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B741 .M865 2002Understanding Islamic sciences : philosophy, theology, mysticism, morality, jurisprudence / Murtaza Mutahhari.London : Saqi, 2002.
B801 .H45 2003Hellenistic and early modern philosophy / edited by Jon Miller, Brad Inwood.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2003.
B2430.S34 S315 2003Sartre on violence : curiously ambivalent / Ronald E. Santoni.University Park, Pa. : Pennsylvania State University Press, c2003.
BD429 .L34 2001On the nature of social and institutional reality / Eerik Lagerspetz, Heikki Ikaheimo and Jussi Kotkavirta.Jyvaskyla : SoPhi : Jyvaskyla University Printing House, 2001.
BF76.4 .F57 2003Decoding the ethics code : a practical guide for psychologists / Celia B. Fisher.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2003.
BF109.R38 C67 2003Wilhelm Reich : psychoanalyst and radical naturalist / Robert S. Corrington.New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2003.
BF173 .B79 2003Aboriginal populations in the mind : race and primitivity in psychoanalysis / Celia Brickman.New York : Columbia University Press, c2003.
BF311 .K365 2003The face in the mirror : the search for the origins of consciousness / Julian Paul Keenan with Gordon G. Gallup, Jr. and Dean Falk.New York : Ecco, c2003.
BF692.2 .B37 2003The essential difference : the truth about the male and female brain / Simon Baron-Cohen.New York, NY : Basic Books, c2003.
BF713 .I54 2003Introduction to developmental psychology / edited by Alan Slater and Gavin Bremner.Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2003.
BF1555 .K58 2003Mind over mind : the anthropology and psychology of spirit possession / Morton Klass.Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, c2003.
BL2441.3 .P56 2002Handbook of Egyptian mythology / Geraldine Pinch.Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2002.
BP171.5 .F75 2003Tolerance and coercion in Islam : interfaith relations in the Muslim tradition / Yohanan Friedmann.New York : Cambridge University Press, 2003.
BQ7950.T757 T48 2002Self, reality and reason in Tibetan philosophy : Tsongkhapa's quest for the Middle Way / Thupten Jinpa.London New York : RoutledgeCurzon, 2002.
D521 .G58 2002The Routledge atlas of the First World War / Martin Gilbert.London New York : Routledge, 2002.
DA566.9.C5 K397 2002Winston Churchill : a Penguin life / John Keegan.New York : Viking, 2002.
DS110.T23 D393 2002The Akhziv cemeteries : the Ben-Dor excavations, 1941-1944 / Michal Dayagi-Mendels.Jerusalem : Israel Antiquities Authority, 2002.
DS371.2 .C75 2003Charlie Wilson's war : the extraordinary story of the largest covert operation in history / George Crile.New York : Atlantic Monthly Press, c2003.
DS822.3 .B46 2003The great wave : gilded age misfits, Japanese eccentrics, and the opening of old Japan / Christopher Benfey.New York : Random House, c2003.
DT443.3.H39 W453 2003Sacred trees, bitter harvests : globalizing coffee in northwest Tanzania / Brad Weiss.Portsmouth, NH : Heinemann, c2003.
E78.G73 F69 2003The Columbia guide to American Indians of the Great Plains / Loretta Fowler.New York : Columbia University Press, c2003.
E78.W5 T64 2003The anguish of snails : Native American folklore in the West / Barre Toelken.Logan, Utah : Utah State University Press, c2003.
E99.W135 O54 2003Being Dakota : tales and traditions of the Sisseton and Wahpeton / Amos E. Oneroad and Alanson B. Skinner edited by Laura L. Anderson.St. Paul : Minnesota Historical Society Press, c2003.
E167 .B78 2003The Civil War and Reconstruction / Ray B. Browne and Lawrence A. Kreiser, Jr.Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2003.
E168 .H94 2003Bold spirit : Helga Estby's forgotten walk across Victorian America / Linda Lawrence Hunt foreword by Sue Armitage.Moscow, Idaho : University of Idaho Press, 2003.
E169.04 B465 2003The agent in the agency : media, popular culture, and everyday life in America / Arthur Asa Berger.Cresskill, N.J. : Hampton Press, c2003.
