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Z675.U5 L48 2007Library 2.0 initiatives in academic libraries / Laura B. Cohen, editor.Chicago : Association of College and Research Libraries, 2007.
PN6728.F47 E44 2007Feral city / [written by Warren Ellis illustrated by Ben Templesmith lettering by Chris Eliopoulos].Berkeley, Calif. : Image Comics, c2007.
JL964.P7 S36 2004Business politics and the State in twentieth-century Latin America / Ben Ross Schneider.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.
PE1404 .B37 2007College writing and beyond : a new framework for university writing instruction / Anne Beaufort.Logan, UT : Utah State University Press, 2007.
HD9940.A2 B83 2007Developing and branding the fashion merchandising portfolio / Janace Bubonia-Clarke, Phyllis Borcherding.New York : Fairchild Publications, c2007.
G70.212 .A86 2006A to Z GIS : an illustrated dictionary of geographic information systems / edited by Tasha Wade and Shelly Sommer.Redlands, Calif. : ESRI Press : Independent Publishers Group [distributor], 2006.
QA76.758 .B425 2007Beautiful code / edited by Andy Oram and Greg Wilson.Beijing Sebastapol, Calif. : O'Reilly, c2007.
GF78 .M58 2007Sustainable living : the role of whole life costs and values / Nalanie Mithraratne, Brenda Vale and Robert Vale.Amsterdam Boston : Butterworth-Heinemann, 2007.
G70.212 .N47 2008Open source GIS : a GRASS GIS approach / by Markus Neteler, Helena Mitasova.New York, NY : Springer, c2008.
BF724.2 .E67 2007The case against adolescence : rediscovering the adult in every teen / Robert Epstein.Sanger, Calif. : Quill Driver Books/Word Dancer Press, c2007.
LB15 .R285 2007Edspeak : a glossary of education terms, phrases, buzzwords, and jargon / Diane Ravitch.Alexandria, Va. : Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, c2007.
BF311 .B263 2007Experimental phenomena of consciousness : a brief dictionary / by Talis Bachmann, Bruno Breitmeyer, and Haluk Ogmen.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
BL625.47 .R43 2007Forbidden fruit : sex & religion in the lives of American teenagers / Mark D. Regnerus.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
HN55 .C44 2006From the ground up : grassroots organizations making social change / Carol Chetkovich and Frances Kunreuther.Ithaca : ILR Press/Cornell University Press, 2006.
LB2342 .H492 2007Higher education : open for business / Christian Gilde, editor.Lanham, MD : Lexington Books, c2007.
HD7288.72.U52 N77 2007The housing divide : how generations of immigrants fare in New York's housing market / Emily Rosenbaum and Samantha Friedman.New York : New York University Press, c2007.
QA13 .I467 2007Improving access to mathematics : diversity and equity in the classroom / edited by Na'ilah Suad Nasir, Paul Cobb.New York : Teachers College Press, c2007.
LB1738.5 .P77 2007Learner-centered leadership : research, policy, and practice / edited by Arnold B. Danzig ... [et al.].Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2007.
HM1272 .D45 2007Managing multicultural lives : Asian American professionals and the challenge of multiple identities / Pawan Dhingra.Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 2007.
E78.C15 R334 2007Native hubs : culture, community, and belonging in Silicon Valley and beyond / Renya K. Ramirez.Durham : Duke University Press, 2007.
HV9950 .R333 2007Race, gender, and punishment : from colonialism to the war on terror / Mary Bosworth, Jeanne Flavin, editors.New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c2007.
LB1028.5 .S17 2007The Sage handbook of e-learning research / edited by Richard Andrews, Caroline Haythornthwaite.Los Angeles : Sage Publications, 2007.
BF576 .S35 2007The science of emotional intelligence : knowns and unknowns / edited by Gerald Matthews, Moshe Zeidner, and Richard D. Roberts.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
LC191.9 .S63 2007Sociology of higher education : contributions and their contexts / edited by Patricia J. Gumport.Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, c2007.
HV6431 .K72 2007What makes a terrorist : economics and the roots of terrorism : Lionel Robbins lectures / Alan B. Krueger.Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2007.
