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AS25 .A58 v.59Planetary, lunar, and solar positions, A.D. 2 to A.D. 1649 at five-day and ten-day intervals.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1964.
AS25 .A58 v.59 sup.Planetary, lunar, and solar positions : new and full moons, A.D. 1650-1805 / Owen Gingerich and Barbara L. Welther.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1983.
AS25 .A58 v.103The Anschluss movement, 1918-1919, and the Paris Peace Conference / Alfred D. Low joint translation of German and French quotations by Rose S. Low and the author.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1974.
AS25 .A58 v.105A kind of power : the Shakespeare-Dickens analogy / Alfred B. Harbage.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1975.
AS25 .A58 v.107Academica--Plato, Philip of Opus, and the pseudo-Platonic Epinomis / Leonardo Taran.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1975.
AS25 .A58 v.108The Roman Catholic Church and the creation of the modern Irish state, 1878-1886 / Emmet Larkin.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1975.
AS25 .A58 v.110Hilary Abner Herbert : a southerner returns to the Union / Hugh B. Hammett.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1976.
AS25 .A58 v.112Cyriacus of Ancona's journeys in the Propontis and the Northern Aegean, 1444-1445 / edited by Edward W. Bodnar and Charles Mitchell.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1976.
AS25 .A58 v.113The autobiography of John Fitch / edited with introd. and notes by Frank D. Prager.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1976.
AS25 .A58 v.115The letters of Lafayette to Washington, 1777-1799 / edited by Louis Gottschalk.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1976.
AS25 .A58 v.116Royal taxation in fourteenth-century France : the captivity and ransom of John II, 1356-1370 / John Bell Henneman.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1976.
AS25 .A58 v.130A goodly gallerye : William Fulke's book of meteors / edited with an introd. and notes by Theodore Hornberger.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1979.
AS25 .A58 v.131David Hume and the History of England / Victor G. Wexler.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1979.
AS25 .A58 v.132Domitian and the senatorial order : a prosopographical study of Domitian's relationship with the senate, A.D. 81-96 / Brian W. Jones.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1979.
AS25 .A58 v.133Duty, honor, or country : General George Weedon and the American Revolution / Harry M. Ward.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1979.
AS25 .A58 v.134Practical geometry in the high middle ages : artis cuiuslibet consummatio and the pratike de geometrie / edited with translation and commentary by Stephen K. Victor.Philadelphia, Pa. : The American Philosophical Society, 1979.
AS25 .A58 v.136A chronological bibliography of propaganda and polemic published in English between 1553 and 1558 : from the death of Edward VI to the death of Mary I / Edward J. Baskerville.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1979.
AS25 .A58 v.139The roving naturalist : travel letters of Theodosius Dobzhansky / edited, and with an introd. by Bentley Glass.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1980.
AS25 .A58 v.140Joseph Nicollet and his map / Martha Coleman Bray.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1980.
AS25 .A58 v.142The life of a public man : Edward, first Baron Montagu of Boughton, 1562-1644 / by Esther S. Cope.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, c1981.
AS25 .A58 v.143Florence Nightingale in Rome : letters written by Florence Nightingale in Rome in the winter of 1847-1848 / Mary Keele, editor.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1981.
AS25 .A58 v.144Benjamin Rush's Lectures on the mind / edited, annotated, and introduced by Eric T. Carlson, Jeffrey L. Wollock, and Patricia S. Noel.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1981.
AS25 .A58 v.145Italian weights and measures from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century / Ronald Edward Zupko.Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1981.
B945.C274 R48 2006Stanley Cavell's American dream : Shakespeare, philosophy, and Hollywood movies / Lawrence F. Rhu.New York : Fordham University Press, 2006.
BP173.25 .S876 2005Resurgent Islam : a sociological approach / Philip W. Sutton and Stephen Vertigans.Cambridge, UK Malden, MA : Polity, 2005.
