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BF431 .F415 2005The evolution of intelligence : are humans the only animals with minds? / James H. Fetzer.Chicago : Open Court, c2005.
BF637.C4 P75 2006Promoting well-being : linking personal, organizational, and community change / Isaac Prilleltensky and Ora Prilleltensky.Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley, c2006.
BF637.C6 .I855 1997Basic influencing skills / Allen E. Ivey, Norma B. Gluckstern, and Mary Bradford Ivey.North Amherst, Mass. : Microtraining Associates, c1997.
BL240.3 .G53 2002Species of origins : America's search for a creation story / Karl W. Giberson and Donald A. Yerxa.Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, c2002.
BL795.W65 G43 2006Women at the beginning : origin myths from the Amazons to the Virgin Mary / Patrick J. Geary.Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2006.
BM652.9 .S25 2006The rabbi's wife : the rebbetzin in American Jewish life / Shuly Rubin Schwartz.New York : New York University Press, c2006.
BP163 .I782 2004Islamic thought in the twentieth century / edited by Suha Taji-Farouki and Basheer M. Nafi.London : I.B. Tauris, 2004.
BP194.4 .W66 2005The women of Karbala : ritual performance and symbolic discourses in modern Shii Islam / edited by Kamran Scot Aghaie.Austin : University of Texas Press, 2005.
BS2410 .K44 1984The New Testament in context : sources and documents / Howard Clark Kee.Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall, c1984.
BX9807.W4 L8 2006Freedom moves west a history of the Western Unitarian Conference, 1852-1952.Providence, R.I. : Blackstone Editions [Duxbury, MA?] : Unitarian Universalist Historical Society, 2006.
CC72 .P73 2000Death by theory : a tale of mystery and archaeological theory / Adrian Praetzellis.Walnut Creek, CA : AltaMira Press, c2000.
D20 .Z53 1960zGeschichte Amerikas / Otto Zierer.Gutersloh : Bertelsmann, [196-?]
D764.3.S7 B34 2006Voices from Stalingrad / Jonathan Bastable.Cincinnati, OH Newton Abbott [England] : David & Charles, 2006.
D783 .K45 2006Final patrol : true stories of World War II submarines / Don Keith.New York, N.Y. : NAL Caliber, c2006.
D805.5.R38 A43 2006An American heroine in the French Resistance : the diary and memoir of Virginia d'Albert-Lake / edited by Judy Barrett Litoff.New York : Fordham University Press, 2006.
DA355 .M66 2006The subject of Elizabeth : authority, gender, and representation / Louis Montrose.Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2006.
DB30 .J64 1980Osterreichische Kultur- und Geistesgeschichte : Gesellschaft und Ideen im Donauraum 1848 bis 1938 / William M. Johnston.Wien : H. Bohlaus, 1980, c1972.
DC112.M2 C56 2006Marguerite de Navarre : mother of the Renaissance / Patricia F. Cholakian and Rouben C. Cholakian.New York : Columbia University Press, c2006.
DC121.7 .B43 2006Salons, history, and the creation of seventeenth-century France : mastering memory / Faith E. Beasley.Aldershot Burlington, VT : Ashgate Pub., 2006.
DS79.724.U6 H673 2000Every man a tiger / Tom Clancy, with Chuck Horner.New York : Berkley Books, 2000, c1999.
DS119.76 .R453 2006The road map to nowhere : Israel/Palestine since 2003 / Tanya Reinhart.London New York : Verso, 2006.
DS481.G3 R78 2006Postmodern Gandhi and other essays : Gandhi in the world and at home / Lloyd I. Rudolph and Susanne Hoeber Rudolph.Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2006.
DS736 .P66 2006Chinese lessons : five classmates and the story of the new China / John Pomfret.New York : H. Holt, 2006.
DS881.8 .F45 2006Breaking open Japan : Commodore Perry, Lord Abe, and American imperialism in 1853 / George Feifer.New York : Smithsonian Books/Collins, 2006.
DT18 .B76 2006An African biographical dictionary / Norbert C. Brockman.New York : Grey House Pub., c2006.
E93 .H46 2006The unquiet grave : the FBI and the struggle for the soul of Indian country / Steve Hendricks.New York : Thunder's Mouth Press, 2006.