E183.8.P6 A46 2003The American colonial state in the Philippines : global perspectives / edited by Julian Go and Anne L. Foster.Durham : Duke University Press, 2003.
E184.I6 F59 2003Fleeing the famine : North America and Irish refugees, 1845-1851 / edited by Margaret M. Mulrooney.Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2003.
E184.M5 G868 2003A Chicano manual on how to handle gringos / Jose Angel Gutierrez foreword by Henry A.J. Ramos.Houston, Tex. : Arte Publico Press, c2003.
E185.625 L35 2003Blue veins and kinky hair : naming and color consciousness in African America / Obiagele Lake.Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2003.
E185.97.K5 H273 2003The dream : Martin Luther King, Jr., and the speech that inspired a nation / Drew D. Hansen.New York : Ecco, c2003.
E302.6.F8 I83 2003Benjamin Franklin : an American life / Walter Isaacson.New York : Simon & Schuster, c2003.
E332.77 .B76 2003Jefferson's call for nationhood : the first inaugural address / Stephen Howard Browne.College Station : Texas A&M University Press, c2003.
E333 .F56 2003The Louisiana Purchase / Thomas Fleming.Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2003.
E341 .S57 20031816 : America rising / C. Edward Skeen.Lexington : University Press of Kentucky, c2003.
E381 .O27 2003In bitterness and in tears : Andrew Jackson's destruction of the Creeks and Seminoles / Sean Michael O'Brien.Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2003.
E744 .E25 2003Globalization and the American century / Alfred E. Eckes, Jr., Thomas W. Zeiler.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2003.
E843 .K58 2003The Kennedy curse : why America's first family has been haunted by tragedy for 150 years / Edward Klein.New York : St. Martin's Press, 2003.
E856 .L86 2003Healing Richard Nixon : a doctor's memoir / John C. Lungren and John C. Lungren, Jr. with a foreword by Rick Perlstein.Lexington : University Press of Kentucky, c2003.
E895 .A78 2003A grand strategy for America / Robert J. Art.Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University Press, 2003.
F1799.H38 A266 2001Havana / Robert Polidori edited by Elizabeth Culbert essay by Luis Rodriguez bookdesign by Robert Polidori and Gerhard Steidl.Gottingen : Steidl, 2001.
G70.212 .K67 2001The GIS book / George B. Korte.Australia New York : Onword Press c2001.
G156.5.E26 .M46 2003Rethinking tourism and ecotravel / Deborah McLaren.Bloomfield, CT : Kumarian Press, 2003.
G550 .C723 2003Tourist third cabin : steamship travel in the interwar years / Lorraine Coons and Alexander Varias.New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2003.
GC11.2 .N53 2003Recent advances and issues in oceanography / C. Reid Nichols, David Larsen Porter, and Robert G. Williams.Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2003.
GC1018 .B3 2003B2B 1.1 [electronic resource] / Marine Conservation Biology Institute.[Redmond, Wash.] : Marine Biology Conservation Institute, c2003.
GN296 .S613 2003Social and cultural lives of immune systems / edited by James M. Wilce, Jr.London New York : Routledge, 2003.
GN308.3.E85 E35 2003Educational histories of European social anthropology / edited by Dorle Drackle, Iain R. Edgar, and Thomas K. Schippers.New York : Berghahn Books, 2003.
GN659.K4 .S63 2003Culture and customs of Kenya / Neal Sobania.Westport, CT : Greenwood Press, 2003.
GN875.E17 R689 2003Among stone giants : the life of Katherine Routledge and her remarkable expedition to Easter Island / Jo Anne Van Tilburg foreword by Andrew Tatham.New York : Scribner, c2003.
GV863.A1 A533 2003Game time : a baseball companion / Roger Angell edited by Steve Kettmann.San Diego : Harcourt, c2003.
GV875.B7 S43 2003The last good season : Brooklyn, the Dodgers, and their final pennant race together / Michael Shapiro.New York : Doubleday, c2003.
GV875.H59 S69 2003Beyond the shadow of the Senators : the untold story of the Homestead Grays and the integration of baseball / Brad Snyder.Chicago : Contemporary Books, c2003.
