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AM231 .G75 2006Passion and profit : towards an anthropology of collecting / Paul van der Grijp.Berlin : Lit, 2006.
B693.Z7 E95 2007Plotinus on intellect / Eyjolfur Kjalar Emilsson.Oxford : Clarendon, 2007.
B721 .L335 2007Laudemus viros gloriosos : essays in honor of Armand Maurer, CSB / edited by R. E. Houser.Notre Dame, Ind. : University of Notre Dame Press, c2007.
B2430.B584 E54 2007The possibility of Christian philosophy : Maurice Blondel at the intersection of theology and philosophy / Adam C. English.London New York : Routledge, 2007.
B3279.H49 T635 2007Transcendental Heidegger / edited by Steven Crowell and Jeff Malpas.Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 2007.
B3318.E9 N53 2007Nietzsche and morality / edited by Brian Leiter and Neil Sinhababu.Oxford : Clarendon Press New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
B3318.R4 J28 2007Nietzsche and Islam / Roy Jackson.London New York : Routledge, 2007.
BC177 .H377 2007Reliable reasoning : induction and statistical learning theory / Gilbert Harman and Sanjeev Kulkarni.Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2007.
BD260 .G54 1999Simple heuristics that make us smart / Gerd Gigerenzer, Peter M. Todd, and the ABC Research Group.New York : Oxford University Press, 1999.
BD311 .O55 2007The universal (in the realm of the sensible) : beyond continental philosophy / Dorothea Olkowski.New York : Columbia University Press, 2007.
BD431 .E235 2007The meaning of life / Terry Eagleton.Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2007.
BF175.5.M95 B69 2007Freudian mythologies : Greek tragedy and modern identities / Rachel Bowlby.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
BF318 .A75 1998Awakening genius in the classroom / Thomas Armstrong.Alexandria, Va. : Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, c1998.
BF511 .H355 2007Handbook of emotion elicitation and assessment / edited by James A. Coan, John J.B. Allen.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
BF575.S75 A42 2007Stress, coping, and development : an integrative perspective / Carolyn M. Aldwin foreword by Emmy E. Werner.New York : Guilford Press, c2007.
BF637.C6 A37 2006ACA ethical standards casebook / Barbara Herlihy, Gerald Corey.Alexandria, VA : American Counseling Association, 2006.
BF637.P36 B56 2007Positive psychology coaching : putting the science of happiness to work for your clients / Robert Biswas-Diener and Ben Dean.Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2007.
BF697 .P759 2007The psychodynamic image : John D. Sutherland on self in society / edited by Jill Savege Scharff.London : Routledge New York, NY : Taylor & Francis, 2007.
BF723.D3 P68 1990Geranium morning / by E. Sandy Powell illustrations by Renee Graef.Minneapolis, Minn., USA : Carolrhoda Books, c1990.
BF723.S43 R69 2007My dearest enemy, my dangerous friend : making and breaking sibling bonds / Dorothy Rowe.London New York : Routledge, 2007.
BF789.D4 O5 2007On deaths and endings : psychoanalysts' reflections on finality, transformations and new beginnings / edited by Brent Willock, Lori C. Bohm and Rebecca C. Curtis.London New York : Routledge, 2007.
BJ37 .K87 2007Ethics and qualities of life / Joel J. Kupperman.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
BL65.M45 L64 2007Religion, culture, and mental health / Kate Loewenthal.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2007.
BL265.M3 C64 2007Equations from God : pure mathematics and Victorian faith / Daniel J. Cohen.Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007.
BP188.8.M6 C67 1998Realm of the saint : power and authority in Moroccan Sufism / by Vincent J. Cornell.Austin : University of Texas Press, 1998.
BP190.5.S3 I672 2007Science and islam / Muzaffar Iqbal.Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2007.
BP195.I8 V57 2007The Ismailis in the Middle Ages : a history of survival, a search for salvation / Shafique N. Virani.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
CB358 .W3 1961Man's means to his end.New York, C.N. Potter [1961]
D568.3 .S53 2006Return to Gallipoli : walking the battlefields of the Great War / Bruce Scates.Cambridge, UK New York : Cambridge University Press, 2006.
