreword by Rachel Pollack.[Kensington, MD] : Open Sea Press, c2008.
BQ7662.4 .E58 2009Entrance to the Great perfection : a guide to the Dzogchen preliminary practices / compiled, translated, and introduced by Cortland Dahl.Ithaca, N.Y. : Snow Lion Pub., c2009.
BS521.4 .G7413 2002Transgressors : toward a feminist biblical theology / Claudia Janssen, Ute Ochtendung, and Beate Wehn, editors translated by Linda M. Maloney.Collegeville, Minn. : Liturgical Press, c2002.
CB353 .M42555 2009Medievalisms in the postcolonial world : the idea of "the Middle Ages" outside Europe / edited by Kathleen Davis and Nadia Altschul.Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009.
CT3260 .M57 2003Mississippi women : their histories, their lives / edited by Martha H. Swain, Elizabeth Anne Payne, Marjorie Julian Spruill associate editor, Susan Ditto.Athens : University of Georgia Press, c2003-
D16 .N335 2010Natural experiments of history / edited by Jared Diamond, James A. Robinson.Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2010.
D764.3.S7 G588 2009Armageddon in Stalingrad : September-November 1942 / David M. Glantz, with Jonathan M. House.Lawrence, Kan. : University Press of Kansas, c2009.
D805.G3 S716 2010In the neighborhood of zero : a World War II memoir / William V. Spanos.Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2010.
D1056.2.M87 C35 2009Reflections on the revolution in Europe : immigration, Islam, and the West / Christopher Caldwell.New York : Doubleday, c2009.
DA566.4 .O78 2009The two cultures controversy : science, literature and cultural politics in postwar Britain / Guy Ortolano.Cambridge, UK New York : Cambridge University Press, 2009.
DA650 .A6[Series of informative pamphlets] for U.S. armed forces in U.K.London, etc., Printed by Spottiswoode, Ballantyne & Co. [1944]-
DC34.5.A37 F745 2009Frenchness and the African diaspora : identity and uprising in contemporary France / edited by Charles Tshimanga, Didier Gondola, and Peter J. Bloom.Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2009.
DD256.5 .R379 2009Reactions to the Third Reich then and now : Harry H. Kahn memorial lectures (2005-2009) / edited by Wolfgang Mieder and David Scrase.Burlington, Vt. : Center for Holocaust Studies at the University of Vermont, 2009.
DS371.4 .R37 2008Descent into chaos : the United States and the failure of nation building in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia / Ahmed Rashid.New York : Viking, 2008.
DT16.5 .N495 2009The new African diaspora / edited by Isidore Okpewho and Nkiru Nzegwu.Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2009.
DT450.44 .H3713 2009The antelope's strategy : living in Rwanda after the genocide / a report by Jean Hatzfeld translated from the French by Linda Coverdale.New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2009.
DU18.5 .N86 2009Vanished islands and hidden continents of the Pacific / Patrick D. Nunn.Honolulu : University of Hawaii Press, c2009.
E61 .L226 2009Landscapes of origin in the Americas : creation narratives linking ancient places and present communities / edited by Jessica Joyce Christie.Tuscaloosa : University of Alabama Press, c2009.
E99.H69 R66 2009Shamans of the lost world : a cognitive approach to the prehistoric religion of the Ohio Hopewell / William F. Romain.Lanham, Md. : AltaMira Press, c2009.
E99.T6 G64 2008The Tlingit encounter with photography / Sharon Bohn Gmelch.[Philadelphia, PA] : University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, c2008.
E169.1 .S5948 2010Why America is not a new Rome / Vaclav Smil.Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2010.
E176.1 .K29 2010The great Virginia triumvirate : George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, & James Madison in the eyes of their contemporaries / John P. Kaminski.Charlottesville : University of Virginia Press, 2010.
E184.S75 V38 2009Latino/a thought : culture, politics, and society / [edited by] Francisco H. Vazquez.Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2009.
E184.V53 V53 2009The Viet Kieu in America : personal accounts of postwar immigrants from Vietnam / edited by Nghia M. Vo.Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., c2009.
