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BD995.L654 M37 2001Lonergan and the philosophy of historical existence / Thomas J. McPartland.Columbia : University of Missouri Press, c2001.
BF173 .O545 2001On Freud's "Group psychology and the analysis of the ego" / edited by Ethel Spector Person for the International Psychoanalytical Association.Hillsdale, NJ : Analytic Press, 2001.
BF637.C6 B443 2002Collaborative, competency-based counseling and therapy / Bob Bertolino, Bill O'Hanlon.Boston : Allyn and Bacon, c2002.
D208 .C671 2001The Longman handbook of early modern Europe, 1453-1763 / Chris Cook and Philip Broadhead.Harlow : Longman, 2001.
DA906 .E53 2000Encyclopedia of Ireland : an A-Z guide to its people, places, history, and culture / Ciaran Brady, general editor.New York : Oxford University Press, c2000.
DS830 .B4321 2001Hegemony of homogeneity : an anthropological analysis of Nihonjinron / Harumi Befu.Melbourne : Trans Pacific Press Portland, OR : dist. in North America by International Specialized Book Services, 2001.
E99.C815 O75 2001The origins of a Pacific Coast chiefdom : the Chumash of the Channel Islands / edited by Jeanne E. Arnold.Salt Lake City : University of Utah Press, c2001.
E175.9 .O38 2001Common ground : reimagining American history / Gary Y. Okihiro.Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2001.
E444.B58 H44 2001Rethinking the slave narrative : slave marriage and the narratives of Henry Bibb and William and Ellen Craft / Charles J. Heglar.Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2001.
G465 .T74 2001Travels, explorations, and empires : writings from the era of imperial expansion, 1770-1835.London Brookfield, Vt. : Pickering & Chatto, 2001-
G5692.C3H8 2001 .U5Oil and gas infrastructure in the Caspian Sea region : March 2001.[Washington, D.C. : Central Intelligence Agency, 2001]
GC1 .M61 no.00-29Free-surface turbulence and air-water gas exchange / by Sean Patrick McKenna.Woods Hole, Mass. : Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, [2000]
GN21.M33 A45 2000Categories and classifications : Maussian reflections on the social / N.J. Allen.New York : Berghahn Books, 2000.
GN406 .A72 2001Anthropological perspectives on technology / edited by Michael Brian Schiffer.Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, c2001.
GV439 .F67 2001Freeing the female body : inspirational icons / editors, J.A. Mangan and Fan Hong.London Portland, OR : F. Cass, 2001.
HC110.A4 B297 2001Who owns the sky? : our common assets and the future of capitalism / Peter Barnes.Washington, DC : Island Press, c2001.
HD60 .L451 2001SA8000 : the definitive guide to the new social standard / Deborah Leipziger.London : Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2001.
HF5681.I55 B55 2001Unseen wealth : report of the Brookings Task Force on Intangibles / Margaret M. Blair and Steven M. H. Wallman.Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, c2001
HM22.F8 D869 2001The radical Durkheim / Frank Pearce.Toronto : Canadian Scholars' Press, 2001.
HM1121 .W48 2001The fratricidal global village : the theory of hypertrophic group formation / Elliott White.Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2001.
HM1126 .K45 2001Managing conflict in a negotiated world : a narrative approach to achieving dialogue and change / Peter M. Kellett, Diana G. Dalton.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2001.
HM1131 .S63 2000The social psychology of stigma / edited by Todd F. Heatherton ... [et al.].New York : Guilford Press, c2000.
HM1261 .J64 2001Meeting the ethical challenges of leadership : casting light or shadow / Craig E. Johnson.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage, c2001.
HT175 .T38 2001Tax increment financing and economic development : uses, structures, and impacts / edited by Craig L. Johnson and Joyce Y. Man.Albany, NY : State University of New York Press, c2001.
HV715 .C761 2001Cross cultural perspectives in child advocacy / edited by Ilene R. Berson, Michael J. Berson, and Barbara C. Cruz.Greenwich, Conn. : Information Age Publishing, [2001?].
HV1568.2 .H36 2001Handbook of disability studies / edited by Gary Albrecht, Katherine Seelman, and Michael Bury.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2001.