D767.25.H6 H6335 2007Hiroshima in history : the myths of revisionism / edited with an introduction by Robert James Maddox.Columbia : University of Missouri Press, c2007.
D767.917 .W47 2007Forgotten raiders of '42 : the fate of the Marines left behind on Makin / Tripp Wiles.Washington, D.C. : Potomac Books, c2007.
D790.262 548th .S58 2005Deny them the night sky : a history of the 548th Night Fighter Squadron / by Eric Shulenberger.Seattle, WA : E. Shulenberger, c2005.
D805.5.R38 G58 2007Fiorello's sister : Gemma La Guardia Gluck's story / Gemma La Guardia Gluck edited by Rochelle G. Saidel.Syracuse, N.Y. : Syracuse University Press, 2007.
D810.S8 F734 2007My father's secret war : a memoir / Lucinda Franks.New York : Miramax Books/Hyperion, c2007.
D811.5 .F728 2004Waging war on the home front : an illustrated memoir of World War II / Chauncey Del French with Jessie French edited by Lois Mack and Ted Van Arsdol.Portland : Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission Corvallis : Oregon State University Press, c2004.
D1053 .H67 2007The spirit of '68 : rebellion in Western Europe and North America, 1956-1976 / Gerd-Rainer Horn.Oxford : New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
DC59.8.A345 R67 2005France and the Maghreb : performative encounters / Mireille Rosello.Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2005.
DR1752 .S655 2007Turning points in post-war Bosnia : ownership process and European integration / 2007.Baden-Baden : Nomos, 2007.
DT294.5 .M45 2006History and the culture of nationalism in Algeria / James McDougall.Cambridge, UK New York : Cambridge University Press, 2006.
DT313 .S33 2000The Berbers and the Islamic state : the Mar?inid experience in pre-protectorate Morocco / Maya Schatzmiller.Princeton, NJ : Markus Wiener Publishers, c2000.
DT324 .I53 1999In the shadow of the sultan : culture, power, and politics in Morocco / edited by Rahma Bourqia and Susan Gilson Miller with contributions by Rahma Bourqia ... [et al.].Cambridge, Mass. : Distributed for the Center for Middle Eastern Studies of Harvard University by Harvard University Press, c1999.
DT326.3 .C64 2006Morocco : globalization and its consequences / Shana Cohen and Larabi Jaidi.New York : Routledge, c2006.
E83.83 .J86 2007The Black Hawk War of 1832 / Patrick J. Jung.Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, c2007.
E91 .M25 2007Native vote : American Indians, the Voting Rights Act, and the right to vote / Daniel McCool, Susan M. Olson, and Jennifer L. Robinson.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2007.
E97 .C65 2007American Indians, the Irish, and government schooling : a comparative study / Michael C. Coleman.Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2007.
E98.R3 P227 2007Native North American religious traditions : dancing for life / Jordan Paper.Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2007.
E99.C6 W2957 2007William W. Warren : the life, letters, and times of an Ojibwe leader / Theresa M. Schenck.Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2007.
E99.E7 M473 2007The long exile : a tale of Inuit betrayal and survival in the high Arctic / Melanie McGrath.New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2007.
E99.N3 B654 2007Native American life-history narratives : colonial and postcolonial Navajo ethnography / Susan Berry Brill de Ramirez.Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, 2007.
E99.S85 S433 1997Answering Chief Seattle / Albert Furtwangler.Seattle : University of Washington Press, c1997.
E99.T78 M37 2007Athapaskan migrations : the archaeology of Eagle Lake, British Columbia / R.G. Matson, Martin P.R. Magne.Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c2007.
E179.5 .R45 2007Critical regionalism : connecting politics and culture in the American landscape / Douglas Reichert Powell.Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, c2007.
E184.A75 A45 2007Alien encounters : popular culture in Asian America / Mimi Thi Nguyen and Thuy Linh Nguyen Tu, editors.Durham : Duke University Press, 2007.
E184.M45 S75 2007Growing up Amish : the teenage years / Richard A. Stevick.Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007.
E184.S75 O74 2007Solving Latino psychosocial and health problems : theory, practice, and populations / Kurt C. Organista.Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2007.