E97 .K58 2003Widening the circle : culturally relevant pedagogy for American Indian children / Beverly J. Klug and Patricia T. Whitfield.New York : RoutledgeFalmer, 2003.
E182 .T65 2006Six frigates : the epic history of the founding of the U.S. Navy / Ian W. Toll.New York : W.W. Norton & Co., c2006.
E183.8.I4 U7 2006US-Indian strategic cooperation into the 21st century : more than words / edited by Sumit Ganguly, Brian Shoup, and Andrew Scobell.London New York : Routledge, 2006.
E183.8.I57 A44 2006Circle in the sand : why we went back to Iraq / Christian Alfonsi.New York : Doubleday, c2006.
E183.8.K6 .U56 2006The United States and the Korean peninsula in the 21st century / edited by Tae-Hwan Kwak and Seung-Ho Joo.Aldershot, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2006.
E184.J5 O68 1999The Soviet Jewish Americans / Annelise Orleck photographs by Elizabeth Cooke.Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1999.
E184.M5 I15 2004I am Aztlan : the personal essay in Chicano studies / edited by Chon A. Noriega and Wendy Belcher.Los Angeles, CA : UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Press, c2004.
E184.37.M48 L67 2006The lost : a search for six of six million / Daniel Mendelsohn photographs by Matt Mendelsohn.New York : HarperCollins Publishers, c2006.
E302.6.A2 P85 2006Samuel Adams : father of the American Revolution / Mark Puls.New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2006.
E444 .F825 2006In search of the promised land : a Black family and the Old South / John Hope Franklin, Loren Schweninger.New York : Oxford University Press, 2006.
F394.E4 B63 2006In a special light / Elroy Bode.San Antonio : Trinity University Press, c2006.
F819.C55 G67 1999The great Arizona orphan abduction / Linda Gordon.Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1999.
G155.A1 M667 2006Mountain resort planning and development in an era of globalization / coedited by Thomas Clark, Alison Gill and Rudi Hartmann.New York : Cognizant Communication Corporation, c2006.
G155.A1 T68 2006Tourism and social identities : global frameworks and local realities/ edited by Peter M. Burns, Marina Novelli.Amsterdam Boston: Elsevier, 2006.
G155.D44 C66 2006Community destination management in developing economies / Walter Jamieson, editor.New York : Haworth Hospitality Press, c2006.
G156.5.E26 C37 2006Cases in sustainable tourism : an experiential approach to making decisions / Irene M. Herremans, editor.New York : Haworth Hospitality Press, c2006.
GC21 .O23 2006Ocean.New York : DK Pub., 2006.
GC75 .W67 2004Acoustic sensing techniques for the shallow water environment : inversiton methods and experiments / edited by Andrea Caiti ... [et al.].Dordrecht : Springer, c2006.
GN345 .A8413 2006The world of the anthropologist / Marc Auge and Jean-Paul Colleyn translated by John Howe.Oxford New York : Berg, 2006.
GN468 .I43 2006Indigenous peoples' wisdom and power : affirming our knowledge through narratives / edited by Julian E. Kunnie and Nomalungelo I. Goduka.Aldershot, Hants, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2006.
GN655.G45 L46 2006Ethnicity and the making of history in northern Ghana / Carola Lentz.Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press for the International African Institute, c2006.
GV199.92.V54 A3 2006No shortcuts to the top : climbing the world's 14 highest peaks / Ed Viesturs with David Roberts.New York : Broadway Books, c2006.
HC412 .M89 1970An approach to the Asian drama, methodological and theoretical.New York, Vintage Books [1970]
HD1695.A17 W67 1992Rivers of empire : water, aridity, and the growth of the American West / Donald Worster.Oxford, England New York : Oxford University, 1992.
HD6054.4.U6 K753 2005Encyclopedia of American women in business : from colonial times to the present / Carol H. Krisman.Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2005.
HD6077 .W66 2005Women empowerment in fisheries / editors, A.S. Ninawe, A.D. Diwan.Delhi : Narendra Pub. House, 2005.
HD8039.F66 U4765 2007Hawaiian fishermen / Edward W. Glazier.Belmont, CA : Thomson Wadsworth, c2007.