E185.5 .D81 2005The souls of black folk / W.E.B. Du Bois.Stilwell, KS. : Publishing, c2005.
E207.W47 C644 2010Commodore Abraham Whipple of the Continental Navy : privateer, patriot, pioneer / Sheldon S. Cohen foreword by James C. Bradford and Gene Allen Smith.Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2010.
E449.R94 H63 2010David Ruggles : a radical black abolitionist and the Underground Railroad in New York City / Graham Russell Gao Hodges.Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, c2010.
E902 .A87 2009Assessing the George W. Bush presidency : a tale of two terms / edited by Andrew Wroe and Jon Herbert.Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, c2009.
F158.9.F89 S26 2010The diary of Hannah Callender Sansom : sense and sensibility in the age of the American Revolution / edited by Susan E. Klepp and Karin Wulf.Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2010.
F213 .F53 2010Fields of vision : essays on the Travels of William Bartram / edited by Kathryn E. Holland Braund, Charlotte M. Porter.Tuscaloosa : University of Alabama Press, c2010.
F216.2 .E58 2010Entering the fray : gender, politics, and culture in the New South / edited by Jonathan Daniel Wells and Sheila R. Phipps.Columbia, Mo. : London : University of Missouri Press, 2010.
F395.M5 T453 2010Tejano leadership in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas / Jesus F. de la Teja, editor foreword by David J. Weber with contributions by Raul A. Ramos ... [et al.].College Station : Texas A&M University Press, c2010.
F525 .B3 1816-1916Indiana authors and their books, 1816-1916 : biographical sketches of authors who published during the first century of Indiana statehood, with lists of their books / compiled by R.E. Banta.Crawfordsville, Ind. : Wabash College, 1949.
F596.3.J5 K34 2009Jews of the Pacific coast : reinventing community on America's edge / Ellen Eisenberg, Ava F. Kahn, and William Toll.Seattle : University of Washington Press, c2009.
F788 .E98 2009The exploration of the Colorado River and the high plateaus of Utah by the second Powell expedition of 1871-1872 / edited by Herbert E. Gregory, William Culp Darrah, and Charles Kelly introduction by Dale L. Morgan.Salt Lake City : The University of Utah Press : Utah State Historical Society, 2009.
F881.C36 M364 2010A force for change : Beatrice Morrow Cannady and the struggle for civil rights in Oregon, 1912-1936 / Kimberley Mangun.Corvallis : Oregon State University Press, 2010.
F1219.1.O11 C248 2010Indigenous citizens : local liberalism in early national Oaxaca and Yucatan / Karen D. Caplan.Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, c2010.
F3721.1.S28 C67 2010Ritual and remembrance in the Ecuadorian Andes / Rachel Corr.Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c2010.
G70 .B82 2009The geography of human conflict : approaches to survival / Neville Brown.Brighton Portland : Sussex Academic Press, c2009.
G70.212 .H356 2009Handbook of research on geoinformatics / Hassan A. Karimi [editor].Hershey : Information Science Reference, c2009.
G70.4 .T784 2009Classification methods for remotely sensed data / Brandt Tso, Paul M. Mather.Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2009.
G105 .R648 2009Alternate names of places : a worldwide dictionary / Adrian Room.Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., c2009.
G587 .L44 2009Legacies and change in polar sciences : historical, legal and political reflections on the International Polar Year / edited by Jessica M. Shadian, Monica Tennberg.Farnham, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2009.
GB406 .Y687 2009Sandstone landforms / Robert W.Young, Robert A. L. Wray, Ann R.M. Young.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, c2009.
GB1140.I53 G76 2009Groundwater governance in the Indo-Gangetic and Yellow River basins : realities and challenges / editors, Aditi Mukherji ... [et al.].Boca Raton [Fla.] London : CRC Press, c2009.
GB2405 .P55 2009A world without ice / Henry Pollack [foreword by Al Gore].New York : Avery, c2009.
GC190.2 .B76 2010The great ocean conveyor : discovering the trigger for abrupt climate change / Wally Broecker.Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2010.
GE45.S73 M36 2009Statistics for environmental science and management / Bryan F.J. Manly.Boca Raton : Chapman & Hall/CRC, c2009.