E185.625 .R32 2007Race or ethnicity? : on Black and Latino identity / edited by Jorge J.E. Gracia.Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2007.
E185.86 .D943 2007Debating race with Michael Eric Dyson / Michael Eric Dyson.New York : Basic Civitas, 2007.
E185.97.D73 N48 2007Next to the color line : gender, sexuality, and W.E.B. Du Bois / Susan Gillman and Alys Eve Weinbaum, editors.Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2007.
E230 .S75 2007Patriot battles : how the War of Independence was fought / Michael Stephenson.New York : HarperCollins, c2007.
E373 .F67 2007The Missouri Compromise and its aftermath : slavery & the meaning of America / Robert Pierce Forbes.Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, c2007.
E415.7 .N36 2007A people at war : civilians and soldiers in America's Civil War, 1854-1877 / Scott Reynolds Nelson, Carol Sheriff.New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
E417 .P56 2007Manifest ambition : James K. Polk and civil-military relations during the Mexican War / John C. Pinheiro.Westport, Conn. : Praeger Security International, 2007.
E457.2 .D575 2007Lincoln the lawyer / Brian Dirck.Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c2007.
E607 .M32 2007What this cruel war was over : soldiers, slavery, and the Civil War / Chandra Manning.New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2007.
E661 .B37 2007Age of betrayal : the triumph of money in America, 1865-1900 / Jack Beatty.New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2007.
E766 .H34 2007Savage peace : hope and fear in America, 1919 / Ann Hagedorn.New York : Simon & Schuster, 2007.
E836 .S65 2007Eisenhower and golf : a president at play / David Sowell.Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., c2007.
F596 .R413 2006Making space on the Western frontier : Mormons, miners, and southern Paiutes / W. Paul Reeve.Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c2006.
F746 .F885 2005Frontier duty : the Army in northern Idaho, 1853-1876 : transcribed from the original records in the National Archives / Donna M. Hanson, compiler, transcriber and editor.Moscow, Idaho : University of Idaho Library, 2005.
F3429.3.W65 G73 2007With our labor and sweat : indigenous women and the formation of colonial society in Peru, 1550-1700 / Karen B. Graubart.Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 2007.
G70.212 .G464 2006Geographic information science and technology : body of knowledge / edited by David DiBiase ... [et al.] with contributions by the Model Curricula Task Force and Body of Knowledge Advisory Board.Washington, D.C. : Association of American Geographers, 2006.
G70.4 .H97 2007Hyperspectral data exploitation : theory and applications / edited by Chein-I Chang.Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2007.
G155.A1 H645 2005Tourism studies and the social sciences / Andrew Holden.London New York, NY : Routledge, 2005.
G3701.N35 N8 1979Nuclear America / this map was prepared by Ed Hedemann ... [et al.].New York : War Resisters League, [1979]
GB621 .P43 2006Peatlands : evolution and records of environmental and climate changes / edited by I.P. Martini, A. Martinez Cortizas, W. Chesworth.Amsterdam Boston : Elsevier, 2006.
GB657 .E58 2007Environmental data exchange network for inland water / edited by Palle Haastrup, Jorgen Wurtz.Amsterdam New York : Elsevier, 2007.
GC296 .V6413 2006The Gulf Stream / by Bruno Voituriez.Paris : UNESCO, 2006.
GE45.M37 B37 2007Environmental modeling : a practical introduction / Michael J. Barnsley.Boca Raton : CRC, c2007.
GF50 .W454 2007The nature of the state : excavating the political ecologies of the modern state / Mark Whitehead, Rhys Jones, and Martin Jones.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
GF90 .S43 2007Seasonal landscapes / edited by Hannes Palang, Helen Soovali, Anu Printsmann.Dordrecht : Springer, 2007.
GN21.D69 N67 2007Edward P. Dozier : the paradox of the American Indian anthropologist / Marilyn Norcini with a foreword by Peter M. Whiteley.Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c2007.
GN277 .S55 2007Skilled visions : between apprenticeship and standards / edited by Cristina Grasseni.New York : Berghahn Books, 2007.