HD8413.L4 A3 1973Kathe Leichter. Leben und Werk. Hrsg. v. Herbert Steiner. Mit einem Vorw. v. Hertha Firnberg. [Mit Faks.](Wien) Europaverl. (1973).
HD9502.5.A433 U633 1997The economic impact of the demand for ethanol / prepared for Midwestern Governors' Conference prepared by Michael K. Evans.Lombard, Ill. : Midwestern Governors' Conference, [1997]
HE2752 .L68 2006The men who loved trains : the story of men who battled greed to save an ailing industry / Rush Loving, Jr.Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2006.
HE9715.J25 H67 2006The cell phone : an anthropology of communication / Heather A. Horst and Daniel Miller.Oxford New York : Berg, 2006.
HF1002 .R54 1992Le Robert & Collins du management : dictionnaire francais-anglais, anglais-francais, French-English, English-French dictionary / par Michel Peron ... [et al.].Paris : Dictionnaires Le Robert [London : HarperCollins], c1992.
HF5415.32 .E933 2006Consumer behaviour / Martin Evans, Ahmad Jamal, Gordon Foxall.Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., c2006.
HG4011 .G52 2006Principles of managerial finance : brief / Lawrence J. Gitman.Boston : Pearson/Addison Wesley, 2006.
HG6041 .M37 2006Master traders : strategies for superior returns from today's top traders / [edited by] Fari Hamzei.Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., c2006.
HJ8627 .S44 2006Britain, America and the war debt controversy : the economic diplomacy of an unspecial relationship, 1917-1941 / Robert Self.London New York : Routledge, 2006.
HM22.G3 S47Georg Simmel.Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall [1965]
HM445 .C76 2005The art of sociological argument / Graham Crow.Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2005.
HM445 .M64 2006Marx, Durkheim, Weber : formations of modern social thought / Ken Morrison.London Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage, 2006.
HM821 .S73 2005State of world population 2005 : the promise of equality: gender equity, reproductive health and the millennium development goals.New York : United Nations Population Fund, 2005.
HM851 .K47 2006Blogosphere : the new political arena / Michael Keren.Lanham, MD : Lexington Books, c2006.
HN65 .L455 2005Elusive togetherness : church groups trying to bridge America's divisions / Paul Lichterman.Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press, c2005.
HN405 .D513 1960Die osterreichischen Katholiken und die Erste Republik : Demokratie, Kapitalismus und soziale Ordnung 1918-1934 / Alfred Diamant Deutsche Ubersetzung von Norbert Leser.[Vienna] : Verlag der Wiener Volksbuchhandlung, [1960]
HQ18.M52 Z44 2006Producing desire : changing sexual discourse in the Ottoman Middle East, 1500-1900 / Dror Ze'evi.Berkeley : University of California Press, c2006.
HQ503 .P89 2005Psychological, political, and cultural meanings of home / Mechthild Hart, Miriam Ben-Yoseph, editors.New York : Haworth, c2005.
HQ536 .C366 2007Conjugal America : on the public purposes of marriage / Allan Carlson.New Brunswick, N.J. : Transaction Publishers, c2007.
HQ1075.5.C6 G46 2005Gender in motion : divisions of labor and cultural change in late imperial and modern China / edited by Bryna Goodman and Wendy Larson.Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2005.
HQ1115 .W644 2006The women's movement today : an encyclopedia of third-wave feminism / edited by Leslie L. Heywood.Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2006.
HQ1147.E85 W66 2006Women and gender in medieval Europe : an encyclopedia / Margaret Schaus, editor.New York : Routledge, c2006.
HQ1240 .W6556 2004Women and the environment / United Nations Environment Programme.Nairobi, Kenya : UNEP, c2004.
HQ1418 .W75 2006"The first of causes to our sex" : the female moral reform movement in the antebellum Northeast, 1834-1848 / Daniel S. Wright.New York : Routledge, c2006.
HQ1439.S63 O46 2005Wives of steel : voices of women from the Sparrows Point steelmaking communities / Karen Olson.University Park : Pennsylvania State University Press, c2005.
HQ1460.5 .P68 2005Women in the crucible of conquest : the gendered genesis of Spanish American society, 1500-1600 / Karen Vieira Powers.Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, c2005.
