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New EBooks

The OSU Libraries have access to thousands of electronic books. This is a selection of some of our newest e-books that might interest people at HMSC. Some books require OSU affiliation; others do not. If you find something of interest that you can't access, please check with library staff. We'll get you the book, one way or another.

August 5, 2013 New EBooks List

The day the wave came [electronic resource (video)]: the tsunami disaster



Contopoulos, George

Adventures in order and chaos [electronic resource]: a scientific autobiography



Ahlborn, Boye K.

Zoological physics [electronic resource]: quantitative models of body design, actions, and physical limitations of animals

QL46 .A39 2004


Epplen, Joerg

A laboratory guide to DNA fingerprinting/profiling [electronic resource]



Enviromapper [electronic resource]



The Columbia encyclopedia [electronic resource]

AG5 .C725 2013eb


Trevathan, Kim

Liminal zones [electronic resource]: where lakes end and rivers begin



Thiele, Leslie Paul

Sustainability [electronic resource]

HC79 .E5 T45 2013


Paquette, Colleen Elizabeth

Intestinal hyperplasia and neoplasms in zebrafish (Danio rerio) [electronic resource]

LD4330 2013 Paquette, Colleen Elizabeth


Henderson, Jeremy Scott

Direct effects and tradeoffs affect vegetative growth and sexual reproduction in an invasive seagrass experiencing different disturbance regimes [electronic resource]

LD4330 2014 Henderson, Jeremy Scott


LovellFord, Rachel

Variation in the timing of coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) migration and spawning relative to river discharge and temperature [electronic resource]

LD4330 2014 LovellFord, Rachel M.


Szostak, Rick

Classifying science [electronic resource]: phenomena, data, theory, method, practice

Q177 .S96 2007


Tauxe, Lisa

Essentials of paleomagnetism [electronic resource]

QE501.4 .P35 T3835 2010


Stephenson, Tom

The warbler guide [electronic resource]

QH352.5 .S64 2013


DeSombre, Elizabeth R.

Fish [electronic resource]

QH545 .F53


Lachner, Ernest A.

A revision of the Indo-Pacific fish genus Gobiopsis with descriptions of four new species (Pisces, Gobiidae) [electronic resource]

QL1 .S5 no.262


Heron, Gayle A.

Seven Lubbockia species (Copepoda: cyclopoida) from the plankton of the northeast Pacific, with a review of the genus [electronic resource]

QL1 .S5 no. 267


Barnard, J. Laurens

Littoral gammaridean amphipoda from the Gulf of California and the Galapagos Islands [electronic resource]

QL1 .S5 no. 271


Schowalter, Timothy D.

Insects and sustainability of ecosystem services [electronic resource]

QL496.4 .S565 2013


Halver, John

Fish nutrition [electronic resource]

SH156 .F574


Mabiza, Collin C.

Integrated water resources management, institutions and livelihoods under stress [electronic resource]: bottom-up perspectives from Zimbabwe; UNESCO-IHE PhD Thesis

TD319 .R45 M33 2013