GN285 .N465 2006Neanderthals revisited : new approaches and perspectives / edited by Katerina Harvati, Terry Harrison.Dordrecht, The Netherlands : Springer, c2006.
GN495.6 .P65 2007The politics of ethnicity and national identity / edited by Santosh C. Saha.New York : Peter Lang, c2007.
GN645 .K65 2007Indigenous medicine and knowledge in African society / Kwasi Konadu.New York : Routledge, c2007.
GN649.M65 E57 1999Saints and servants in southern Morocco / by Remco Ensel.Leiden Boston : Brill, 1999.
GN659.M6 N34 2007Culture and customs of Mozambique / George O. Ndege.Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2007.
GN671.F5 B75 2007Our wealth is loving each other : self and society in Fiji / Karen J. Brison.Lanham, MD : Lexington Books, c2007.
GV709.2 .B37 2007Contemporary issues in youth sports / Lois J. Baron.New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2007.
GV1469.17.S63 W37 2007Gamer theory / McKenzie Wark.Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2007.
H61.15 .T55 2007Thorstein Veblen and the enrichment of evolutionary naturalism / Rick Tilman.Columbia, Mo. : University of Missouri Press, c2007.
H61.25 .M55 2007Complex adaptive systems : an introduction to computational models of social life / John H. Miller and Scott E. Page.Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, 2007.
H62 .C3447 2007Crossing the psycho-social divide : Freud, Weber, Adorno and Elias / George Cavalletto.Aldershot, Hants, England Burlington, Vt. : Ashgate, c2007.
HA201.12 .P745 2003Politics and science in census taking / by Kenneth Prewitt.New York : Russell Sage Foundation Washington, DC : Population Reference Bureau, 2003.
HB99.3 .E37 2007The real wealth of nations : creating a caring economics / Riane Eisler.San Francisco, CA : Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., c2007.
HB99.7 .P685 2007Post Keynesian macroeconomics : essays in honour of Ingrid Rima / edited by Mathew Forstater, Gary Mongiovi and Steven Pressman.London New York : Routledge, 2007.
HB615 .C295 2007Entrepreneurship / Alan L. Carsrud and Malin E. Brannback.Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2007.
HB887 .T73 2007Transition and challenge : China's population at the beginning of the 21st century / edited by Zhongwei Zhao and Fei Guo.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
HC79.C3 I77 2007Government guarantees : allocating and valuing risk in privately financed infrastructure projects / Timothy C. Irwin.Washington, D.C. : World Bank, c2007.
HC79.E5 E2815 2007The economics of global environmental change : international cooperation for sustainability / edited by Mario Cogoy and Karl W. Steininger.Cheltenham, UK Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, 2007.
HC79.E5 H649 2007International environmental liability and barriers to trade : market access and biodiversity in the biosafety protocol / Kareen L. Holtby, William A. Kerr, Jill E. Hobbs.Cheltenham, UK Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, c2007.
HC79.P55 L33 2007Carbon finance : the financial implications of climate change / Sonia Labatt, Rodney R. White.Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2007.
HC79.T4 R427 2007Rediscovering Schumpeter : creative destruction evolving into "Mode 3" / edited by Elias G. Carayannis and Christopher Ziemnowicz.Basingstoke New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.
HC465.E5 D48 2007Development of environmental policy in Japan and Asian countries / edited by Tadayoshi Terao and Kenji Otsuka.Basingstoke [England] New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.
HD30.255 .E5872 2007Environmental policy and corporate behaviour / edited by Nick Johnstone.Cheltenham, UK Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar/OECD, c2007.
HD30.255 .H58 2006The business guide to sustainability : practical strategies and tools for organizations / Darcy Hitchcock and Marsha Willard.London Sterling, VA : Earthscan, 2006.
HD42 .C65 2000Collaborative approaches : a handbook for public policy decision-making and conflict resolution.[Salem, Or.] : Oregon Dispute Resolution Commission, [2000]
HD1415 .S65 1988Determinants of success in the design & institutionalization of management information systems for development administration : lessons from the Philippine "Masagana 99" experience / by Kenneth Frank Smith.1988.;Photocopy. Ann Arbor, Mich. : University Microfilms International, 1988. xxxvii, 684 p. 21 cm.