HQ1603 .T67 1982Totgeschwiegen : Texte zur Situation der Frau von 1880 bis in die Zwischenkriegszeit / [herausgegeben von] Sigrid Schmid, Hanna Schnedl.Wien : Osterreichischer Bundesverlag, c1982.
HQ1767 .R327 2006Rural women in urban China : gender, migration, and social change / Tamara Jacka.Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, c2006.
HT388 .P49 2006Perspectives on international, state and local economics / Gerald V. Liu, editor.New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2006.
HV245 .W47 2006The state of feminist social work / Vicky White.London New York : Routledge, 2006.
HV1446.A17 P37 1993Relations of rescue : the search for female moral authority in the American west, 1874-1939 / Peggy Pascoe.New York : Oxford University Press, 1993, c1990.
JC251.C38 C5313 2006The claim to community : essays on Stanley Cavell and political philosophy / edited by Andrew Norris.Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 2006.
JN32 .E94 2006The European Union decides / edited by Robert Thomson ... [et al.].Cambridge, UK New York : Cambridge University Press, 2006.
JV6465 .F66 2005In a new land : a comparative view of immigration / Nancy Foner.New York : New York University Press, c2005.
K5256 .T47 2003Terrorism post 9/11 : an Indian perspective / edited by P.R. Chari, Suba Chandran.New Delhi : Manohar, 2003.
KE7722.C75 D53 2005Will the circle be unbroken? : aboriginal communities, restorative justice, and the challenges of conflict and change / Jane Dickson-Gilmore and Carol La Prairie.Toronto Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, c2005.
KF4757 .E67 2006Democracy reborn : the Fourteenth Amendment and the fight for equal rights in post-Civil War America / Garrett Epps.New York : H. Holt, 2006.
KF8742 .R65 2006The myth of judicial activism : making sense of Supreme Court decisions / Kermit Roosevelt III.New Haven : Yale University Press, c2006.
KF9779 .C67 2006Judging children as children : a proposal for a juvenile justice system / Michael A. Corriero.Philadelphia, PA : Temple Unversity Press, 2006.
LA229 .S312 2005Thirteen years of school : what students really think / Lisa Scherff.Lanham, Md. : ScarecrowEducation, 2005.
LA2301 .F57 2006The greatest educators ever / Frank M. Flanagan.London New York : Continuum, c2006.
LB875.D5 I59 2005Inventing the modern self and John Dewey : modernities and the traveling of pragmatism in education / edited by Thomas S. Popkewitz.New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2005.
LB1029.S53 G36 2007Games and simulations in online learning : research and development frameworks / David Gibson, Clark Aldrich, Marc Prensky, [editors].Hershey, PA : Information Science Pub., c2007.
LB1033 .G688 2006A sea of faces : the importance of knowing your students / Donald H. Graves.Portsmouth, NH : Heinemann, c2006.
LB1119 .H25 2006Handbook of research on the education of young children / edited by Bernard Spodek, Olivia N. Saracho.Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2006.
LB1555 .D45 2000The first six weeks of school / Paula Denton, Roxann Kriete.Greenfield, MA : Northeast Foundation for Children, c2000.
LB1585.3 .K56 2007Integrating the national science education standards into classroom practice / Kenneth P. King.Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Merrill/Prentice Hall, c2007.
LC149 .L275 2005Making literacy real : theories and practices for learning and teaching / Joanne Larson and Jackie Marsh.London : Thousand Oaks, CA : Sage Publications, 2005.
LC197 .T36 2003Women, education, and the self : a Foucauldian perspective / Maria Tamboukou.Houndmills [England] New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2003.
LC212.2 .R58 1994Rethinking our classrooms : teaching for equity and justice / [editors ... Bill Bigelow ... et al.].Milwaukee, Wis. : Rethinking Schools, c1994-c2001.
LC212.9 .S24 2006The SAGE handbook of gender and education / edited by Christine Skelton, Becky Francis and Lisa Smulyan.London Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE, 2006.
LC220.5 .R59 2006Building character through community service : strategies to implement the missing element in education / Margaret Rizzo, Joyce Brown.Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2006.