D790.22 8th .M55 2006Masters of the air : America's bomber boys who fought the air war against Nazi Germany / Donald L. Miller.New York : Simon & Schuster, c2006.
DA962 .K57 2006Imagining Ireland's independence : the debates over the Anglo-Irish treaty of 1921 / Jason K. Knirck.Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2006.
DC361 .K44 2005La vie en bleu : France and the French since 1900 / Rod Kedward.London : Allen Lane, 2005.
E78.T4 L32 2004The Texas Indians / David La Vere.College Station : Texas A&M University Press, c2004.
E442 .L54 2006Slavery and the commerce power : how the struggle against the interstate slave trade led to the Civil War / David L. Lightner.New Haven : Yale University Press, c2006.
E744 .F64 no.115Great decisions : the U.S. looks ahead.New York : Foreign Policy Association, 1958.
E744 .F64 no.132Great decisions ... 1959 : reshaping foreign policy amid revolutions.New York : Foreign Policy Association, 1958.
E744 .F64 no.138Great decisions ... 1960 : U.S. foreign policy : ideals and realities.New York : Foreign Policy Association, 1959.
E744 .F64 no.167Brazil : crisis & change.[New York] Foreign Policy Association [1964]
E744 .F64 no.193New directions in U.S. foreign policy a symposium [by] Robert Strausz-Hupe [and others.New York] Foreign Policy Association [1969]
E744 .F64 no.205West Germany enters the seventies, by Richard L. Merritt and Anna J. Merritt.[New York, Foreign Policy Association] 1971.
E744 .F64 no.214Understanding India.[New York] Foreign Policy Association [1973]
E744 .F64 no.223China : the uncertain future / by Harry Harding, Jr.New York : Foreign Policy Association, 1974.
E744 .F64 no.226Controlling strategic nuclear weapons / by Walter Slocombe comments, Edward N. Luttwak, G. W. Rathjens, Gerard C. Smith.[New York] : Foreign Policy Association, [1975]
F595.3 .R66 2006Oh, give me a home : western contemplations / Ann Ronald.Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, c2006.
GN625 .B58 2001Borders of being : citizenship, fertility, and sexuality in Asia and the Pacific / edited by Margaret Jolly and Kalpana Ram.Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, c2001.
GT497.U6 S53 2007Bodies, commodities, and biotechnologies : death, mourning, and scientific desire in the realm of human organ transfer / Lesley A. Sharp.New York : Columbia University Press, c2007.
HD62.5 .T35 2004Taking research to market : how to build and invest in successful university spinouts / edited by Kenny Tang, Ajay Vohora, Roger Freeman.London : Euromoney Books, c2004.
HD4824.5.U5 N49 2005New working-class studies / edited by John Russo and Sherry Lee Linkon.Ithaca [N.Y.] : ILR Press, 2005.
HD7287 .I74 2006Introduction to housing / edited by John L. Merrill ... [et al.].Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Education, c2006.
HD7333.A3 F82 2006Housing transformations : shaping the space of twenty-first century living / Bridget Franklin.London New York : Routledge, 2006.
HF5415.32 .W75 2006Consumer behaviour / Ray Wright.Australia London : Thomson Learning, 2006.
HN1 .I6 v.51 suppl.14Coolies, capital, and colonialism : studies in Indian labour history / edited by Rana P. Behal and Marcel van der Linden.Cambridge New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2006.
HQ21 .P554 2006Sexualities in context : a social perspective / Rebecca F. Plante.Boulder, Colo. : Westview Press, c2006.
HQ76.3.M628 W45 2006Unspeakable love : gay and lesbian life in the Middle East / Brian Whitaker.Berkeley, CA : University of California Press, c2006.
HQ1170 .M8472 2005Muslim women activists in North America : speaking for ourselves / edited by Katherine Bullock.Austin : University of Texas Press, 2005.