GV875.N4 K36 2003October men : Reggie Jackson, George Steinbrenner, Billy Martin, and the Yankees' miraculous finish in 1978 / Roger Kahn.Orlando, Fla. : Harcourt, c2003.
GV880 .Z58 2003May the best team win : baseball economics and public policy / Andrew Zimbalist.Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, c2003.
HA31.2 .B74 2002Combined survey sampling inference : weighing Basu's elephants / Ken Brewer.London New York : Arnold New York : Distributed in the United States of America by Oxford Univesity Press, 2002.
HA32 .E448 2004Next steps with SPSS / Eric L. Einspruch.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage, c2004.
HB1071.A3 R467 2003Reproduction and social context in sub-Saharan Africa : a collection of micro-demographic studes / edited by Samuel Agyei-Mensah and John B. Casterline foreword by George Benneh.Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2003.
HD58.82 .D585 2000Common knowledge : how companies thrive by sharing what they know / Nancy M. Dixon.Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business School Press, c2000.
HD69.B7 H345 2003Brand failures / Matt Haig.London Sterling, VA. : Kogan Page, 2003.
HD876 .A58 2000Constraints and opportunities for agricultural and rural development in different agro-ecological regions : conference proceedings / editors, H.S. Vijayakumar, V.C. Mathur co-editors, L.B. Kunnal, H. Basavaraj.New Delhi : Agricultural Economics Research Association (India), National Centre for Agricultural Economics and Policy Research, [in association with Advance Pub. Concept], 2002.
HD1131 .D45 2003Land policies for growth and poverty reduction / Klaus Deininger.Washington, DC : A copublication of the World Bank and Oxford University Press, Oxford [England], New York, c2003.
HD1476.C172 M255 2000Adaptations to constraints in smallholder farming systems : case studies from Manyu Division, Cameroon / Stefanie Michels.Munster : Lit, [2000]
HD2346.U5 B56 2003A history of small business in America / Mansel G. Blackford.Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, c2003.
HD5827.A6 L3 2003Labor markets and firm benefit policies in Japan and the United States / edited by Seiritsu Ogura, Toshiaki Tachibanaki, and David A. Wise.Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2003.
HD9350.5 .F471 2003Fermented beverage production / edited by Andrew G.H. Lea, John R. Piggott.New York : London : Kluwer Academic/Plenum, c2003.
HD9685.A2 B4 2003Power play : the fight to control the world's electricity / Sharon Beder.New York : New Press : Distributed by W.W. Norton, 2003.
HD9696.A3 U5144 2003Perfect enough : Carly Fiorina and the reinvention of Hewlett-Packard / George Anders.New York : Portfolio, 2003.
HD9710.U52 G54 2003Globalization or regionalization of the American and Asian car industry? / edited by Michel Freyssenet, Koichi Shimizu, Giuseppe Volpato.New York : Palgrave Macmillan in association with GERPISA, 2003.
HD9710.5.U54 H3778 2000More than a motorcycle : the leadership journey at Harley-Davidson / Rich Teerlink and Lee Ozley.Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business School Press, c2000.
HD9715.A2 H69 2003Strategic management applied to international construction / R. Howes and J.H.M. Tah.London : Thomas Telford, 2003.
HD9715.G72 M676 2002Construction UK : introduction to an industry / Ralph Morton.Oxford : Blackwell, 2002.
HE4491.L75 H87 2003Imagining transit : race, gender, and transportation politics in Los Angeles / Sikivu Hutchinson.New York : Peter Lang, c2003.
HF1359 .G578 2003Global turbulence : social activists' and state responses to globalization / edited by Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Stephen McBride.Aldershot, Hants, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2003.
HF5415.13 .K636 2003A framework for marketing management / Philip Kotler.Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall, c2003.
HF5469.23.U63 C29 2003Shopping at Giant Foods : Chinese American supermarkets in Northern California / Alfred Yee.Seattle : University of Washington Press, c2003.
HG4521 .H578 2003Tech stock valuation : investor psychology and economic analysis / Mark Hirschey.Amsterdam Boston : Academic Press, c2003.
HG4661 .W525 2003The right stock at the right time : prospering from the coming good years / Larry Williams.Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2003.