LC995 .T43 2007Teaching with joy : educational practices for the twenty-first century / edited by Sharon Shelton-Colangelo, Carolina Mancuso, and Mimi Duvall.Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, c2007.
LC4091 .B758 2001Resilience education / Joel H. Brown, Marianne D'Emidio-Caston, Bonnie Benard.Thousand Oaks, CA : Corwin Press, c2001.
ML948 .V47 2006The versatile clarinet / edited by Roger Heaton.New York : Routledge, c2006.
ML3551.5 .G7 2006Millennium folk : American folk music since the sixties / Thomas R. Gruning.Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Press, c2006.
N72.F45 P63 1999Differencing the canon : feminist desire and the writing of art's histories / Griselda Pollock.London New York : Routledge, 1999.
N72.F45 R63 2006Reading art, reading Irigaray : the politics of art by women / Hilary Robinson.London New York : I.B. Tauris New York : Distributed in US by Palgrave Macmillan, 2006.
N6494.P6 M36 2000bPop art / David McCarthy.London : Tate Gallery Pub., 2000.
N6535.L6 C64 2004C.O.L.A. 2004 individual artist fellowships.Los Angeles : City of Los Angeles, Cultural Affairs Dept., c2004.
NA680 .D585 2002Twentieth-century architecture / Dennis P. Doordan.New York : H.N. Abrams, 2002.
NA1996 .L56 2003Portfolio design / Harold Linton photographs by Steven Rost.New York : W.W. Norton, c2003.
NA1996 .L69 2006Architectural records : managing design and construction records / by Waverly Lowell and Tawny Ryan Nelb.Chicago, IL : Society of American Archivists, c2006.
NA2713 .W34 2003The professional practice of architectural working drawings / Osamu A. Wakita, Richard M. Linde.New York : J. Wiley & Sons, c2003.
NA7205 .H685 2006The house handbook : guidelines for building or remodeling your home.Ames, IA : Midwest Plan Service, 2006.
NC998.5.A1 F663 2001The creative business guide to running a graphic design business / Cameron S. Foote.New York : Norton, c2001.
NK9502.5.T73 A4 2006African mud cloth : the Bogolanfini art tradition of Gneli Traore of Mali / Pascal James Imperato.New York : Kilima House Publishers, 2006.
NX541.A1 B36 2005Los otros tesoros del BCV : un recorrido de la colonia al siglo XIX / [textos, Maria Antonia Gonzalez Arnal, Marianella Guevara Zerlin coordinacion editorial, Eduardo Tovar Zamora].Caracas : Ministerio de la Cultura : Fundacion Museos Nacionales : Museo de Bellas Artes : Banco Central de Venezuela, c2005.
P35.5.C6 G86 2005Rendering the regional : local language in contemporary Chinese media / Edward M. Gunn.Honolulu : University of Hawai'i Press, 2005.
P53 .R49 1996Making it happen : interaction in the second language classroom : from theory to practice / Patricia A. Richard-Amato.White Plains, NY : Longman, c1996.
P94.65.A78 M43 2006Medi@sia : global media/tion in and out of context / edited by Todd Joseph Miles Holden and Timothy J. Scrase.London New York : Routledge, 2006.
P211.4 .W75 2006Writing and digital media / edited by Luuk van Waes, Marielle Leijten, Christine M. Neuwirth.Amsterdam Boston London : Elsevier, 2006.
PA1139.E5 K85English-modern Greek and modern Greek-English dictionary including English and Greek grammar, geographical and proper names, and abbreviations.London, P. Lund, Humphries [1957]
PE1128.A2 E4726 2003English at your command! : student handbook / [curriculum consultants, Sue Goldstein ... et al.].Carmel, Calif. : Hampton-Brown, [2003?]
PE1408 .W564 2006What is "college-level" writing? / edited by Patrick Sullivan, Howard Tinberg.Urbana, Ill. : National Council of Teachers of English, 2006.
PF3074.8 .S535 2004Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod / Bastian Sick.Koln : Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 2004-<2006>
PG3476.T75 Z74513 2004The death of a poet : the last days of Marina Tsvetaeva / Irma Kudrova introduction by Ellendea Proffer translated from the Russian by Mary Ann Szporluk.Woodstock, N.Y. : Overlook Duckworth, 2004.