HQ792.U5 H27 2007The African American child : development and challenges / Yvette R. Harris and James A. Graham.New York : Springer, c2007.
HQ2044.U6 B56 2007Getting loose : lifestyle consumption in the 1970s / Sam Binkley.Durham : Duke University Press, 2007.
HV8699.U5 B393 2007In the shadow of death : restorative justice and death row families / Elizabeth Beck, Sarah Britto, and Arlene Andrews.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
HN660.A8 L58 2006Living Palestine : family survival, resistance, and mobility under occupation / edited by Lisa Taraki.Syracuse, N.Y. : Syracuse University Press, 2006.
HV9104 .F37 2007Saving children from a life of crime : early risk factors and effective interventions / David P. Farrington and Brandon C. Welsh.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
HV95 .S38 2006Targeting in social programs : avoiding bad bets, removing bad apples / Peter H. Schuck, Richard J. Zeckhauser.Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, c2006.
LB1033.5 .S65 2007Teaching adolescents : educational psychology as a science of signs / Howard A. Smith.Toronto : University of Toronto Press, c2007.
QH541 .N59 2007A new ecology : systems perspective / Sven Erik Jorgensen ... [et al.].Amsterdam Oxford : Elsevier, 2007.
QK142 .W43 2007The ribbon of green : change in riparian vegetation in the southwestern United States / Robert H. Webb, Stanley A. Leake, Raymond M. Turner principal photography by Dominic Oldershaw.Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c2007.
QH541.15.S68 S715 2007Stable isotopes as indicators of ecological change / edited by Todd E. Dawson, Rolf T.W. Siegwolf.London Burlington, MA : Academic Press, 2007.
QK725 .C374 2007The cell cycle control and plant development / edited by Dirk Inze.Oxford, UK Ames, Iowa : Blackwell Pub., 2007.
QK898.A43 C45 2007Cell diagnostics : images, biophysical and biochemical processes in allelopathy / editors, V.V. Roshchina, S.S. Narwal.Enfield, NH : Science Publishers, c2007.
QK725 .E54 2007Endosperm : developmental and molecular biology / volume editor, Odd-Arne Olsen.Berlin New York : Springer, c2007.
SB419.5 .W47 2007Green roof : a case study / Christian Werthman.New York : Princeton Architectural Press, c2007.
SB472 .M342 2007Living systems : innovative materials and technologies for landscape architecture / Liat Margolis, Alexander Robinson.Basel : Boston : Birkhauser, 2007.
S605.5 .O645 2007Organic agriculture in the U.S. / Alison J. Wellson, editor.New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2007.
DS215 .A385 2007Contesting the Saudi state : Islamic voices from a new generation / Madawi Al-Rasheed.Cambridge, UK New York : Cambridge University Press, 2007.
CC77.H5 L58 2007Historical archaeology : why the past matters / Barbara J. Little.Walnut Creek, Calif. : Left Coast Press, c2007.
JC599.T87 H83 2007Human rights in Turkey / edited by Zehra F. Kabasakal Arat foreword by Richard Falk.Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, c2007.
JZ5538 .L4 2007Leashing the dogs of war : conflict management in a divided world / edited by Chester A. Crocker, Fen Osler Hampson, and Pamela Aall.Washington, D.C. : United States Institute of Peace Press, 2007.
KF228.G78 P47 2007The Michigan affirmative action cases / Barbara A. Perry.Lawrence : University Press of Kansas, c2007.
ML3918.J39 T7 2007Pearl Harbor jazz : change in popular music in the early 1940s / Peter Townsend.Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, 2007.
ML3479 .A23 2007Ragged but right : black traveling shows, "coon songs," and the dark pathway to blues and jazz / Lynn Abbott and Doug Seroff.Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, 2007.
JA71 .S792 2007Republic of readers? : the literary turn in political thought and analysis / Simon Stow.Albany : State University of New York Press, c2007.
GR111.G47 M55 2007Signs, cures, & witchery : German Appalachian folklore / Gerald Milnes.Knoxville : University of Tennessee Press, c2007.
HQ1090 .M668 2007Sperm counts : overcome by man's most precious fluid / Lisa Jean Moore.New York : New York University Press, c2007.
