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June 18, 2014 New Books List

Guin Library

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June 18, 2014 New Books List :  New Books at the Guin Library

The following books have arrived at the Guin Library:

AUTHOR              Schwantes, Carlos A.

TITLE                      Columbia River: gateway to the West

CALL #                   F853 .S39 2000


TITLE                      Why ocean colour?: the societal benefits of ocean-colour technology

CALL #                   GC182 .W59 2008


TITLE                      Impacts of the Gulf oil spill on fishing and wildlife

CALL #                   GC1221 .I45 2011


TITLE                      Lesson plan: Salmon River quantitative analysis of benthic diversity

CALL #                   QH105 .O7 L47 2012


TITLE                      King crabs of the world: biology and fisheries management

CALL #                   QL444 .M33 K5316 2014


AUTHOR              Post, Lee

TITLE                      Bone builder's notebook, or more than you really wanted to know about preparing animal skeletons for articulation

CALL #                   QL605 .P677 2006


AUTHOR              Marcus, Ellen

TITLE                      That fish on your dish: a book for children with eco-conscious parents

CALL #                   QL617.2 .M37 2011


AUTHOR              Waldman, John R.

TITLE                      Running silver: restoring Atlantic rivers and their great fish migrations

CALL #                   QL621.5 .W35 2013


AUTHOR              Post, Lee

TITLE                      The whale building book: a step by step guide to preparing and assembling medium-sized whale skeletons

CALL #                   QL737 .C4 P67 2005


AUTHOR              Post, Lee

TITLE                      Articulations of a porpoise skeleton: a step by step guide to assembling small whale skeletons

CALL #                   QL737 .C434 P67 2003


AUTHOR              Post, Lee

TITLE                      The sperm whale engineering manual, or, Building a big whale skeleton

CALL #                   QL737 .C435 P67 2004


AUTHOR              Post, Lee

TITLE                      Pinniped projects: articulating seal and sea lion skeletons

CALL #                   QL737 .P6 P67 2004


AUTHOR              Wilkes, Angela

TITLE                      Incredible skeleton secrets

CALL #                   QL821 .W55 1994


TITLE                      Remote sensing in fisheries and aquaculture

CALL #                   SH331.5 .R4 R46 2009


TITLE                      Journal of shellfish research

CALL #                   SH370 .A1 J61 v.33 no.1 2014 Apr


AUTHOR              Day, Angela

TITLE                      Red light to starboard: recalling the Exxon Valdez disaster

CALL #                   TD427 .P4 D3935 2014


TITLE                      Marine renewable energy technology and environmental interactions

CALL #                   TJ808 .M37 2014


AUTHOR              Hanshumaker, Bill

TITLE                      Model wave-energy generators

CALL #                   TK1081 .H32 2013