GE149 .G548 2008Global environmental challenges : perspectives from the South / edited by Jordi Diez and O.P. Dwivedi.Peterborough, Ont. Buffalo, N.Y. : Broadview Press, c2008.
GE199.S56 S63 2008Nature protests : the end of ecology in Slovakia / Edward Snajdr.Seattle : University of Washington Press, c2008.
GF41 .S14 2010The SAGE handbook of social geographies / edited by Susan J. Smith ... [et al.].Los Angeles London : SAGE, 2010.
GF551 .A65 2001Imperial ecology : environmental order in the British Empire, 1895-1945 / Peder Anker.Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2001.
GN41.8 .T36 2008The tao of anthropology / edited by Jack Kelso foreword by Wynne Maggi and Angela Thieman-Dino.Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2008.
GN347 .G753 2009Observational cinema : anthropology, film, and the exploration of social life / Anna Grimshaw and Amanda Ravetz.Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2009.
GN495.2 .V555 2009Violence : ethnographic encounters / edited by Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi.Oxford New York : Berg, 2009.
GN585.G4 B45 2010On the social life of postsocialism : memory, consumption, Germany / Daphne Berdahl edited and with an introduction by Matti Bunzl foreword by Michael Herzfeld.Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2010.
GN671.P5 G5 2008Ginhawa, kapalaran, dalamhati = Essays on well-being, opportunity/destiny, and anguish / Consuelo J. Paz, editor.Diliman, Quezon City : University of the Philippines Press, c2008.
GT1555 .W79 2009Chinese fashion : from Mao to now / Juanjuan Wu.Oxford New York : Berg, 2009.
GT2850 .F67 2008Food and drink in archaeology I : University of Nottingham postgraduate conference 2007 edited by Sera Baker ... [et al.].Totnes [England] : Prospect, 2008.
GT3180 .M67 2009Mortuary practices and social identities in the Middle Ages : essays in burial archaeology in honour of Heinrich Harke / edited by Duncan Sayer and Howard Williams.Exeter, UK : University of Exeter Press, 2009.
GV445 .R69 2009Inclusion in physical education : fitness, motor, and social skills for students of all abilities / Pattie Rouse.Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, c2009.
GV1469.34.C67 C66 2007Cheating : gaining advantage in videogames / Mia Consalvo.Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2007.
H61 .G868 2010Survival analysis / Shenyang Guo.New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.
HA31.3 .A44 2009Fixed effects regression models / Paul D. Allison.Los Angeles : SAGE, c2009.
HA32 .S577 2009SPSS for social scientists / Ciaran Acton, Robert Miller with Deirdre Fullerton and John Maltby.Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.
HB74.P8 A4944 2010Identity economics : how our identities shape our work, wages, and well-being / George A. Akerlof and Rachel E. Kranton.Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2010.
HB74.P8 C695 2010The soulful science : what economists really do and why it matters / Diane Coyle.Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2010.
HC79.T4 S885 2008Sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship / edited by Rolf Wustenhagen ... [et al.].Cheltenham, UK Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, c2008.
HC415.P6 T73 2009Trade and poverty reduction in the Asia-Pacific region : case studies and lessons from low-income communities / edited by Andrew L. Stoler, Jim Redden and Lee Ann Jackson.Cambridge, UK : Cambridge University Press, 2009.
HC800 .N49 2009New presence of China in Africa / Meine Pieter van Dijk (ed.).[Amsterdam] : Amsterdam University Press, c2009.
HD57.7 .H3563 2007The handbook of leadership development evaluation / by Kelly M. Hannum, Jennifer W. Martineau, Claire Reinelt, editors foreword by Laura C. Leviton.San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2007.
HD75 .N478 2010New directions in development ethics : essays in honor of Denis Goulet / edited by Charles K. Wilber and Amitava Krishna Dutt.Notre Dame, Ind. : University of Notre Dame Press, c2010.
HD1333.F57 E57 2010Reactions to the market : small farmers in the economic reshaping of Nicaragua, Cuba, Russia, and China / Laura J. Enriquez.University Park, Pa. : Pennsylvania State University Press, c2010.