HG4910 .S4 2003The transformation of Wall Street : a history of the Securities and Exchange Commission and modern corporate finance / Joel Seligman.New York : Aspen Publishers, c2003.
HM478 .F47 2003Mappers of society : the lives and legacies of great sociologists / Ronald Fernandez.Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2003.
HM1116 .C67 2003Violence assessment and intervention : the practitioner's handbook / Michael H. Corcoran, James S. Cawood.Boca Raton, Fla. : CRC Press, c2003.
HM1271 .C854 2003The culture of toleration in diverse societies : reasonable tolerance / edited by Catriona McKinnon, Dario Castiglione.Manchester New York : Manchester University Press New York : Distributed exclusively in the USA by Palgrave, 2003.
HM1271 .W48 2003Whither multiculturalism? : a politics of dissensus / edited by Barbara Saunders and David Haljan.Leuven : Leuven University Press, 2003.
HN17.5 .S599 2003Social problems : constructionist readings / editors, Donileen R. Loseke, Joel Best.New York : Aldine de Gruyter, c2003.
HN400.C6 D54 2003The differentiated countryside / Jonathan Murdoch ... [et al.].London New York : Routledge, 2003.
HN690.M32 R87 2001Rural development : problem and prospect / edited by Sukhadeo K. Thorat.Pravaranagar : Pravara Rural Development Association Delhi : Distributed by Wordsmiths, 2001.
HQ27 .A3634 2003Adolescent romantic relations and sexual behavior : theory, research, and practical implications / edited by Paul Florsheim.Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2003.
HQ1206 .D44 2003Feminist sociology / Sara Delamont.London : Sage, 2003.
HQ1206 .G767 2003The psychological development of girls and women : rethinking change in time / Sheila Greene.London New York : Routledge, 2003.
HQ1236.5.A78 L36 2003Critical chatter : women and human rights in South East Asia / Caroline Lambert, Sharon Pickering, Christine Alder.Durham, N.C. : Carolina Academic Press, c2003.
HQ1240.5.C2 R43 2003Taking stands : gender and the sustainability of rural communities / Maureen G. Reed.Vancouver : UBC Press, 2003.
HT243.D44 P45 2003The vulnerability of cities : natural disasters and social resilience / Mark Pelling.London Sterling, VA : Earthscan Publications, 2003.
HV700.5 .G33 2003Trends in welfare, work, and the economic well-being of female-headed families with children / Thomas Gabe.New York : Novinka Books, c2003.
HV4028 .P88 2003Poverty and democracy : self-help and political participation in Third World cities / edited by Dirk Berg-Schlosser and Norbert Kersting.London New York : Zed Books New York : Distributed exclusively in the USA by Palgrave, 2003.
HV6047 .P57 2002Treating the chemically dependent criminal personality / Eugene Issac Pitts.[Bethesda, Md.] : Academica Press, c2002.
JC596.2.U5 L54 2003The center for democracy and technology and internet privacy in the U.S. : lessons of the last five years / Joyce H-S Li.Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2003.
JK275 .W67 2003Workways of governance : monitoring our government's health / Roger H. Davidson, editor.Washington, D.C. : Governance Institute : Brookings Institution Press, c2003.
JK8716 .L39 2003California : the politics of diversity / David G. Lawrence.Belmont, CA : Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, c2003.
JN94.A58 R6 2003The politics today companion to West European politics / Geoffrey K. Roberts and Patricia Hogwood.Manchester New York : Manchester University Press New York : Distributed exclusively in the USA by Palgrave, 2003.
JN96.A58 D4 2003Comrades no more : the seeds of political change in Eastern Europe / Renee de Nevers.Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2003.
K3534 .M38 2003Bringing the law back in : essays in land, law, and development / Patrick McAuslan.Aldershot, Hants, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2003.
KF3425 .H69 2002How ADR works / Norman Brand, editor.Washington, D.C. : BNA Books, c2002.
KFC557 .C58 2002Defending rights : law, labor politics, and the state in California, 1890-1925 / Thomas Ralph Clark.Detroit : Wayne State University Press, c2002.
LA1152 .C67 2003Community participation and empowerment in primary education / edited by R. Govinda, Rashmi Diwan.New Delhi Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, 2003.