HD2337 .B76 2007Unraveling the garment industry : transnational organizing and women's work / Ethel C. Brooks.Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2007.
HD3616.D452 C66 2007Regulation, markets and poverty / edited by Paul Cook and Sarah Mosedale.Cheltenham, UK Northampton, MA, USA : E. Elgar, c2007
HD9199.D442 J34 2007Brewing justice : fair trade coffee, sustainability, and survival / Daniel Jaffee.Berkeley : University of California Press, c2007.
HD9502.A2 O836 2007Energy policies and multitopic household surveys : guidelines for questionnaire design in living standards measurement studies / Kyran O'Sullivan and Douglas F. Barnes.Washington, D.C. : World Bank, c2007.
HD9502.C62 K347 2007China and the global energy crisis : development and prospects for China's oil and natural gas / Tatsu Kambara, Christopher Howe.Cheltenham, Glos, UK Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar, c2007.
HD9733.8.B47 M85 2007Disenchantment with market economics : East Germans and western capitalism / Birgit Muller.New York : Berghahn Books, 2007.
HD9743.U6 M53 1984The Militarization of high technology / edited by John Tirman.Cambridge, Mass. : Ballinger Pub. Co., c1984.
HD9940.U42 P38 2007My business life cycle : how innovation, evolution, and determination made Paul Harris great / by Gerald Paul with Victoria Barrett.West Lafayette, Ind. : Purdue University Press, c2007.
HD9988.Z33 S47 2007Services trade and development : the experience of Zambia / edited by Aaditya Mattoo and Lucy Payton.Basingstoke New York : Palgrave Macmillan Washington, DC : World Bank, c2007.
HE 20.3858:EX 3/2/2001Exercise : a guide from the National Institute on Aging : exercises, motivation, safety, self-tests, benefits, nutrition.Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Publlic Health Service, National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging, [2001]
HE551 .C665 2007Container terminals and cargo systems : design, operations management, and logistics control issues / Kap Hwan Kim, Hans-Otto Gunther (editors).Berlin New York : Springer, c2007.
HG3976.5 .T68 2007Toward an East Asian exchange rate regime / Duck-Koo Chung, Barry Eichengreen, editors.Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, c2007.
HG4521 .C82 2007Trend following : how great traders make millions in up or down markets / Michael W. Covel.Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Financial Times Press, c2007.
HG4910 .B595 2007Grande expectations : a year in the life of Starbucks' stock / Karen Blumenthal.New York : Crown Business, c2007.
HG6024.A3 F16 2007Way of the turtle / Curtis M. Faith.New York : McGraw-Hill, c2007.
HG6043 .R533 2007Understanding exchange-traded funds / Archie M. Richards, Jr.New York : McGraw-Hill, c2007.
HJ655 .F86 2004Redistricting in Oregon : a study of current processes and future possibilities / League of Women Voters of Oregon Education Fund.Salem, Or : League of Women Voters of Oregon Education Fund, c2007.
HJ7469 .S58 1987World military and social expenditures, 1987-88 / Ruth Leger Sivard.Washington, D.C. : World Priorities, c1987.
HJ8772 .J663 2007Public debt management for Lebanon : situation analysis and strategy for change / Imad Jomaa.Reading, UK : Ithaca Press, c2007.
HM548 .D84 2007Organizing identity : persons and organizations 'after theory' / Paul du Gay.Los Angeles London : SAGE, 2007.
HM621 .E16 2000The idea of culture / Terry Eagleton.Malden, MA : Blackwell, 2000.
HM756 .R48 2006Returning (to) communities : theory, culture and political practice of the communal / edited by Stefan Herbrechter and Michael Higgins.Amsterdam New York : Rodopi, 2006.
HM1033 .H523 2007The scope of social psychology : theory and applications : essays in honour of Wolfgang Stroebe / edited by Miles Hewstone ... [et al.].Hove [England] New York : Psychology Press, 2007.
HM1271 .N46 2007Ethnicities and global multiculture : pants for an octopus / Jan Nederveen Pieterse.Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2007.