HV6570 .B761 2000Teaching children to protect themselves : a resource for teachers and adults who care for young children / Freda Briggs with Michael McVeity illustrations by Monica Love.Crows Nest, NSW : Allen & Unwin, c2000.
HV9069 .C395 2001Child delinquents : development, intervention, and service needs / Rolf Loeber and David P. Farrington, edotors.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2001.
JA76 .C54 2001Political genealogy after Foucault : savage identities / Michael Clifford.New York : Routledge, 2001.
JC585 .M43 2000The riddle of the modern world : of liberty, wealth and equality / Alan Macfarlane.Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire : Macmillan Press New York : St. Martin's Press , 2000.
JF60 .I5827 2001The internationalization of public management : reinventing the Third World state / edited by Willy McCourt, Martin Minogue.Cheltenham, UK Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, c2001.
JK468.I6 D68 2001True men and traitors : from the OSS to the CIA. my life in the shadows / David W. Doyle.New York : John Wiley & Sons, c2001.
JN94 .P37 2001Parties, politics, and democracy in the new Southern Europe / edited by P. Nikiforos Diamandouros and Richard Gunther.Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001.
JN96.A58 C49 2001Challenges to democracy : Eastern Europe ten years after the collapse of communism / Sten Berglund ... [et al.].Cheltenham, UK Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar Pub., 2001.
KE3792.Z85 S621 2001Sport, fitness, and the law : North American perspectives / [edited] by Margery Holman, Dick Moriarty and Janice Forsyth.Toronto : Canadian Scholars' Press, 2001.
KNX74 .J374 2001Japanese law in context : readings in society, the economy, and politics / edited by Curtis J. Milhaupt, J. Mark Ramseyer, Michael K. Young.Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Asia Center : Distributed by Harvard University Press, 2001.
LA227.4 .S361 2001Scholarship revisited : perspectives on the scholarship of teaching / Carolin Kreber, editor.San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2001.
LB1044.87 .P471 2000Perspectives in Web course management / Bruce L. Mann, contributing editor.Toronto : Canadian Scholars' Press, c2000.
LB1585 .F69 2001Teaching science to children : an inquiry approach / Alfred E. Friedl, Trish Yourst Koontz.Boston : McGraw-Hill, c2001.
LB2369 .K54 2001Research writing in education and psychology--from planning to publication : a practical handbook / by Herbert J. Klausmeier.Springfield, Ill. : Charles C. Thomas, c2001.
LB2844.53.A8 S61 2000The Australian Education Union : from federal registration to national reconciliation / Andrew Spaull.Melbourne, Victoria : Australian Council for Educational Research, c2000.
LB3013 .O25 2001It even happens in "good" schools : responding to cultural diversity in today's classrooms / Festus E. Obiakor foreword by Bob Algozzine afterword by Robert Rueda.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin Press, c2001.
LB3050 .D96 2000Dynamic assessment : prevailing models and applications / edited by Carol Lidz, Julian G. Elliott.Amsterdam New York : JAI, 2000.
NX510.N43 M66 2001Tradiciones nuevomexicanas : Hispano arts and culture of New Mexico / Mary Montano.Albuquerque : the University of New Mexico Press, c2001.
P35 .R44 2001Relative points of view : linguistic representations of culture / edited by Magda Stroinska.New York : Berghahn Books, 2001.
P95.82.C87 M35 2001The people, press, and politics of Croatia / Stjepan Malovic and Gary W. Selnow.Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2001.
P98 .L3 2001Logical aspects of computational linguistics : 4th international conference, LACL 2001, Le Croisic, France, June 27-29, 2001 : proceedings / Philippe de Groote, Glyn Morrill, Christian Retore (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
P98.5.L63 L33 1998Logical aspects of computational linguistics : third international conference, LALC '98, Grenoble, France, December 14-16, 1998 : selected papers / Michael Moortgat (ed.).Berlin : New York : Springer, 2001.
PL809.Z9 P68 2001Spirits of another sort : the plays of Izumi Kyoka / M. Cody PoultonAnn Arbor, Mich. : Center for Japanese Studies, the University of Michigan, 2001.
PN452 .R58 2001Performing the literary interview : how writers craft their public selves / John Rodden.Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, c2001.