ML410.M9 M4313 2007Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : a biography / Piero Melograni translated by Lydia G. Cochrane.Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2007.
LC89 .A78 2007Congress and the classroom : from the Cold War to "No Child Left Behind" / Lee W. Anderson.University Park, Pa. : Pennsylvania State University Press, c2007.
HQ18.E8 C73 2007European sexualities, 1400-1800 / Katherine Crawford.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2007.
LB3051 .F65 2007Formative classroom assessment : theory into practice / edited by James H. McMillan.New York : Teachers College, Columbia University, c2007.
BJ1533.I58 K55 2007Integrity : doing the right thing for the right reason / Barbarba Killinger.Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press, c2007.
LB2341 .N3865 2007Leaders in the labyrinth : college presidents and the battleground of creeds and convictions / Stephen J. Nelson.Westport, CT : Praeger Pub., 2007.
LB2806 .L86 2007Leadership and diversity : challenging theory and practice in education / Jacky Lumby with Marianne Coleman.Los Angeles London : SAGE, 2007.
RJ506.P32 P47 2007Personality disorders in childhood and adolescence / edited by Arthur Freeman and Mark A. Reinecke.Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2007.
HV6432 .R59 2007Terrorism and global security / Ann E. Robertson foreword by James O. Ellis III.New York : Facts On File, c2007.
HM585 .L394 2007Thinking the unthinkable : the riddles of classical social theories / Charles Lemert.Boulder : Paradigm Publishers, c2007.
PN4888.E8 H46 2007American carnival : journalism under siege in an age of new media / Neil Henry.Berkeley : University of California Press, c2007.
PE1075 .C79 2006The fight for English : how language pundits ate, shot, and left / David Crystal.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2006.
PR3588 .B87 2007Milton the dramatist / Timothy J. Burbery.Pittsburgh, Pa. : Duquesne University Press, c2007.
PN1995.9.H5 S57 2006Reconstructing American historical cinema : from Cimarron to Citizen Kane / J. E. Smyth.Lexington : University Press of Kentucky, c2006.
N6537.R27 A4 2007Robert Rauschenberg : cardboards and related pieces / [essay by] Yve-Alain Bois [catalogue, selected exhibitions, selected bibliography compiled by] Clare Elliott [introduction by] Josef Helfenstein.Houston, Tex. : Menil Collection New Haven London : [distributed by] Yale University Press, c2007.
PN1995.9.W3 Y68 2007Russian war films : on the cinema front, 1914-2005 / Denise J. Youngblood.Lawrence : University Press of Kansas, c2007.
PR2958.M3 L64 2007Shakespeare's Marlowe : the influence of Christopher Marlowe on Shakespeare's artistry / Robert A. Logan.Aldershot, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2007.
QE511.46 .S46 2007The seismogenic zone of subduction thrust faults / edited by Timothy H. Dixon and J. Casey Moore.New York : Columbia University Press, c2007.
QA76.9.C55 P76 2008Professional Windows PowerShell for exchange server 2007 service pack 1 / Joezer Cookey-Gam ... [et al.].Indianapolis, IN : Wiley, c2008.
HD9576.S334 A738 2007America's kingdom : mythmaking on the Saudi oil frontier / Robert Vitalis.Stanford, Calif : Stanford University Press, 2007.
HD6068 .C37 2007Assembling women : the feminization of global manufacturing / Teri L. Caraway.Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2007.
HB74.P8 B455 2007Behavioral economics and its applications / Peter Diamond, Hannu Vartiainen, editors.Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, 2007.
HC286.8 .S56213 2007Can Germany be saved? : the malaise of the world's first welfare state / Hans-Werner Sinn.Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2007.
GV716 .K47 2007The economic theory of professional team sports : an analytical treatment / Stefan Kesenne.Cheltenham, UK Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, c2007.
HG3755 .E36 2006The economics of consumer credit / Giuseppe Bertola, Richard Disney, and Charles Grant, editors.Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2006.
HC79.E5 H3186 2007Handbook of sustainable development / edited by Giles Atkinson, Simon Dietz, Eric Neumayer.Cheltenham, UK Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, c2007.