HM1281 .G45 2007How nonviolence protects the state / Peter Gelderloos.Cambridge, Mass. : South End Press, c2007.
HQ16 .C37 1998Cross-cultural perspectives on human sexuality / Sandra L. Caron.Boston : Allyn and Bacon, c1998.
HQ29 .C53 2007Satisfaction : women, sex, and the quest for intimacy / Anita H. Clayton with Robin Cantor-Cooke.New York : Ballantine Books, c2007.
HQ76.25 .Q375 2007Queer online : media technology & sexuality / Kate O'Riordan & David J. Phillips, editors.New York : Peter Lang, c2007.
HQ76.8.U5 G357 2007Hear us out! : lesbian and gay stories of struggle, progress and hope, 1950 to the present / Nancy Garden.New York : Farrar Straus Giroux, 2007.
HQ471 .S62 2007One for the girls! : the pleasures and practices of reading women's porn / Clarissa Smith.Bristol, UK Chicago : Intellect, 2007.
HQ518 .G75 1989Family assessment : a guide to methods and measures / Harold D. Grotevant, Cindy I. Carlson.New York : Guilford Press, c1989.
HQ518 .R43 1995Research and theory in family science / edited by Randal D. Day ... [et al.].Pacific Grove : Brooks/Cole, c1995.
HQ519 .A44 2007Fast families, virtual children : a critical sociology of families and schooling / Ben Agger and Beth Anne Shelton.Boulder : Paradigm Publishers, c2007.
HQ536 .D324 2007Busier than ever! : why American families can't slow down / Charles N. Darrah, James M. Freeman, and J.A. English-Lueck.Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 2007.
HQ536 .F37835 2007Family talk : discourse and identity in four American families / edited by Deborah Tannen, Shari Kendall, Cynthia Gordon.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
HQ637 .R36 2007The house in the garden : the Bakunin family and the romance of Russian idealism / John Randolph.Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2007.
HQ759.92 .U54 1995Understanding stepfamilies : implications for assessment and treatment / edited by Debra K. Huntley.Alexandria, VA : American Counseling Association, c1995.
HQ769 .G258 1995Raising children in a socially toxic environment / James Garbarino.San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, 1995.
HQ772 .B4795 2007Why youth is not wasted on the young : immaturity in human development / David F. Bjorklund.Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2007.
HQ777.5 .H88 2007The discourse of child counselling / Ian Hutchby.Amsterdam Philadelphia, PA : John Benjamins Pub., c2007.
HQ778.7.G7 L44 2007Childminder's handbook / Allison Lee.London New York, NY : Continuum International Pub. Group, c2007.
HQ797 .P37 2007Dude, you're a fag : masculinity and sexuality in high school / C.J. Pascoe.Berkeley : University of California Press, c2007.
HQ799.2.I5 S84 2007Instant identity : adolescent girls and the world of instant messaging / Shayla Thiel Stern.New York : Peter Lang, c2007.
HQ801 .G95 1998Online seductions : falling in love with strangers on the Internet / Esther Gwinnell.New York : Kodansha International, 1998.
HQ1031 .C38 2007Married to a daughter of the land : Spanish-Mexican women and interethnic marriage in California, 1820-1880 / Maria Raquel Casas.Reno : University of Nevada Press, c2007.
HQ1206 .I54 2007Identity and networks : fashioning gender and ethnicity across cultures / edited by Deborah Fahy Bryceson, Judith Okely, and Jonathan Webber.New York, : Berghahn Books, 2007.
HQ1791 .H3 1994Behind the courtyard door : the daily life of tribeswomen in northern Morocco / Ursula Kingsmill Hart.Ipswich, MA : Ipswich Press, c1994.
HT166 .I5913 2007Institutions and planning / edited by Niraj Verma.Amsterdam Boston : Elsevier, 2007.
HT169.57.U62 N497 2007Last harvest : how a cornfield became New Daleville : real estate development in America from George Washington to the builders of the twenty-first century, and why we live in houses anyway / Witold Rybczynski.New York : Scribner, c2007.
HT653.E9 W37 2006Aristocracy and the modern world / Ellis Wasson.Basingstoke [England] New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2006.