LA2311 .F69 2002Founding mothers and others : women educational leaders during the progressive era / edited by Alan R. Sadovnik and Susan F. Semel.New York, N.Y. : Palgrave, 2002.
LB1590.3 .S417 2003Case studies in constructivist leadership and teaching / Arthur Shapiro.Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, c2003.
LB1629.7 9th .M37 2003The pivotal year : how freshmen can become sophomores / Robert L. Marshall.Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2003.
LB1715 .R592 2003Readings for bridging cultures : teacher education module / edited by Carrie Rothstein-Fisch.Mahwah, N.J. : L. Erlbaum Associates, 2003.
LB2329.8.C2 C53 2003Growth and governance of Canadian universities : an insider's view / Howard C. Clark.Vancouver : UBC Press, [2003].
LC151 .M274 2003The wasted years : American youth, race, and the literacy gap / James McCabe.Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2003.
LC212.862 .P35 2003Academic and workplace sexual harassment : a handbook of cultural, social science, management, and legal perspectives / edited by Michele Paludi and Carmen A. Paludi, Jr.Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2003.
LC241 .H46 2004Grant writing in higher education : a step-by-step guide / Kenneth T. Henson.Boston : Pearson/Allyn and Bacon, c2004.
LC1099 .T423 2003Teaching, learning, and motivation in a multicultural context / edited by Farideh Salili and Rumjahn Hoosain.Greenwich, Conn. : Information Age Pub., c2003.
LC1756 .W6594 2003Women in Catholic higher education : border work, living experiences, and social justice / edited by Sharlene Hesse-Biber and Denise Leckenby.Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2003.
LC6651 .L65 2003Book clubs : women and the uses of reading in everyday life / Elizabeth Long.Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2003.
ML197.M38 Q68 2003Quotation and cultural meaning in twentieth-century music / David Metzer.Cambridge, UK New York : Cambridge University Press, 2003.
ML410.B499 R67 2002White Christmas : the story of an American song / Jody Rosen.New York : Scribner, c2002.
ML420.J735 P4 2003Robert Johnson : lost and found / Barry Lee Pearson and Bill McCulloch.Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c2003.
ML1717 .S35 2003The Teatro Solis : 150 years of opera, concert, and ballet in Montevideo / Susana Salgado.Middletown, Conn. : Wesleyan University Press, c2003.
ML3561.L54 L55 2000Lift every voice and sing : a celebration of the Negro national anthem / Julian Bond and Sondra Kathryn Wilson, editors.New York : Random House, c2000.
MT1 .P66 2003Supporting musical development in the early years / Linda Pound and Chris Harrison.Buckingham Philadelphia : Open University Press, 2003.
MT3.G7 A87 2002Aspects of teaching secondary music : perspectives on practice / edited by Gary Spruce.London New York : RoutledgeFalmer : Open University, 2002.
N5975 .R684 2003Artists of the Middle Ages / Leslie Ross.Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2003.
N6494.C8 C69 2000Cubism / Neil Cox.London : Phaidon, 2000.
N7301 .D47 2002Jewels on the Crescent : masterpieces of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya formerly Prince of Wales Museum of Western India / Kalpana Desai with contributions by B. V. Shetti and Manisha Nene assisted by Vandana Prapanna.Middletown, NJ : Mapin Publishing Pvt. Ltd., 2002.
NA1153.M383 A4 2003Merkx+Girod Architects / written by Brigitte van Mechelen.Boston, MA : Birkhauser Verlag, 2003.
ND237.G613 H47 2003Arshile Gorky : his life and work / Hayden Herrera.New York : Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2003.
ND237.R7144 A4 2003Warren Rohrer 1927-1995 / by Susan Rosenberg.Philadelphia, Pa. : Philadelphia Museum of Art 2003.
ND2480 .M38 2001The art of encaustic painting : contemporary expression in the ancient medium of pigmented wax / Joanne Mattera.New York : Watson-Guptill Publications, 2001.
NK8914.A1 T34 2003Mexican textiles : spirit and style / by Masako Takahashi introduction by Tony Cohan.San Francisco : Chronicle Books, c2003.
P90 .R38 2003Rethinking media change : the aesthetics of transition / edited by David Thorburn and Henry Jenkins associate editor, Brad Seawell.Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2003.
