New EBooks

The OSU Libraries have access to thousands of electronic books. This is a selection of some of our newest e-books that might interest people at HMSC. Some books require OSU affiliation; others do not. If you find something of interest that you can't access, please check with library staff. We'll get you the book, one way or another.

March 16, 2015 New EBooks List



AUTHOR              Ferguson, Jayde A.

TITLE                   Impacts of multispecies parasitism on coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) in Oregon

CALL #                   (LD4330 2011D)



AUTHOR              Hackmann, Crystal R.

TITLE                    Physiological ecology of juvenile Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) rearing in fluctuating salinity environments

CALL #                 (LD 4330 2005 .H335)




AUTHOR               Russell, Roland B.

TITLE                      Biodiversity : illustrations of some concepts, causes, and consequences

CALL #                   (Russell 2005 Manuscript)



AUTHOR              Sarr, Daniel Allen.

TITLE                   Multiscale controls on woody riparian vegetation : distribution, diversity, and tree regeneration in four western Oregon watersheds

CALL #                  (LD4330 2005D .S26)



AUTHOR              Wilcove, David Samuel.

TITLE                    No way home the decline of the world's great animal migrations

CALL #                  QL754 .W55 2008



AUTHOR              France, R. L.              

TITLE                    Environmental restoration and design for recreation and ecotourism


AUTHOR             Rowe, Jennifer C.

TITLE                    Patterns in responses of an amphibian assemblage to wetland restoration


AUTHOR               Fashchuk, D. I︠A︡.

TITLE                    Marine ecological geography theory and experience


AUTHOR              Sokka, Laura.

TITLE                   Local systems, global impacts : using life cycle assessment to analyse the potential and constraints of industrial symbioses         


AUTHOR              Hopley, David

TITLE                   Encyclopedia of modern coral reefs structure, form and process



TITLE                      Utilization patterns of estuarine intertidal habitats by birds in Yaquina Estuary, Oregon

CALL #                     (QL684 .O7 U85 2011)



TITLE                    Migration of organisms climate, geography, ecology

CALL #                 (QL754 .M54 2005)


TITLE                   Ecosystem recovery planning for listed salmon : an integrated assessment approach for salmon habitat

CALL #                  (SH11 .A541151 no.58)



TITLE                     The science of marine reserves

CALL #                   (QH91.75.A1 S36 2002 )



TITLE                      Encyclopedia of coastal science

CALL #                   (GB450.4 .E533 2005)



TITLE                    Climate, carbon, and coral reefs.



TITLE                     Marine, freshwater, and wetlands biodiversity conservation



TITLE                     International Symposium on the Status of Pacific Salmon and Their Role in North Pacific Marine Ecosystems



TITLE                     Microbes at work from wastes to resources