PN4874.R744 C53 2001Royko : a life in print / F. Richard Ciccone.New York : Public Affairs, c2001.
PR21 .C71 2000Devolving English literature / Robert Crawford.Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2000.
PR508.A54 F47 2001Tradition and the individual poem : an inquiry into anthologies / Anne Ferry.Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, c2001.
PR641 .C58 2001Drama, play, and game : English festive culture in the medieval and early modern period / Lawrence M. Clopper.Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2001.
PR2813 .H46 2001Henry VI : critical essays / edited by Thomas A. Pendleton.New York : Routledge, 2001.
PR3588 .B69 2001The complete critical guide to John Milton / Richard Bradford.London New York : Routledge, 2001.
PR3588 .F57 2001How Milton works / Stanley Fish.Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2001.
PR6023.A93 Z595 2001The Cambridge companion to D.H. Lawrence / edited by Anne Fernihough.Cambridge, U.K. New York : Cambridge University Press, 2001.
PS228.C58 F64 2001Enemies within : the Cold War and the AIDS crisis in literature, film, and culture / Jacqueline Foertsch.Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c2001.
PS243 .A544 2001The American renaissance in New England. Fourth series / edited by Wesley T. Mott.Detroit : Gale Group, c2001.
PS3565.C57 Z837 2001Revising Flannery O'Connor : southern literary culture and the problem of female authorship / Katherine Hemple Prown.Charlottesville : University Press of Virginia, c2001.
Q11 .N4 v.927The onset of nonlinearity in cosmology / edited by James N. Fry, J. Robert Buchler, and Henry Kandrup.New York : New York Academy of Sciences, 2001.
Q11 .N4 v.932The clinical science of suicide prevention / edited by Herbert Hendin and J. John Mann.New York, N.Y. : New York Academy of Sciences, 2001.
Q11 .N4 v.935Unity of knowledge : the convergence of natural and human science / editors, Antonio R. Damasio ... [et al.].New York : New York Academy of Sciences, 2001.
Q325.5 .M843 2001Multiple classifier systems : second international workshop, MCS 2001, Cambridge, UK, July 2-4, 2001 : proceedings / Josef Kittler, Fabio Roli (eds.).New York : Springer, 2001.
Q334 .C36 2001Advances in artificial intelligence : 14th Biennial Conference of the Canadian Society for Computational Studies of Intelligence, AI 2001, Ottawa, Canada, June 7-9, 2001 : proceedings / Eleni Stroulia, Stan Matwin (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QA1 .A532 no.720Ruelle operators : functions which are harmonic with respect to a transfer operator / Palle E.T. Jorgensen.Providence, RI : American Mathematical Society, 2001.
QA1 .A532 no.721Surfaces with K2=7 and pg=4 / Ingrid C. Bauer.Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, 2001.
QA1 .A532 no.722Lagrangian reduction by stages / Hernan Cendra, Jerrold E. Marsden, Tudor S. Ratiu.Providence, RI : American Mathematical Society, 2001.
QA1 .A532 no.723Maximum entropy of cycles of even period / Deborah M. King, John B. Strantzen.Providence, RI : American Mathematical Society, 2001.
QA1 .A532 no.724Non-uniform lattices on uniform trees / Lisa Carbone.Providence, RI : American Mathematical Society, 2001.
QA3 .L37 no.1758Continuous bounded cohomology of locally compact groups / Nicolas Monod.Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QA3 .L37 no.1759Toroidal groups : line bundles, cohomology, and quasi-Abelian varieties / Yukitaka Abe, Klaus Kopfermann.Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QA3 .L37 no.1761The decomposition of primes in torsion point fields / Clemens Adelmann.Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QA76.59 .I59 2001Innovative Internet computing systems : International Workshop IICS 2001, Ilmenau, Germany, June 21-22, 2001 : proceedingss / Thomas Bohme, Herwig Unger (eds.).New York : Springer, 2001.
QA76.73.S35 S35 2001SDL 2001 : meeting UML, 10th International SDL Forum Copenhagen, Denmark, June 27-29, 2001, proceedings / Rick Reed, Jeanne Reed (eds.).New York : Springer, 2001.