BR115.E3 H78 2007In pursuit of the Almighty's dollar : a history of money and American Protestantism / James Hudnut-Beumler.Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, c2007.
JC573.2.U6 C63 2007A liberal tool kit : progressive responses to conservative arguments / David Coates.Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2007.
HD9685.U5 M326 2007Lights out : the electricity crisis, the global economy, and what it means to you / Jason Makansi.Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2007.
N6853.P5 B35 2006Picasso : love and war, 1935-1945 / Anne Baldassari.Paris : Flammarion, 2006.
RC271.I45 C38 2008Cancer vaccines and tumor immunity / [edited by] Rimas Orentas, James W. Hodge, Bryon D. Johnson.Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2008.
RC386.6.M34 C55 2007Clinical applications of functional brain MRI / edited by Serge A.R.B. Rombouts and Frederick Barkhof, Philip Scheltens.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
RA395.A3 D743 2008Code red : an economist explains how to revive the healthcare system without destroying it / David Dranove.Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2008.
RB155 .E96 2008Evolution in health and disease / edited by Stephen C. Stearns and Jacob C. Koella.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.
BF311 .E878 2008Exercise and its mediating effects on cognition / Waneen W. Spirduso, Leonard W. Poon, Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, editors.Champaign, Ill. : Human Kinetics, 2008.
GV706.4 .G75 2007Group dynamics in exercise and sport psychology : contemporary themes / edited by Mark R. Beauchamp and Mark A. Eys.London New York : Routledge, 2007.
QH491 .E864 2008Evolving pathways : key themes in evolutionary developmental biology / edited by Alessandro Minelli, Giuseppe Fusco.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2008.
QR185.2 .I56 2008Innate immunity of plants, mammals, and humans / edited by Holger Heine.Berlin London : Springer, c2008.
QL737.P925 P47 2008Manipulative monkeys : the capuchins of Lomas Barbudal / Susan Perry with Joseph H. Manson.Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2008.
QR111 .M394 2008Microbiology of extreme soils / Patrice Dion, Chandra Shekhar Nautiyal, editors foreword by John D. Rummel.Berlin : Springer, c2008.
TD201 .I6565 2007Adaptive and integrated water management : coping with complexity and uncertainty / Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Pavel Kabat, Jorn Moltgen, editors.Berlin New York : Springer, c2008.
GV706.4 .G348 2008Sport psychology : performance, enhancement, performance inhibition, individuals, and teams / Nicholas T. Gallucci.New York Hove : Psychology Press, 2008.
ML3508 .A53 2007This is our music : free jazz, the Sixties, and American culture / Iain Anderson.Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, c2007.
BF495 .C36 2008The hidden sense : synesthesia in art and science / Cretien van Campen.Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2008.
U430.A1 T85 2007Military high schools in America / William Trousdale.Walnut Creek, Calif. : Left Coast Press, c2007.
DS119.7 .S336483 2007Planting hatred, sowing pain : the psychology of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict / Moises F. Salinas.Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2007.
BF575.B3 L35 2007Shyness : how normal behavior became a sickness / Christopher Lane.New Haven : Yale University Press, c2007.
QA13 .S77 1999The teaching gap : best ideas from the world's teachers for improving education in the classroom / James W. Stigler and James Hiebert.New York : Free Press, c1999.
HQ796 .S284 2007Teenage : the creation of youth culture / Jon Savage.New York : Viking, 2007.
JQ1519.A5 S44 2008China's Communist Party : atrophy and adaptation / David Shambaugh.Washington, D.C. : Woodrow Wilson Center Press Berkeley : University of California Press, c2008.
JF1338.A2 H34 2008Handbook of research methods in public administration / edited by Kaifeng Yang, Gerald J. Miller.Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2008.
RC271.C5 M657 2008Molecular targeting in oncology / edited by Howard L. Kaufman, Scott Wadler, Karen Antman.Totowa, N.J. : Humana, c2008.
CC79.E85 E85 2008Ethnographic archaeologies : reflections on stakeholders and archaeological practices / edited by Quetzil E. Castaneda and Christopher N. Matthews.Lanham, MD : AtlaMira Press, c2008.