HQ1464.M59 W66 2006Women and change at the U.S.-Mexico border : mobility, labor, and activism / Doreen J. Mattingly and Ellen R. Hansen, editors.Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c2006.
JX231 .A34 no.12825Defense, agreement between the United States of America and South Africa, signed at Pretoria January 24, 1997.Washington, D.C. : Dept. of State : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., [2006?]
KF9325 .J36 2006Failure to protect : America's sexual predator laws and the rise of the preventive state / Eric S. Janus.Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2006.
LB1570 .C928 2005Curriculum integration K-12 : theory and practice / edited by James S. Etim.Lanham, MD : University Press of America, c2005.
LB1576 .K835 2006Teaching the dimensions of literacy / Stephen B. Kucer, Cecilia Silva.Mahwah, N.J. : L. Erlbaum Associates, c2006.
LB3013.3 .M355 2007School bullying : tools for avoiding harm and liability / Mary Jo McGrath.Thousand Oaks, CA : Corwin Press, c2007.
LC4019.2 .T61 v.23 no.4Research to practice in early intervention / [Judith J. Carta, editor]Austin, Tex. : Pro-Ed, c2004.
ML1500 .C59 2006Chorus and community / edited by Karen Ahlquist.Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c2006.
N5300 .J3 2004History of art : the Western tradition / H.W. Janson, Anthony F. Janson.Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson/Prentice-Hall, c2004.
ND237.D755 A4 2006The Indiana dunes revealed : the art of Frank V. Dudley / edited by James R. Dabbert with essays by James R. Dabbert ... [et al.] and contributions by Richard H.W. Brauer and Gregg Hertzlieb.Valparaiso, Ind. : Brauer Museum, Valparaiso University Urbana : University of Illinois Press, 2006.
ND237.R68 H35 2006Norman Rockwell : the underside of innocence / Richard Halpern.Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2006.
ND553.M7 A4 2006Claude Monet : fields in spring. / Christian von Holst, Christofer Conrad with contributions by Roman Zieglgansberger, Katja Matauschek.Ostfildern : Hatje Cantz New York : D.A.P. [distributor], 2006.
NE539.3.A4 M54 2006Migrations : new directions in Native American art / edited by Marjorie Devon.Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, 2006.
PE1404 .B735 2004Virtual peer review teaching and learning about writing in online environments / Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch.Albany : State University of New York Press, c2004.
PE1580 .N49 2005New keywords : a revised vocabulary of culture and society / edited by Tony Bennett, Lawrence Grossberg, Meaghan Morris.Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2005.
PL2652.Y4 C6 2004880-02 Lin Jia pu zi Chun can = The shop of the Lin family & Spring silkworms / original Chinese text by Mao Dun translated by Sidney Shapiro.Hong Kong : Chinese University Press, c2004.
PL2658.E3 M65 2005Mountain home : the wilderness poetry of ancient China / selected and translated by David Hinton.New York, NY : New Directions Pub. Corp., 2005.
PN94 .H58 2004Historicizing theory / edited by Peter C. Herman.Albany : State University of New York Press, c2004.
PR4034 .P4 2006Persuasion / Jane Austen edited by Janet Todd and Antje Blank.Cambridge, UK New York : Cambridge University Press, 2006.
PS147 .R45 2006Reinventing the Peabody sisters / edited by Monika M. Elbert, Julie E. Hall, and Katharine Rodier.Iowa City : University of Iowa Press, c2006.
PT2601.L78 A6 2005Telegrams of the soul : selected prose of Peter Altenberg / selected, translated, and with an afterward by Peter Wortsman.Brooklyn, NY : Archipelago Books St. Paul, MN Distributed by Consortium Books Sales and Distribution, c2005.
Q180.55.M4 G66 2006Using everyday numbers effectively in research / Stephen Gorard.London New York : Continuum, c2006.
QB603.O74 P536 2006Planet formation : theory, observations and experiments / edited by Hubert Klahr and Wolfgang Brandner.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2006.