HT1523 .D33 2007Making multiracials : state, family, and market in the redrawing of the color line / Kimberly McClain DaCosta.Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 2007.
HV11 .F69 2007Doing practitioner research / Mark Fox, Peter Martin & Gill Green.London : SAGE, 2007.
HV874.82.H66 H66 2007The mistress's daughter / A. M. Homes.New York : Viking, 2007.
HV875 .S7 1993Treating sexually abused children in adoptive families : a systemic treatment model / by Helen L. Swan with Dorothy V. Tenney and Barbara K. Stodgell.Portland, ME : National Child Welfare Resource Center, University of Southern Maine [Topeka?] : Kansas Dept. of Social and Rehabilitation Services, 1993.
HV4703 .A65 2007The animals reader : the essential classic and contemporary writings / edited by Linda Kalof and Amy Fitzgerald.Oxford New York : Berg, 2007.
HV5840.G3 S73 2007Germans on drugs : the complications of modernization in Hamburg / Robert P. Stephens.Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, c2007.
HV6401 .I77 2007Issues in green criminology : confronting harms against environments, humanity and other animals / edited by Piers Beirne and Nigel South.Cullompton, UK Portland, Or. : Willan Pub., 2007.
HX40 .S5784 2007Social democracy in the global periphery : origins, challenges, prospects / Richard Sandbrook ... [et al.].Cambridge, UK New York : Cambridge University Press, 2007.
HX84.C2 P35 2007James P. Cannon and the origins of the American revolutionary left, 1890-1928 / Bryan D. Palmer.Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c2007.
HX656.Z8 W43 2007Zoar in the Civil War / Philip E. Webber.Kent, Ohio : Kent State University Press, 2007.
JA71 .B335 2007Making enemies / Rodney Barker.Basingstoke [England] New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.
JA79 .P63 2007Political conduct / Mark Philp.Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2007.
JC330.3 .G37 1990On leadership / John W. Gardner.New York : Free Press, c1990.
JC599 .A45 R33 2001Race, ethnicity, gender and human rights in the Americas : a new paradigm for activism / edited by Celina Romany.Washington, D.C. : The Race, Ethnicity, and Gender (REG) Justice Project in the Americas, American University, Washington College of Law, c2001.
JK271 .G723 1998The government we deserve : responsive democracy and changing expectations / C. Eugene Steuerle ... [et al.].Washington, D.C. : Urban Institute Press Lanham, MD : Distributed in North America by University Press of America, c1998.
JK275 .R47 2007A republic divided / the Annenberg Democracy Project.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press [Radnor, PA] : Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands, c2007.
JK421 .I54 2003Government performance : why management matters / Patricia W. Ingraham, Philip G. Joyce, Amy Kneedler Donahue.Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2003.
JK516 .C37 2006Who leads whom? : presidents, policy, and the public / Brandice Canes-Wrone.Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2006.
JK526 2004 .E64 2005The elections of 2004 / edited by Michael Nelson.Washington, D.C. : CQ Press, c2005.
JK4189 .L63 2007Local democracy under siege : activism, public interests, and private politics / Dorothy Holland ... [et al.].New York : New York University Press, c2007.
JL257.A2 O25 2007Language, citizenship and identity in Quebec / Leigh Oakes and Jane Warren.Basingstoke [England] New York : Palgrave Macmillian, 2007.
JN36 .C36 2006Campaigning in Europe - campaigning for Europe : political parties, campaigns, mass media and the European parliament elections 2004 / Michaela Maier, Jens Tenscher (eds.).Berlin : Lit, 2006.
JN3971.A95 P65 2000Power shift in Germany : the 1998 election and the end of the Kohl era / edited by David P. Conradt, Gerald R. Kleinfeld, Christian Soe.New York : Berghahn Books, 2000.
JQ224 .W48 1996Edmund Burke and India : political morality and empire / Frederick G. Whelan.Pittsburgh, Pa. : University of Pittsburgh Press, c1996.
JQ1649.P64 D83 2007Civil society and the internet in Japan / Isa Ducke.London New York : Routledge, 2007.
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