JK1726 .M575 2008Homo politicus : the strange and barbaric tribes of the beltway / Dana Milbank.New York : Doubleday, c2008.
TD392 .M68 2008Mountains : sources of water, sources of knowledge / edited by Ellen Wiegandt.Dordrecht : Springer, c2008.
PN151 .L48 2008Family authorship and romantic print culture / Michelle Levy.Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.
RA770 .H42 2007Health and the modern home / edited by Mark Jackson.New York : Routledge, 2007.
HM621 .M372 2008Postsocialist modernity : Chinese cinema, literature, and criticism in the market age / Jason McGrath.Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 2008.
TT835 .S6852 2007Quilting : the fabric of everyday life / Marybeth C. Stalp.Oxford New York : Berg, 2007.
TT507 .W65 2007Why women wear what they wear / Sophie Woodward.Oxford New York : Berg, 2007.
PS508.H57 H55 1995Hispanic American literature : a brief introduction and anthology / Nicolas Kanellos.New York : HarperCollins College Publishers, c1995.
QD471 .F565 2008Why there's antifreeze in your toothpaste : the chemistry of household ingredients / Simon Quellen Field.Chicago, Ill. : Chicago Review Press, c2008.
TK7871.85 .S445 1993Semiconductor device modeling for VLSI / Kwyro Lee ... [et al.].Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice Hall, c1993.
HF5415.32 .H37 2007Emotions, advertising and consumer choice / Flemming Hansen & Sverre Riis Christensen with research assistance by Steen Lundsteen.[Denmark] : Copenhagen Business School Press, 2007.
KF5753 .M33 2007Who needs to know? : the state of public access to federal government information / Patrice McDermott.Lanham, Md. : Bernan Press, c2007.
QH353 .I55 2004Assessment and control of biological invasion risks / compiled and edited by Fumito Koike ... [et al.] with the assistance of Keiji Iwasaki ... [et al.] as reviewing committee and Takeo Kawamichi and Carola Warner in editorial works.Kyoto, Japan : SHOUKADOH Book Sellers Gland, Switzerland : IUCN--the World Conservation Union, c2006.
RM301.4 B536 2008Biopharmaceutics applications in drug development / edited by Rajesh Krishna and Lawrence Yu.New York, NY : Springer, c2008.
QC981.8.C5 C5625 2008Climate change and vulnerability / edited by Neil Leary ... [et al.].London Sterling, VA : Earthscan, 2008.
G70.212 .K38 2008Theories of geographic concepts : ontological approaches to semantic integration / Marinos Kavouras, Margarita Kokla.Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2008.
NB237.S39 S77 2007Bronze inside and out : a biographical memoir of Bob Scriver / Mary Strachan Scriver.Calgary : University of Calgary Press, c2007.
U22 .S523 2007Preemption : military action and moral justification / edited by Henry Shue and David Rodin.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
HD2358 .R68 2008Real you incorporated : 8 essentials for women entrepreneurs / Kaira Sturdivant Rouda.Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2008.
E99.S4 M65 2007Shoshonean peoples and the overland trails : frontiers of the Utah Superintendency of Indian Affairs, 1849-1869 / Dale L. Morgan edited and introduced by Richard L. Saunders ethnohistorical essay by Gregory E. Smoak.Logan : Utah State University Press, c2007.
TA168 .D43 2008Decision making in systems engineering and management / edited by Gregory S. Parnell, Patrick J. Driscoll, Dale L. Henderson.Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2008.
PS1637.3 .F86 2007Emerson's ghosts : literature, politics, and the making of Americanists / Randall Fuller.New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
LA1501 .N49 2008New directions in African education : challenges and possibilities / edited by S. Nombuso Dlamini.Calgary : University of Calgary Press, c2008.
TA1677 .M536 2007Microcavities / Alexey Kavokin ... [et al.].Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2007.
PR6009.M7 Z82 2007Some versions of Empson / edited by Matthew Bevis.Oxford : Clarendon Press, 2007.
E785 .M38 2008The Teapot Dome Scandal : how big oil bought the Harding White House and tried to steal the country / Laton McCartney.New York : Random House, c2008.