QA76.76.C65 T52 2000Types in compilation : third international workshop, TIC 2000, Montreal, Canada, September 21, 2000 : revised selected papers / Robert Harper, (ed.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QA76.76.D47 C654 2001Beyond chaos : the expert edge in managing software development / Larry L. Constantine.Boston : Addison-Wesley, c2001.
QA76.76.D47 E87 2001Software process technology : 8th European Workshop, EWSPT 2001, Witten, Germany, June 19-21, 2001 : proceedings / Vincenzo Ambriola (ed.).New York : Springer, 2001.
QA76.76.I58 C68 2001Coordination of Internet agents : models, technologies, and applications / Andrea Omicini ... [et al.], (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QA76.76.I58 E85 2001Multi-agent systems and applications : 9th ECCAI advanced course, ACAI 2001 and agent link's 3rd European Agent Systems Summer School, EASSS 2001, Prague, Czech Republic, July 2-13, 2001 : selected tutorial papers / Michael Luck ... [et al.], (eds.).New York : Springer, 2001.
QA76.88 .H492 2001High-performance computing and networking : 9th international conference, HPCN Europe 2001, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 25-27, 2001 : proceedings / Bob Hertzberger, Alfons Hoekstra, Roy Williams (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QA76.9.A25 F5336 2001IT-security and privacy : design and use of privacy-enhancing security mechanisms / Simone Fischer-Hubner.Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QA76.9.A43 S881 2001Combinatorial pattern matching : 12th annual symposium, CPM 2001, Jerusalem, Israel, July 1-4, 2001 : proceedings / Amihood Amir, Gad M. Landau (eds.)Berlin : London : Springer, c2001.
QA76.9.A96 I38 2001Automated reasoning : First International Joint Conference, IJCAR 2001, Siena, Italy, June 18-22, 2001 : proceedings / Rajeev Gore, Alexander Leitsch, Tobias Nipkow (eds.).New York : Springer, 2001.
QA76.9.D3 B75 2001Advances in databases : 18th British National Conference on Databases, BNCOD 18, Chilton, UK, July 9-11, 2001 : proceedings / Brian Read (ed.)New York : Springer, 2001.
QA76.9.D3 F46 2001Ontologies : silver bullet for knowledge management and electronic commerce / Dieter Fensel.New York : Springer, 2001.
QA76.9.D3 I5854 2000Database schema evolution and meta-modeling : 9th International Workshop on Foundations of Models and Languages for Data and Objects, FoMLaDO/DEMM-2000, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, September 18-21, 2000 : selected papers / Herman Balsters, Bert de Brock, Stefan Conrad (eds.).New York : Springer, 2001.
QA76.9.E94 P425 2001Performance engineering : state of the art and current trends / Reiner Dumke ... [et al.], (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QA76.9.N38 C654 2001Computing with words / edited by Paul P. Wang.New York : Wiley, 2001.
QA135.6 .B49 2001Beyond classical pedagogy : teaching elementary school mathematics / edited by Terry Wood, Barbara Scott Nelson, Janet Warfield.Mahwah, N.J. : L. Erlbaum Associates, 2001.
QA167 .J33 2000Discrete and computational geometry : Japanese conference, JCDCG 2000, Tokyo, Japan, November 22-25, 2000, revised papers / Jim Akiyama, Mikio Kano, Masatsugu Urabe, eds.New York : Springer, 2001.
QA276.8 .O94 2001Empirical likelihood / Art B. Owen.Boca Raton, Fla. : Chapman & Hall/CRC c2001.
QA299.6 .C6585 2001Computability and complexity in analysis : 4th international workshop, CCA 2000, Swansea, UK, September 17-19, 2000 : selected papers / Jens Blanck, Vasco Brattka, Peter Hertling (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QA377 .P64 2001Point sources and multipoles in inverse scattering theory / Roland Potthast.Boca Raton, Fla. : Chapman & Hall/CRC, c2001.
QA403 .H217 2001Harmonic analysis and boundary value problems : selected papers from the 25th University of Arkansas spring lecture series, Recent progress in the study of harmonic measure from a geometric and analytic point of view, March 2-4, 2000, Fayetteville, Arkansas / Luca Capogna, Loredana Lanzani, editors.Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, c2001.