HD1691 .B665 2009The world water crisis : the failures of resource management / Stephen Brichieri-Colombi.London New York : I. B. Tauris, 2009.
HD6072.2.S6 A45 2009From servants to workers : South African domestic workers and the democratic state / Shireen Ally.Ithaca, N.Y. : ILR, 2009.
HD6100.T6 S65 2010Breadwinning daughters : young working women in a Depression-era city, 1929-1939 / Katrina Srigley.Toronto Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, c2010.
HD8039.L92 U537 2010The lumberman's frontier : three centuries of land use, society, and change in America's forests / Thomas R. Cox.Corvallis : Oregon State University Press, c2010.
HD9348.O72 O7 1982Oregon's bottle bill : the 1982 report / [researcher, Sebastian Degens editor, Margaret McCue].Portland, Or. (PO Box 1760, Portland 97207) : Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality, Solid Waste Division, [1982]
HD9502.A2 G544 2010Global energy governance : the new rules of the game / Andreas Goldthau, Jan Martin Witte, editors.Berlin, [Germany] : Global Public Policy Institute Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, c2010.
HD9502.5.B542 G53 2009The biofuel delusion : the fallacy of large-scale agro-biofuel production / Mario Giampietro and Kozo Mayumi.London Sterling, VA : Earthscan, 2009.
HD9519.C58 R44 2010Representation and rebellion : the Rockefeller plan at the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, 1914-1942 / Jonathan H. Rees.Boulder, CO : University Press of Colorado, c2010.
HD9999.C9472 M36 2010Managing creativity : exploring the paradox / edited by Barbara Townley, Nic Beech.Cambridge, UK New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.
HE5653.A6 W65 2010Autos and progress : the Brazilian search for modernity / Joel Wolfe.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.
HG106 .S753 2010Stochastic dominance and applications to finance, risk and economics / Songsak Sriboonchitta ... [et al.].Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2010.
HJ2336 .P35 2010Tax havens : how globalization really works / Ronen Palan, Richard Murphy, and Christian Chavagneux.Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University Press, 2010.
HQ27 .T448 2009Sex and the American teenager : seeing through the myths and confronting the issues / R. Murray Thomas.Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Education, c2009.
HQ76.25 .H64 2010The screwball asses / Guy Hocquenghem translated by Noura Wedell.Los Angeles, CA : Semiotext(e) Cambridge, Mass. : Distributed by the MIT Press, c2010.
HQ76.25 .M86 2009Cruising utopia : the then and there of queer futurity / Jose Esteban Munoz.New York : New York University Press, c2009.
HQ755.8 .F69 2009When couples become parents : the creation of gender in the transition to parenthood / Bonnie Fox.Toronto Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, c2009.
HQ759.5 .T46 2010Birthing a mother : the surrogate body and the pregnant self / Elly Teman.Berkeley : University of California Press, c2010.
HQ771 .M47 2010Child development : myths and misunderstandings / Jean Mercer.Los Angeles : SAGE, c2010.
HQ1075.5.C5 M3 2010Footbinding : a Jungian engagement with Chinese culture and psychology / Shirley See Yan Ma.London New York : Routledge, 2010.
HQ1123 .A64 2003Women warriors : adventures from history's greatest female fighters / Teena Apeles.Emeryville, CA : Seal Press, c2003.
HQ1143 .W65 2010Women's lives in medieval Europe : a sourcebook / edited by Emilie Amt.London New York : Routledge, 2010.
HQ1236.5.A3 A25 2009Gender and international aid in Afghanistan : the politics and effects of intervention / Lina Abirafeh.Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., c2009.
HQ1391.U5 F35 2010Women for president : media bias in nine campaigns / Erika Falk.Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c2010.
HT121 .G67 2010The urban spectator : American concept cities from Kodak to Google / Eric Gordon.Hanover, NH : Dartmouth College Press : University Press of New England, c2010.
HV875.55 .G35 2010Blue-ribbon babies and labors of love : race, class, and gender in U.S. adoption practice / Christine Ward Gailey.Austin, TX : University of Texas Press, 2010.