QC981.8.G56 O84 2006Global warming policy in Japan and Britain : interactions between institutions and issue characteristics / Shizuka Oshitani.Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2006.
QD22.P35 O71 2006The Pauling catalogue : Ava Helen and Linus Pauling papers at Oregon State University / edited by Chris Petersen and Cliff Mead.Corvallis, OR : Valley Library Special Collections, Oregon State University, 2006.
QH212.A78 K38 2006Atomic force microscopy, scanning nearfield optical microscopy and nanoscratching : application to rough and natural surfaces / G. Kaupp.Berlin : Springer-Verlag, 2006.
QH431 .C474 2006When a gene makes you smell like a fish-- and other tales about the genes in your body / Lisa Seachrist Chiu illustrations by Judith A. Seachrist.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2006.
QL671 .A6 no.61Patterns of migratory connectivity in two Nearctic-neotropical songbirds : new insights from intrinsic markers / edited by Marylene Boulet and D. Ryan Norris.Washington, D.C. : American Ornithologists' Union, 2006.
QL737.U55 H43 2006Deer of the Southwest : a complete guide to the natural history, biology, and management of southwestern mule deer and white-tailed deer / Jim Heffelfinger.College Station : Texas A & M University Press, c2006.
QM23.2 .M356 2006Human anatomy / Frederic H. Martini, Michael J. Timmons, Robert B. Tallitsch with William C. Ober, art coordinator and illustrator Claire W. Garrison, illustrator Kathleen Welch, clinical consultant Ralph T. Hutchings, biomedical photographer.San Francisco : Pearson/Benjamin Cummings, c2006.
QM23.2 .M356 2006 Sup.Clinical issues in anatomy / Frederic H. Martini & Kathleen Welch with William C. Ober, art coordinator and illustrator Claire W. Garrison, illustrator.San Francisco : Pearson/Benjamin Cummings, c2006.
QP601 .C62 v.417Functional glycomics / edited by Minoru Fukuda.Amsterdam Boston : Elsevier/Academic Press, c2006.
QP601 .C62 v.418Embryonic stem cells / edited by Irina Klimanskaya, Robert Lanza.Amsterdam Boston : Elsevier Academic Press, c2006.
QP601 .C62 v.419Adult stem cells / edited by Irina Klimanskaya, Robert Lanza.Amsterdam Boston : Elsevier Academic Press, c2006.
QR1 .C8 v.312Kaposi sarcoma herpesvirus : new perspectives / C. Boshoff and R.A. Weiss (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2007.
RB155 .R66 2005Genetics for dummies / Tara Rodden Robinson.Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley Publishing, c2005.
RC925.5 .D81 2007Muscle biopsy : a practical approach.[Great Britain] : Saunders, 2007.
RJ499 .W463 2005Essentials of child psychopathology / Linda Wilmshurst.Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2005.
RL71 .D46 2003Fitzpatrick's dermatology in general medicine.New York : McGraw-Hill, Medical Pub. Division, c2003.