PE1115 .M54 2002The pyramid principle : logic in writing and thinking / Barbara Minto.London : Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2002.
PE1404 .T42 2002Teaching writing teachers of high school English & first-year composition / edited by Robert Tremmel & William Broz foreword by Richard Gebhardt.Portsmouth, NH : Boynton/Cook Publishers, c2002.
PG3489.R5 A6 2000Dom na naberezhnoi / IUrii Trifonov.Moskva : EKSMO-Press, 2000.
PL2443 .M35 2003Fictional authors, imaginary audiences : modern Chinese literature in the twentieth century / Bonnie S. McDougall.Hong Kong : Chinese University Press, c2003.
PL2735.A5 Z85 2003Harmony Garden : the life, literary criticism, and poetry of Yuan Mei (1716-1799) / J.D. Schmidt.London : RoutledgeCurzon, 2003.
PN56.5.W64 W65 2003Women in literature : reading through the lens of gender / edited by Jerilyn Fisher and Ellen S. Silber foreword by David Sadker.Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, c2003.
PN1993.5.U6 W64 2003Hollywood from Vietnam to Reagan-- and beyond / Robin Wood.New York : Columbia University Press, c2003.
PN1997.I27 R627 2003The Idiots / John Rockwell.London : BFI Pub., 2003.
PN4731 .F74 2003The function of newspapers in society : a global perspective / edited by Shannon E. Martin and David A. Copeland foreword by John C. Merrill.Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2003.
PN4874.S27 A3 2003Girl walks into a bar : a memoir / Strawberry Saroyan.New York : Random House, 2003.
PN4899.M35 E45 2003The moving Appeal : Mr. McClanahan, Mrs. Dill, and the Civil War's great newspaper run / by B.G. Ellis.Macon : Mercer University Press, c2003.
PN6747.S245 P4713 2003Persepolis / Marjane Satrapi.New York : Pantheon Books, c2003.
PQ3989.2.B23 S5 2001Une si longue lettre : roman / Mariama Ba.Paris : Serpent a plumes, c2001.
PR447 .M43 2003Romanticism, enthusiasm, and regulation : poetics and the policing of culture in the Romantic period / Jon Mee.Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2003.
PR739.P64 P38 2003Strategies of political theatre : post-war British playwrights / Michael Patterson.Cambridge New York : Cambridge University Press, 2003.
PR5398.A2 M67 2003A Mary Shelley encyclopedia / Lucy Morrison and Staci Stone.Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, c2003.
PS169.C75 E88 2003The aesthetics and politics of the crowd in American literature / Mary Esteve.Cambridge, UK New York : Cambridge University Press, 2003.
PS3511.A86 G6335 2003Games of property : law, race, gender, and Faulkner's Go down, Moses / Thadious M. Davis.Durham : Duke University Press, 2003.
PS3554.O884 Z83 2003Rita Dove's cosmopolitanism / Malin Pereira.Urbana : University of Illinois, c2003.
PS3563.O8749 Z64 2003Toni Morrison : playing with difference / Lucille P. Fultz.Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c2003.
PS3563.O8749 Z844 2003The world of Toni Morrison : a guide to characters and places in her novels / Gloria Grant Roberson.Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2003.
Q180.U5 L47 2002Liberty and research and development : science funding in a free society / edited by Tibor R. Machan.Stanford, Calif. : Hoover Institution Press, c2002.
QA8.4 .G53 2002The search for certainty : a philosophical account of foundations of mathematics / M. Giaquinto.Oxford : Clarendon Press New York : Oxford University Press, 2002.
QA43 .U76 2002USA and International Mathematical Olympiads, 2001 / edited by Titu Andreescu and Zuming Feng.Washington, D.C. : Published and distributed by the Mathematical Association of America, c2002.
QA76.9.A25 G686 2003Secure coding : principles and practices / Mark G. Graff and Kenneth R. van Wyk.Beijing : Cambridge : O'Reilly, 2003.
QA251.3 .C654 2003Commutative algebra : interactions with algebraic geometry : international conference, Grenoble, France, July 9-13, 2001, special Session at the joint international meeting of the American Mathematical Society and the Societe mathematique de France, Lyon, France, July 17-20, 2001 / Luchezar L. Avramov ... [et al.], editors.Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, c2003.