HV6046 .H36 2010Offending women : power, punishment, and the regulation of desire / Lynne A. Haney.Berkeley : University of California Press, c2010.
HV6439.U5 G384 2010Who you claim : performing gang identity in school and on the streets / Robert Garot.New York : New York University Press, c2010.
HV6626.2 .M58 2008Violent partners : a breakthrough plan for ending the cycle of abuse / Linda G. Mills.New York : Basic Books, c2008.
HV9471 .S94 2010Reading is my window : books and the art of reading in women's prisons / Megan Sweeney.Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, c2010.
JA71 .G47 2010Politics and the imagination / Raymond Geuss.Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2010.
JA71 .R68 2010Great books, bad arguments : Republic, Leviathan, & the Communist manifesto / W.G. Runciman.Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2010.
JC212.C3 R43 2009Majority rule versus consensus : the political thought of John C. Calhoun / James H. Read.Lawrence, Kan. : University Press of Kansas, c2009.
JC327 .P76 2008Sovereignty : history and theory / Raia Prokhovnik.Exeter, UK Charlottesville, VA : Imprint Academic, c2008.
JF1525.D4 M33 2010Decision-making in committees : game-theoretic analysis / Nicola F. Maaser.Heidelberg London : Springer, c2010.
JK330 .D46 2010Our army : soldiers, politics, and American civil-military relations / Jason K. Dempsey.Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2010.
JK526 2008 .W56 2009Winning the White House 2008 : the Gallup poll, public opinion, and the presidency / by Frank Newport ... [et al.].New York : Facts on File, c2009.
JK692 .D66 2008The warping of government work / John D. Donahue.Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2008.
JS1238.3 .B37 2009The scandal of reform : the grand failures of New York's political crusaders and the death of nonpartisanship / Francis S. Barry.New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c2009.
JV7590 .V474 2010Tracking Europe : mobility, diaspora, and the politics of location / Ginette Verstraete.Durham [NC] : Duke University Press, 2010.
JZ1234 .L43 2010Forbidden fruit : counterfactuals and international relations / Richard Ned Lebow.Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2010.
KF3369 .E88 2010Regoverning the workplace : from self-regulation to co-regulation / Cynthia Estlund.New Haven : Yale University Press, c2010.
KF8745.R44 O24 2009Rehnquist : a personal portrait of the distinguished Chief Justice of the U.S. / Herman J. Obermayer.New York, NY : Threshold Editions, 2009.
Kindle eBookBlue Mars [electronic resource] / Kim Stanley Robinson.New York : Bantam Books, 1997.
Kindle eBookThe golden compass [electronic resource] / Philip Pullman.New York : Alfred A. Knopf Distributed by Random House, c1995.
Kindle eBookNudge [electronic resource] : improving decisions about health, wealth, and happiness / Richard H. Thaler, Cass R. Sunstein.New Haven : Yale University Press, c2008.
Kindle eBookThe physics of superheroes [electronic resource] / James Kakalios.New York : Gotham, 2005.
Kindle eBookThis is where I leave you [electronic resource] / Jonathan Tropper.New York : Dutton, c2009.
LA217.2 .Y68 2009Education's missing ingredient : what parents can tell educators / Victoria M. Young.Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littleman Education, c2009.
LA417 A34 2010Achieving student success : effective student services in Canadian higher education / edited by Donna Hardy Cox and C. Carney Strange.Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press, c2010.
LA418.O6 A453 2009Academic transformation : the forces reshaping higher education in Ontario / Ian D. Clark ... [et al.].Montreal Ithaca : McGill-Queen's University Press, c2009.
LB512 .E5 2010Emile, or, On education : includes Emile and Sophie, or, The solitaries / Jean-Jacques Rousseau translated and edited by Christopher Kelly and Allan Bloom.Hanover, N.H. : University Press Of New England, c2010.
LB1025.3 .L83 2009Teach well, live well : strategies for success / John Luckner, Suzanne Rudolph.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin, c2009.