HV4999.W65 N45 2008Neither villain nor victim : empowerment and agency among women substance abusers / edited by Tammy L. Anderson.New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c2008.
HC60 .A45296 2008Aid for trade and development / edited by Dominique Njinkeu and Hugo Cameron, International Lawyers and Economists Against Poverty.New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2008.
TP339 .H36 2008The handbook of biomass combustion and co-firing / edited by Sjaak van Loo and Jaap Koppejan.London Sterling, VA : Earthscan, 2008.
RA440.5 .H385 2007Health education research trends / Peter R. Hong, editor.New York : Nova Biomedical Books, c2007.
HV9104 .T74 2008Treating the juvenile offender / edited by Robert D. Hoge, Nancy G. Guerra, Paul Boxer.New York : Guilford Press, c2008.
TD429 .E34 2008Efficient management of wastewater : its treatment and reuse in water-scarce countries / Ismail Al Baz, Ralf Otterpohl, Claudia Wendland, editors.Berlin London : Springer, c2008.
GB653 .H83 2007Hydroecology and ecohydrology : past, present and future / edited by Paul J. Wood, David M. Hannah and Jonathan P. Sadler.Chichester, England Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, c2007.
F394.E4 C66 2008Salt warriors : insurgency on the Rio Grande / Paul Cool.College Station : Texas A&M University Press, c2008.
QD506 .I74 2008Surfaces, interfaces, and thin films for microelectronics / Eugene A. Irene.Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2008.
E99.K5 R36 2008Kiowa humanity and the invasion of the state / Jacki Thompson Rand.Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2008.
TK5105.6 .S62 2008Small tech : the culture of digital tools / Byron Hawk, David M. Rieder, and Ollie Oviedo, editors.Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2008.
RM301.25 .S46 2007Statistical issues in drug development / Stephen Senn.Chichester, England Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, c2007.
HQ796 .B2765 2008Your defiant teen : 10 steps to resolve conflict and rebuild your relationship / Russell A. Barkley and Arthur L. Robin with Christine M. Benton.New York : Guilford Press, c2008.
HT241 .N943 2008Cities as sustainable ecosystems : principles and practices / Peter Newman, Isabella Jennings.Washington, D.C. : Island Press, c2008.
QA11.2 .N49 2008New directions for situated cognition in mathematics education / Anne Watson, Peter Winbourne, editors.New York London : Springer, 2007.
QA76.76.O63 B622 2008Programming Windows Embedded CE 6.0 developer reference / Douglas Boling.Redmond, WA : Microsoft Press, 2008.
RS199.5 .D72 2007Drug delivery research advances / Boris O. Mashkevich, editor.New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2007.
TD345 .H54 2008Globalization of water : sharing the planet's freshwater resources / by Arjen Y. Hoekstra and Ashok K. Chapagain.Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2008.
RS403 .T447 2007Medicinal chemistry / Gareth Thomas.Chichester Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley, c2007.
B995.L654 B42 2008Method in metaphysics : Lonergan and the future of analytical philosophy / Andrew Beards.Toronto : University of Toronto Press, c2008.
PN6071.V5 B56 2008Blooming through the ashes : an international anthology on violence and the human spirit / edited by Clifford Chanin and Aili McConnon.New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c2008.
SF756.7 .B76 2007Domestic animal behaviour and welfare / D.M. Broom, A.F. Fraser.Wallingford, UK Cambridge, MA : CABI, c2007.
LB1028.3 .H356 2008Handbook of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPCK) for educators / edited by AACTE Committee on Innovation and Technology.New York : Published by Routledge for the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, 2008.
QC981.8.G56 L983 2008Six degrees : our future on a hotter planet / Mark Lynas.Washington, D.C. : National Geographic, c2008.
E169.12 .M65 2008Between panic and desire / Dinty W. Moore.Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2008.
TD491 .S93 2008Design of water supply pipe networks / Prabhata K. Swamee, Ashok K. Sharma.Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2008.
QH603.C96 E95 2007Eukaryotic membranes and cytoskeleton : origins and evolution / edited by Gaspar Jekely.New York, N.Y. : Springer Science+Business Media Austin, Tex. : Landes Bioscience, c2007.