QA911 .P63 2001Fluid dynamics : theory, computation, and numerical simulation : accompanied by the software library FDLIB / by C. Pozrikidis.Boston : Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2001.
QB15 .P38 2001Understanding the heavens : thirty centuries of astronomical ideas from ancient thinking to modern cosmology / Jean-Claude Pecker edited by Susan Kaufman.Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QC1 .A48 no.566Observing ultrahigh energy cosmic rays from space and Earth : international workshop, Metepec, Puebla, Mexico, 9-12 August 2000 / editors, Humberto Salazar, Luis Villasenor, Arnulfo Zepeda.Melville, N.Y. : American Institute of Physics, 2001.
QC1 .L35 no.567Coherent structures in complex systems : selected papers of the XVII Sitges Conference on Statistical Mechanics, held at Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, 5-9 June 2000 : preliminary version / D. Reguera, L.L. Bonilla, J.M. Rubi (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QC1 .L35 no.569Spin electronics / Michael Ziese, Martin J. Thornton, (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QC980 .S74 2001Stochastic climate models / Peter Imkeller, Jin-Song von Storch, editors.Basel Boston : Birkhauser Verlag, c2001.
QC981.8.C5 R438 2001Remote sensing and climate change : the role of earth observation / [edited by] Arthur P. Cracknell.Chichester, U.K. New York : Springer, c2001.
QD400 .K29 2000Handbook of heterocyclic chemistry.Amsterdam Gainesville, FL : Elsevier, 2000.
QE33.2.M3 M64 2001Models in environmental research / Hans von Storch, Gotz Floser (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QE351 .R41 v.41High-temperature and high-pressure crystal chemistry / editors, Robert M. Hazen, Robert T. Downs.Washington, DC : Mineralogical Society of America, 2000.
QE351 .R41 v.42Molecular modeling theory : applications in the geosciences / editors, Randall T. Cygan, James D. Kubicki.Washington, DC : Mineralogical Society of America, 2001.
QE599.A2 E75 2001Dynamics of rockslides and rockfalls / Theodor H. Erismann, Gerhard Abele.Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QH91 .C22 v.31Taxonomy and distribution of the calanoid copepod family Heterorhabdidae / Taisoo Park.Berkeley : University of California Press, c2000.
QH92.7 .S97 2001A systems analysis of the Baltic Sea / F.V. Wulff, L.A. Rahm, P. Larsson (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QH323.5 .F271 2001Dynamical models in biology / Miklos Farkas.San Diego : Academic Press, c2001.
QH324.2 .I557 2000Computational biology : First International Conference on Biology, Informatics, and Mathematics, JOBIM 2000 Montpellier, France, May 3-5, 2000 : selected papers / Olivier Gascuel, Marie-France Sagot (eds.).New York : Springer, 2001.
QH390 .R45 2001Genetics and the search for modern human origins / John H. Relethford.New York : Wiley-Liss, c2001.
QH515 .E28 2001Ecosystems, evolution, and ultraviolet radiation / Charles S. Cockell, Andrew R. Blaustein, editors.New York : Springer, c2001.
QH595 .C665 2001Principles of nuclear structure and function / Peter R. Cook.New York : Wiley-Liss, c2001.
QK115 .C69 2001Muenscher's keys to woody plants : an expanded guide to native and cultivated species / Edward A. Cope.Ithaca : Comstock Pub. Associates, 2001.
QK358 .R361 2001Flora of Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh, India / P.N. Rao, B.V. Raghava Swamy, T. Pullaiah.Delhi, India : Shipra Publications, 2001.
QK529.I4 B671 2001Illustrated manual of ferns of Assam / S.K. Borthakur, P. Deka & K.K. Nath.Dehra Dun, India : Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, 2001.
QL430.6 .E961 2000The evolutionary biology of the Bivalvia / edited by E.M. Harper, J.D. Taylor & J.A. Crame.London : Geological Society, 2000.
QL461 .E581 1998Program book : joint annual meeting : Entomological Society of America and American Phytopathological Society : science in transition.[United States : s.n.], 1998.