S105 .E55 no.500Understanding and using marine economics data sheets / by Frederick J. Smith.[Corvallis, Or.] : Oregon State University, Extension Marine Advisory Program, [1980]
S105 .E55 no.502Reports on breeding ewe lambs / [authors, M. Vavra ... [et al.]].Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University, [1978]
S105 .E55 no.504Sunflower seed, oil, or silage : new crops for central Oregon / William M. Murphy.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University, [1978]
S105 .E55 no.509Chopped cereal straw as broiler floor litter / H.S. Nakaue, C.M. Fischer and G.H. Arscott.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University, [1978]
S105 .E55 no.511Feeding value of Pacific Northwest-grown soybeans for broilers / P.L. Paradis ... [et al.].Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University, [1978]
S105 .E55 no.514Evaluation of temperature inversions and wind machine on frost protection in southern Oregon / Earl Bates and Porter Lombard.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University, [1978]
S105 .E55 no.545Postharvest decay control of apples and pears after immersion dumping / Paul Bertrand and Janet Saulie-Carter.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University, [1979]
S105 .E55 no.550Commercial handling and storage practices for winter pears / Elmer Hansen and W.M. Mellenthin.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University, [1979]
S105 .E55 no.557Caneberries : a summary of research progress, 1979.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University, [1979]
S105 .E55 no.559Comparison of the performance of dwarf, intermediate, and normal body size single-comb white leghorns housed in conventional single-cage houses / [authors: H.S. Nakaue, P.E. Bernier, and G.H. Arscott].Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University, [1979]
S105 .E55 no.566Performance of single-comb white leghorn layers in three types of houses in Oregon / H.S. Nakaue and G.H. Arscott.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University, [1979]
S105 .E55 no.568Mucor rot of pears and apples / Paul Bertrand and Janet Saulie-Carter.Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University, [1980]
S105 .E55 no.576Alternative risk formulations in an econometric acreage response model for Northwest wheat / [authors: W. Robert Wilson, Louise M. Arthur and James K. Whittaker].Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University, [1980]
S105 .E55 no.582The effect of pre-calving energy level on cow performance / [authors: Ralph L. Phillips and Martin Vavra].Corvallis, Or. : Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University, [1980]
S537.O7 A52 no.ACC-1The agricultural club / [F.L. Griffin].Corvallis, Or. : Extension Service, Oregon Agricultural College, [191-?]
S537.O7 A52 no.FHHCPC-1Farm and home handicrafts club project / F.L. Griffin.Corvallis, Or. : Extension Service, Oregon Agricultural College, [191-?]
S537.O7 A52 no.GCC-2Boys' and girls' club work : suggestions for club meetings and programs / [E.C. Lindeman].Corvallis, Or. : Extension Service, Oregon Agricultural College, [191-?]
SB363 .J86 2006The story of the apple / Barrie E. Juniper, David J. Mabberley.Portland, Or. : Timber Press, 2006.
SF609 .B566 2007Saunders comprehensive veterinary dictionary.Edinburgh New York : Elsevier Saunders, 2007.
SF951 .M35 2006Manual of equine anaesthesia and analgesia / [edited by] Tom Doherty and Alex Valverde.Oxford Ames, Iowa : Blackwell Pub., c2006.
SF951 .M65 2006A manual of equine diagnostic procedures / John Schumacher, H. David Moll.Jackson, WY : Teton NewMedia, c2006.
SF959.R47 B37 2007Handbook of equine respiratory endoscopy / Safia Barakzai.Edinburgh New York : Elsevier Saunders, 2007.
SF968 .S46 2007Sheep medicine / Philip R. Scott.London : Manson Pub./The Veterinary Press, c2007.
SH1 .F543 no.799Report of the FAO Expert Consultation on the Economic, Social and Institutional Considerations of Applying the Ecosystem Apparoach to Fisheries Management, Rome, 6-9 June 2006.Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2006.
T59.77 .H68 1989Hot environments : estimation of the heat stress on working man, based on the WBGT-index (wet bulb globe temperature = Ambiances chaudes : estimation de la contrainte thermique de l'homme au travail, basee sur l'indice WBGT (temperature humide et de globe noir)Geneve, Switzerland : International Organization for Standardization, 1989.
TA166 .M393 2002The measure of man and woman : human factors in design / Alvin R. Tilley Henry Dreyfuss Associates with an introduction by Stephen B. Wilcox.New York : Wiley, c2002.
TP248.C94 C93 2006Cyclodextrin materials photochemistry, photophysics and photobiology / edited by Abderrazzak Douhal.Amsterdam Oxford : Elsevier, 2006.
Y 1.1/8:109-332/Marine Debris Research, Prevention, and Reduction Act : report together with additional views (to accompany S. 362) (including cost estimate of the Congressional Budget Office).[Washington, D.C. : U.S. G.P.O., 2005-