PH3241.H32 M2715 1962Mit den augen einer frau : roman / Zsolt Von Harsanyi aus dem ungarischen von T.P. Toth und A. Luther Titel.[Gutersloh] : Bertelsmann Lesering, 1962.
PL747.6 .M44 2003Novel Japanese : spaces of nationhood in early Meiji narrative, 1870-88 / John Pierre Mertz.Ann Arbor, MI : Center for Japanese Studies, the University of Michigan, 2003.
PL782.E5 M37 2004Masterpieces of kabuki : eighteen plays on stage / edited by James R. Brandon and Samuel L. Leiter.Honolulu : University of Hawaii Press, c2004.
PL794.4 .A6 2005Basho's journey : the literary prose of Matsuo Basho / translated with an introduction by David Landis Barnhill.New York, N.Y. : State University of New York Press, c2005.
PL2754.S5 Z6612 2006Ah Q archaeology : Lu Xun, Ah Q, Ah Q progeny and the national character discourse in twentieth century China / Paul B. Foster.Lanham, MD : Lexington Books, c2006.
PN831 .E28 2004Early Germanic literature and culture / edited by Brian Murdoch and Malcolm Read.Rochester, NY : Camden House, 2004.
PN1009.A1 Z94 2005Children's books : awards & prizes / comp. and ed. by the Children's Book Council.New York : Children's Book Council, 2005.
PN1991.3.G4 R28 1984Radio-Kultur in der Weimarer Republik : eine Dokumentation : mit einer Einleitung / herausgegeben von Irmela Schneider.Tubingen : G. Narr, c1984.
PN1993.5.G3 P454 1992Film in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland : der neue deutsche Film von den Anfangen bis zur Gegenwart : mit einem Exkurs uber das Kino der DDR : ein Handbuch / Hans Gunther Pflaum, Hans Helmut Prinzler.Munchen : C. Hanser Bonn : Inter Nationes, 1992.
PQ265 .D523 2005Through the reading glass : women, books, and sex in the French Enlightenment / Suellen Diaconoff.Albany : State University of New York Press, c2005.
PQ3897 .P67 2005Postcolonial theory and Francophone literary studies / edited by H. Adlai Murdoch and Anne Donadey.Gainesville, Fl. : University Press of Florida, c2005.
PQ6144 .J585 2003Gender and nation in the Spanish modernist novel / Roberta Johnson.Nashville, Tenn. : Vanderbilt University Press, c2003.
PQ6353 .M53 2006Tilting at windmills : history and meaning of a proverbial allusion to Cervantes' Don Quixote / Wolfgang Mieder.Burlington, VT : University of Vermont, 2006.
PQ7081.5 .N54 2004Humoring resistance : laughter and the excessive body in contemporary Latin American women's fiction / Dianna C. Niebylski.Albany : State University of New York Press, c2004.
PQ7082.D7 L37 2004Games and play in the theater of Spanish American women / Catherine Larson.Lewisburg : Bucknell University Press, c2004.
PQ7440.P3863 E43 2003Elegias de septiembre / Benito Pastoriza Iyodo prologo por Estela Porter Seale.Mexico, D.F. : Tierra Firme, [2003]
PQ9691.A494 L58 2004Literary Amazonia : modern writing by Amazonian authors / edited by Nicomedes Suarez-Arauz.Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2004.
PR605.W3 K46 2006Modern English war poetry / Tim Kendall.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2006.
PR3095 .F76 2006From performance to print in Shakespeare's England / edited by Peter Holland and Stephen Orgel.Basingstoke [England] New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2006.
PR6007.E36 T415 1973Konig Adams Reich : Roman / R.F. Delderfield.Munchen Ehrenwirth c1973.
PR6063.U7 E95 1999Existentialists and mystics : writings on philosophy and literature / Iris Murdoch [edited by Peter Conradi foreword by George Steiner].New York : Penguin, 1999.
PS2958.I52 T73 2006Transatlantic Stowe : Harriet Beecher Stowe and European culture / edited by Denise Kohn, Sarah Meer, and Emily B. Todd.Iowa City : University of Iowa Press, c2006.