QL461 .E971 1998Book of abstracts : proceedings of the VIth European Congress of Entomology / edited by V. Brunnhofer & T. Soldan organised by the Institute of Entomology Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in collaboration with the University of South Bohemia and the Czech Entomological Society.[Prague] : Institute of Entomology, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic Ceske Budejovice : University of South Bohemia, 1998.
QL596.D9 L371 2000Predaceous diving beetles (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) of the Nearctic Region, with emphasis on the fauna of Canada and Alaska / D.J. Larson, Y. Alarie, R.E. Roughley.Ottawa : NRC Research Press, 2000.
QP144.F85 N885 2001Nutraceuticals in health and disease prevention / edited by Klaus Kramer, Peter-Paul Hoppe, Lester Packer.New York : Marcel Dekker, c2001.
QP144 .G45 N8751 2001Nutrient-gene interactions in health and disease / edited by Naima Moustaid-Moussa, Carolyn D. Berdanier.Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2001.
QP356 .C451 2001Cellular and molecular neurobiology / C. Hammond.San Diego, Calif. : London : Academic, c2001.
QP363.3 .I586 20016th International Work-Conference on Artificial and Natural Neural Networks, IWANN 2001, Granada, Spain, June 13-15, 2001 : proceedings / Jose Mira, Alberto Prieto (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
QP455 .N47 2000The neurobiology of taste and smell / edited by Thomas E. Finger, Wayne L. Silver, Diego Restrepo.New York : Wiley-Liss, c2000.
QR171.I6 P76351 2000Probiotics 3 : immunomodulation by the gut microflora and probiotics / edited by R. Fuller and G. Perdigon.Dordrecht Boston : Kluwer Academic, c2000.
R859.7.A78 C66 2001Artificial intelligence in medicine : 8th Conference on AI in Medicine in Europe, AIME 2001, Cascais, Portugal, July 1-4, 2001 : proceedings / Silvana Quaglini, Pedro Barahona, Steen Andreassen (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
RA565 .E426 2001Ecosystem change and public health : a global perspective / edited by Joan L. Aron and Jonathan A. Patz.Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001.
RC78.7.D53 I571 2001Information processing in medical imaging : 17th International Conference, IPMI 2001, Davis, CA, USA, June 18-22, 2001 : proceedings / Michael F. Insana, Richard M. Leahy, (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
RC321 .J6 v.57 no.8Countertransference : emotional reactions of the psychotherapist / editor, John C. Norcross.New York, N.Y. : Wiley, [2001]
RC347.5 .N481 2001Neurotoxicity risk assessment for human health : principles and approaches / first draft prepared by J. Harry ... [et al].Geneva : World Health Organization, 2001.
RC681.A1 A55 v.87 no.12ANew therapeutic options in the management of claudication / guest editors, Craig M. Pratt, Anthony J. Comerota.New York : Excerpta Medica, [2001]
RS97 .P49 2001Comprehensive pharmacy review / editors, Leon Shargel... [et al.].Baltimore London : Williams & Wilkins, c2001.
RS97 .P491 2001Comprehensive pharmacy review practice exams / editors, Alan H. Mutnick, Paul F. Souney associate editor, Leon Shargel.Baltimore : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2001.
RS160.7 .I581 2000Proceedings of the First International Workshop on the Management and Culture of Marine Species Used in Traditional Medicines : July 4-9, 1998, Cebu City, Philippines / edited by Marie-Annick Moreau, Heather J. Hall and Amanda C.J. Vincent.Montreal : Project Seahorse, 2000.
SB13 .A15 no.545Proceedings of the Fifth International Protea Research Symposium : Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain, 2-7 April 2000 / convener, J.A. Rodriguez-Perez.Leuven : International Society for Horticultural Science, 2001.
SB13 .A15 no.546Proceedings of the International Symposium on Molecular Markers for Characterizing Genotypes and Identifying Cultivars in Horticulture : Montpellier, France, 6-8 March 2000 / conveners, C. Dore, F. Dosba, C. Baril.Leuven : International Society for Horticultural Science, 2001.
SB113.7 .K51 2000Seed technology / Dhirendra Khare & Mohan S. Bhale.Jodhpur : Scientific Publishers (India), 2000.
