Important Considerations

As you begin preparing your classes, remember that subject librarians are available to assist you in helping your students to learn to do research and use the library.

For the best class sessions for your students, librarians need as much advance preparation time as possible, one week at a minimum.

Information about our classrooms

Factors for Success

  • A library-related assignment or project is required. Discuss the assignment with the subject librarian ahead of time so that instructional examples and handouts can be targeted to relevant topics and information sources. Librarians are happy to consult ahead of time on designing assignments that usefully engage students with our library resources.
  • The information is presented in manageable chunks of time, ie: two 45-minute sessions usually provide better retention and learning than one 30-minute presentation.
  • Participation of the instructor or TA improves student attentiveness. This also provides a common frame of reference in understanding what students know of library resources.
  • Sessions are held at the time(s) the class regularly meets in order to avoid schedule conflicts for students.

Hands-on Instruction and Practice in Using Subject-Specific Library Resources

Hands-on instruction in using library resources, which includes time for students to practice, is one of the best ways for students to learn to do research. The subject librarian will tailor the session to include those resources most useful to the topics students will be researching.

To schedule this type of instruction session, contact your subject librarian as soon as you know you want to include such instruction in your class curriculum. Librarians will be happy to consult with you ahead of time about designing assignments or projects.

Course Assignment Help Pages

Subject librarians are available to help design handouts for your class library assignment, but most instructors and librarians now prefer to create a help page on the web specifically tailored to the needs of the class. This is ideal for linking from a class Blackboard page. At least two weeks preparation time is required.

Orientations and General Library Tours

Orientations generally take from 30-45 minutes and involve a guided walking tour of the library. Typically, no hands-on demonstration or instruction is included. All group tours and orientations must be scheduled ahead of time and a tour/group leader must accompany the group. Faculty wishing to schedule a Valley Library tour for their classes should contact their subject librarian at least one week prior to the date they want the tour scheduled. Scheduling of such tours is subject to the librarian's availability.

Alternatively, copies of a self-guided tour brochure are available at the Information Desk and Administration Office.