QA276.4 .A29 2000Advances in stochastic simulation methods / N. Balakrishnan, V.B. Melas, S. Ermakov, editors.Boston : Birkhauser, c2000.
QA278 .B48 2003Data reduction and error analysis for the physical sciences / Philip R. Bevington, D. Keith Robinson.Boston : McGraw-Hill, c2003.
QA292 .H34 2003Automatic sequences / by Friedrich von Haeseler.Berlin New York : Walter de Gruyter, 2003.
QA353.A9 I88 2002Spectral methods of automorphic forms / Henryk Iwaniec.Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, c2002.
QA387 .R68 2002Lie groups : an introduction through linear groups / Wulf Rossmann.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2002.
QA564 .D44 2001Higher-dimensional algebraic geometry / Olivier Debarre.New York : Springer, c2001.
QC173.65 .W64 2002Introducing special relativity / W.S.C. Williams.London New York : Taylor & Francis, c2002.
QC174.45 .D48 2003The global approach to quantum field theory / Bryce DeWitt.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2003.
QC174.45 .S58 2002Introduction to quantum fields on a lattice : 'a robust mate' / Jan Smit.Cambridge, UK New York : Cambridge University Press, 2002.
QC174.85.O6 B74 2002The theory of open quantum systems / Heinz-Peter Breuer and Francesco Petruccione.Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2002.
QC176.8.N35 P485 v.19 no.1-2Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Nanostructures and Mesoscopic Systems (NanoMES 2003) : held in Tempe, AZ, USA, 17-21 February 2003 / guest editor, J.P. Bird.Amsterdam : North-Holland, c2003.
QC702.7.B65 O75 2003High resolution focused ion beams : FIB and its applications : the physics of liquid metal ion sources and ion optics and their application to focused ion beam technology / Jon Orloff, Mark Utlaut, and Lynwood Swanson.New York : Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, c2003.
QC851 .D581 no.44A new eddy diffusion parameterisation for the CSIRO GCM / Jorgen S. Frederiksen, Martin R. Dix and Antony G. Davies.Victoria, Australia : CSIRO Atmospheric Research, 2000.
QD381 .F73 2003Polymer science and technology / Joel R. Fried.Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference, c2003.
QD381 .M483 2003Metal complexes and metals in macromolecules : synthesis, structure and properties / [edited by] Dieter Wohrle, Anatolii D. Pomogailo with contributions from Y. Amao ...[et al.]Weinheim : [Cambridge] : Wiley-VCH, c2003.
QE461 .B53 2003Igneous and metamorphic petrology / Myron G. Best.Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2003.
QE538.5 .S436 2002Seismic waves in laterally inhomogeneous media / edited by Ivan Psencik, Vlastislav Cerveny.Basel Boston : Birkhauser, 2002.
QE905 .S553 2002Elements of paleobotany / K.A. Siddiqui.Allahabad [India] : Kitab Mahal, 2002.
QH77.I4 B56 2002Biodiversity : strategies for conservation : Dr. S.K. Agarwal commemoration volume / editors, L.K. Dadhich, A.P. Sharma.New Delhi : APH Pub. Corp., 2002.
QH195.M2 E8 2002Une evaluation biologique de la Reserve naturelle integrale d'Ankarafantsika, Madagascar = A biological assessment of the Reserve naturelle integrale d'Ankarafantsika, Madagascar / Leeanne E. Alonso ... [et al.], editeurs.Washington, DC : Conservation International, Center for Applied Biodiversity Science, Dept. of Conservation Biology, c2002.
QH367.5 .S365 2000Homology and systematics : coding characters for phylogenetic analysis / edited by Robert Scotland and R. Toby Pennington.London New York : Taylor & Francis, 2000.
QK711.2 .A382 2002Advances in stress physiology of plants / editor, S.K. Panda.Jodhpur : Scientific Publishers (India), c2002.
QL368.A12 F53 2000The flagellates : unity, diversity, and evolution / edited by Barry S.C. Leadbeater and J.C. Green.London New York : Taylor & Francis, 2000.
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