TS157.5 .J87 2007Just-in-time scheduling : models and algorithms for computer and manufacturing systems / edited by Joanna Jozefowska.New York : Springer, c2007.
Q334 .I436 2007Artificial intelligence and innovations 2007 : from theory to applications : Proceedings of the 4th IFIP International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations (AIAI 2007) / edited by Christos Boukis, Aristodemos Pnevmatikakis, Lazaros PolymenakosNew York : Springer, c2007
LB1139.5.S35 C66 2008Contemporary perspectives on science and technology in early childhood education / edited by Olivia N. Saracho and Bernard Spodek.Charlotte, NC : IAP-Information Age Pub., c2008.
E99.C68 S764 2008Salvation through slavery : Chiricahua Apaches and priests on the Spanish colonial frontier / H. Henrietta Stockel.Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, 2008.
HQ769 .P575 2008Ships without a shore : America's undernurtured children / Anne R. Pierce.New Brunswick : Transaction Publishers, c2008.
HM1271 .W46 2008Pernicious tolerance : how teaching to "accept differences" undermines civil society / Robert Weissberg.New Brunswick, N.J. : Transaction Pub., c2008.
QA8.4 .B76 2008Philosophy of mathematics : a contemporary introduction to the world of proofs and pictures / James Robert Brown.New York : Routledge, 2008.
TC175 .J52 2008Hydrodynamics and water quality : modeling rivers, lakes, and estuaries / Zhen-Gang Ji.Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2008.
HM1206 .P43 2007Making social worlds : a communication perspective / W. Barnett Pearce.Malden, MA Oxford : Blackwell Pub., 2007.
QA76.76.D47 P3768 2008Patterns for performance and operability : building and testing enterprise software / Chris Ford ... [et al.].Boca Raton : Auerbach Publications, c2008.
RA776.9 .H45 2008Health, risk and vulnerability / edited by Alan Petersen and Iain Wilkinson.London New York : Routledge, 2008.
HM1196 .B46 2008Persuasive messages : the process of influence / William L. Benoit and Pamela J. Benoit.Malden, MA Oxford : Blackwell Pub., 2008.
E457.2 .M645 2008President Lincoln : the duty of a statesman / William Lee Miller.New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2008.
GV713 .P75 2009Principles and practice of sport management / edited by Lisa P. Masteralexis, Carol A. Barr, Mary A. Hums.Sudbury, Mass. : Jones and Bartlett Publishers, c2009.
BF697 .W324 2007After identity : rethinking race, sex, and gender / Georgia Warnke.Cambridge, UK New York : Cambridge University Press, 2007.
KF3650 .M37 2008Social security, medicare & government pensions / by Joseph L. Matthews, with Dorothy Matthews Berman.Berkeley, CA : Nolo, 2008.
RA410.55.C2 F56 2008Financing health care : new ideas for a changing society / edited by Mingshan Lu and Egon Jonsson.Weinheim : Wiley, c2008.
QA911 .I528 2008Instability in models connected with fluid flows I / edited by Claude Bardos and Andrei Fursikov.New York London : Springer, 2008.
U22.3 .P465 2008Performance under stress / edited by Peter A. Hancock and James L. Szalma.Aldershot, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate Pub., c2008.
HT384.C6 U73 2008Urban China in transition / edited by John R. Logan.Malden, MA Oxford : Blackwell Pub. Ltd., 2008.
HM621 .L56 2008Culture and authenticity / Charles Lindholm.Malden, MA Oxford : Blackwell Pub., 2008.
QD415 .B45 2008Bioactive natural products : detection, isolation, and structural determination / edited by Steven M. Colegate, Russell J. Molyneux.Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2008.
TK3001 .G58 2008Electric power distribution system engineering / Turan Gonen.Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2008.
BP161.3 .A376 2008Islam : the key concepts / Kecia Ali and Oliver Leaman.London New York : Routledge, 2008.
QA76.76.C69 S74 2008Software deployment, updating, and patching / Bill Stackpole, Patrick Hanrion.New York : Auerbach Publications, c2008.
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