SB205.S7 C661 1999Anais do Congresso Brasileiro de Soja : 17 a 20 de maio de 1999.Londrina, Parana : Embrapa Soja, 1999.
SB608.P8 H471 2000Herramientas de aprendizaje para facilitadores : manejo integrado de cultivo de papa.Quito, Ecuador : INIAP Lima, Peru : CIP, 2000.
SB608.V4 C2431 2001Handbook of vegetable pests / John L. Capinera.San Diego, Calif. : Academic Press, c2001.
SD139 .S87 2000Sustainable forest management and global climate change : selected case studies from the Americas / edited by Mohammed H.I. Dore, Ruben Guevara.Cheltenham, UK Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar Pub., c2000.
SD387.S87 M61 2000Green spirit : trees are the answer / Patrick Moore, text and photography.Vancouver : Greenspirit Enterprises, c2000.
SD414.D44 M391 1999Policy that works for forests and people / authors, James Mayers and Stephen Bass.London, U.K. : International Institute for Environment and Development, 1999.
SF996.4 .B56 2001Biology, medicine, and surgery of South American wild animals / Murray E. Fowler, editor Zalmir S. Cubas, associate editor.Ames, Iowa : Iowa State University Press, 2001.
SH222.O7 O75 no.2001-06A guide to interpreting stream survey reports / Scott C. Foster, Charles H. Stein, Kim K. Jones edited by Patricia A. Bowers.Portland, OR : Aquatic Inventories Project, Natural Production Program, Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, [2001]
SH456 .M61 1999An angler's guide to the Oregon Cascades / Jeff Morgan.Portland, Or. : Donner und Blitzen Publishing, c1999.
T11 .W65 2001Writing up qualitative research / by Harry F. Wolcott.Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2001.
TA174 .B42 2001Design-build : planning through development / Jeffrey L. Beard, Michael C. Loulakis Sr., Edward C. Wundram.New York : McGraw-Hill, 2001.
TA680 .A53 no.196Composite and hybrid systems / editors, Riyad S. Aboutaha, Joseph M. Bracci.Farmington Hills, MI : American Concrete Institute, c2000.
TA1520 .H368 2001Handbook of optical engineering / edited by Daniel Malacara, Brian J. Thompson.New York : Marcel Dekker, c2001.
TA1637 .I557 2000Multi-image analysis : 10th International Workshop on Theoretical Foundations of Computer Vision, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, March 12-17, 2000 : revised papers / Reinhard Klette, Thomas Huang, Georgy Gimelfarb (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
TA1637 .I561 2001Visual form 2001 : 4th International Workshop on Visual Form, IWVF4, Capri, Italy, May 28-30, 2001 : proceedings / Carlo Arcelli, Luigi P. Cordella, Gabriella Sanniti di Baja (eds).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
TA1675 .H58 2001Introduction to laser technology / Breck Hitz, J.J. Ewing, Jeff Hecht.New York : IEEE Press, c2001.
TA1677 .R37 2001Rare-earth-doped fiber lasers and amplifiers / edited by Michel J.F. Digonnet.New York : Marcel Dekker, c2001.
TD224.L8 L65 no.67AEstimation of pier scour and channel stability for highway crossings of the Red River in Louisiana / by J. Josh Gilbert and Paul A. Ensminger State of Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, Public Works and Water Resources Division, Water Resources Section in cooperation with the U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey.Baton Rouge, La. : Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, 1999.
TD442.5 .S321 2001Natural organics removal using membranes : principles, performance and cost / Andrea Iris Schafer.Lancaster, Pa. : Technomic Publishing, c2001.
TD764 .S641 2001Stream ecology & self-purification : an introduction / Frank R. Spellman, Joanne E. Drinan.Lancaster, Pa. : Technomic Pub. Co., c2001.
TJ210.3 .R6153 2000RoboCup 2000 : Robot Soccer World Cup IV / Peter Stone, Tucker Balch, Gerhard Kraetzschmar (eds.).Berlin New York : Springer, c2001.
TJ211.35 .L58 2001Multi-agent robotic systems / Jiming Liu, Jianbing Wu.Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, 2001.
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