PS3503.R66 B57 1950zBitterer Lotos : Roman / Louis Bromfield [Ubertragung von Elisabeth Rotten].Gutersloh : Bertelsmann, [195-?]
PS3503.R66 E215 1966zFruher Herbst : Roman / Louis Bromfield.Gutersloh : Bertelsmann Lesering, [1966].
PS3503.U198 H55 1962Die verborgene Blume : roman / Pearl S. Buck.Gutersloh : Im Bertelsmann Lesering, [1962].
PS3513.I74 Z46 2006The book of martyrdom and artifice : first journals and poems, 1937-1952 / Allen Ginsberg edited by Juanita Lieberman-Plimpton and Bill Morgan.Cambridge, MA : Da Capo Press, 2006.
PS3527.A15 L64 1961Lolita : Roman / Vladimir Nabokov. [Aus d. Amerikan. von Helen Hessel unter Mitarb. von ...].Reinbek b. Hamburg : Rowohlt, 1961.
PS3537.T316 Z469 1998Stealing glances : three interviews with Wallace Stegner / James R. Hepworth.Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, c1998.
PS3537.T316 Z6 1996Wallace Stegner : his life and work / Jackson J. Benson.New York : Viking, 1996.
PS3537.T316 Z65 1996The geography of hope : a tribute to Wallace Stegner / edited by Page Stegner and Mary Stegner.San Francisco : Sierra Club Books, c1996.
PS3553.O47456 Z465 1992Conversations with Robert Coles / edited by Jay Woodruff and Sarah Carew Woodruff.Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, c1992.
PS3553.O692 U56 1997Unnatural exposure / Patricia Cornwell.New York : Putnam, c1997.
PS3555.I793 T87 2006The twilight of the superheroes / Deborah Eisenberg.New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2006.
PS3557.O5829 I58 2006Intuition : a novel / Allegra Goodman.New York : Dial Press, 2006.
PS3558.U8124 D38 1995Daughters of song / Paula Huston.New York : Random House, c1995.
PS3561.E5572 C47 2005The clearing / David Keplinger.Kalamazoo, Mich. : New Issues/Western Michigan University, 2005.
PS3561.E5572 R67 1999The rose inside : poems / by David Keplinger.Kirksville, Mo. : New Odyssey Press, 1999.
PS3563.O88456 D48 2002Devil in a blue dress : an Easy Rawlins mystery / Walter Mosley.New York : Washington Square Press, [2002]
PS3568.O243 H5 2004Hidden riches / Nora Roberts.New York : Berkley Books, 2004.
PS3601.N866 N75 2006Nri warriors of peace / Chikodi Anunobi.Bellevue, WA : Zenith Publishers, c2006.
PS3612.A28 Z79 2006Neil LaBute : a casebook / edited by Gerald C. Wood.New York : Routledge, c2006.
PT361 .L55 2004The Literature of German Romanticism / edited by Dennis F. Mahoney.Rochester, NY : Camden House, 2004.
PT405 .S89 1981Exil, Wirkung und Wertung : ausgewahlte Beitrage zum funften Symposium uber Deutsche und Osterreichische Exilliteratur / herausgegeben von Donald G. Daviau und Ludwig M. Fischer.Columbia, S.C. : Camden House, c1985.
PT1761 .S3 1972Werke in zwei Banden / Hans Sachs [ausgewahlt, sprachlich bearb. und eingeleitet von Karl Martin Schiller Einleitung von Anneliese Klingenberg]Berlin u. Weimar : Aufbau-Verlag, 1972.
PT1980 .D86 2005Goethe's Werther and the critics / Bruce Duncan.Rochester, N.Y. : Camden House, 2005.
PT2603.A147 A16 1980Samtliche Erzahlungen / Ingeborg Bachmann.Munchen Zurich : R. Piper, 1980, c1978.
PT2607.E30 A154 1955...Bis aller Glanz erlosch, roman [von] Nicolas de Crosta [pseud]Munchen, Verlegt Bei Kindler, c1955.
PT2607.O3 A6 1976Das Doderer-Buch : e. Ausw. aus d. Werk Heimito von Doderers / [Heimito von Doderer] hrsg. von Karl Heinz Kramberg.Munchen : Biederstein Verlag, 1976.
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