LB1025.3 .S65 2009The perfect norm : how to teach differentially, assess effectively, and manage a classroom ethically in ways that are "brain-friendly" and culturally responsive / Sharon L. Spencer, Sandra A. Vavra foreword by Patricia Ruggiano Schmidt.Charlotte, NC : Information Age Pub., c2009.
LB1027 .J58 2010Laughing and learning : an alternative to shut up and listen / Peter M. Jonas.Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Education, c2010.
LB1027.23 .B78 2009Teaching with classroom response systems : creating active learning environments / Derek Bruff.San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2009.
LB1027.55 .G76 2010Group work in the schools / [edited by] Bradley T. Erford.Boston : Pearson, c2010.
LB1028 .M396 2009Qualitative research : a guide to design and implementation / Sharan B. Merriam.San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass, c2009.
LB1028 .S275 2009School-based research : a guide for education students / [edited by] Elaine Wilson.Thousand Oaks, CA : Sage, 2009.
LB1029.P67 Z83 2009The learning portfolio : reflective practice for improving student learning / John Zubizarreta.San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass, 2009.
LB1044.87 .H345 2010Handbook of research on practices and outcomes in e-learning : issues and trends / [edited by] Harrison Hao Yang, Steve Chi-Yin Yuen.Hershey, PA : Information Science Reference, c2010.
LB1050.5 .G545 2010Multiple paths to literacy : assessment and differentiated instruction for diverse learners in a democratic society, K-12 / Joan P. Gipe.Boston, Mass. : Pearson/Allyn and Bacon, 2010.
LB1060 .T645 2010The new science of teaching and learning : using the best of mind, brain, and education science in the classroom / Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa foreword by Pat Wolfe.New York : Teachers College Press, c2010.
LB1576 .T6574 2010Literacy in the middle grades: teaching reading and writing to fourth through eighth graders / Gail E. Tompkins.Boston : Pearson, 2010
LB1584 .S4438 2010Following the threads : bringing inquiry research into the classroom / Douglas Selwyn.New York : Peter Lang, c2010.
LB1585.3 .E53 2009Assessing student understanding in science : a standards-based K-12 handbook / Sandra K. Enger, Robert E. Yager.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin, c2009.
LB1631 .Y68 2009Resources for teaching creative writing / Johnnie Young.London New York : Continuum, c2009.
LB1738.5 .D43 2009Making sense of social networks in schools / Terrence E. Deal, Ted Purinton, Daria Cook Waetjen foreword by Guilbert C. Hentschke.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin Press, c2009.
LB1778 .A2 2010Academic and professional identities in higher education : the challenges of a diversifying workforce / edited by George Gordon and Celia Whitchurch.New York : Routledge, 2010.
LB2336 .W69 2010Leading the campaign : advancing colleges and universities / Michael J. Worth.Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield [Washington, DC] : In partnership with the American Council on Education, c2010.
LB2805 .C427 2010American schools : the art of creating a democratic learning community / Sam Chaltain.Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, c2010.
LB2805 .D34 2009Shaping school culture : pitfalls, paradoxes, and promises / Terrence E. Deal, Kent D. Peterson.San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2009.
LB2805 .J635 2009Decision making for educational leaders : underexamined dimensions and issues / Bob L. Johnson, Jr. and Sharon D. Kruse.Albany : State University of New York Press, c2009.
LB2806 .M435 2009Leading and managing extended schools : ensuring every child matters / David Middlewood and Richard Parker.London Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE, 2009.
LB2822.82 .B53 2010Failure is not an option : 6 principles for making student success the only option / Alan M. Blankstein foreward by Michael Fullan.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin Press : HOPE Foundation : National Education Association, c2010.
LB2831.7 .H37 2009Learning from the best : lessons from award-winning superintendents / Sandra Harris foreword by Daniel A. Domenech.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin, c2009.
LB2831.9 .D36 2009Leading with passion and knowledge : the principal as action researcher / Nancy Fichtman Dana foreword by Michael Fullan.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin Press, a Joint Publication with the American Association of School Administrators, c2009.
LB2831.9 .D38 2010Preparing principals for a changing world : lessons from effective school leadership programs / Linda Darling-Hammond...[et. al.].San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2010.
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